• Well of course they saunter ... everyone's like "holy shit here's comes the murdering guy all dressed in black and his lightsaber is red !!"
      3.1K 10
    • Imagine.....the ending of rogue one. Rebels are trapped in that corridor of the ship. It's dark really dark. All you hear is heavy breathing...then clank...clank...clank clank clank. Darth Vader full sprint, Usan Bolt style at the splint second of rebels life he ignites the lightsaber, murders all
      zdp2023 13d
      1.9K 53
    • I’m a nerd but in the OG battlefront II, Vader can do this wicked force dash
    • Anakin May run occasionally but death Vader never runs...canonically they are different people so yeah
    • I like walking in games because I don’t rush myself very much. It gets annoying holding the stick at half direction thougj
    • Because heroes are built for sprinting short distances and villains are built for the endurance of long controlled walks. You don't want to waste all of your energy chasing someone and then get beat, especially if you aren't built for sprinting. Same with Jason
    • Of course I don't fucking run
    • Fecking nerds
    • Cringe
      emem238 12d
    • In Star Wars battlefront you cant even run while playing as him
    • And then there’s Darth Maul
    • Imagine Vader breathing, but heavily and fast
    • I'm not too sure if Darth Vader can run....
      1 2
    • Why are there so many ads on ifunny now, they're like every 3
    • Rogue one, he became a goddam xenomorph.
    • His legs were cut off and robotic ones surgically attached. I’m sure I wouldn’t be in the mood to go jogging either.
    • Vader has force rush..he don't need to run.(fast glide)
    • Then there’s Professor X who just rolls
    • It's because of the suit....
    • Battlefront 2 OG, Vader doesn't run he floats above the ground accelerating forward until his stamina bar runs out
      7 1
    • Oof
    • He ran a lot in the 3rd act of revenge of the Sith
      2 1
    • I want the DIO saunter
    • The plot to sonic the hedgehog: a really lazy guy trying to beat a really athletic guy by sitting down the whole time and making things to fight for him
    • He has no legs they're robotic
    • Gangsters don’t run from shit cause gangsters can’t run fast.
    • Okay but consider that he can't really run, b u t, he can still use the force to dash forward I'm pretty sure if he really wants to fuck you up. That's only because he doesn't really need to move to do that though. His movement is super limited because of his armor.
    • he runs in battlefront
      D3Duper 13d
    • Vader had like half a leg, the rest was prosthetic. I'm pretty sure he couldn't run if he wanted to.
      Ilexfox 13d
    • Wait... Vader never ran right? He just walked like the badass he is right? I don’t remember... also that guy needs to watch a Star Wars movie all the way through, so he can get all the jokes... also Hello there
      2 1
    • But anakin was appointed the name darth Vader in revenge of the sith and he ran after that so technically death Vader has ran
    • Imagine not seeing a Star Wars film all the way through
    • Thank god we haven’t seen him run
    • I don’t think he can run cause of his cybernetics.
      Razoron 13d
    • Well usually cuz the heroes are in the way but he'll get there eventually on his time though not theirs
    • Kinda hard to run when you need to use the force just to walk
      Rathia 13d
    • Imagine if Vader never burned and got to the height of his power
    • He runs in the games kinda, more of a jog tho TBH
    • Actually he did run in the prequels. However that was before he became Darth Vader so.
    • He speed walks in all of the video games.
    • Now all i see is Darth Vader Naruto running with his saber drawn and cape whisping behind him. It is both funny and terrifying.
    • He can't run even if he wanted to. Palpatine made his suit with lots of inhibitiors to limit Darth Vader, so he wouldn't be able to kill him
      5 18
    • He doesn't have legs
    • Only the best most badass heroes saunter into battle bc they know what's up
    • Yeah and when the villain does run it’s usually so fast so it looks badass
      ohboy 13d
    • Palpatine, I’m trying to run but I’m dummy thicc and the rebels can hear the clap of my ass cheeks
      notaek8 13d
    • Fucking dio strut
    • No it didn’t
    • Why cant force users just use the force to fly everywhere
    • Jason never ran either!
    • guess this bitch never played force unleashed
      3 2
    • I just learnded the word saunter.
      0m1n0u5 13d
    • I mean darth maul ran
      notokay 13d
      3 3
    • Darth Vader is incapable of running because of the damage he sustained during his duel on Mustafar. Also, the suit keeps him alive... a walking life support. No eating, talking, breathing on your own, or ever relaxing. Your skin would be burned from the fire, you would feel constant pain.
      nword1 13d
      8 4
    • I call BS, Whether you’ve seen Star Wars or not, how have you never seen a clip/scene of Vader. He’s a pop culture icon.
      2 1
    • ...death maul ran didn’t he?
      1 2
    • Vader couldn’t run or maybe wouldn’t run because it hurt him
      Corziba 13d
    • Idk man, Darth Vader running at you full sprint is pretty terrifying
    • I really recommend you don’t become a Batman villain.
    • Vader simply couldn’t run. The emperor actually gave him the worst, most outdated suit he had on hand.
      James_C 13d
      3 2
    • He doesn't run does he? I'm pretty sure he probably can't with the shitty cybernetics he has
      2 1
    • He gets nervous around the enemies so he tries to stay back
      cbolt20 13d
    • Smithing 100
      Ryan199 13d
    • Where are the wholesome women's day memes :(
      wolfyze 13d
    • I mean Snape speed walked occasionally
    • abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
    • Tumblr features need to be limited or taxed or something.
      _WAR 13d
    • He can't run, due to the limitations of his suit, his boots alone are like running with cinderblocks.
    • The force is strong in this ones senses
    • Vader has force run in swbf2 ps2 just a small distance I think ? Or it’s anakin
    • Sub for hentai
      yunyun 13d
    • He actually did run away from home when he was like 8.
      1 1
    • Does this mean I am a villain?! It’s my lot in life to suffer I guess.
      1 2
    • Vader doesn’t even run in the Star Wars game
      1 2
    • When your intent is to kill someone, it seems time would be on your side. No need to hurry - they are going to be dead for a long, long time.
    • Honestly. Picture vader sprinting at you. Im rolling
    • General Grevious ran like a motherfucker and he was terrifying in the animated series
    • He doesnt run, but he is fast as fuck when he wants to be
    • I honestly don’t remember Vader ever running at all in the original three movies.
    • People who haven’t seen Star Wars scare me
    • Of course Vader doesn't run the last time he did any strenuous activity he got cut in half
    • Those are mostly the bitch villains that never do anything though
    • can we get someme darkmode memes my eyes hurt
    • Tumblr threads are the lowest form of comedy
    • Didnt darth maul have some couple seconds sprint
    • I feel like he probably ran a little bit when he fought obi wan
    • Vader doesn't run because his super advanced robot limbs don't let him
      1 1
    • Shit post
    • When he's being observed, he walks menacingly, when not observed, he pops out his Heelys and skates towards your general direction.
      6 1
    • Tumblr sucks
    • Bitch, Vader was the Queen of Extra. Fuck right, he didn't run.
      3 8
    • If you wanna get TECHNICAL he does jog kind of in battlefront
      2 8
    • Vader never ran because he was in excruciating pain every waking moment.
    • I think he's alot faster than what people give him credit for.
    • the dude couldn’t run cause moving he was always in constant pain and he don’t have his legs
    • That scene in rogue one with vader was the best scene in any star wars ever
    • Wasn't Darth Vader practically a walking tank so that's why he couldn't run really. He was heavy plated or something and it was a reason why he couldn't lift up his arms fast due to how heavy his shoulders were or something
      1 2
    • Even in the games he doesn’t run lol. He just kinda force-floats
    • I feel like someone just walking towards you with immense murderous intent is much scarier than someone running
      Its_L 13d
      4 2
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