• Floofer
      tHe MoSt AgReSsIvE DoG bReEd
      Floofer 25d
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    • The_memes_can_save
      Pit bulls are so goddamn sweet it’s amazing
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    • oncheela
      This is my land seal Clarabelle
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    • EdgarAllanHoe29
      If you abuse a Pit bull, they will grow up to be aggressive. If you abuse a lab, they will grow up to be aggressive. If you abuse a chihuahua, they will grow up to be a aggressive. All dogs are good boys till they are hurt by bad people.
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      Yesterday our pit accidentally bit my dad while playing tug of war and the instant look of sadness and regret on his face was wholesome as shit
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    • breezeblockz
      Who else have pit bull and love them🥰😍
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    • lord_wah
      There are no bad dogs only bad owners
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    • Big_Baws
      Heroic pit bull swims two miles out to sea to bite a child
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    • Thestevvvve
      People who get scared when they see a pit bull are the same people who walks at a different direction when they see a black guy (or any other race who gives a shit)
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    • jackasss
      I love how they tuck their ears back and give you those puppy eyes everytime you look at them
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    • waterchuchu
      As you can see my pit bull in the photo is absolutely just ripping my flesh right off the bone, A b S o L u T e L y V I S I o U s
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    • ShadowTheUmbreon1314
      I own a pitbull/ American Staffordshire Terrier and she's a sweet heart. She's only attacked me with kisses to the face and tail whips. She likes to hog the bed and couch, play, and cuddle. She just wants to be loved. She also dances when she gets excited.
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    • Colaws
      Colaws 24d
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    • 1_more
      1_more 25d
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    • Donald_Chungus
      My pitbull is a queen
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    • BuggaMuffin
      Toddlers are just pitbull food. xD
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    • Move_Mint
      It makes me kinda sick to see all these people say they wanna kill a breed purely because the think it’s funny or that the few digs that are aggressive means that they all are and it sorta pisses me off to see this kind of mind set
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    • YahYep
      You know it
      YahYep 25d
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    • thatoneguywholived
      Fact: pit bulls are NOT the most aggressive breed (they are number 9 on the top 10 most aggressive breeds list) and even if they were most aggressive breed doesn’t mean all the dogs in that breed are aggressive.
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    • Eowyn093
      Look I know what everyone says about pit bulls being mean and all, and I’m not saying they haven’t hurt people. I’m just saying that babies aren’t born serial killers. They have to be raised that way, so don’t naturally assume someone or something is mean just because someone said so.
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    • Soklex
      Yeah, but ones eat kids to survive and the other ones are Pitbulls
      Soklex 25d
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    • SumDumFool
      It always hurts and confuses me to see so much hate for Pitbulls online. Whoever is reading this, please keep in mind: It's not the dog, it's the owner.
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    • estupid1824
      I don’t know about you but I haven’t see a seal eat a kid before 🤔
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    • mypeepeehard
      People used to treat Doberman like pit bulls
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    • Communist_fetus
      Those who say pitbulls are mean can die now
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    • stay_trippy_lil_hippy
      Pit bulls are so sweet and gentle. I work at petsmart and i hate that pitties aren't allowed in the group play room because they're a "bully breed". I've met a LOT of aggressive dogs but none of them have ever been a pit bull. :/
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    • lDontFeelSoFunny
      I’m not retarded
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    • calebisdad
      great pet if you want your kid eaten.
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    • _Stormcloak_
      Me: Pitbull Owners: Pitbulls really are the sweetest dogs you can own. Idk why they get a bad rep.
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    • PiousPuddle
      Wait so do we have to shoot seals now
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    • andrewkerouac
      Until a toddler is eaten
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    • Boloyonggon
      Pit Bulls are the nicest dogs ive ever seen, I own four and they are tbe most amazing dogs, it's the owner that makes them bad.
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    • titan297
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    • aTRexRidingAFlyingBike
      May as well flex my boy Joe and his little adopted brother Yoda
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    • thatoneguywholived
      There’s a difference between aggressiveness and deadlines, pits are not the most aggressive breed but they are the deadliest. Besides some of y’all act like because an animal can be aggressive that it means they will be aggressive
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    • ThrobbingBoi
      I dont think seals got put on a list for eating babies tho
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    • Preston_CW
      Any dog is capable of being violent. It all depends on how a dog is raised.
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    • andrewisjustdone3321
      People say pitbulls are the most violent breed but they are just the most CAPABLE of violence, a pitbull raised right will never hurt anyone
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    • xXedgydabsXx
      Except they maul children
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    • Setsu
      In my opinions, pit bulls are the sweetest breed of dog there is, I love them so much
      Setsu 25d
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    • holy_man
      Fun fact, pit bulls have one of the highest tolerances and are not very aggressive. The ones that are were the ones that were beat by there owners to fight mostly.
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    • SpookithArt
      Adorable and i love them
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    • SnazzyEmperor
      All these people saying pit bulls are the worst breed. But I bet they don’t know only around 13% of dog attacks yearly are from pit bulls.
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    • GloriousNix
      No difference, pits are actually good dogs.
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    • profunnier998
      Pitbulls r so nice if you treat them right and if they came from a safe home
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    • Yukari_Reich
      Does that mean they both eat babies?
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    • youtakethemoonandyou
      Fuck pitbulls and black people
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    • MoonMoon06
      Does this mean seal bite child!?
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    • infinitestolenmemes
      If you don't smile this image you're a heartless asshole
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    • Crusader_V3
      Pit bulls were used for fighting and bullbaiting, both aggressive things. But a dog simply won’t attack you if you train it correctly and treat it fair
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    • Lemons_
      adorable! The place i volunteer at has a pitbull that used to be aggressive and now hes a sweetheart. Sometimes he gets nippy but thats out of excitement for not seeing me not bc he hates me. Strong boi tho! He can topple me
      Lemons_ 22d
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    • errorist
      Pitbulls are fuckin awesome I'm gonna get one
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    • KestelleC
      “Most aggressive dog breed” my ass. My pit bull is going on three years old and not once has he bitten anyone or growled at anyone. He will bark at noises that come from outside, as any dog would but that’s about as aggressive as he gets.
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    • Zeke12
      Yeah, but seals are freaking mean and pitbulls can be good doggos
      Zeke12 24d
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    • prezdant
      They need to be beaten like seals
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    • Woopus
      My pit bull is the sweetest thing. She only mauled 6 children this month! Her name is Flower
      Woopus 24d
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    • Noahpooptoop
      Pit bulls are the most loving dog I’ve ever had. The pit bulls you hear on the news get treated wrong and doing what they were beat and abused for.
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    • PotatoDew
      how many seals attack babies every year?
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    • satrok
      From my own experience smaller dogs are way more aggressive than bigger dogs especially with children
      satrok 25d
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    • SolarWinds
      So cute, pit bulls are so misunderstood
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    • ReactionImage_dot_jpeg
      When you are 13% of the dog population but commit over 50% of all violent attacks
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    • G3MINI
      I have a pit bull and she is the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet.
      G3MINI 25d
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    • xyz1029
      Or seals are just seabulls
      xyz1029 25d
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    • Dresscode
      Seals are being beaten to death
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    • 06isabella06
      People hate pitbulls for being aggressive but they are only like that if they are raised poorly
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    • EnnayCL
      "Why does my child not have a throat anymore?"
      EnnayCL 25d
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    • HankHilliam
      One uses toddler arms as tug of war ropes one is ur friend
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    • Cptdarth
      Whats funny is everyone pointlessly arguing like anything is going to come of it, they arent going to ban an entire dog breed because they commit most of the violence (black ppl) or because someone on ifunny saying a pitbull bit them
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    • BestGril
      Yet you don’t see seals ripping the throats out of babies
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    • _MrBubz_
      Pitbulls are actually just dog niqqers.
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    • PunDawg00p
      Seals have been known to walk several miles on land attack children using there bear hands
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    • M240BravoLightMachineGun
      *shows a cute picture of a dangerous animal and expects it to be taken as a factual argument*
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    • Sleep_Idontknowher
      Pitts are amazing dogs. When their puppies they can be a little aggressive while playing (I got stabbed by a friends pitt) but overall they are good dogs if they are taught better
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    • vampgirl237
      Why does everyone here hate pitbulls?? They’re good dogs who are trained to fight so yah if you get one from death row it’s prob gonna be aggressive af but if you get them young and train them right then they’re sweet and loyal
      smile 4 reply 2
    • Goethe
      Seals don't maul children though
      Goethe 25d
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    • dxpeboy
      or maybe seals are just water pit bulls
      dxpeboy 25d
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    • Lewddacris
      Except land seals don't attack the neighbors children.
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    • Recon
      Recon 25d
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    • AhegaoMan
      Pit bulls are so cute
      smile 4 reply 1
    • MasterBlue2099
      Seals are just water pitbulls
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    • Minizdude89
      Sure, statistics say that pits are one of the most aggressive breeds out there, but have you ever thought what kind of person they were raised by, or the environment they were raised in, or the purpose the dog was bought or adopted for? No ya haven't because all you heard or wanna hear is that they
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