• This is the guy who took a peace filled monk and turned it into a slaughtering machine
      3.5K 119
    • This app is getting so cringe
      2K 251
    • So this is how JJ does it
    • Face of a man knowing he is a god
    • Or, you know, the clear mind that one achieves when cleansed of the days irritants might actually lead to better mental performance so advice, not trickery
    • Wasn't there a gaming convention one time that had such a terrible hygiene issue that had to tell people to go shower and hand out deoderant
    • If gamers didn't shower then I imagine a lot of my engineering classes would smell like ass
    • Ok but were all just going to overlook the real issue in which everyone thinks all gamers dont shower?
    • For me I just get in comfy shorts and a t shirt and just frag. Also don’t took games too seriously because that’s when you whiff more and accidentally grip your mouse harder.
    • Imagine being so good at a game that you are running out of ways to play better
      MOXXLL 9d
    • No but actually this does help you play better. Taking a shower relaxes you unless you're a cat. If that's the case then you might have a problem. When relaxed, your decision making is better and your reaction time is faster.
    • His name is JJonak
      qewds 9d
    • What if I already have good hygiene
    • Take a shower and brush your teeth, or I’ll start the genocide of stinky people
    • I play tons of video games and shower daily. And no one had to tell me to lol
    • I shower twice a day and I am a god at every game I play.
      Luckey 9d
    • Did Tumblr just say people who play video games are smelly and unhygienic? What a “bigoted” way to think. That’s not very “progressive” of you tumblr. “Generalizing” a whole group of people. You’re “toxic”.
      2 1
    • No its scientific you just dont know the details yet
    • Jonak is fucking insane
      Bucket 10d
    • nah I generally feel more alert and ready for something after a shower
    • He’s not wrong though
    • That's a fucking rock
    • Dude's gonna be running up those water bills taking showers between matches lol
      Justyl 11d
    • CDC propaganda
    • Fucking JJonak
    • It's funny how we act like taking a fucking shower isnt something you should do on a near daily basis.
    • Lol love watching this guy pop off in OWL
    • Someone better tell xQc that lol
    • Jjonak!!!!! He’s on of the best overwatch players :)
      hammy66 11d
    • Bruh, I just spent $70 on soap, what else do you want?
    • Jjonak is just trying to get some sweaty nerds to shower
    • Tricking “guys.” Right and women are oppressed
      1 1
    • I take a shower every morning but I have no hairstyle and just say fuckit and don’t bother with it
      mskrev 11d
    • Why do Asians wear those gay ass glasses. Fucking Meg Griffin headass
    • Literally I noticed this too. No joke.
    • Kiyo you ruined it
    • I shower everyday and use deodorant but still smell like shit
    • Still gonna try it
      rAt_MAn 11d
    • Guys... He meant DIRECTLY before a match.
      ionick2 11d
    • JJonak is god
    • Jjonak giving the keys to zenyatta
    • I play r6s a lot and I tend to be better somehow after I get out of the shower and can play almost pro-style
      1 1
    • Hey, man a good shower relieves stress and clears the mind.
    • League pros be like
    • Im gonna take a fucking shower between each game now how about that
      Rthm 11d
      2 3
    • That was pretty sexist lol
      gillkid 11d
    • Jjonak 😍
    • Overwatch players rise up
    • Finally, someone trying to encourage them to shower lol
      itzelda 11d
    • Jjonak is amazing
    • It actually dose help
    • It actually does though. I used it to clear my head before matches and focus only on the present
      Reisuka 11d
    • Y’all remember when Jjonak (the guy in the pic) like meditated for 2 hours on stream? Like perfectly still.
    • I’ve found that I play better if I lift beforehand
    • *Glasses go all white*
      __x_ 11d
    • A few boys made fun of my son in 5th grade for wearing deodorant cuz they said it was only for girls
    • Unless your a melee player
    • Do people really not shower daily? I can't even think of going out with all the night sweat on me.
    • Friendly reminder to wash your pussy because it probably stinks
      okie 11d
    • Such massive glasses for such small eyes
    • Then Zen god himself
    • I'd listen to jjonak. Man knows his stuff
    • Fucking faker.
      Fixxxer 12d
      1 1
    • Shower during you play
      mw2_247 12d
    • Not only does he “play better” but he was literally voted MVP of the whole league. So the best player is saying his trick is to be clean. Professional gamers might actually listen haha
    • Am I crazy or does that dude look like Vector from Despicable Me
    • Sigh. That's not what he's saying
    • this isnt even that far out. it relaxes you and prevents tilt, promotes thinking
    • Melee players
    • I used to wake up every morning in the summer and shower just so I could play video games without feeling like a nasty hoe
    • But I mean, have you ever popped over the recommended dose of Advil and taken a 20 minute shower then put on your headset and gotten no pain at all from the constriction? This trick is a blessing for people with chronic headaches.
    • That’s why there undefeated
    • People basically worship jjonak, so this might actually make a difference in the world
      DaSquyd 12d
    • Its true
    • Who tf's stank ass doesn't shower each day
    • Suddenly silvers start taking showers before every match for good luck
    • Jjonak is a god
    • This is like the time my soccer coach told the team that brushing your teeth improves performance.
    • But it was Pine that said that as it passed the cam around the players 🤔
    • Most professional gamers aren’t fat just saying
    • Female empowering post
    • I don’t think everyone here realizes that this man is an actual god
    • Beat me with your balls
    • Thats my boi peanut hes good at league.
    • Honestly thought I was playing rainbow lastnight and felt too gross to play as I hadn't showered yet that day. Went and showered and played better than before
    • Technically showering every day is over kill according to scientific research because of specific germs on your skin and if you wash to much it will dry your skin up and make you more prone to illness its recommended to shower every couple of days to be healthy your also supposed to
    • Excelsior with da good deeds
    • When did showering every day become not normal???
      1 4
    • CVNT5 12d
    • He looks like vector from despicable me
    • Nah it's the same for me
      Addmix 12d
    • League > Overwatch
      1 5
    • No wonder symfunys so shit
      Spam 12d
    • Guys?
    • #smellfuhny
    • Taking a shower just makes ya feel better.
      2 1
    • Faze censor been on that and fitness
    • JJonak is insane
      Raoden 12d
    • Stfu
    • You can't be at your best with dick stank.
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