• Parascientific Compendium v0.88_
The Wow! Signal Erich Von Daniken,
Secret Space Program
Battle of LA CE LE AL 17 Second (Gary McKinnon) Seismic Waves in 2018
17 Second Seismic Waves in 2018
Wavey Glo
Are artificial
With Orgonite
igton DC UFOs Conjure Rain With Bluer Sky = More Orgone Are Good Natured
(1952) Cloudbusters (DOI:
4 Nature is Symbiosis,
Your Mind Knows Not Competition
Nothing, Your Gut
Knows Everything. Almost All "Hygiene" is Detrimental
The Mind Lives In Doubt,
The Heart Lives In Trust. Your Life is a Story, Be
Good Protagonist
Generated Insects Anticip: 1-10s Before Stimuli
(Andrew Cross, Faraday)
4-10s Before Stimuli Precognition
Your Heart Is Prescient
(PMc4706048) (McCraty, Atkinson, Bradley)
Time Is Local
Pi itive Re ite ti
Precognitive Remote Perception TIME (Time Dilation)
Length of Day Varies in 5.9 Year Cycle
Delayed-Choice Time Is,Not (Daryl Linear Bem) D. Anderson et al 2015 EPL 10002)
(Daryl J. Bem)
Quantum Eraser Instantaneous Entenglement Time is Influenced By
Instantaneous Entanglement Time Is Cyclical
Tachyons (Alain Aspect, Nicolas Gisin) (Vedas, Aztec, China) Flanetary Movements
Salamander-Fro: Plants Draw Energy DNA Phan re Effeet
Transmogrifying Lase! From Each Other (Viadimir YouTube: "Bion-Biogenesis"
(Dr. cifyin Schauberger
Genetic Mutation and Selection IA Has Words, Grammar
Are TemI ly Coupled LIFE Effect Blood Sample Syncs Feelings
M Life F Lazarus Effeet Over Long Distances fellognosis LMa Extinct Species Reappearing (Laonastes, re) Kengeng) (Brian O'Leary, Cleve Backster)
(Laonastes, Gom re)
Ebner Effect Emotions Change DNA Plants Communicate with
Ebner Effect (McCraty, Rein) Biological Transmutation Light Sound Astrophysiognomy
(Kervran, Baranger, Spindler, von Herzeele)
Reincarnation (Dr. lan Stevenson, is Proven Michael Newton) Distant Healing is Contagious
lan Stevenson, Michae! NewS9) Water is Sentient (PMID: 19472862, 22784339, 11893844) '2018.11.009)
Intuition is Socially Shared 33 Day Soar Rotation Affects
Ganzfeld Pla METAPHYSICS Time, Radioactive Decay Shall)
(pmip: 11393304) Plants Ar Intuition Amplified By Full Moon Dream Telepathy rippner)
Global Consciousness Project Kali Yuga
Moldavil Yuga Mass Prayer Can Stop Wars
Kozyrev Mirror (Try it and you'll see) Edgar Cayce
Ather-Drift Exists Earth's Energy Field hedro Hogans Abieggnic Gil Physics Are Influenced By
(Gribbin, Plagemann, Djurovic)
Gravitational Shielding Liqui crystal
(Podkletnov, sch Grebbenikov) Shielding PHYSIC Wa Liquid stal second Law of
Gravitational Constant Varies 2015 EPL in 110 5.9 Year 10002) Cycle Pyramid nid Power Golod) Thermodynamics (ORAC Thermal Disproven Anomaly)
(J. D. Anderson et al 2015 EPL 110 10002) fAlexander Golod) (ORAC Thermal Anomaly)
Water Has Memory Tesla's Forgotten Inventions "The Magnetic Atom"
(Montagnier, Water Benveniste, Pollock) (Otis T. Carr) (Pier Luigi ighina) Monatomic Metals Exist
jati Tension = Unexpressed Emotion
Association-Induction Hypothesis e Unexpressed Emotion Trauma Is Hereditary
Neurons in Gut & Heart (Epigenetics, Blood Memory)
(HeartMath.org) Binaural Beats Treats Addiction
Biophotons Iris Reflects Health @Penistonkulkos")- Microchimerism
(Popp, Morell) Iris Reflects Health O DY Microchimerism
Iris Reflects B DY
1Q-BMI Causality
Gain Strength With Thoughts
Gain Strength With Thoughts Static city Regeneration With Face You Can Just Change (Face Like Your Your Body
Gain Strength With Thoughts Unacceptable Wave Genetics
(PMIG; 14998709) (The Opposite of Grounding) (Face Yoga, Physiognomy)
_ Borosilicate Frying Pan Chlorine Dioxide "Vaccine Peer Review 1000.pdf"
Spotify "528 Sleeping Hz" No Aluminium Deo No Polyester Raw Milk Filter Water, Add "Ocean
Minerals" & Structure It
Raw Farm Eggs
Orgone Accumulator No Light Only Bulbs, Candles HEALTH Raw Farm Eggs (MJ Pangman - Dancing With Water)
Only Cand
Shower Water Filter Shungit "Flaska" Bottle Grounding Sheet
No Fluoride, More lodine Tensor Rings Shungite _Fermented Food Rife Machine _'*t least 20% silver)
Heal Cavities Open Windows MgCl _Orgonite PUFA = Poi.
(Dr. Weston Price) Dead Sea Salt Nigella Sativa pine Pollen PUFA Poison Eat With Hands
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