• page two - trials and tribulations by jayemouse
It's now time for you to choose what should be done to solve five separate issues that the region is facing. You will get some information about the case, and then different people will pitch their solutions to you, and you choose whose solution to go with. Of course, you can always skip an issue if there is no solution that you like, and roleplay some other solution, or otherwise should expect that the final call will fall to somebody else.
While exploring the ing mountains of No Man's Land, north of Limbo, a small group of miners let off explosive charges that revealed something very attention grabbing. There are tunnels built deep into the rock, and these tunnels contain what seem to have once been houses and communal areas for an entire town, or ancient city. The people who once lived here must have done so very long ago, and researchers will have a lot of work ahead of them to discover who they were and what fate they met with.
You may choose one of the following.
- -
Hector Obviously, the only sensible is thine to preserve the area and put out a
call for archaeologists and researchers to come and investigate the site.
It's an interesting discovery and I'm sure there will be a lot more for
> us to learn there. We need to patrol it to make sure that bandits don't move in, and we also need to ban the use of explosive charges on the nearby mountains so that nothing is accidentally destroyed.
Campbell Bah! We should let regular people enjoy themselves, not just boring poindexters. Let me step in, and I will build the infrastructure for
tourists to visit, play a few games, and buy lots of souvenirs. We should ramp up detonations in the other bits of the mountain because it could help us find more tunnels, or valuable metals at the very least.
Perhaps part of the city could even be used for miner barracks.
Wilbur Hey, stay outta my tunnels! It's finders-keepers, and we found it.
My friends and I want to make our camp in these tunnels, and carry on exploring. We're gonna keep setting off explosive charges because this is a free territory, and I should be able to make a profit without
bureaucrats and bosses leaning over my shoulder. You can't tell folk
IW what to do with what they find, or the land they found it on.
You ain't taking my tunnels.
I There's a mining settlement west of Crossroad Town, in the vast desert of
_ No Man's Land, called Simpson's Point. It could just be going through
I temporary boom, but it has been growing a lot recently, with many new
families and shops moving in. They complain about attacks from bandits,
as well as the fact that the budding town lacks a decent water well.
A number of different solutions to these problems have been proposed.
You may choose one of the following.
= eee
Campbell My company should take control of the settlement. We're going to buy
up a lot of the mines there anyway, so it makes sense. We have the
I resources to deploy armed guards throughout the area who can keep it
safe from bandits and rogues. We'll also move in workers from other
areas, guaranteeing that Simpson's Point will grow and prosper into a real town. I will pay for the well to be built, and we will control the flow of water to make sure that it is used responsibly.
Nanee I'm a representative of the Black Billy Gang. We say that you just let us I take care of things, and we can mutually benefit here. The gang gets another outpost, and a town they won't be shunned in. The miners get protection from the more predatory bandits, and freedom from capitalists trying to steal shares of their labor. It's a simple solution. Campbell and the other mine owners will be sent home running. Oh, and we'll build that well, obviously, and let anyone use it.
Oh dear, I don't like the look of that man at all, he's so gruff and scary. In my
opinion, going that far west is just asking for trouble. It's not a safe place for
anybody to live, and we should encourage everyone out there to come back to
where they can be more comfortable and protected. Let's not build that well
they want; let's try and close down the mines. There are plenty of opportunities
for them if they all come to Crossroad Town instead. They could help make it just as big and pretty as River Roost.
You Ke)
It has recently been discovered that Crossroad Town' s main physician, a man named Dr. Harris Holliday, was once a member of the horrifically brutal
Blackwood Gang. Ten years ago, he was murdering and robbing innocent people with impunity. Then one day, after a huge bank heist, he suddenly renounced the bandit way of life and abandoned his share of the loot. He claims to feel great remorse about his crimes, to have had no contact with the
Blackwood Gang since leaving, and to be very dedicated to his new line of work as a doctor.
You may choose one of the following.
"Rockwell Justice is justice, and justice needs to be done here. We can't make exceptions
for people. Criminal scum can change their ways, sure, but it won't fix the hurt he caused. The families of his victims are going to rest much easier if he's put
behind bars, or on the end of a rope. They should be gathered here and allowed to decide his fate. We can't let him roam free, in any case, or Crossroad Town
will get a reputation for harboring criminals.
Ha! Good luck replacing him! I know this man well, as we work in the same field, and I can vouch for his character. It doesn't matter what his past was as long as he's a good doctor now, and this place really, really needs good doctors.
You idiots don't know how hard it will be to replace him, or the scale of damage to this community that his practice is helping to prevent. He makes up for all his past sins with his current life, and he's a good person.
Paris Well, there's a very rational middle ground here that is missed by your emotionally charged arguments. We should put him in jail for a short period of time, during which he needs to be 'encouraged' to give up information about his former gang, and the treasure he dumped after his final heist. If we can use some of this treasure to bring a new doctor into town, it doesn't matter at all if he rots away ina cell, but if we can't, we can at least use his cooperation with us as an
excuse to let him leave jail quickly and return to his normal life.
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