• The way math is taught infuriates me, and I'm a math major. I'm one of those lucky people who's gonna excel at math no matter the teacher or how they teach, but most people aren't that lucky... That being said, if you're determined to do something, some mild calculus isn't gonna hold you back.
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    • Shoutout to people who were great at math until like 8th grade
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    • Oh they mean actual stars. Thought he was talking about celebrities who are good at math
    • “Hurr durr we won’t ever use this” “why does everything cool need math”
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    • Really cheesy, but I followed mine and I’m on my way to Flight school
    • If you look in the night sky, pretty much every star you see is already dead.
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    • Yeah fuck math. Fuck that guy.
    • I was taught early algebra in 3rd grade by one of of the best teachers in the School Mrs List. A year later I'm getting scolded for already knowing how to do the problems before the teacher could show us the "propper" formula. She made math not fun so I just said fuck it. I regret that decision.
    • Does an A- in pre-calc count as being good at math...
    • im think im pretty good at math. except division and proofs
    • Social media marketing, I’m ass at almost all math and they wanted me to be in a high level calculus class.. it’s ok though I’ve since discovered my passion.
    • I loved science, wanted to become a doctor. I hate history. Guess what class I have to take (besides physics) that made me change roles... THE HISTORY OF BIOLOGY AND STUDY OF SOME SHITTY PLANTS I DONT WANNA LEARN ANYTHING ABOUT.
    • I was failing calculus for the first part of the year then I actually started asking the teacher for help, tutoring, and not going straight to slader for homework. Got an A in the class by the end of the year. Hard works pays off fam
    • If you aren’t willing to go through difficulty to get it, you don’t really want it.
    • Shout out to the people that blame something other than their own laziness to act like the victim.
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    • You guys realize math is really simple if you take the time to make the equation make sense to you? Everything is a pattern
    • Fuck math
    • Engineering...
    • Well you have to work for your dreams, not everything in life is just handed to you, you ducking liberal
    • Just learn math....
    • Me being roadblocked rn
      wAlLeE 7d
    • Shout out to all the people who can divide and multiply lol cause I can’t do either very well
    • Then get good at math, and you’ll feel satisfaction getting to the stars
    • If you really want it, you’ll find away. Most people don’t truly want it
    • Aslong as you realize PEMDAS is fake and dumb you’re good
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    • Meeeeeeeeee
    • So much
    • Shout out to astronomy majors where we realize science imbedded within math is the sole thing that unlocks the potential to get closer to them
    • Imagine how disappointing it was to find out magic wasn’t real as a 8 year old
    • Architecture :(
    • Well gee. Just got my rejection letter from college for this exact reason. There goes being a pilot. Can I get an f
    • If you really wanted it that badly you would study your ass off
    • I almost did this but Ive recently realized that math can be learned with time. Tired of telling people that I wish I would've studied astronomy. Currently switching my major to physics/astronomy. Neil DeGrasse Tyson said "math is the language of the universe." It takes time to learn it.
    • Math wasn't that tough for me but it was seeing the reality of the job that stopped me
    • I was road blocked by drugs and suicide attempts 😎😎😎
    • Haha I'm a welder.its mostly basic math.but sometimes that can be a tad hard
    • I feel like the majority of em’ road blocked them self’s by thinking they weren’t smart enough to do math when in reality all they had to do was try....
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    • shoutout to those who’s dreams were cockblocked by WRITING
    • I wasn’t road blocked by math. I was roadblocked by a stray bullet.
    • Sounds like quitters talk
    • You weren't "roadblocked", you little weasels. You were so lazy you'd quit a river after two catfish.
    • Me I once said I wanted to be a veterinarian and once I found out you have to know the amount of medicine to give and how you have to care and how you have to do surgery and put a dog down sometimes and of how much school I decided to sing and be a model instead :)
    • Some teachers suck at teaching math, but honestly if you're determined enough then you can continue to chase your dream career
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    • I wanted to be an astrophysicist that never had a chance
    • It's not hard. Math is supposed to be taught like walking on stairs but it's more like "here the first step but since you learned how to do this in a different school (I assume cuz I don't want to recap) so we're skipping to step 5" if you are a teacher who assumes that education is standardized
    • Anyone else blocked by struggling with science??
    • Almost every job requires math
    • Math in schools are all wrong I find it easy but it's just so boring that I can't do it. But if done the right way it can be extremely fun, look at chemistry and physics, that shits the bomb but actual math class sucks.
    • I hate math. I’ve never been good at it, I’m 18 and I still struggle doing simple math in my head. I’m better at writing
    • Wanted to be an astronaut then i read what type of math courses were required and decided tk fuck off to something im better at
    • Me @ being a veterinarian
    • People with glasses
    • Shout out to all those who had those dreams and didn’t let math get in their way
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    • i play guitar....
    • Ijust wanted to be a quantum theorist or an Archaeologist. Fucking math though. Doesnt stop me from trying to create my own theories and dig for my own shit.
    • I hate math, it has always been my worst subject, and I can't remember any of it. Goodbye to my chance at an engineering degree.
    • Not even graduated yet and maths already fucked me up
      _Quinn 9d
    • Yup
      Quack_ 9d
    • This hit hard
      Pooks 9d
    • Love astronomy but suck at math
    • Engineering
    • When I was younger I had to switch schools from my county’s independent schools to the county schools and I was a pretty smart kid but when I got confused my math teacher told me I should have learned it from my other school and was too smart not to understand and ignored me
      jaye 9d
    • “Road blocked by math” or if you don’t have the commitment to work for that dream don’t complain about the requirements?
    • Math...really isnt that hard if you actually put more than 30 seconds of effort and then give up
    • Wanted to be an astrophysicist. Still do... Fucking math..
    • "Wow math is useless, I dont need to learn this" "wym everything fun or on a large scale requires math? You never taught that!!!"
    • Math is physics. Physics is engineers and shit. Engineers and shit is buildings, roads, plumbing, machines, bridges, rockets, etc
    • I'm terrible at math. I've gotten C's in Algebra 2, precalc and calculus, but I'm persisting. Now I'm going to be an engineering major
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    • I am terrible at mant
    • People suck at math because they won’t practice. It sucks ass, but you have to do it. No shortcuts.
    • Ok guys I get it math is hard, trust me I know, I'm taking a second math class at my local community college to be able to get a scholarship, but if you really have a dream profession you'll do anything to achieve it, not just give up when it gets hard
    • Fuck off tumblr
    • I’m an ✈️ captain and I can still count to 🥔!
    • Shout out to the people who study hard and do well in math rather than complain and say the system wronged them
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    • The magnetism of the sun moves the light that shows where stars really are
    • if y'all liked this post, check out Tonight by Tyler Joseph. good stuff
    • Anything science or STEM related includes math, basic facts, I personally don’t hate math, I can do it, but it’s an f for the people who love science, but hate math
    • And I thought I could be an engineer
    • I’ll never have an eight inch penis. Fuckin math!
    • Who tf let’s math block them from achieving their goals? If you struggle with math, try conceptualizing it differently
      iKev 9d
    • Dam, I actually like math.
    • If it's a real dream, nothing will stop you.
    • I'm not letting numbers get the best of me
    • Or the fucktards that think anything with space is useless but can’t get past posting food on instagram
    • Hire nerds like Elon Musk
    • Yup. That’s me.
    • I thought and was told I was lazy until I got tested and I have a math learning disability... so much for being an astronaut, aeronautical engineering, or anything like that
    • Math is fun tho
    • I have never needed math for my career. I wouldn’t even think about a career with math.
    • I'm a machinist and the worst I have to know is fractions and trig I havent used 90% of what I learned
    • Video game designing, turns out you have to be good at math, but Wendy’s is hiring so...
    • Wanted to fly jets, too dumb
    • I made it all the way to algebra II, but man that shits hard
    • I'm good at math, but still hate doing it.
    • Just because you dreamed of being an astronaut but can't because you aren't good at math doesn't mean the math is bad, hell math is what gets us up in the stars. Just like some people will never get to paint a beautiful mural or compose a symphony or pitch a shutout. Some people can't do math.
    • I’ve failed math constantly since I was in 5th grade I made a 65 every single six weeks until my last six weeks in 8th when I made a 85 by cheating on my tests I’m in 10th now and I pass with a 69.5 occasionally
      mskrev 9d
    • H m m
    • My dumbass thought it said stairs
    • Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals.
    • i’m a god of calculus and differential equations
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