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After your first year, you feel quite settled into your homestead and the local area, but you're also keenly aware that there's always something new going on. You've been chosen by the local townspeople to act as an arbiter for a number of local issues and disputes. Various townspeople are lobbying for various causes, but they have picked you to make the final call about what should be done. You'll have to hear their proposals and decide which one everybody will have to go along with.
First though, you get to choose a few new friends, and some luxuries that were available at the last Inventors Exhibition.
This is an expansion! Please play the original Homestead CYOA' before this one.
There are some strangers in town. Some of the people lived here before, and were just away for a while, and others are fresh faces.
As with the last section like this, if you pick an option, you will begin a friendship with the character within a month.
Rockwell Bays
Rockwell genuinely wants to make the world a better place, and thinks he can achieve this by being the most lethal bounty hunter to ever live. Bandits murdered his wife, so he rode into Crossroad Town in a quest to find them and.
bring them to justice. He's considered heavy handed even by others in the same trade, but his destructive rage cannot cend until he has revenge.
Wilbur Payne
Wilbur came to Crossroad Town looking for treasure, He had a harsh upbringing where food was scarce, and he and his eight brothers would always fight over scraps, and this has influenced his worldview. He looks out for himself
first, and isn't shy to say it. He wants to find his fortune that he never has to be bossed around by anyone else ver again. He tells good jokes.
Jeanne Beauchamp
Young heiress whose family is declining in wealth,
Jeanne is far less pretentious than her exquisite clothe polite manners would have people expect. She enjoys fine society, and expensive excess and things, but is trying down to to cut back on She's
all of the excess and become more down to earth. She's
very good at sewing, and coming up with interesting
fashion ideas. She can play violin and can sing very well.
Innerspring Mattress
mattress. It can fit four people, and promises a good night's sleep. The inventor claims that it is the most comfortable mattress ever and created, and you are pretty certain that she cleaner than ever is absolutely right about that!
Machine Gun
This is a bulky recoil-operated weapon with a rotating barrel. Its fire rate accelerates from three to 600 rounds per minute, and it uses vast amounts of 45 calibre ammunition. The gun has great defensive potential, or could be easily mounted on a moving wagon for tachanka -style action.
but there won't be a guarantee.
You may choose up to 3 of the following.
Otto Fischer
Otto is a drifter, a fisherman, and a writer of novels and poems. He has laid-back and whimsical outlook about everything, regardless of the situation, and tends to calm down any room that he's in, At his eamp near Stark Lake, he tells fantastic stories about the future, or perhaps about another world, and in an oddly reminiscent way.
Everybody gets along with him.
Alan Dermott
After moving to River Roost, Alan started a job as a music
teacher. He loves everything about music, piays a lot of ifferent instruments, and knows all about the different
trends in different towns. He'd really like to start a band,
and try something very new, but doesn't know anybody
yet. He's also a painter of very abstract and surrealist work.
Constance Walsh
'Some people call Constance overprotective, but others appreciate how far she will go to keep her friends safe. She campaigns for modest social change, hoping to improve quality of life without changing the whole system, even, where change is unpopular. She wants a big family, with, four children minimum, but is yet to find her perfect husband. She's a litle bit obsessed with cleanliness
You may choose up to 2 of the following.
Vacuum Cleaner
This motor driven suction sweeper can free your house from dust! It's powerful, easy to use, and can greatly prolong the life of rugs and carpets while making your home look
much cleaner than ever before.
Load your dishes into wire compartments and turn this machine on. A motor will rotate the dishes while shooting hot and soapy water onto them, cleaning them for you with very little effort on your part.
Betsy is an energet
If you don't pick someone here, they will still be in the world, and you could still become friends with them later,
Deanna Phoenix
She ealls herself'a witch, and though there's no proof that, he is actually magical, some of the potions that Deanna brews really do seem to work! Through experimentation,
she has been able to boost people's immune systems and
protect them against disease. A lot of people still avoid her though, as her macabre aesthetic and offbeat sense of dark humour ereep them out a little.
Betsy O'Brien
wventor who is very dedicated to her job, but it's currently on hold due to an accident during horse race where she broke her arm. She's always writing down new ideas, but is frustrated that she can't execute
them. To make matters worse, Campbell, who paid for her lab near Crossroad Town, cut her off for earing more about science than profit. She swears a lot, entirely accidentally.
Paris Lawson
Paris made a lot of money from his investments, and then
'came to River Roost just on a whim, He's a bit pretentious, and more than a bit authoritarian. He wants society to be rigidly organized and powerful. He has a difficult relationship with his brother Hector. His hobbie
reading old books, enjoying copious amounts of fine wine, and playing very intense chess games.
At the last Inventors Exhibition, there were a number of cool new things that caught your eye. You can get one of these now, and potentially buy the rest when they are more widely available in a few years time.
Lightweight Camera
J =
This is a portable camera that you can set up anywhere you want. You can take interesting and beautiful pictures of your home, the town, the local wildlife, whether it's for personal use or for exhibition, It has a three to sixty second adjustable timer and can be set up with flash cubes.
This device spins flat records made of glass, and can read and play sounds from the grooves on the disks
If you take this, you also get some disks with a total of 20 hours of music, including 5 hours of your favourite music from your former world.
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