• Yeah it’s the smoking...
      7.8K 285
    • Smoking is the biggest turnoff of all time, tbh. My perfect gal could roll up rn, and the moment she whips out a cigarette is the moment I fuck off
      34 23
    • I smoked for 13 years. The day I saw my son’s heartbeat on the ultrasound, I tossed my last pack in the bin on my way back to my car.
      d4y1i1y 22d
      14 4
    • Its gross tbh but name one smoker who doesn't hate that they smoke and warn others not to. Not bad people just bad decisions
      12 4
    • My great grandmother lived to be 108 years old. No she didn't smoke, but she did mind her own business.
    • I quit smoking over a month ago, I'm very proud of myself
      9 5
    • As a smoker I agree SHUT THE FUCK UP KAREN
    • But smoking makes me feel better and I wanna die anyway so it’s a win/win
      mattdrc 20d
      9 7
    • How come everyone flips the fuck out about people smoking, but some chick can eat her way into cardiac arrest at 33 and we all have to pretend she’s beautiful?
      8 8
    • What the fuck I have a grandfather chained to an oxygen tank for that shit everyone has a story doesn't mean you should slowly kill yourself and burden you entire family
      9 8
    • 425 days without a cigarette
      8 3
    • People that defend cigarettes need to smoke more so they can die faster
      8 2
    • I got a job that gives me a lower than average life expectancy and people seem more worried about the smoking than the bullets I have to deal with
      8 2
    • Like this comment if you hate the stench of cigarette smoke
      Igp1000 22d
      9 1
    • I’m a cig smoker and even I’ll say it’s the dumbest thing I ever decided to do. Shit ain’t easy to just quit tho. Medical and psychological studies show its harder to kick, and stay kicked from than heroin.
      7 1
    • Every juuler had a story, before you tell them that juuling is retarted, something is already retarting them
    • News flash, we all are dying. No one makes it out of life alive
    • Smoking is just self medicating for anxiety in my opinion
      bsugar 22d
      18 52
    • As a smoker, yes, shut the fuck up. My story is I started smoking thinking I could stop anytime, but then I realized how hard it is to stop. But I'll never defend a cigg. To be honest, I fucking hate ciggs. They're nasty ass fucking things. Don't stick up for them.
      7 1
    • If people wanna smoke let them that's fine, but this 'smoker aesthetic' thing is stupid
    • The vast majority of smokers were just stupid kids that wanted to be cool. That's literally it.
      8 5
    • People who tell people smoking kills have the same energy as vegans who tell people meat is murder
      8 2
    • Why do people care that other people smoke lmao
      peralta 21d
      6 23
    • Imagine romanticizing smoking
      jewrude 21d
    • As a smoker let me say this. I’m not depressed, I’m not stressed. I’m addicted. I enjoy smoking (yes, I know its killing me I’m a Paramedic) but never would I say “nah, yeah I smoke because my life is shit”. I just...I enjoy smoking.
      ___X 21d
      6 6
    • "Smoking kills you" "Yeah that's the fucking POINT"
    • Pretty much everyone has a sad story, it’s just part of the human condition. People smoke because they like it, not because they’re suicidal or some shit.
      Crisbob 22d
      7 7
    • Ima be honest with y'all, I just smoke because I like it
      7 2
    • People deal with tough shit all the time and a lot of them don’t turn to stupid shit like smoking, drugs and liquor so shut the don’t act like that’s the logical course of action when shit gets shitty
      6 1
    • Like fr dont gotta smoke cuz ya upset. I jack of for that much happier feeling, makes for bad funerals but still
      6 1
    • Ignorance on this app will be the death of me
    • Im a smoker and can tell you its fucking bullshit. The only thing killing us is fucking cigarettes u dumb fag
    • I love how people who don’t smoke complain about people who do. It’s like with tattoos, y’all some judgmental niggas
      7 8
    • Look, I smoke. It's a bad habit, and I'm not proud of it. But people telling me that its killing me, I clearly know, but understand its from a place of caring, whether for me, or the environment or whatever. Yeah, theres a reason, but you ain't my fucking therapist.
      6 5
    • I don't smoke, but it's their life.
    • All I'm saying is the same people who freak out over this are the same people who freak out over people making fun of Demi Lavato for being a peice of shit heroin addict.
    • I've been in an accident that required surgery. I've been homeless. Down on my last dollar eating hot dogs for lunch and dinner. And I still don't smoke. Stop acting like smoking helps. Find something therapeutic to do. Go for a walk or something, God damn. You don't need that shit to relax.
      6 1
    • What the fuck.... smoking is literally making ur lungs useless.
    • Just cuz your uncle today you doesn't mean you gotta give me lung cancer
    • im smoking right now and i still want this person to shut up
    • At least they manned the fuck up and smoked a real cig
    • Smoking is just population control or natural selection. If someone is dumb enough to do it then they’ll die.
    • Why are people so mean to smokers?
      5 1
    • Just when I thought they were less obnoxious then people who vape..
      5 3
    • Although addiction is a horrible thing, so is not trying.
    • Sounds like some crybaby shit
    • Yea i smoke , yea i keep away from ppl so it doesnt affect them , yea i keep my mouth shut about other ppls buisness , the way it should be , its shut the fuck up friday.
      6 1
    • Natural selection time
    • Anyone else find it weird to see class mates with an actual cigarette these days?
      5 1
    • When I was ypunger i smoked just to see what it was like and wanted to look cool. I was a dumb kid and stopped after a year.
      rae_hey 22d
      5 1
    • Not true, I smoke because I just want to die but I’m too pussy to actually do it so I kill myself slowly with a pack a day. When someone reminds me that smoking kills it actually brightens my day
      6 3
    • I smoke cause I like it, I’m an adult that can make my own decisions so you shut the fuck up
      6 8
    • I mean yeah if you’re smoking meth, weed, or crack, I started smoking cigs cuz I wanted to and now that I do t want to I have found it is honestly harder to quit cigarettes than it was to quit cocain
      5 4
    • "Don't you know smoking will kill you?" "I'm aware. I'm just accelerating the process."
    • If you take a picture of your cig just to put it on Instagram you're doing it to look cool n I'm glad it's gonna kill u
      Grimmb 22d
    • I smoke cause mom found poop sock :(
      Rawblox 22d
    • If you smoke your a fat right and you can fuck off in the direction that just happens to be the oposite of me.
    • Unpopular opinion: Smoking shouldn’t be demonized, it’s a persons choice wether they want to take the risks or not.
      6 10
    • People smoke cigarettes because they want to kill them self but they are to weak and pussy to pull a trigger don’t @ me
      5 2
    • You see, the gag is we smoke because we know that it's killing us. Leave us be, we aren't rude to you if you're not rude to us, we know its gross, we know its harmful, that's why we do it. If you don't want us to smoke around you, please ask politely, most of us will oblige.
      5 7
    • Literally let smokers smoke Christ who cares it’s their choice
      6 6
    • telling someone to stop smoking and being a dick to them won't make them want to stop, so just get the fuck over it
      7 9
    • I only smoke when I drink, and I’m an alcoholic. Why the fuck would I like to not have fun and eat shit like kale and live to be 100, I want out by 40 and have fun all the way.
      5 5
    • How an actual conversation goes down between a smoker and non-smoker: “Hey dude, want a cig?” “No thanks, I don’t smoke.” “That’s fine. I wish I didn’t.”
      KF2015 22d
      5 4
    • Nobody:. Smokers: I don't care, smoking relaxes me!
    • Stop telling me smoking is bad for me I already fucking know that’s the point I want to fucking die but I’m too much of a pussy to actually do anything so I smoke and hope I die
      6 6
    • Do smokers really think they're oppressed because people who care about them tell them to stop killing themselves?
      5 2
    • yeah it's called the world is so broken that I'm beyond stressed, can't sleep, find enjoyment in nothing and have resorted to 10 minutes where I get to know I'm slowly killing myself and one day It'll all be over
    • Literally just vape and you'll only kill yourself half as fast
      4 1
    • Who gives af if ppl smoke. But that paragraph was pretty gay
    • Smoking is fucking disgusting
      Gasbers 21d
    • my grandfather smoked a pack a day almost his whole life. when he died I was given his favorite jacket. I loved him so much and that smell has a weirdly special spot in my heart. Now i smoke like 2 times a year when i’m really sad and thinking of him
    • I started smoking because of a girl I liked in high school (in hindsight that was retarted) and I’ve been addicted ever since
      4 8
    • I don't smoke for some bullshit reason I smoke because I enjoy it and am free to do so. IDGAF what you think about it and if you bitch and moan at me while I smoke it's just gonna make me need another one.
      5 9
    • Your story means jack shit to me if you smoke around children and people who don’t want your second hand smoke
      Tcat10 21d
    • That was wack as fuck. I smoke cigs but u don’t see me being a bitch and trying to defend it. Fuck off u fake-depressed Twitter rights. I smoke cigs cuz I like cigs, not cuz “something is killing me”.
      4 4
    • Or or. They were brought into the habit by a bad influence and they continued doing it because the nicotine. Or because you market it as "cool" and target younger audiences
      QUALlTY 22d
      4 1
    • I don't see an issue with people smoking, as long as they don't blow it in people's faces or anything
    • Weed > tobacco
    • Today is my first day on the patch after smoking for 30 years. Wish me luck...
      4 2
    • All of the big charities against smoking are shit. They don't actually do anything to stop the problem other than make annoying ads. Because if they completely eradicate the problem they won't make any profit from it anymore.
    • I mean... the OP isn't wrong tho. Most smokers start to help cope with their past
      Lethal 22d
    • Smoker: *does nothing*. Smoker: I gotta take a smoke break
      4 1
    • Actually it’s good for the environment because it kills humans
      4 3
    • Same people hating on smokers probably can't go a day with caffeine. Or nicotine with your damn juuls
      4 7
    • Smoking/drinking to cover up a problem is not a valid excuse
    • I hate how smokers roll down the windows when they smoke in their cars ,like nah keep that shit up it's your smoke so inhale it since you like smoking
      9x0z 22d
      4 6
    • people you complain about smoking in the states? you dont seem to understand... ever went to europe? im from germany fucking everyone and their grandma smokes.. my great grandma was burried with a pack for fucks sake.
      4 4
    • shits rough to get out of though. it’s a trap first and foremost. Before hating people for being smokers, know that really everyone makes mistakes. Their mistake just so happens to be their demise
      Chez 22d
      4 8
    • My dad started smoking because it was something to do while he drank
      4 3
    • if you dont give yourself cancer youre a bitch
      4 1
    • I smoked for 5 years because it was the one thing I could do to take my mind off of everything. I have always had mental health issues and just having a smoke and looking out at the world was something that would make me stop thinking about all the hell going through my head. Stop hating on people.
      4 10
    • Smoking fellas, can you stop smoking around other people, we do not want cancer.
      4 4
    • Easy solution, mind your own business..
      4 2
    • If I hear another motherfucker talking sweet about chief keef, I’m fucking beating they ass!
    • Kinda annoying when people react like that. My whole life I was told smoking was bad and you’ll die from it... I KNOW. Otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it, like at this point that’s the whole point of doing it.
    • I quit almost a year back. started when i was 17. It really helped relax my nerves after sexual abuse. But you can't continue to pity yourself and use it as an excuse for staying down. So to everyone going through shit and using drugs to combat it. Get up, get help and get better.
      4 3
    • I used to smoke constantly, but after seeing my friend get cancer after smoking both cigarettes and weed, I gave up. He died a terrible death, his last years were terrible, and he was miserable the entire time. I still would like to every once and a while, but it just reminds me of him.
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