• Sal decided to take a shortcut to quickly get to new vegas, making him tonight's big Incor
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    • TristanXD6
      TristanXD6 a month
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    • N_word_scissorhands
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    • Lonely_Lettuce
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    • Arthur___Morgan
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    • shadowclaw15
      shadowclaw15 a month
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    • likemems
      "I roll to s e d u c e the deathclaw."
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    • tuser4 verified
      tuser4 a month
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    • V_ortekz
      Sal, look out! There’s a Deathclaw behind you. Oh no, he has headphones on. He can’t hear us.
      V_ortekz a month
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    • Michaels_memes
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    • Kois
      Kois a month
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    • Lil_Cid
      When deathclaws were actually hard to kill
      Lil_Cid a month
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    • Kodojow22
      It’s sad that most people won’t know what FO NV is in a few years and Morrowind man my childhood had some of the best games
      Kodojow22 a month
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    • Bilge
      Bilge a month
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    • ItsJustErwin
      ItsJustErwin a month
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    • Dedinside699
      Dedinside699 a month
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    • ComplicatedWeaboo
      I remember when I first played new Vegas, I was 9 when it came out, after I finished the tutorial with sunny, instead of going to primm, I went to straight through the long 15 and wandered straight into death claw territory, needless to say I got fucked up
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    • MrPiss
      I like that this show is finally getting the attention it deserves
      MrPiss 25d
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    • Tuxcan
      Tuxcan a month
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    • annoyingguide
      Just get good and you can use the path at level 1. I did it by jumping around on the rocks and don't fall off or your dead
      annoyingguide a month
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    • Crabpeople
      In NV deathclaws were actually deadly not like in F4
      Crabpeople a month
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    • DrDownfall
      DrDownfall a month
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    • Montana__med
      content not available more
      Montana__med a month
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    • 404skin
      You people are fucking retarded. Latterly just climb along the side of the ridge on the black mountain side of the highway. Fastest way to get to Vegas. From there just play blackjack until you get kicked from all the casinos so you can go to the gun runners and buy the best weapons in the game.
      404skin a month
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    • Br00klynKing
      Does Sal know he's on this app
      Br00klynKing a month
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    • Bluewyvern24
      Bluewyvern24 a month
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    • ODST56
      ODST56 a month
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    • NutCheese
      NutCheese a month
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    • supereagle
      New Vegas was the best.... Fight me
      supereagle a month
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    • HornyPear
      free plasma rifle though
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    • ohsea
      ohsea 25d
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    • Dynamiteking
      If you use the train tracks you can dodge them... as for the migrating ones... good luck
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    • Landy20
      Man I wish they'd remaster this game
      Landy20 25d
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    • Charred
      Sal clearly didn’t go through black mtn. Boulder pass, pick up the ncr uniform, then b-line it to camp McCaren and take the monorail into Vegas to pass the currency check without needing 2k caps. Amature.
      Charred 25d
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    • ChantixShmantix
      Id rather deal with death claws before facing the dreaded Cazadores
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    • DoctorAllan
      I’ve never understood why cazadors are so fucking powerful, first time caught me off guard. I’d rather fight a death claw than a cazador.
      DoctorAllan a month
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    • Foxxo
      It’s best to go south to the Mojave outpost, east almost to Camp Searchlight, north to Novac, north to 188 Trading post, then north west until you get to Freeside
      Foxxo a month
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    • oofedmemes
      oofedmemes a month
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    • XxX_PoUsY_aNiHiLatEr_swAG
      Jesus. And people say Fallout 4 wasn’t a graphical improvement. Hahaha
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    • FrigidLight
      Look out behind you Sal oh god he can't hear us he's wearing airpods
      FrigidLight a month
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    • ThotPillager
      ThotPillager a month
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    • fickboi
      I fucking love this meme
      fickboi a month
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    • eggz
      How many people who make sal memes have actually watched the show?
      eggz a month
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    • youhavenofuckingidea
      Is that Apyr
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    • AJohnson1337
      AJohnson1337 a month
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    • TheFuckingMailmanNV
      Honey! Where’s my Anti-Material Rifle?
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    • ninner2077
      Did you know Obsidian put in a code where all the death claws automatically knew where you were while going up I-15
      ninner2077 a month
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    • ryman198
      I've made the run. The trick is to use the stealth boy you can get in Good Springs and hug the cliff on the right. Also if you can get onto the ledge where the cliff ends you can then take shots at the deathclaws from safety and get some easy levels if you have enough ammo.
      ryman198 a month
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    • IloveCheerios
      Oh shit Sal theres a deathclaw behind you oh no of fuck he cant here us hes got airpods in oh fuck
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      Best Fallout game by far, change my mind.
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    • predator0024
      Dont go through red rock or sloan, going through black mt and sneaking past the mutants is easier, head for the area where the dead trooper is with all the bear traps and falling rocks.
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    • Mokkozy47
      Just ride the side of the canyon wall, crouching all the way through and stay where you can only jump to get to
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    • ZuluAchilles
      The fucking quarry dude, I made the same mistake and five fucking deathclaws come running to tear apart my asshole after I killed the young claw by the entrance.
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    • GUGNIR
      Just take prim pass or the short cut through hidden valley that leads the the I88 trading post
      GUGNIR 25d
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    • Greendayfan01
      Quarry junction where boys became men
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    • ListerTheFister
      Hey mustache, how ya doin
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    • Typhon
      I almost never shortcut to Vegas because I’m usually around doing sidequests and exploring
      Typhon 25d
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    • comicgifs2
      Yo, you don’t literally go STRAIGHT there. You ride up the right side of the map where there’s like 1 enemy in total, snatch an nice uniform, and sneak into camp McCarten. Now whatever you do, don’t sneak up the left unless you want a thousand cazadores following your ass
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    • Bob_Ross____
      Dumbass went to quarry junction I bet
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      Can we please get new vegas remastered
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    • IWillBuildADankDankWall
      Loving these impractical jokers features. We can end 2018 on a good note
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    • LeviGlenn
      LeviGlenn a month
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    • Sneering_Imperialist
      Yeah in my first run I made the mistake of running through goodsprings cemetery down into cazador gulch and I got raw fucked real quick like 100 times
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    • Trapsy_
      Trapsy_ a month
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    • idk_what_to_put_here
      If you go a hard right and creep along the walls you get across ez peezy
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    • Krivaan0
      That fucking quarry
      Krivaan0 a month
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    • demandes14
      The damn blind deathclaw everytime
      demandes14 a month
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    • LesbianBikerSoccerMomv3
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    • MrPersonman5555
      At level 5 I crossed the deathclaw field and got to New Vegas the fast way by stealing two stealth boys and sneaking my way between the packs. Got mauled twice but we got there eventually
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    • Khaled_Greens
      Khaled_Greens a month
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    • Our_Lord_And_Savior_Sal
      Oh God. Oh fuck.
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    • MarvinParsons
      I went to that Quarry once i now call it death valley
      MarvinParsons a month
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    • timmytimtimmy
      Is New Vegas worth it? I haven’t played it
      timmytimtimmy a month
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    • TheNewCaliforniaRepublic0
      For anyone who doesn’t get it in the game Fallout New Vegas your first main goal is to get to New Vegas. The smaller shortcut route is infested with deathclaws, making you take the longer route. Like so others can see.
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    • digby
      I was actually able to get through there while sneaking
      digby a month
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    • NagaseEdge
      I remembers accidentally stumbled into the quarry in New Vegas, let’s just say my asshole got violated
      NagaseEdge a month
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    • v760
      v760 a month
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    • Luigilito128
      Tbh these Sal memes actually make me laugh.
      Luigilito128 a month
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    • Courier6NewVegas
      I feel ya sal, oh wait actually I don’t you are a loser I went through there for fun p.s. use anti-material rifle with incendiary rounds while sniping from tower
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    • JamesConklin
      JamesConklin a month
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    • dragonballzsucks
      Those Deathclaws didn’t give a shit if you were using stealth boys and sneaking a fucking football field away from them either.
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    • fat_sal
      fat_sal a month
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    • CorysInYoHouse
      It's even funnier because almost all of us did this first time through the game
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