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    • Fuck the french, hate em
    • On a related topic, spanish don’t fuck with that nonsense and theres a word that goes “murciélago” which hits all the vowels too. [mood•see•el•ago]
    • Idk man, i think Welsh is way worse than French
    • I’m French and speak French and I 100% agree that it should be the only language mocked
    • There's not even an x in it. Not to mention e u and o are pronounced almost the same
    • French speaker help is that way-zo or wah-zo
    • They also have about 9 words for surrender due to them losing every major war other than ww1 and ww2. Franco.prussian :lost napoleons expansion:lost HolyRomanEmpire :lost and ALOT of revolutions......
    • Tommy Oiseaux
    • You mean to tell me that bird is the word?
    • I’ve literally see four French words in my life, and I have no trouble pronouncing them from their spellings. Use a tiny bit of common sense and you’ll figure it out
    • Over the hedge 100
    • “In the French alphabet” where the y and h then
    • damn after taking french for just a bit i pronounced it in my head the correct way and didn’t see anything wrong, just let me surrender now folks
      gargorl 11d
    • Lmao that last comment sent me
    • I hate how I read this correctly instantly
    • If you pronounce it slightly different, it’s likely an insult. Chien (pronounced shi-ah) is dog, but chiene (pronounced shi-en) is bitch
    • Tommy wazo
    • We Americans have no grounds to mock French. English is a weird ass language.
    • Im a Canadian and french Canadians are the most infuriating people on earth
      1 23
    • I thought that was how they pronounce croissant. 🤨
    • *Flat Beat plays*
    • Or you can call it "piaf" pronounced as it is written
    • What about Dutch
      Lux_Nox 12d
    • Fucking french people and their dumb language, they're also all assholes
      1 1
    • They forgot H
    • i mean, eaux is pronounced o
    • French really is cursive spanish
    • We use eaux for the dumbest things here in Louisiana, but mostly for Geaux
    • Oysiacks
    • Pronouncing it the way it looks sounds like a british dude demanding sex from his partner
    • Are you going to finish that oiseaux
    • Really? Oiseaux is that complicated for English where some words “don’t follow the rules” WHAT FUCKING RULES?!? and English is all I know.
      2 7
    • I'm learning French and it's actually pretty easy... until it's not
    • It is not pronounced “WAZO”
    • I read this in Robin Williams voice (because of the last post) and it made it better
      RishiH 12d
    • French is Latin based therefore it’s impossible to be retarded. Try Greek fuck.
      1 3
    • Dutch is more retarded
      NasusOP 12d
      3 2
    • Tommy Oiseaux : oh hi mark
    • Aeiou
      sayap 12d
    • Wazo
    • Spanish pronounces everything the exact same every single time (minus different dialects), as far as I know
      dc9907 12d
    • that was a joke in the movie despereaux, that his name was spelled the hard way instead of with just O
    • French was so stupid, hated taking a foreign language.
    • That’s not how you pronounce it aaaaah
    • who else read “oy-sex”
      OnePaig 12d
    • What about Ching Chong?
      MrReese 12d
    • I mean, I don’t speak French but I was able to say this the first time I read it without knowing how to pronounce it.
    • i actually think it makes sense??
    • Hey French, guess what? Fuck you
      4 1
    • Its almost as if reading a foreign language like it's english doesnt work
      10 2
    • Uccello
    • Pssst. We added funny letters to make America confused
    • Yeah French is easy😅😅
      2 2
    • Tommy Oiseaux
      5 1
    • French can go and fucking die
    • Add Wazio to smash bros
    • French really isn't that crazy of a language. It's two syllables because those vowels make up a specific sound. Oi(wa)-s-eau(oh) (x is just to specify that it's plural in written form but is pronounced as a z/s in liaison). It's literally the same thing with every other language. Asian languages->
      6 3
    • As a French speaker, I can confirm
    • How do you say it then?
    • Thank you
    • I took a semester of French back in my freshman year of high school. I now hate the french language with a burning passion.
      1 3
    • Its not even spelled right its l’oiseau
    • Why did my brain go straight eminem with wazo.... I think I've been listen too much of him
      Mr_Nut_ 12d
    • Oi-see-oux
    • So half of Canada too
    • It's l'oiseau and pronounced "Lah-zoe".
      2 3
    • I read this like oiseaux not oiseaux
      5 1
    • I literally said basically the same thing last time this was featured
    • Well, every one of the letters shapes the word into its own specific pronunciation... I’m sure we have examples of that in English
    • H is vowel in french its lying
    • Thog don't care
    • That’s how Tommy Wiseau got his last name
    • French is pretty weird
      Alycatz 12d
    • Consider; hors d'oeuvres
      3 2
    • Wee wee, baguette, we surrender.
    • Ah, but h is also a vowel and its not in there
      2 6
    • Even funnier like 4 months later
    • The words for “avocado” and “lawyer” are the same in French
    • You have 11 letters, you pronounce 4 of them
    • Lmao
    • H is a vowel in French and it doesn’t have an H 3/10
    • Y ou can call your dad a potato in spanish
    • the imperfect tense of “to play” when relating to more than one person is “jouaient” which has all five vowels in a row
      Cobra64 12d
      1 1
    • Don’t just say Wazo you fucks, add some accent to it and it sounds just fine
    • Tommy Wazo
    • Wiseau
      BlkBon 12d
    • I speak French and I should probably be offended by this but I’ve never seen anything truer than this post right here
    • 法文不好
    • There's this really fire french song called 'Champs-Elysees' by Joe Dassin
      Winash 12d
      1 1
    • Fuck French
    • French is a scientific language. You can be so precise with it
      2 1
    • Accepting that French is the closest language to Latin and one of the roots for English<being a American who mocks french even though English is one of the worst languages with Grammer rules
      3 25
    • The French word for seal is phoque, y’all go see how that’s pronounced...
      1 1
    • German is dumb to
    • I cant even roght now
    • But it’s more like wa so the s is pronounced normally tho 🧐
    • When you overthink some word
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