• Parents: someone looks like they need a nap
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    • shortstack96
      I was such a fool by taking naps for granted..
      shortstack96 14 jan
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    • _DrBright_
      I am going to get top comment
      _DrBright_ 14 jan
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    • bigggoron
      content not available more
      bigggoron 14 jan
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    • iFappy
      Naps are perfectly natural and necessary for all ages, but we have all been enslaved by the 8 hour work day.
      iFappy 14 jan
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    • Urinal
      For y'all saying u wish u didn't take nap time for granted. Remember the reason you didn't like nap time is not because you didn't wanna sleep but because you had no control over it. You like it now because you can nap when ever you feel like it.
      Urinal 15 jan
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    • Anomaly54
      Parent: "You're mad because you didn't get enough sleep." Kid: "I'm mad because you're making me mad!"
      Anomaly54 14 jan
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    • NoOpinionDueToLackOfPFP
      Why is nap time a thing in preschool when we don’t want to nap but it isn’t in high school when we need them and actually want them?
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    • eggz
      eggz 14 jan
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    • southern_colt
      When I was younger I hated naps. Now love them
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    • VeniVidiVici5
      Once you get to high school, naps are like the sacred texts
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    • smalldong
      smalldong 14 jan
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    • GFunny123
      16 year old me: THANK FUCKING GOD
      GFunny123 14 jan
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    • Artemis_the_Absol
      Me: *takes nap*, my parents: OH MY GOD YOU LAZY PIECE OF SHIT WAKE UP
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    • iPhoneyAds
      I never took naps as a child and I don’t take naps now. Don’t nobody like waking up at 635 pm wondering what year it is.
      iPhoneyAds 14 jan
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    • NoContextShitPost
      "IM NOT EVEN TIRED" *yawns*
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    • AmericaJake1776
      Parents now: Get your lazy ass up! All you do Is sleep! 17 year old me: But I crave the nap mother.
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    • slick4546
      Idk what this B E D shit is but I don’t like it
      slick4546 14 jan
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    • Horror
      that’s 20 year old me
      Horror 15 jan
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    • 1800WheresMyDad
      16 year old me
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    • Adrenoch
      20 year old me
      Adrenoch 15 jan
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    • BiPrinceLife
      My mom: TAKE YO BLACK ASS IN THERE AND GO LAY DOWN (3 in the afternoon)
      BiPrinceLife 15 jan
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    • katiemadison
      Now I take a nap and chance I get
      katiemadison 15 jan
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    • AdrialCashwell
      26 year old me: "fuck i need a 7 hour nap"
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    • _EverythingTrash_
      Me now: dear sweet god y e s
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    • coolguy61
      Yo i wish I could take naps now. For some reason I just can't sleep during the day
      coolguy61 15 jan
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    • OborotheBastion
      *In bed relaxing* *mom calls name* “yes?” *silence* “YES?” *more silence*
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    • Raguel48
      Raguel48 14 jan
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    • Cactus_Dildo
      8 yr old Me *kicks off because of a clear injustice* parents “he’s just tired” no I am fucking not u bitch. I’m opressed
      Cactus_Dildo 14 jan
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    • narutoistheman
      I was so dumb taking sleep for granted and having no stress
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    • Porterhouse
      Porterhouse 14 jan
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    • TikTok_Cancer
      I honestly never liked naps. Idk why, I only sleep when I'm tired which is usually late at night.
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    • mayomemelord
      “I’m not tired you’re making me mad”
      mayomemelord 16 jan
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    • jwal2000
      jwal2000 16 jan
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    • epicmoeface
      I would love a fucking nap right now
      epicmoeface 15 jan
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    • dat_ugly_boy_account
      15 year old me when told that I can’t take naps anymore
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    • ronaldtrump
      “The fuck you say to me you little shit!!!”😂
      ronaldtrump 15 jan
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    • pompouspilot
      *23 year old me
      pompouspilot 15 jan
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    • im_an_idiot12
      Being mad at that age always meant nap time
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    • ATheatreGirl
      I want nap time as a teen
      ATheatreGirl 15 jan
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    • SyrusPhantom
      When we were kids, we needed a lot of sleep but didnt feel tired so we complained about it. As adults we dont need as much sleep, but we feel tired all the time and cant sleep for as long as we want.
      SyrusPhantom 15 jan
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    • doggotrain
      I’m sorry for taking nap time not serious enough thank you mom
      doggotrain 15 jan
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    • MailaW
      As a baby I fell asleep ANYWHERE but the crib, couch, floor, rocking horse, toilet
      MailaW 15 jan
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    • Pheo01
      Pheo01 15 jan
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    • _DoodleBob
      _DoodleBob 14 jan
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    • movebitchthatsmypizza
      I would happily take those naps now
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      I feel like the first time when you’re an adult is when you realize sleeping is a gift, not a punishment
      KOSTCOMODE 14 jan
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    • AngelaBee11
      Why the heck did I relate to this
      AngelaBee11 14 jan
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    • BigCartoonBellies
      God mom I wasn't even mad until you asked me if I was mad. Fuck you mom
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    • ewuh
      This is still me
      ewuh 14 jan
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    • Phoenix_907
      Is it just me or is really hard to take a nap after like 7?
      Phoenix_907 14 jan
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    • snekkk
      15 ywar old me
      snekkk 14 jan
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    • Oplock
      If someone told me to take a nap I’d cry tears of joy
      Oplock 14 jan
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    • Icelanticore
      And to think we used to think of naps as a punishment...
      Icelanticore 14 jan
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    • LittleYulia
      Something about a coin and porn bots*
      LittleYulia 14 jan
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    • pls_find_my_dad
      If I swipe and see the fucking pedophile post again I’m fucking killing myself
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    • Arctic_Flare
      I wish I was 5 again 😔
      Arctic_Flare 14 jan
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    • Goobio
      I like how taking showers, taking naps and being sent to your room as a kid are all punishments and bad and then when you get older they’re rewards and feel good
      Goobio 14 jan
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    • _Blueberry
      Especially after you've been crying
      _Blueberry 14 jan
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    • dashawn73
      Adult me looks the same way
      dashawn73 a month
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    • DP_Lols
      *college students already under the blankets* Damn straight.
      DP_Lols 18 jan
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    • Ajthedarklord
      You right
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    • pizza_hutz
      I once called this lil girl a lil girl and she. Was like I’m not a lil girl then my sister was like how old are you.. she was 11 I held in my laughter cause she was so proud. lol shit kept running after my cats
      pizza_hutz 16 jan
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    • 9268
      Parents just trying to fuck.
      9268 16 jan
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    • DankAsian41
      I wish
      DankAsian41 16 jan
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    • modsquad56
      Oh how the turntables have tabled
      modsquad56 15 jan
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    • WillHelmick
      Adult me: Yes please 🤤😴
      WillHelmick 15 jan
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    • Strandburger
      Back then I was so energized and didn't need any naps at all. Now i'm in high school and if I get offered a chance to nap, I'll probably take it
      Strandburger 15 jan
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    • Borutos_Father
      17 year old be like...
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    • FreshMints
      I have a three year old. Man is this accurate!
      FreshMints 15 jan
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    • WarlockDick
      I was angry but they were probably right
      WarlockDick 15 jan
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    • Caden_Robinson
      I sleep too much im told to stay awake I wish that were me
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    • RoundThemUpRepubber
      I need that more than I was 5, karen.
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    • AfellowNiBBa
      I want to go to the past and kill my past self for hating naps
      AfellowNiBBa 15 jan
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    • Qonservative_media
      Argued with my kids yesterday that naps are a privilege not a punishment
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    • ghostcraft33
      If anything; seniors in high school deserve/need naps more than kindergarteners. Like kindergarteners DO need extra sleep but seniors are so burnt out that they could use a break much more than the dumb kindergarteners. If they dont wanna sleep and want to be grumpy later thats their problrm
      ghostcraft33 15 jan
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    • tricialobo
      Lmfao, all kids
      tricialobo 15 jan
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    • cameronfitzy
      Sleep is for the weak
      cameronfitzy 15 jan
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    • ActuallyAnAshley
      This got mine, I couldn’t stop laughing
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    • CanIhelpYou
      CanIhelpYou 15 jan
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    • SerBottlecap
      I rarely ever actually took my naps, I'd play with my Legos and when my mom would come around I'd hop in bed and pretend to be asleep
      SerBottlecap 15 jan
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    • furrypornhere
      Spongebob is a grown ass man
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    • nuggets80
      I hated naps when I was a kid. Now that’s all i want or need
      nuggets80 15 jan
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    • DobbyIsAFreeElf
      5 year old me: *falls and skins my knee* *cries* parents: “oh, you’re crying. You must just be tired. You should go to bed”
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    • Member__berries
      I never took those naps because I had a Gameboy advance and Pokémon red
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    • KatIsTyping
      It insulted your pride
      KatIsTyping 14 jan
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    • 45Colt
      Fact: People just swipe spongebob memes without reading them because they are gey
      45Colt 14 jan
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    • Seriphos
      15 year old me: you right *zzzzzzzzzz*
      Seriphos 14 jan
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    • ciana_
      16 year old me: Oh hell yea I do!
      ciana_ 14 jan
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    • OOBAMA
      Features are still bad just stop here
      OOBAMA 14 jan
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    • legendary_chocolate_chip
      Bitch I was like ight nigga if you say so. I mean you told me to. I didn't want to but this is what it's gotta be
      smile 1
      ECHO5ECHO 14 jan
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    • The_Autistic_Spoon
      Now in the time I desire them most I can not obtain them
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    • penfold
      The ultimate f*** you
      penfold 14 jan
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