• “How many fingers am I holding up?”
      iGohan 11d
      2.8K 93
    • I give people my glasses and they wear it for like 3 seconds and pass out because they get dizzy
      uwuLmao 11d
      1.5K 82
    • I only wear glasses im class when i really need to (nearsighted)
    • Headass
    • "Whoa your vision is bad" yeah now give them back
    • Alita the battle angel:
    • To all glasses wearers: I'm sorry I didn't understand glasses as a kid and I'm sorry I was like this in elementary school
    • And my all time favorite; “How MaNY FiNGers am I hoLDing Up?
    • This person has glasses
    • People really out here seeing for free and I'm just here like 🤓
    • I'd take this any day over the "how many fingers am I holding up" motherfuckers
    • broo i hate it when people GRAB THEM OFF YOUR FACE
    • This is sadly true
    • “How thick are these?”
      Vule 9d
    • Whats even greater is when 2 people who are both wearing glasses bond with each other by asking to try on the others glasses and then both of them are like “yup, your eye sight is SHIT but you know what... SAME BITCH”
    • As someone who used to be the second but am now the first, I understand both.
    • 👁👄👁 headass
    • Shits why i wear contacts now
    • Northernlion just talked about this
      Paprik 10d
    • You know the whole joke with "how many fingers am I holding up" well my eyes have actually gotten bad enough to where I cannot see people's fingers if they hold them against their skin, the colors just blur together for me and I can't tell how many fingers there are, unless I squint
    • I hate those pissflaps
    • I'm so blind I can use the edges of my glasses as rear view mirrors. +5 to combat
    • Is this Alita battle angel
    • We don’t
      tcliff 10d
    • “WoAh uR bLind” bitch no fucking shit lmao
      sabam 10d
    • My friends, my brother and my dad all let me try on their glasses and Every thing looked the same, i dont need glasses.
    • i let someone try on my glasses one time and they smashed them against the table saying "HOLY FUCK THESE ARE STRONG". yeah ok they were strong big deal now i have to deal with a pair of broken glasses thanks a lot dickface.
    • I get mixed results with mine. Some people put them on and say, nothing changed other than the headache they are developing. Others put em on and ask where the hell i went.
    • I hate this it's like they dont understand they dont make anyones eyesight better just mine and others who need them
      sirrags 10d
    • Bubbles from trailer park boys
    • I’m going to take someone’s wheelchair and ask “WOW HOW DO YOU WALK IN THIS THING?!”
      ReddBoi 10d
    • My friends just say “Holy shit you have horrible vision” and wear them for a few seconds before getting dizzy
    • I have glasses and so many people are fucking annoying. DOES NO ONE KNOW WHAT A PRESCRIPTION IS?!?!?!?!!???
    • I only have nearsightedness but I can still function fine without them and drive but anyone who tries them on is like "damn this shits a fuck. I can't see".
    • HOW DO YOU SEE IN THESE!? Just like you motherfucker that's what they're for.
    • HoW do YoU SEe In THeSE? With my bad eyesight.
    • They'r- oh never fuckin mind
    • I'm color blind and people get on their phones and put the color blind test in front of me and ask if I can see it
      ight_ 10d
    • Mutually exchanging glasses with other people to see what they see
    • My friends always say I’m not as blind as they thought I was. It’s true, I’m nearsighted, but it’s kinda bothersome when someone just takes my glasses off of my face without asking
    • The people who get but hurt over people without glasses doing this are fags that need to grow up
      PotdeO 10d
    • Why do i have to pay money to see
    • I’m sorry I’m not eye crippled
    • I never understood people's obsession with glasses, they suck
    • Contacts are so much better. I can't even stand sunglasses
    • Bro I’m just tryna see
    • It's surprising how many people don't know how glasses work.
    • No one: Alita Battle Angel:
      Rikeay 10d
    • I ask to wear someone’s glasses to see how I look in them
      1 1
    • They put on your glasses and hit you with that “you blind as fuck dude I cant see shit with these”
      suttn 11d
    • “Damn bro you blind as shit I can see tomorrow in these
    • Mfs be wearing the bottom of glass bottles on their face I’m just tryna see wtf that shit look like
    • This is so fuckin annoying
    • Taking your glasses off is like going from 1080p to 360p
      Hekbc 11d
      4 2
    • I don't mind if people wanna try on my glasses, but good gosh that stupid how many fingers question. Can't stand that one.
      3 2
    • Literally no one
      beeetie 11d
    • Fallout new Vegas
    • Fucking disabled people haha
    • Now you fucked up your vision too haha
    • Ha you people have to pay to see
    • I have to get glasses
    • My friends say that my glasses are fake because they can see perfect and I’m over here like “ well you are ready have perfect vision”
    • It must suck so much... to be blind...
      Myfan 11d
    • Cause my eyes are fucked
    • Just be glad modern science exists or natural selection would've taken you. You broken eyed mothetfuckers
      1 6
    • Blonde bitch she a dummy. Retarded !!
    • If you get mad because of this you are a fucking pussy
      1 4
    • As someone who has glasses, this isn't just a meme it's a cry for help
      Yakzy 11d
      3 2
    • Don't be blind u fuckin dip
    • "OMG how do you see it's all blurry"
    • Carolyn Kopp wannabe 😩😩😩
    • One time my friend wanted to see them and I said ‘don’t put them on’ and this dumbass put them on his fat fucking face and broke my glasses by bending them
    • WhY Do YoU LoOk SO WeIrD wItHoUt ThEm???
    • Whenever people grab my glasses, whether they have glasses or not, call me super fucking blind cause of how thick the lenses are and how blurry it is
      RAWR_XD 11d
    • Alita
    • One time my friend tried them on and said he can see clearly
    • And when I take them off I go from •__• to .__.
    • I put on others glasses and just go, “oh you blind blind.”
      2 1
    • Even though I've worn glasses most of my life and know that the finger thing does not work 1 bit I still do it to my friends when they forget their glasses
    • I'm so glad that I wear contacts now. I was the only one in my friend group that wore glasses and it was annoying as hell having this happen
    • I see out of them with magic
    • "Wow, you must be practically blind!" Yea no shit that's why I wear them
      cth_ulu 11d
    • “How did you get that in your eye? You have glasses on”
    • *holds up middle finger* how many fingers am i holding up?
    • No, people with glasses still do that to others with glasses, just to see if they could see through them and to see how blind they are. I can confirm since I wear glasses myself
    • And are those....penises on his feet!?
    • I wear glasses and ask people to see out of theirs to see if we're blind buddies
      jaeare 11d
    • I hate when they say that
    • If you see this and do that... STOP
    • I give my friends my glasses and they grab them by the fucking lens after I spent a fucking hour cleaning then off.
      1 1
    • Pfft. Try having a kid with glasses. He's had them since he was 1 (he's 4 now) strangers used to take them off of him, look through them and ask if he actually needed them or were they fashion accessories.
    • Alternative- Hey, you're in a wheelchair! Mind if I take it for a spin while you sit on the curb? Damn, you got bad legs!
    • It’s like “bitch I have bad eyesight, not fucking blind or can see hand mutations”
    • content not available more
    • I usually say something like "How fucking bad is your eyesight"
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