• thelegend505
      Like and unlike this so my phone blows up
      smile 1.8K reply 140
    • _alo20
      1/1000th of Elizabeth Warren*
      _alo20 5d
      smile 1.5K reply 53
    • KuKluxK
      Nobody: Black people: *riots*
      smile 18 reply 4
    • whatsbrackinbeelow
      I can't be the only one who detests "rave girls" right? Like the whole " I'm a free spirit! Omg plur and stuff! I'm completely naked other than the electrical tape on my nipples and my thong. I'm wild!" like no, you're just a slut looking for a reason to get high and prance around naked.
      smile 12 reply 10
    • TheNostalgiaCritic
      Nobody:..... Black People: Let’s make a race war!
      smile 13 reply 7
    • WaitingTrout2
      Imagine complaining about white people having fun
      smile 9 reply 4
    • ShelI
      ShelI 5d
      smile 10
    • HippoNigga
      White people be like
      smile 8 reply 3
    • SkoBuffs420
      White people when other races get made fun of: White people when whites are made fun of: RRREEEEEEEEEEEEEE
      smile 12 reply 40
    • MentalHelp
      Why do people hate my white ass so much
      smile 8 reply 1
    • xRVMIRXZ
      smile 7 reply 1
    • synthetic92
      Yeah they act surprised when we wear a costume to a festival but we can’t call them out for showing up to the club in shoes that look like sweat pants, a m&ms pit crew jacket and giants tacky chains..
      smile 9
    • TegridyFarms
      “My name is sprit fox and this is my partner walking sky.” Shut the fuck up Ashley!
      smile 8
    • VaingloryOffical
      Why is it when a little joke about whit ppl is made you come for black ppl first like damn theirs other races
      smile 6 reply 2
    • CapitaIs
      Ifunny loves to shit on liberals, blacks, furries, feminists, socialists, etc. without any regard but the second someone makes a white people remark..... oh boy lemme get the popcorn
      smile 7 reply 11
    • ItsArthurMorgan
      White people 100 years ago didn’t allow natives to practice traditional culture or speak the language, and now they wear fake regalia and pretend like it’s not annoying to natives
      smile 6 reply 37
    • MotorTrend
      Racism is okay if its against whites- so many fucking people
      smile 6 reply 16
    • SillyDmon
      smile 6 reply 13
    • rico187
      White people say and do the most off the wall racist ignorant shit but get triggered by a joke about them and now theyre “actually more discriminated against” 😂😂💀 ok sure
      smile 5 reply 22
    • DEDDED
      “If this was about black people everyone would freak out”
      DEDDED 5d
      smile 9 reply 5
    • CapitaIs
      White people are the most triggered race change my mind
      smile 5 reply 10
    • stretx
      Fuck white people and there *shuffles deck* culture
      stretx 5d
      smile 8 reply 4
    • DaTNinja10
      Bunch of salty crackers in these comments surprising 🤔
      smile 6
    • H_E_Y_B_E_T_E_R
      According to the retards in this comment section a black joke has never been featured and this post is extremely racist
      smile 5
    • SpacedOutText
      nobody: *nothing* retards: “black/white people:”
      smile 5
    • l3lackNight
      Black people going to watch black panther
      smile 4
    • Envy_is_my_sin
      I’m starting to get bothered every time I see “white people” before anything in a meme.
      smile 4 reply 12
    • Yoosha
      Fuckin white people and their.. *shuffles deck, pulls out card*.. costumes
      Yoosha 5d
      smile 4
    • lAnimemel
      Music festivals are white people spawn points
      smile 4 reply 1
    • ThatAverageSavage
      They know what the FUCK is up though. Denim clothing? Yeah. Feather in your hair? Duh. The unquenched desire to retake our lands with British guns under the leadership of Tecumseh? You bet your dead, tomahawk’d ass.
      smile 5 reply 4
    • SqueebopBadoo
      Can we just accept white people are weird af
      smile 4 reply 13
    • Legitmidget
      Not white people, white girls that have daddy issues and nicotine addictions
      smile 4
    • Shayera
      Whatever, thotery knows no skin color. Thots of all races are wearing Indian/gypsy garb at any outside event and you know it.
      smile 4
    • VioIetsNoseWater
      black people all the time
      smile 4
    • MealTeamSix
      Being offended that a white dressed up as a native is like being offended over a non white dressing up as a Knight or Viking.
      smile 4 reply 14
    • TwoGenderDefender
      Whites are the most oppressed race
      smile 3 reply 6
    • ausermeme
      Remember back when being white was a flex?
      smile 3 reply 2
    • Heroes_of_Helsreach
      Shit dawg, we ain't allowed to wear feathers, else we be culturally appropriating or some other shit that ain't real
      smile 3
    • jamesclubberlang
      Does anyone else remember the obnoxious era of the mid-2000s?
      smile 3 reply 1
    • WesmanGuitar
      "Damn white people and their.." *shuffles deck* *puts foot in mouth* *pulls out card* "..clothes."
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Heckin_Simpleton
      Black people in Africa
      smile 3
    • MDubz
      iFunny hating on white people over here 😂
      MDubz 5d
      smile 3 reply 2
    • Bright
      Nah, just the white girls that go to raves do that
      Bright 5d
      smile 3
    • GreatestGreenTexts
      This is 90% of coachella
      smile 3
    • ibroughtyoumybullets
      Okay can we stop that whole “nobody:”
      smile 4
    • Useful_Idiot
      I can wait for the day people on iFunny don’t get offended when there’s a harmless joke like this
      smile 3
    • Samsung9S
      If every word that was "white" changed to "black" this would be unacceptable in any form
      smile 4 reply 16
    • alexmig
      A lot of white jokes today
      smile 3 reply 2
    • toy91mr2
      Nobody:. Black people: Steals anything not locked down
      smile 3
      Internet: makes a white joke/ R/geteven nerds: yeah well black people like fried chicken and have no dads! Hey guys i got em! I got payback!
      smile 4 reply 1
    • hgdfhjt5
      White girls*
      smile 3
    • marksman10113
      Ooga chaca ooga ooga ooga chaca...
      smile 3
    • BugsMunny
      Nobody: Black people in Africa:
      smile 3
    • Nuclear_touch
      Saw a girl walking barefoot on campus today. Ewww
      smile 3
    • FerroRocher
      Oooga booga
      smile 3
    • Breezy_thekid
      Only white people go to those anyway
      smile 2
    • Dear_People
      My dense dumbass doesn’t get it
      smile 2
    • TemplarofHell
      Well stop treating us like we don’t belong
      smile 2 reply 1
    • HokiTaketori
      Tbf it’s not like our ancestors have us a cool thing to do like what we gonna do show up in some bull crap with tea and be racist nah
      smile 2 reply 7
    • wifebeaterpeter
      yea fuck white people and their... activities
      smile 3
    • breadmankeeperofbread
      they should make a song called white people just wanna have fun
      smile 2 reply 1
    • MarioGlitcher64
      That's right. I fucking hate white people. why? Because it's mainstream.
      smile 4 reply 6
    • BastianKezzif
      I’m not sure that’s how this meme format is supposed to work. Usually it’s used when someone is is known for saying something without provocation.
      smile 2
    • urboijerry
      Geez this set of features goin in on white people lol
      smile 2
    • Amberukiseve
      ...with their healing stones and balance bracelets and shit
      smile 2
    • RoyalBanana21
      When they find out they're 1 percent Native American
      smile 2
    • UnenthusiasticBlueStar
      That’s what we call a hippie. Even though they may be white, but they’re not people
      smile 2 reply 1
    • baileyj1
      Nobody: blacks:*commits 50 percent of all violent crime*
      smile 3 reply 2
    • Zwolfwood
      Nobody: You: Here's a shitty meme
      smile 3
    • Spare
      Feature team had to cancel out the racial remarks from the last post lmao
      Spare 5d
      smile 2
    • Femur
      Nobody: Black people at festivals: *starts fight*
      Femur 5d
      smile 2
    • TheForgottenMeme
      smile 2
    • TKeks
      Just the girls. Then they drop acid and get banged by black dudes.
      TKeks 5d
      smile 2
    • DistantLover
      *Black joke*: “wow that’s hilarious people shouldn’t be offended” *white joke*: REEEEE
      smile 7 reply 9
      As a white Trump supporter I find this hilarious. Some of you guys are acting like the snowflakes we are supposed to be against I mean come on just think of all those rave thots wearing leafs for underwear and tell me this shit isn't true lmao
      smile 2
    • MkeKid
      White people getting up cuz it’s “racist” double standard 😂😂💩
      MkeKid 5d
      smile 3
    • Garmadaddy
      I'm all for respecting other cultures but there's a serious double standard. If a white person where's native American attire everyone freaks out but if a black person does it no one cares. If you want white people to respect your culture tell everyone else to as well.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Bjorn_Ironside
      smile 2
    • PassionFire
      Festivals are pretty much outdoor strip clubs, but nobody that has actually been to one really complains, its just white girls and the party Asian girls that bleach their hair
      smile 2
    • TheFlaffOnTheWaffe
      Black people at their tribes
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Junglespeed7531
      Hey! Let us white people be ourselves. Every other race has weird shit why can’t we h e anything like that?
      smile 2
    • MontanaJuggs
      Ha I’m black and only base my opinion off movies and tv shows I see
      smile 2
    • AnalFeelsLikeRugburn
      Man I can't even argue back cause you're right
      smile 2
    • _Chris__
      Liberals because it’s “CuLtUrAl aPpRoPrIaTiOn”
      smile 2
    • DaddyMemeMaster007
      What's with all the racist features??
      smile 3 reply 5
    • GasTheKikes
      Nobody: Black Women: *abort more babies than birth them in NY*
      smile 2
    • BlkBon
      BlkBon 5d
      smile 2
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