• The Panzer speaks the truth
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    • Panzer of the lake knows the truth
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    • Vincero 17d
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    • May i also add that all “hate speech” laws are also infringements?
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    • “No one is taking your guns” Looks at California, Washington, Oregon, Indiana and Connecticut: Gun confiscation laws. Yeah. “No one is coming for my guns”
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    • m14a1 17d
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    • The 2nd amendment was created so the citizens could protect themselves against the possibility of tyrannical government. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for citizens to have access to military grade weapons. If citizens didn’t have military grade weapons in 1776 America wouldn’t exist.
    • If you want gun control you’re a fat fucking pussy
    • If everyone had a gun there would be less crime. Prove me wrong
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    • Hey wtf.
    • Imagine an alternate universe where the USA took the 2nd Amendment all the way to maximum and let people have nukes in their garages
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    • Jahnson 17d
    • content not available more
    • He ain’t wrong ya know
    • vkdonfj 17d
    • Funny how a German tank would say that. Didnt the Germans disarm thier people to control them?
      7 3
    • Gun control is like making sober drivers stay off the road, so they don’t have accidents with drunk drivers.
      syncbus 17d
      7 4
    • Libtards:
    • I turned 18 in October and i already own 5 guns 👌👍
      6 16
    • Damn straight
      Jahnson 17d
    • Goooood let the conservative values flow through you
      6 4
    • They start confinscating there will be a war
    • It states that you have to be able to protect yourself from a tyrannical government. How could we stop our own government if we can only have small weapons?
      6 9
    • The Panzer of the Lake has spoken!!!
    • Mfw WA state moved age of buying all rifles from 18 to 21 with stricter background check and rules. Guess what most gun murders are committed using? H a n d g u n s. I love the people here in general and it's beautiful, but it's fucking commie country here.
      7 3
    • We need more Panzer of the Lake memes.
      RDJ9942 17d
    • My medicinal M1A1 Abrams
      6 1
    • Glad I live in Idaho where as soon as you’re 18 you can conceal carry or open carry with no licensing.
      5 10
    • I hereby make it a law to own a gun
      Jeran 16d
      5 2
    • I may not need a gatling gun but why shouldnt I be allowed to have it?
      5 2
    • Fuck all y’all if someone tryna rape my cousin I need to protect cause that my ass
    • srighty 17d
    • Can I ask how the hell a Panzer-IV ended up in a lake?
      5 4
    • This isn't American enough. We need an M1 Abrams of the lake. Actually, American military technology is too good to get stuck in the lake. Make it the Abrams of the sky
      6 3
    • Well yeah of course, how else are we supposed to overthrow the government, as is our right?
    • There's actually exactly one gun law that isn't, and we call it the Second Amendment
      _2019_ 17d
      5 3
    • If everyone has a gun and there are more good people than bad people, society would be better
      5 4
    • He truly is the wisest tank. Also the story behind this photo is hilarious, it’s basically the story of you and your also drunk friend in a vehicle saying I CAN MAKE IT, they drowned the engine, with the main gun in this position, and the commander (I assume) is looking at the tank while the tank
      4014 17d
      5 1
    • AMERICA!!!!
      Luci_ 17d
      5 4
    • Freedom is the sovereign right of every american
    • Most of y'all probably dont even own guns smh
      4 26
    • how fucking dare you remove my bait
    • I mean.. Techbically speaking that's not INcorrect. Are background checks necessary? Well yes. Banning certain weapons because they look big black and scary? That's not necessary, that's retarded..
    • We should be allowed f35 lightning 2's. Because if the military has it, we should have it. That is if THEY WOULD STOP TAKING ALL OUR FUCKING MONEY AND SPENDING BILLIONS ON FUCKING PLANES
    • Thank you panzer of the lake
    • I need my medicinal Abrams
      4 1
    • I'm just gonna say it, the gun debate is really quieting down since conservatives actually took over. Before the liberals would beg for ways to stop gun violence, the scream on the floor at every offered solution. Now some of those solutions were implemented and are starting to work as intended.
      5 4
    • Hail panzer of the lake
    • They hated Panzer because he spoke the truth
    • Until the day comes that I can own a recreational anti tank rifle I won’t be satisfied
      CL0NES 17d
      4 8
      4 1
    • I think people should solve there problems with melee weapons. Much more fun
      5 9
    • alright, let me just go to my local gun store and by a 20mm auto cannon
      4 2
    • THIS IS BS! I hate when my gun wakes up in the morning and I have to tell it not to kill anyone today but o lody dah, it decides to shoot a brownie...... smh what a waste
    • He is technically right
    • Anieu 17d
    • The second amendment is out dated and its hate speech no one and I mean NO ONE needs a fully semi automatic revolver with a high capacity magazine clip #davidhogisright
      5 24
    • Indeed. I should be able to own a fully functioning Tiger tank. Anything less is infringement.
      Nilis 17d
      4 3
    • Founders: Think anyone will get stupid ideas? Other Founders: we put the word regulated right in there it shouldn’t be a problem.
      4 18
    • Fuck yes I want to own a 40mm grenade launcher!
      3 2
    • Panzer of the lake I wish to know more of your infinite wisdom
    • Yeah. Where is my personal tactical nuclear missile?
      opiip 16d
      3 2
    • This, I support this
    • People who want guns banned have never even LOOKED at what the second amendment says
      3 21
    • iFunny is red pilling kids and it's great
    • SHALL
      3 4
    • Throwback to when this was posted originally
    • Amen. It's bullshit we're letting them pass most of this shit.
    • Ah, but there is a difference between taking them away, and making them harder to access. You have the right to bear arms, but nowhere does it say you have a right to easily purchase it
      3 28
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