• If your alien crew doesn't know the ins and outs of how human biology works, that's a shitty fucking crew and you probably died before takeoff.
      874 19
    • IJePI 8d
      834 14
    • Disney fucked up the lore
    • Well if you weren’t fucking gay that’d be a reason to have normal ass hair
    • Imagine what they would think of Goku
    • As if alien biology wouldn’t be just as or more effed up to us, we get scared by things that are on our planet, now imagine meeting something that’s biology has zero resemblance to anything on earth. You’d freak out too
    • The person saying they cone for those kinds if posts with the name "queergirlwriting" as if the one all about pink\blue hair posts wasn't a lesbian.
    • Yet when I question wtf is going on on top of a black girls head I'm a racist. Your hair was a good foot shorter yesterday explain yourself.
      aeao 6d
    • And you fuck the sexy humanoid alien chick and it leads to a new hybrid species.
      1 1
    • What if we were all born with colored hair and it turned white the more depressed we got
      3 2
    • Forgot white people dye their hair too, just thought of niggas with purple dreads in space
      WhyFye 7d
      4 2
    • If you dye your hair you’re probably too retarded to be on an alien crew
      1 4
    • That's shit more burnt than my titties
    • Why does everyone think aliens are so smart? They’re probably in the same boat as us. I’m positive they don’t have the capability to get to earth so I have no reason to believe that they are smarter or dumber than we are
    • As if a human being could ever qualify to be on an alien space crew.
    • i don’t get it what
    • I don’t think you’re allowed to have mental issues to be an astronaut
      5 2
    • I bet alien pussy is the best
      4 1
    • Aliens have probably already mapped the entire human genome
    • I think that be so cute a alien ship picks up a human and keeps it like a pet but the human doesn't mind it be so cute like how we have pets why you do that is it broken is it hungry hehe
      3 9
    • Sounds like an alien coming for answers about his crewmate
    • Because you are dying on the inside, and not dyeing on the outside
    • Maybe don’t be a freak and have normal colored hair
      1 1
    • Y’all are putting too much actual thought in this
    • Tyler “Ninja” Blevins
    • Or just try not dying your hair, LIBTARD
    • If your hair turns to a natural color your no longer the main character
    • What the fuck.
    • Same
    • Imo dyed hair (unnatural colors) is ugly af and makes you look desperate for attention. VERY few people can actually pull it off
    • Sadly the crew I got with didn’t realize I was a male of the species and they forced their gigantic reproductive organs onto me. But luckily they didn’t penetrate me. Instead they beat me down with their shit and I came back to earth with my entire body broken and battered.
    • You mean to tell me aliens who have mastered space travel don’t know what dye is
      1 1
    • Gay post
    • Steven Universe is almost exactly this- just in reverse. Wholesome I gotta say 👌
    • They’re gonna freak out when we cut a tree down and hang candy on it inside our house
    • Just look up humans are space orcs, or earth is space Australia.
    • QUite a bit of a space thing, I gUess
    • Implying a tumblrina would be at all valuable to intelligent extraterrestrial life
    • humans are space orcs.
    • Where is the part that supposed to be funny
    • All those usernames are cringe and I refuse to support this humour
    • More than likely their intellectual prowess would be light years beyond ours...so why wouldn't they understand the concept of hair dye
    • Did she mean losing the color as you're l e acing the aliens?
    • Wtf do I need to watch an add to save a meme? Fuck you Ifunny I'll screen shot it.
      1 1
    • Shut the fuck up tumblr
    • Then ill go Bioware on that sweet alien ass
    • Stfu
    • Because they haven’t been able to post on tumblr about the patriarchy
      _WAR 8d
    • I read that in PM Seymour's voice
    • Imagine (try this) not dying your hair dumb colors
      7 1
    • "Imagine being a human-"
    • Can you guys imagine if/when Aliens come to earth and we find out? like, would they have rights? or no rights leading to experimenting on them? Would we try to make peace or kill them? Could the world come together and make a decision or would countries fight over the decision.. etc.
      3 1
    • Hurrr Durrrr
      11 2
    • There's a chance that the aliens wouldn't understand it, actually. It would make sense that there would be different skill sets among members of the crew and that new members still learning about human biology wouldn't know
      1 2
    • Why did these autistic retards get featured? They actually think aliens would invent FTL drives but not understand dyes or human biology?
      2 8
    • All you scrolling by watch the new Zealand mass shooting video. The depravity of man is real and most importantly you need to know the protection of your family comes priority.
    • wtf is this shit featured. that was litterly the dumbest shit i heard all day
    • ...what?
    • Get me TC so people can watch spiderverse
      5 2
    • Or how humans pack body with anything. Cats, dogs, robots.
    • Congrats on the feature. Ignore all these fuckwads and enjoy your feature.
      4 2
    • You know for an app called iFunny this feels a lot like Tumblr
      6 3
    • lol. on the off chance they understand interstellar travel but not hair dye. whoa!
      1 3
    • This post is basically one of those stupid alien memes
      3 2
    • Of course people on tumblr would relate to a post about obnoxious hair colors.
    • I live for Humans are Weird/ Earth is space Australia posts tbh
      Kamra 8d
    • Tumblr gay
    • That guy didn’t look like her
    • You really think aliens would know about intergalactic travel and not understand the concept of hair dye?
      1.7K 50
    • Imagine not compensating for a shit personality with bright hair colours
      7 6
    • I came for porn. I left when it left
    • Oh god old age. But what if your crew ages quicker than the human years
      1 2
    • Breasts
    • Lack of pussy
      Kalbi 8d
    • Cant save memes with out an ad now wtf
      Rhard 8d
    • Why do you have to watch ads to save memes now I can just screenshot it
    • If given the chance to leave Earth today and travel across the galaxy and see thousands of planets, but you had to leave immediately and leave your family and friends behind forever without telling them, would you take it?
      3 3
    • Fuck dyed hair peeps. They can't compete with natural colors
    • Human biology????
    • You guys remember that thing about humans depth perception? Aliens would also probably lose their shit over that too
    • So, theoretically, they’re intelligent enough for common space travel but not enough to understand dye?
      DTroye 8d
      2 2
    • Stroje
    • I had a a
    • *chara pinned frisk down* "HERES TRUE DETERMINATION!!" *chara takes a fat fucking shit in frisks mouth. frisk cant breath and starts choking on the steamy hot shit* "YOU LIKE THAT DONT YOU HUH?!" chara screamed. *chara started sexually touching themselfs to frisks chokes and moans* "KEEP CHOKING BIT
    • content not available more
    • And imagine growing old with that crew and you get your gray/white hair and they're just lost
    • No one at that level would be the kind of attention starved idiot that dyes their hair ridiculous colors.
    • It's just like. Why would aliens be ignorant to dye?
      guy121 8d
      1 7
    • Seems like a cute rp idea
    • I actually hate tumblr
    • Gay
    • Is he dying?
    • I just started watching jojo and I now understand why jojo fans think everything is a jojo reference
      2 4
    • Ah yes. Aliens capable of reaching earth. And covertly abducting people. Can't figure out hair dye. All their decorations and art are clearly just chrome and tinfoil hats
      6 10
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