• Para
Imagine having to wear sunscreen
Replying to
Imagine having to travel for clean water
Ajmemci0 -
30 Tl 378 2ass
Para @The!
Imagine Para being genetically predestined to have a smail willy
Jamie @jmemei0
Imagine having a life expectancy of less than 30
Para @TheParacelsus
Imagine the spiciest food you can tolerate being salt
Tl 263 2740
Jamie @jmemc10 -
Imagine the best footwear in your village being a pair of sandals
Imagine being genetically predisposed to start balding at 25
4 thie 1379 <
Jamie @jmemec10 -
Imagine being genetically predisposed to support Man United
Para @TheParacelsus
Imagine having an easily breakable nose
Jamie @jmeme10 -
Imagine your nose taking up 30% of your face
Para @The! 4
Imagine an immune system weak enough to be sidelined by a common cold
4 tl 84 9% "
Jamie @jmemc10 -
Imagine an immune system weak enough to start an actual worldwide
Ebola epidemic
Para @The!
Imagine not showering every day and thinking that's normal
Jamie @jmemeci0
Imagine relying on month from people in first world countries
Ww 31
Para @TheParacelsus
Imagine your national food being mashed potatoes and vegetables
Jamie @jmemci0
Imagine dreaming about eating mashed potatoes and vegetables for once instead of goat and rice
Os Bw
imagine not being able to jump
Jamie @jmemc10
Imagine not being able to swim
ta On
Para @ThePare
Imagine having no sense of rhythm
Jamie @jmemci0
Imagine your sense of rhythm originating from working on a cotton field
Para @The!
Imagine having to use a pair of scissors to cut your hair
Jamie @jmemci0
Imagine a homeless man in London being the equivalent to a millionaire in your village
Para @The!
Imagine being acelsus attracted to watching your wives be drilled by the men of another race
Jamie @jmemet
Imagine your worst fear being aids by mosquito
Para @The! aracelsus
Imagine your father and your uncle being the same person
10 843
Jamie @jmemci0
Imagine your ribcage being your most prominent feature
5 6 702
Para @The!
Imagine needing pharmaceutical assistance to sustain an erection
Jamie @jmemc10
Imagine your willy needing 90% of your body's blood to get an erection
1 3
Para @TheP Imagine having a genetic predisposition to lactose intolerance
Qe Om
Jamie @jmemc10 -
That was terrible I'm calling half time
sracelsus -
LMFAOO0O00 are we gonna switch sides
Pars or what?
26 34
Jamie @jmemc10 - ad
I'm starting to run out of jokes smh
93 Om
Para @The
Same maybe one day well revisit
Jamie @jmeme10
This is what MLK died for
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