• DahFufu 30 dec
      4.9K 15
    • Modern problems require modern solutions
      3.1K 15
    • Fucking kiwis I swear
      672 9
    • Boyyyyy these people be getting on my nerves
      shabahodi 30 dec
      313 6
    • Because prohibition worked so well with the United States
      Pierce 30 dec
      15 2
    • US already tried that whole “prohibition” stuff about 100 years ago. Didn’t work out too well
      13 5
    • You know things went to hell when the U.S. banned alcohol right?
      Bluewyvern 30 dec
      14 8
    • Yep because banning alcohol always works out...
      TheConeKing 30 dec
    • I know a potential American when I see one
    • I saw this last year, it actually worked and people got buttbhrt and tried to call the cops on them. The town sheriff laughed and admired their ingenuity
      Dannon 30 dec
    • Imagine living in such a socialist shit hole that you have to sit on a 10' x 10' rock in the ocean just to drink alcohol
      12 9
    • For those that aren't from new zealand, alcohol is banned in certain public areas eg:parks and town centres so that they don't cause a nuisance 👌🏼
      10 3
    • Story with this is they got told they couldn’t drink in public. So they built an island where the locals joked saying it was international waters and thus exempt from the ban. When the police heard about it, one of the inspectors was quoted as saying if he had known about it beforehand, he probably
      Thatguy8900 30 dec
      10 1
    • Modern problems require improvise adapt and overcome
      jon_doe 30 dec
    • Country-wide Prohibition has never worked out
    • Modern problems require modern solutions.
      KDY543 30 dec
    • Wait since when is New Zealand, the country where all drugs are legal, banning alcohol?
      10 4
    • Haven't people tried alcohol bans many times before? It never works out.
      _woah_ 30 dec
      10 5
    • Because banning alcohol turned out great in 20’s
      9 3
    • prezdant 30 dec
      12 2
    • If there's one thing history has taught us, it's that prohibition doesn't work. Give em time, they'll learn.
    • At lake Michigan you can't have alcohol on the beach but as long as your feet are in the water it's legal. We like to cheers standing ankle deep as the police drive by on their quads
      aearly92 30 dec
      8 4
    • We’ll build our own island. It’ll have blackjack and hookers.
      Alister131 30 dec
      8 1
    • This sounds like an episode of its always sunny in Philadelphia
      cmendr01 30 dec
    • America would like to remind you that ITS A BAD IDEA
      MariiBoop 30 dec
    • Cuz prohibition worked so well in the 20s
      minicodcraft 30 dec
    • Why do countries do this? It doesnt solve anything, just makes more criminals.
      tomj77 30 dec
      8 1
    • Fitz?
      siman3of3 31 dec
      8 1
    • Alcohol bans alway work out
      Jactopia 31 dec
      7 2
    • Whats better is the police were all cool with it
    • Don’t forget the Principality of Sealand
    • They banned alcohol? Did they learn nothing from America?
      7 2
    • They're gonna get really drunk and claustrophobic and start falling off that shi
    • New Zealanders have cemented themselves as the best drinkers, now. Surpassing Germans and Irish.
      OriLord 30 dec
      7 2
    • Did New Zealand not pay attention during prohibition in the states
      FatMac 30 dec
      7 1
    • Wtf year am i in? 1920?
    • Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
      Micah_memes 30 dec
    • But, that island is in the nations waters
      Ice_bear_ 30 dec
    • I'll start my own New Zealand.. with blackjack and hookers
      ashton3632 31 dec
      6 1
    • Prohibition of anything makes the black market prosper
      redzep 31 dec
    • Last time prohibition happened it didn’t end well...
      DabTrump 31 dec
    • wait, alcohol ban? did they not pay attention to the US in the 1920s?
    • When will people learn that banning alcohol is never a good idea lol
    • Imaging swimming to an island just to crack a cold one with ya bois
      _albedo_ 30 dec
    • Still doesn't make that international waters...
      smazzy187 30 dec
      6 1
    • The roarin 20’s called, they want their shitty laws back.
    • Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
      arganoth 30 dec
    • Outstanding move
      Shade6699 30 dec
    • A lot of people seem confused, New Zealand banned drinking in public, not alcohol. So everyone saying "move to america" can stfu cause drinking in public is illegal here too
      6 1
    • Modern problems require modern solutions.
    • Do they not remember what happened when America banned alcohol
      6 2
    • Probably the Misfits
    • 200 IQ
    • Wasn’t that an alcohol commercial?
      Ryi725 30 dec
    • I dont even feel bad for those socialist idiots. Who tf votes in someone who wants to Ban alcohol?
      smokeSYD 30 dec
      7 5
    • Why tf do we still think prohibition works
      LeftBrain 30 dec
    • The ban is for the drinking of alcohol in public settings, not a straight out ban
      Blitzer 30 dec
    • Fitz? That you?
      NoComprendo 30 dec
    • “It’s international waters, bitch!”
    • They probably banned Alcohol because of their Muslim Infestation
      NonPCPete 30 dec
      6 4
    • Have you noticed people are starting to rebel with all the YouTube shit EU dissolving this
    • Gotta do what you gotta do
    • When you’re prime minister has a kid now so no one can have fun
    • I prefer Old Zealand
    • That’s a power move
      Vikpal 30 dec
    • They used dirt from their land and it’s not out of the territory so New Zealand owns the island anyway
      hvideon1 30 dec
    • Newer Zealand
    • It worked tho lol
    • content not available more
      dankm101 31 dec
    • Building skill level New Zealander
      Metroid1984 31 dec
    • Looks like a MrBeast challenge tbh
    • fuckin alcohol ban??
      4 2
    • Fuck government overreach. Fight the power.
      justcheckng 30 dec
    • Rem11090 30 dec
    • In the Unites States, the Supreme court has ruled in the past that state and federal governments can own the land under the water, so being on water makes you subject to regular laws and regulation on top of water based laws and regulation. Weird shit.
      CouchLord1 30 dec
    • Americans were so uncreative, they just dug tunnels and hid in clubs, these guys built a whole fucking island. It’s a shit island, but that’s not the point...
      4 1
    • That's not international waters though
      EmpressKei 30 dec
      5 2
    • These retards are going back to prohibition
      the1eftnut 30 dec
      4 1
    • Reminds me of the Principality of Sealand
      iTzLazerz 30 dec
      4 1
    • Wouldn't that still be in international waters?
      5 14
    • Nothing’s more uncomfortable than a stall with no door on it
      Vsauce69 30 dec
    • Cum see the BIG BLACK COCK NEWS
      ndbdhbebd 30 dec
    • You know there are countries within the U.S.? Fuck, I want my own country.
      5 3
    • I have cousins who live in New Zealand who are now trying to make a micro nation because of the alcohol ban
      Logan_Weaver 30 dec
    • Can we stop this anime porn please?
      jaySouth 30 dec
      7 6
    • It isn’t a ban on alcohol. Just public drinking.
    • I don’t drink, but this is a bad idea. Just learn from prohibition in the states. Gotta keep them alcoholics happy.
      4 2
    • Reason why America is the greatest country in the face of Earth.
      Wiz_Miz 30 dec
      4 23
    • If the government says I can't drink fuck them the can rot in hell
      gunny172 30 dec
    • Environmental Stressor. Adaptation. Evolution.
      Drewfasa 30 dec
    • It’s a Ban on drinking in public
      Moooochy 30 dec
    • What if I told you that you can respect people's rights to drink alcohol but still find it immoral and not drink yourself?
      5 1
    • Ah the beach
      But_why_thoo 30 dec
      6 2
    • What makes it more funny is when they get drunk they’ll drown
      4 1
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