• running gag by grattiting "Kilroy was here“ everywhere across Europe. Even Hitler and Stalin investigated who Kilroy was, suspecting him to be a spy. It would later appear all over the world.

    • _XFinite_
      Hitler: "Who the FUCK is Kilroy and how did he get here so fast?"
      _XFinite_ 18 dec
    • plancktime
      Features 20 seconds late I counted
      plancktime 19 dec
    • DopamineDragon
      There’s a spot in call of duty WW2 with this symbol and it’s pretty amazing.
    • IFunniV
      Imagine if you got drafted into ww3, died, and then your memorial was a collective "dicks out for harambe" stone
      IFunniV 19 dec
    • superrm11
      This is wrong, Kilroy was a ship inspector in WWII who left this mark on ships he inspected. It just happened to catch on.
      superrm11 19 dec
    • peepeeballshahafunny
      Did you know that carved on the back of the WWII memorial in Washington DC there is a little killroy was here
    • YouGonnaGetBoppedlol
      Petition to recognize kilroy as a national symbol and make a flag for him
    • Gulag_Dade
      There's one hidden in the Washington D.C.. ww2 memorial
      Gulag_Dade 19 dec
    • DeaditeDalton
      In the WWII memorial in DC, if you go behind everything and look past a gate you can find a Kilroy was here that was graffitied on and some president said no to covering it up
    • Vanned
      Really iFunny 😑 this meme died in 1945
      Vanned 19 dec
    • hawl
      James J. Kilroy was a shipyard inspetor who would write a note to himself that he had already inspected the rivets in the area. They were never painted over and became a legend as GI's would see his "notes" all over ships and equipment.
      hawl 19 dec
    • AlexMjbroken64
      Fun Fact - In Call of Duty WW2, these can be found all over.
    • jmorse29
      Same plane! It’s In Topeka, KS. It’s a C-47.
      jmorse29 19 dec
    • UnSalt
      imagine just fuckin around wit your homies and it ends up being a significant part of history
      UnSalt 19 dec
    • The_Lifeguard_pro
      Hitler: unt who ist dis kilroy unt why is he always looking over ze wall
    • SpeedRacer_
      content not available more
      SpeedRacer_ 19 dec
    • Dogs_Cats_and_Pants
      there's more to the story Kilroy was a ship yard inspector or supervisor at the time riveters were paid by the rivet and would put marks on their last 2 rivets of their shift sneaky riveters would erase those marks so to discourage this Kilroy would mark Kilroy was here to let the next riveter know
    • michaelkduran
      Be me a Nazi soilder doing my rounds *hears something over the hill*..... LET'S DO THIS KIILLLRROOOYYY mmmJENKIIINNNSSSS
    • oompaloomp
      Total drama island
      oompaloomp 19 dec
    • Quaker_Boi
      If this shit ain't in BFV when the Americans come, I want my damn money back
      Quaker_Boi 20 dec
    • WhenHerDickSlapYoForehead
      I went to a memorial in Washington for my 8th grade trip and they had hidden killroys you had to find and I found all of them before my friends did and won $50. (We all had like $200 so we could but shit from gift shops and stuff and all 5 of us put in 10)
    • Magick
      People are still fucking commenting “features are late”? Jesus Christ.
      Magick 19 dec
    • Poofyspades
      So I guarantee no one will see this but I saw this feature as I’m watching S10 E10 of Adventure time, at 2:05 Finn writes a note “BRB -Finn” and draws Kilroy in the corner...
      Poofyspades 19 dec
    • TachankaTheCommunist
      No wonder they banned memes in Europe
    • Ranger_Talion
      Hitler was actually scared that killroy was real
    • Winged_Memes
      I remember the first internet meme was an equation that stated that no matter what, if a conversation goes on long enough, it will eventually lead to Hitler, always
      Winged_Memes 19 dec
    • NakedAndSlippery
      Imagine being Hitler and you go to the bathroom and on the toilet paper it says "Kilroy is here"
    • KillingMachine962
      They’re getting shot at, grenades thrown at them, and bombs dropped on them and you just got this one mad ladd drawing a picture in chalk on a wall during all this.
    • randon001
      During the peace treaty that Stalin was at, they had specific out houses for all the world leaders built. He came out of his asking who Killroy was.
      randon001 19 dec
    • rightPisaRollz
      Some mad lad actually put Kilroy was here in hitlers bunker
    • HingaDingaDurgen01
      God bless our service men they created the first meme 😢.
    • im_mr_peaNUT
      kilroy is at the wwll memorial
      im_mr_peaNUT 19 dec
    • Karabiner98K
      The Romans drew memes on the walls too.
      Karabiner98K 19 dec
    • WellWhatIsIt
      Why do people upvote the classic shit like "features were late?" Damn is this Facebook now. Here I got one. Like this to die instantly
      WellWhatIsIt 19 dec
    • TheConfusedGuardian
      Remember when Hillary Clinton blamed why she was losing on a cartoon frog?
    • Vanned
      More like the first shitpost
      Vanned 19 dec
    • MrRaze117
      It is believed that a ship inspector was the one to start this because he did not want to lose where he had already inspected.
      MrRaze117 19 dec
    • LeTacoDaddy
      Kilroy is even engraved on the WW2 memorial in Washington DC
      LeTacoDaddy 19 dec
    • HazerdousAdventures
      We should resurrect it. Kilroy must live again
    • GirlInAshes
      My grandad and I used to doodle back and forth to eachother at church when I was really little, and I just realized he would always doodle Kilroy....
      GirlInAshes 19 dec
    • Donald__
      Kilroy graffiti was even left in a bathroom at one of the Moscow Conferences after WWII, almost causing the entire Kremlin to be put on lockdown while it was searched
      Donald__ 19 dec
    • govols16
      You can find them in COD WWII maps too if you look hard enough
      govols16 19 dec
    • BeepBeepPone
      This was made because a inspector named Kilroy, used to write them on ships and pieces of equipment that were already inspected. From this point on, many G.I.'s started to paint this graffiti across the world. If you saw it, you can bet that someone got there before you.
      BeepBeepPone 19 dec
    • HoshuaJeaD
      This isn’t being appreciated like it should be......
      HoshuaJeaD 19 dec
    • foxor
      In WW2 they paid riveters per rivet punched, in order to keep the workers from cheating on their paperwork, he would draw this with Kilroy peaking over the seam line with the nose wrapped around the last rivet of the day. Soldiers saw this symbol on the way over to the war and it caught on lol
      foxor 19 dec
    • Red_Panda_Enthusiast
      Rumor has it Stalin got carried away and killed most of his country because he thought everyone was Kilroy.
    • cursed_account
      In my basement, on a concrete block wall somebody spray painted that. I'm assuming it was my great grandfather because he was in WW2, but I don't know.
    • KilroyWasHere
      Kilroy was here
    • Tinyty_
      Memes of definitely been around a lot longer than that but very cool kanye thanks
      Tinyty_ 19 dec
    • cartoon_earrape
      Finally, y’all know the total drama island the first one when they talk to the camera in the bathroom there is a Kilroy behind them graffitied (plz someone find the picture)
    • yo_u_wut_m8
      Dang, even my ancestors had dope memes
      yo_u_wut_m8 19 dec
    • plsignoreme
      the first meme was made by american infantry. Suck it, Europeans, Australians, and every other irrelevant country.
      plsignoreme 19 dec
    • JaxAttaz
      If you're thinking it looks similar to something it's Adventure Time's Finn's signature
      JaxAttaz 19 dec
    • ColdgameX
      Lets have a moment of silence for those heroes that fought so we could have memes today........🤦‍♂️🇺🇸
      ColdgameX 19 dec
    • Mr_Goibutton39
      "Im was here"
    • Lisztomaniaccc
      Why is it that bums ask me for money when I ain't got none? What is it, an "in" thing or something? Let me remind this dude he ain't got no money, hm?
    • SweetAlaskanAssparagusTip
      It actually wasn’t a gag. It was a way we marked cities that the allies already mollywhopped, so that other advancing soldiers later on knew it was clear.
    • Comrade_KamiKaze
      This can be found as a wild waste land encounter in fallout new vegas
    • Rise4Tomorrow
      Just wait. This will become a “racist symbol” like Pepe...
    • Edog573
      The best part was it was started by some guy who was putting rivets on ships, and they got payed by the rivet so he came up with the Kilroy in order to mark his rivets. Then the ships went into battle and people saw the rivets and started copying it. The soldiers added the Kilroy was here part.
      Edog573 19 dec
    • Samwinterfest
      It was also a symbol to troops coming up behind the front lines that they are on the right side of the battle and didn’t get lost/or end up behind enemy lines
    • YourKidsDead
      Wasn’t it to actually let other ally soldiers know when ally soldiers have been in an area
      YourKidsDead 19 dec
    • CrispyChicken44TM
      Immediately thought of old Gold Source engine, specifically Half-Life when you can spray images into the game. Kilroy was one of them.
    • _thog__
      (•u•) kilroy was here
      _thog__ 19 dec
    • DeIIe
      Do people still use this as a chat or is that old iFunny now
      DeIIe 19 dec
    • Danny
      I'm bored. Lets sext 😏
      Danny 19 dec
    • JesseLeePeterson
      Black lives don't matter
    • bronies
      Imagine living in Russia and getting ducking killed randomly because your name is Kilroy
      bronies 19 dec
    • CancerWard
      That would actually be a lit calling card though as a spy to freak people the fuck out and get a sick rep going
      CancerWard 19 dec
    • Road_to_10k
      Only 40s kids will remember this
      Road_to_10k 19 dec
    • Mindful_Nut
      Mindful_Nut 19 dec
    • Tritan20
      Kilroy was here w•U•w
      Tritan20 19 dec
    • Kora
      1 like and I’ll delete iFunny forever 😔
      Kora 19 dec
      I bet hitler shit himself when he saw kilroy pull up on Omaha beach
      BEN__SHAPRIO 19 dec
    • The_mighty_Cthulhu
      The legendary war hero Kilroy passed away in his sleep last night. Please pay your respects...
    • Zero_Noctis
      So there we have it, there is no more anti Natzi tradition than memeing
      Zero_Noctis 19 dec
    • Genesis99
      Memeing in Europe before memeing became illegal
      Genesis99 19 dec
    • JoshGreep
      “How to shitpost half a century before the internet.”
      JoshGreep 19 dec
    • PettyLikeTom
      Styx also based their song Mr Roboto on this whole thing. It's actually a pretty interesting read
      PettyLikeTom 19 dec
    • AnalClan
      Why does this shitty app drain my battery so quickly? No other app does this on my phone
      AnalClan 19 dec
    • therussianfido_
      This is an Easter egg on fallout new Vegas's old world blues dlc
    • CompetitiveAssEater
      The last communication my grandpa, a WWII vet, had with us before he died was writing “I love you all” and a picture of Kilroy on a piece of paper. My mom has the drawing tattooed on her wrist. Love you, grandpa!
    • PanzerDragon
      Fun fact: at Yalta someone scribbled kilroy into a bathroom stall and stalin demanded to know who kilroy was
      PanzerDragon 19 dec
    • bIand
      1940s shitposting
      bIand 19 dec
    • hky43
      Domo arigoto mr roboto
      hky43 19 dec
    • Bobblehead1337
      I’ve drawn him a couple of times on school whiteboards
    • brandonspringer21
      Holy fuck? A post that actually keeps its integrity when it comes to historical facts!
    • wtf1are1you1doing
      I went over this in my AP US History class for a presentation on art.
    • Thiccems
      Lmao. Y’all STILL think Kilroy was made up. Shows how good of a spy he was.
    • kachowder
      I would argue the first meme was "o.k." because back in the day people thought it was funny to make misspelled acronyms on purpose, and one day some jokester changed "alright confirmed" into to olright konfirmed" and shortnetend it to "o.k." it caught on, which makes it the oldest and longest meme
      kachowder a month
    • mittenss
      And now we have "Wagner loves the cock" started in 2006 in the lovely town of Hit Iraq.
      mittenss 20 dec
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