• pumpkinspicedslut-deactivated20 This dude I added on snapchat randomly sent me a picture of his penis while I was at work today so obviously I can’t ever fuck him now because he's a douche But it’s so disappointing because based on our previous conversation I was fully intending to fuck him if a coffee date went well And also his penis was admittedly gorgeous. Like dude. If you had just not sent me a random dick picture. I would have in person put your dick inside me. Look what you ruined.
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    • lloooll
      Dick picture
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    • Darman0430
      Don't send people pictures of your junk unless they ask for it, how hard is that one, really.
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    • MyPersonalArtGallery
      Reading these comments makes me realize the ifunny community is primarily half retarded testosterone driven helmet wearing Idget boys ages 12-20. You guys make me actively lose hope in humanity. How is an unsolicited dick pick okay, just because she was into him? Boundaries and consent matter fucker
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    • d4y1i1y
      Lol. So many guys defending the douche that sent the unsolicited Dick pic. Calling her a whore is whining. Just don’t send dick pics that aren’t requested. Problem solved.
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    • 5fingerhero
      “I fully intended to fuck him if a coffee date went well, but he sent me a dick pic and is now a douche”girl acting like she had standards from the get go. If you gonna fuck someone after having a coffee, don’t act like you haven’t been swinging that pussy around like a pool noodle.
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    • Goepher
      I’ll never understand why we stuck with the term Dick Pic instead of Dickture 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    • LordEphraim9001
      Her logic there is terrible. No, he should NOT have sent the picture. That's stupid. However the line of thought here is ridiculous. "I was gonna bang you but now that I know I like your dick, pass". Should have left it at "no unsolicited pics plz it ruined a good moment."
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    • RavynLiam
      Every dude in this comments section that doesn’t get it is that douche that would send an unsolicited dick pic.
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    • scared_dragonite_GHIF
      I get the feeling everyone defending this guy saying she a bitch for not doing it are the ones who send dick pics hoping it's enough to get into a chicks pants lol
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    • Salticide
      Everyone arguing whether or not it's ok to send dick pics, but the point of the story was that she liked him, she liked his penis, but she didn't like him sending her a pic without her asking for one.
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    • UnKnowAbleForce
      Who tf just randomly sends a dick pic? Why the fuck you gonna do that shit... If a girl I'm casual talking to sends me a pussy pic... imma next her ass... because that literally means they're crazy... or desperate... aka any relationship is gonna fall apart.
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    • TalosWasJustAMan
      I became a dad today. 7 lbs 15 oz. Can I get an F to my freedom and an F to my sleep?
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    • sloth5667
      I love how this reeks of lonely gross feminist wishing a real guy would actually do this
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    • ThisProfileDead
      The issue is not the dick pic itself, the issue is that it’s UNSOLICITED. Jesus Christ these comments are cancerous.
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      As a man, I can confirm that we cockblock ourselves
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    • damendarkwolf666
      As a guy this makes no sense to me, I mean if a girl I'm interested in sends me a tit pic I'm not gonna say "damnit now I can't have sex with her even though she has perfect tits."
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    • lmaowhathefuck
      Hook up culture is a cancer on society
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    • Jon_Bovi
      It's crazy though women can send nudes and then can turn around and get you in trouble for having their nudes
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    • B34RD
      No kidding. My dad is always sending me dick pics and it gets annoying.
      B34RD 4d
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    • AmbroseAsylum
      “We’re having good conversations, I really like this girl, I think it’s about time she sees my dick”
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    • DJPaled
      Let's just admit that if you send a random ass dick pic, that just confirms you're a moron who doesn't know how to speak to women
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    • Vader_The_G
      If you planed on fucking him anyway why get mad over a random dick pic? You wouldve seen it eventually anyway
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    • _TinyKitchen_
      all the people commenting that she’s a bitch and has too high of standards are the people who send random dick pics and then get rejected lol
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    • garenmart
      Maybe he didn’t want to have sex with you, maybe he just wanted to show you his glorious dick
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    • The_immortal_king
      The trick: don’t send them until they ask for it. Seriously, at some point they will if you turn them on enough.
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    • Flaggot
      Deciding to fuck someone not even before your first date and then changing your mind to not to based on a sexual advance that happened to be unsolicited? I smell fake and gay made up tumblr excrement
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    • Magoolic
      Dont send one unless you're asked because you can be charged with sexual harassment
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    • orcishbabe
      Relationships devoid of meaning for cardinal pleasure are the only ones we value and I won’t critique society for viewing this differently than me. Sex is cool and all, but having a meaningful bond that comes from the understanding you two aren’t perfect but choose to be together is rather nice.
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    • 9elypses
      Listen guys. We know you love pictures but we just don't give a shit about them and they're kind of a turn off. If you weren't asked then don't just decide to of your own volition.
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    • Lethal_Memes
      Facts: dick pics don’t turn girls on.
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    • TheClusterFuck
      Reason #1 i only send pics if asked. And fellas? They hardly ever ask because let's be honest, few and far between are there dicks worth photographing and putting where it can be smeared all over the internet
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    • Chewbacca_w1th_good_hair
      Women like this disgust me “I was totally willing to fuck him after coffee” that’s called a thot
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    • gwalker
      The whole point of going on a date with someone is to figure out if you want to fuck them or not. Why is she a whore for planning to do exactly that? Why is everyone calling her one?
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    • ThaSpicyTaco
      What kind of crayon eating retard just sends a random pic of their dick to a girl
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    • Beham
      True, for instance, i cock block myself with nothing but my physical appearance
      Beham 5d
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    • AmDuck
      Male thot detected
      AmDuck 5d
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    • Drcool_52
      I never understand that. I ain't gonna send a dick pick to a girl I'm not dating. That's like sending a pick of weed to a cop. They could totally ruin your day if they felt like it.
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    • Mykephoon
      Am i the only young man who think sending a girl a dick pic is fucking retarded? If you with me press (x)
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    • unical
      there are guys here defending the dude 🤣 don’t send your junk no one wants to see it unless asked 😶
      unical 5d
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    • Foxtazer25
      Just... fuck him i mean who gives a shit
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    • Morally_Superior
      “I’m a whore but because he found out I was a whore and acted accordingly, I’m gonna be a whore with someone else.”
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      Not a single dude ive met in HS, college, gym or anywhere else has ever sent a chick a completely random dick pick for zero reason. This never happens. This is a skanks lie made up so they can try to brag about how much "men want them" and a femenists lie made up so they can play victim. Trash.
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    • The_elder_smurf
      I'm a guy and I couldn't agree with her more, random, unsolicited nudes are like wtf
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    • N00TMAN
      I want someone who thinks my dick is gorgeous
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    • MistahJsWench
      100% me unsolicited dick pics are immediate deal breakers. Why on earth would someone think "I bet if she sees my dick she'll suck it".
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    • norselacrosse
      Genitals are always hideous; cover them up and hate yourself for having such Lovecraftian horrors between your legs.
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    • Fawlerhac
      This is a serious question to any woman out there. Can a penis ever be “attractive”? Like i know there’s big and small, but is there really ugly and attractive dicks? How would you judge that? Genuinely curious.
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    • F1nnTh3Human
      Pro tip: don't send the pic unless they ask for the dick
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    • Davethehorse
      You do ONE thing wrong and women give up on you. Can’t make a SINGLE mistake or do ANYTHING they don’t like without being severely punished. Jesus fuck.
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    • Imall469
      If you send unsolicited dic pics, you are a deuche.
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    • Hedgold
      Richard Photograph
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    • quarterlifecrisister
      Unless both are sexting no girl I know is pleasantly surprised with a dick pic. We’d rather see something suggestive and sexy. Dicks are not pretty to look at.
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    • Hail8160
      I feel like guys think the girls reaction will be like "OMG THATS SOO HOT!!" When it's really like... Girl - "Omg... Lynn come look at this!" Lynn - "Omg lol. Faith come here!" Faith - "is that... Omg..." & soon, the whole floor will have seen, commented, & told others about your picture
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    • Nuclear_touch
      $50 bucks this some some fat chick that the guy wasn’t planning on fucking anyways
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    • BeccaRose
      Pro tip if a girl doesn't ask for a dick pic she don't want it, don't be creepy
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    • oxycleanuwu
      what retards actually just send random dick pics
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    • Razkatohv
      Lots of upset dudes down here🍿🍿🍿🍿 bruh. We'll just ask for the dick pic. If you're slinging your dick around Snapchat, how do I know you won't do that with my nudes?
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    • Thaz
      I like how she's saying that she'd basically put out on the first date "if it went well" and then acts like she's more civil than him when he sends a dick pic. Admittedly an unsolicited dick pic is pretty fucked up but gargling this dude's nuts on the first date is just as trashy
      Thaz 5d
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    • GageLevkov
      That's why niggas... That's why you only send dick pics when its asked of you. You don't send unasked for dick pics.
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    • FullOfBadIdeas
      Y’all call a woman, who is REFRAINING from fucking a guy, a whore. Best logic of 2019
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    • Klaus_Klavier
      Why men think random Dick Pics work on women. Because random nudes work on men. So they think it just works in reverse too
      smile 8 reply 2
    • arcane_disaster
      That's right, don't send your dick pics to girls, send them to the gays, we appreciate them
      smile 9 reply 1
    • MsGoddess
      Dude, imagine having a girl that wants to fuck you and you ruin it. I can't even get a girl to talk to me, let alone want to fuck me.
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    • Likes_Cheese
      Fucking idiot. Never send anything they don't explicitly ask for. It can only end badly.
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    • Where_wolfe
      For anyone saying she's a bitch and a slut, just think about this. What if it was the other way around? If a guy was interested in a girl but she sent him a picture of her vagina out of fucking nowhere and then he didn't want to date her because she seems like a slut what would you say?
      smile 9 reply 2
    • MissEvol
      The lesson here is patience, he would’ve totally gotten that ass if he would have waited.
      smile 10 reply 5
    • blaze4700
      He probably sent you that because of the conversation you guys had that made you want to fuck him
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    • VoxFiend
      The guys calling this chick a slut and stuff are the type of guys who send random dick pics and get rejected because of it lmfao
      smile 9 reply 5
    • dcwanec
      "His penis was admittedly gorgeous". No it wasn't. It's a penis. A elongated mushroom. There's nothing gorgeous about it
      smile 9 reply 8
    • Lkatdude
      Come on guys, enough is enough. Don't send unsolicited dick pics, literally no one likes it.
      smile 8 reply 3
    • Tsumiji
      The people getting worked up over this are the douches who send unsolicited dick pics themselves
      smile 8 reply 2
    • SeasoningSalt
      Some girls just pride themselves on being a whore
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    • fuuuuuukubihhvt
      Her wanting to have sex with him is totally up to her, and she really shouldn’t be called anything for it. The fact of the matter is that sending unsolicited pictures is gross and nobody likes it, period. Don’t do it.
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    • queenjaybug
      It’s just she didn’t want a random picture of his dick. It’s really not that hard to grasp. I was in this exact situation, I was 100% down to smash but I got a random dick pic and it changed my mind.
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    • TeenzHavingFun
      Soo you wanted the d he showed you the d you liked the d but you no want the d????
      smile 7 reply 1
    • Zarinari
      I don’t understand why dudes just randomly send that shit. Like I’ve literally had a conversation that went “Hey, how are you?” “Good :) hbu” “Nice wanna see me stick this thing up my ass
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    • mitmcint
      I can’t believe people send unsolicited dick pics. I can’t imagine that goes well ever.
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    • Milk_Tea
      Honestly, I have no idea why guys send dic pics. What’s the point? Most of us don’t get turned on by it, and sending it out of the blue males it worse
      smile 7 reply 3
    • DankFroggo
      Who the fuck randomly sends dick pics
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    • RudelyInterrupted
      Last time a dude sent me an unwanted dick pic, I responded with “ew wtf” and he responded back with “wtf” before blocking me lmao
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    • President_Minion
      As a man, I’ve got to ask, when has a dick pic ever ever ever ever ever ever ever worked?
      smile 7 reply 2
    • Ashton_Kutcher
      I'm a guy and I don't understand why guys send dick pics either. That shit's so weird
      smile 7 reply 4
    • cyberguy401
      It hurt itself in its own confusion
      smile 8 reply 1
    • blockyt
      Dick pick shows he’s just a fuck boy, but she was gonna fuck after first coffee date so I don’t know what to think🤔. I just see casual sex as weird
      smile 8 reply 2
    • DrJones
      I’m not defending the guy for sending unsolicited dick pics, but why would that change her mind about wanting to fuck him?
      smile 7 reply 4
    • JimEd
      That’s why I don’t give dick pics....if she wants to see it we have to be fucking
      JimEd 5d
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    • Triairius
      Men are incredible at cock blocking themselves.
      smile 7
    • jsj0520
      I mean dicks are pretty fucking gross we should be lucky in the first place that women would want them.
      smile 7 reply 1
    • meimeo
      Getting random dick pics literally makes me want to throw up🤢🤮
      meimeo 5d
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    • WillyGeeWiz
      Any other straight dude think vaginas look disgusting?
      smile 7 reply 9
    • ksubijeans
      Am i the only guy that is completely against sending dick pics?
      smile 8 reply 6
    • RemTreeFiddy
      Wanted the dick, got the dick, rejected the dick, complains about rejecting the dick. If you think this is sane, you're stupid. End of story.
      smile 11 reply 8
    • pillowsoftdom
      guYS the reason is because it was UNWANTED. She didn’t! ask! for it! Why is that so hard to fucking understand??
      smile 8 reply 5
    • sugarboats
      yall really dont understand why sending an unsolicited dick pic in the middle of the day isnt good?
      smile 7
    • Firebrxnd
      She dodged a bullet honestly
      smile 7
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