• Iamaleafonthewind
      The real sound is basically a sharp exhale, since "the breath is driven out of your lungs".
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    • TheKingofthePenguins
      He was also a fifty-year expert at fencing. It’s why they gave him a special lightsaber in the Star Wars movies so he could show off his skills
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    • LordCornwallis
      He also has several heavy metal albums, and hunted nazi's professionally after the war. That's right kiddos, Count fucking Sarumon was a goddamn nazi killing bounty hunter. And it doesn't even stop there. He was good friends with Ian Fleming, who, inspired by Lee's life created James Bond.
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    • GayBot3000
      He was a member of the first ever MI6 as well. He, Roald Dalh, Ian Flemming, Ian Flemmings best friend who's name has never been released because he was the best spy, and Winston Churchill's daughter were members of an elite group of killers
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    • a_dawg7
      a_dawg7 11d
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    • Tolkien
      He then went on to describe some clandestine mission to Peter Jackson and freaked him the hell out. Lee was a badass. Check my profile, I’m an expert
      Tolkien 10d
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    • savageandfunny
      For anyone who wants to know the sound it is something of an exhaustive sigh as all the air is forcefully ripped out of ones lungs like a balloon deflating
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    • Gamefisher
      Imagine being a nazi and seeing Count Dooku running at you.
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    • TimmyNoThumbs
      What a man
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    • iguessgavin
      Imagine serving in world war 1 just to have these punks ass kids get all the clout for the rest of century with WWII
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    • mcswaggerpants
      Rest in peace Christopher Lee
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    • LegendsGrandMasterLuke
      Christopher Lee was an absolute unit
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    • Epigone
      Aw fuck I can't believe you've done this
      Epigone 10d
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    • Micah_Bell_
      Why he look like count dooku
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    • shlongjonsilvers
      I got stabbed in the back and the only thing I heard was Daniel you’re a drug addict that’s why we’re breaking up. Shits wild
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    • TheInfiniteRick
      He also knew Tolkien personally.
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    • MAXY_ROO
      He was knighted by the Queen, so he's referred to as Sir Chrostopher Lee
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    • MLG2000
      MLG2000 11d
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    • _Skolas_Kell_of_kells_
      That's pretty disturbing right there Christopher Lee.
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    • it_is_I_the_Grate_Bad
      Lord of the Rings is better than Harry Potter. Change my mind.
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    • Viperius
      I believe IMDB calls him the most credited actor in history with something like 250 roles.
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    • VictorianEraStormtrooper
      The only cast member to have actually met Tolkein as well.
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    • Thatkidthatworksoutoomuch
      And a director tried to tell him what someone choking sounded like, and he was like, no you don’t . Sir Christopher Lee also had his own metal band in his 80’s.
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    • songandsource
      Hahaha . Your victim inhales not exhales and then he struggles to breaths . This is what he essentially said
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    • nomemesupreme
      I’ve been stabbed in the back. Have the scar to prove it and I can tell you. You don’t scream. You don’t feel anything except a blunt hit until it’s pulled out then it burns like no other.
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    • Deatharrow19
      He was a wizard, a narrator, a sith lord, and so much more
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    • kingdolphin510
      All of the actors in LOTR were badasses
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    • bloodlighting
      Then he said “the victim would become silent”
      smile 8
      Christopher Lee played as Count Dooku, Gandalf, and Willy Wonka's dad. Terrible shame he passed away years ago
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    • gay_meme_man
      Also JRR Tolkein served in ww1 and fought in the somme
      smile 7
    • Budder398
      Give an F for one of the greatest actors of our time. May he Rest In Peace
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    • stillrob97
      That's Sir Christopher Lee. He was knighted by the Queen
      smile 7
    • Commander_GreeWolffe
      Count Dookus
      smile 7
    • itsreality
      There’s not a lot of noise actually... when you get stabbed it’s quite shocking and thus not very boisterous.... just saying.
      smile 7 reply 1
    • irish_i_were_drunk
      He also got permission from tolkien himself to play gandalf if they made movies. So theres that too.
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    • Shi_thead911
      Dude hunted Nazis
      smile 6
      As I'm listing to Count Dooku's theme. RIP the legend Christopher Lee
      smile 6
    • topcommentmachin3
      Is it wrong to use my GF hand to masterbate while she sleeps? I mean its really only 1 finger in my ass.
      smile 6 reply 3
    • chaselogsdon
      It's Sir Christopher Lee thanks
      smile 6
    • EmperorPalpatini
      He was a Nazi Hunter, actually spoke to J.R.R. Tolkien, and recorded a metal album
      smile 6
    • BloodAndSoil
      They wanted him to make a rediculous cliche noise when he got stabbed the back. But seeing as he was in the SAS, he had experience in the manner and politely corrected the directors on what it sounds like to be stabbed in the back, and it stuck.
      smile 6
    • dontkillants
      He also made a doom metal album
      smile 5
    • darklord02968
      No but in yellow
      smile 5
    • playstationrules
      This is actually true but they cut it from the theatrical release, its in the extended edition
      smile 5
    • oldmanjesusjuice
      The real lesson to take from this is that the British don’t fight fair.
      smile 5 reply 2
    • Jclark15000
      I researched it, he started as a Royal Air Force Pilot, suffered an eye injury that prevented him from flying ever again. He then became an Royal Air Force Intelligence Officer. Not MI6 or any of the MI's, MI6/5 Intelligence is it's own Government Agency thing. (PT2 to follow)
      smile 5 reply 5
    • GrainOfSand
      I think the reason serious movies are dying off is because all the actors are just potheads and less war veterans
      smile 5
    • FordRaptor1869
      iT sOUndS LiKe tHe ROblOx Oof
      smile 5 reply 2
    • BluJay22
      Germany: Christopher Lee won't sit for this neither and let's clear this up too. I ain't got no beef with him either.
      smile 6 reply 2
    • The_Raph
      He also had a metal band called Charlemagne
      smile 5
    • TheLeftIsCancer
      You might hate me for saying this but, I miss this man more tha Stephan Karl
      smile 5 reply 2
    • Iamactuallyslavic
      Salute your troops. Shake your vets hands. Be proud of your country.
      smile 6 reply 3
    • canyoueventakeit
      Nice veteran
      smile 5
    • LumberDiesel
      I thought he said he knows what a dying man sounds like.
      smile 5 reply 1
    • wasting_time_all_the_time
      Did anyone else hear it in his voice?
      smile 5
    • chiefkeefsosa600
      Didn't know Britain had wizards in their special forces
      smile 5
    • WillyWonka63
      He was also the last man alive to have seen a public hanging or guillotining. I can’t remember which one
      smile 5 reply 5
    • FoodOverPeople
      This > fortnite
      smile 6 reply 1
    • FacelessOracle
      Rest in peace Christopher lee
      smile 4
    • AllHandsOnDick
      Unfortunately, as much as I like Christopher Lee, the vast majority of his military stories are proven bs.
      smile 5
    • Scages101
      Rip Sir. Christopher Lee dude was an absolute legend!
      smile 4
    • Konnerj7
      Is this true?
      smile 4 reply 2
    • Sulfhydryal
      This motherfucker brought his family sword to Normandy and fucking slew Germans on the beaches
      smile 4
    • Eye_Hay_Chew
      He was a spy
      smile 4
    • kingkeell
      IFUNNY WTF I am watching this as I see this
      smile 4
    • EagleEyes87
      Ok, great that you do, now fucking scream
      smile 4
    • Meagalomaniak
      Weird flex but okay
      smile 4
    • yourscreamsfallondeafears
      Christopher Lee was a god among men
      smile 4
    • asura1212
      The shock keeps them from screaming
      smile 4 reply 1
    • 4theGumbo
      This dude has balls harder than any brass we make
      smile 4
    • Ranakar1920
      Another Fun Fact: Lee was the only member of the entire movie staff to have ever met Tolkien
      smile 4
    • Tropical_77
      R.I.P he was a fucking amazing actor/man
      smile 4
    • nigeriansiberian
      Who do you think still adds to wtf fun facts
      smile 4
    • GIadiolus
      He wasn’t special forces he was an Intel officer after being disqualified from being a pilot cause of bad eyes, and worked guard duty for the Finnish during the Winter War.
      smile 3
    • ehd8fjen3
      He actually did much more than say that and practically directed the scene. And has served many more important roles irl.
      smile 3
    • SaveTheWorld001
      smile 3
    • tonic12
      He claimed to have served in the SAS and SOE but both were lies
      smile 4
    • Smol_Bean16
      Well if it punctures the lung and then is removed, there is no scream, if it isnt removed, a gargling sound as your lung fill with blood and you drown.
      smile 3
    • allyouknow
      Sir Christopher Lee is actually a bad ass guy. You should look into his story
      smile 3
    • TheRealHydra
      He was also in a metal band
      smile 3 reply 1
    • _rainy_
      Weird flex but okay
      _rainy_ 10d
      smile 4
    • rokstar7891
      This guy is my new favorite character from Lord of the Rings.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • NewWorldRodent
      Christopher Lee was an impressive man
      smile 3
    • ShrimpyPablo
      I cried the day he died
      smile 3
    • Masoncameron
      Fuck lord of the rings, this guy’s life story is twice as badass as those movies
      smile 3 reply 1
    • knowaspear
      Depends where you stab them. I heard a grunt. Kind of a surprised grunt.
      smile 3
    • arb84820
      Who recorded everything all these people ever said?
      smile 3
    • Californication
      RIP Sir Christopher Lee
      smile 3
    • definitely_not_communist
      Nigga that's Count Dooku
      smile 3 reply 3
    • brodo_swaggins_
      He alsp read the entire Lord of the Rings series once every year and was quite literally the best person on earth to play Saruman, RIP
      smile 3
    • Prometheus
      I’ve been looking forward to this
      smile 3
    • Gabriel_of_Heaven
      “Do not play God, as I have stood before His Heavenly Gates!”
      smile 3
    • midnightshamalong
      They ask you to scream when you get stabbed and you respond by asking them if they know what it really sounds like.
      smile 4 reply 3
    • DankMeme0verLord
      smile 3
    • HuoLongHeavy
      He also had permission from Tolkien himself to play Gandalf in a movie. Obviously he's Saruman but it's still awesome
      smile 3
    • PitmasterJacob
      Metal as fuck
      smile 3
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