• Shut up commie
      4.9K 849
    • I will never understand this whole “rich people are Inherently bad people.” Idea
      16 38
    • Or D) the welfare system is being abused by people who dont need it but are still eligible for it.
      15 6
    • Apparently everyone in iFunny took a graduates course on Economics. Shut the fuck up, you’re on a meme app. You ain’t fucking smart
      14 7
    • Or D: people will take handouts regardless if they need them
    • Or... #4)... Democrats are bleeding the country dry giving out benefits to anyone that will vote in order to buy elections. I'm gonna say 4.
      tazz250 18d
      13 5
    • D.) government assistance is severely misappropriated and mismanaged
    • "Extreme poverty" half those lazy rights have smart phones Wi-Fi and tvs. Fuck off.
      14 11
    • No it means food stamps and welfare are abused by people who don’t need them because the rules aren’t enforced. Also several million fewer people are on foodstamps since Trump became president.
      14 2
    • If you use food stamps you’re definitely not in the middle class. Not bashing people on welfare, some legit need it. But you have to face the fact that you’re poor and work your way up to middle class
      12 3
    • Most Americans wouldn’t know extreme poverty if it smacked them in the face. America’s poor are richer than the average citizen in plenty of countries around the world.
      13 3
    • No one in the US lives in what the world health organization classifies as poverty. The poorest Americans still live better than a majority of the rest of the world.
      13 3
    • Relative poverty is consistently and constantly decreasing and absolute poverty is non-existent. Grow up and realize your lack of ambition does not mean the deck is stacked against you
      11 7
    • I literally this made me sigh. As a child of the working class, a middle class family I know the struggle of my family working hard, my parents struggling to make a birthday or Christmas special. What I hate most with this is that government programs do not help people, just makes more dependents.
      rike344 18d
    • Or the system is broken and people don’t actually need any of it and people are okay with getting free stuff?
      Etxa 18d
    • A lot of people that receive federal assistance don’t actually have legit reasons as to why they need help other than they’re too lazy to get a job, which sucks because the people who are in need go without because of the ones that abuse it.
      10 8
    • Middle class doesn’t exist anymore yup you’re right I’m actually extremely rich now just cause I don’t get food stamps
      9 1
    • People get food stamps and Medicaid based on how much money they make. You can’t just ask and they give it to you.
    • Yall ever just blame the rich because you’re poor?
    • In my early 20's i loved watching people come thru with their acrylic nails, Gucci bags and $300 weaves, spending 200 in food stamps and still having a $700 balance left after. I get hit by a car and am out of work for 2 mos, i got $24.
      8 5
    • I actually came from a low income household where my parents needed food stamps, but luckily I was able to get a better job than my parents did and have never needed to apply for any government assistance. Just saying I know these programs are good for people that actually need it.
      8 2
    • "When everyone is poor, no one will be"
    • Rich people don’t take away from the middle class, rich people build business to make jobs for the middle class. Y’all just pissy cuz you ain’t rich
      13 17
    • D) the middle class is abusing government assistance
      10 2
    • Or people are abusing the system designed to help those who are needy. That is another possible option
      8 1
    • Which means: socialism is doing its job and making more people poor by reinforcing the entitlement of the masses instead of teaching them to become entrepreneurs.
      9 1
    • Communism isn't about raising people up to the level of the middle-class it's about lowering everyone down to the level of the poor
      MarsBib 18d
    • Someone has to shoot up a rich private school if you really want gun control laws
      8 11
    • What sucks is that if we keep raising taxes on the middle class it will literally be more profitable to quit our jobs and live off of the programs that were sustained by the taxes, which just makes everyone poor. Economics sucks.
      8 4
    • No it means it’s too fucking easy to get on the programs and that most people who do either don’t need most of it or abuse the system in some regard. And the rich get fucked over and have to pay it. Communist democrats
      10 5
    • There are almost no Americans in extreme poverty. I want this retard to fucking define extreme poverty.
      9 3
    • It means these programs are frankly causing more poverty by incentivizing failure.
      8 4
    • D) Food stamps are being abused. Which is obviously the answer.
      8 6
    • It’s not because the economy has worsened or that situations are worse, it’s because the welfare state has become an overbearing part of America. It’s no longer bad to take handouts and promote welfare. It’s not frowned upon to use an EBT while you drive a car with less than 50k miles.
      Lurk 18d
    • It's because dead asses are abusing the system if you drive a 50000 dollar car you shouldn't get shit give the car back and buy your own food
    • Its honestly sad. I know so many people who would rather sit around collecting Gov assistance than get up and go work
      7 7
    • Or it possibly means that food stamps And Medicaid programs are being givin to people who don’t need it.
      8 2
    • Or you know...that there’s less people in poverty now and we can start supporting into the middle class as well?
      10 2
    • What is considered "poverty" today has changed. You can have 2 cars, a 3 bedroom house, and both parents working and be considered "poor." 20 years ago, it was "barely enough food to survive." Trust me.
    • Or people are abusing the system
    • Just because someone dropped out of high school, hoed around and ended up with 3 different baby daddy's, doesn't mean I should be paying for her to get free food and a government check every
      8 16
    • Poor people aren't getting poorer, impoverished Americans still have a higher standard of living than middle class Americans in the 80s. As the rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Almost as if we are growing as a nation.
      8 45
    • One of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard was a Senator that claimed making 400k a year was average these days. Our government is so out of touch with what it's really like for most people
      Natey_G 18d
      7 2
    • Which means our welfare state is too generous.
    • "rich people are inherently bad for having a lot of money"
      7 2
    • Or people are lazy as fuck
    • Or option d: too many damn people are on government assistance that don't need to be on government assistance
    • People are exploiting our welfare system
      7 5
    • D) people are abusing the welfare system to get benefits even when they earn enough money to be middle class
    • This means that the programs are being abused
    • I’m not even a liberal lol. I don’t know why you wage cucks defend a system in which Jeff Bezos can wipe his ass with a billion dollars and shit all over his employees who can barely pay rent all because he invented a website.
      6 11
    • See, it's those evil Republican politicians! It's not like Cali has one of the highest rates of homelessness and wealth gaps in the nation despite being run by the caring Democrats
    • The middle class is being diminished while the wealth gap between the poorest and the richest, continues to widen. It’s what happens when you put a Hollywood elite in charge of the government. Lmao they just want corporate money and to fuck over the citizens they represent for their own gain.
    • What this means is socialism has already started fucking us in the ass - and this is exactly what libertarians & right wingers have all been saying would happen & tried to prevent.
    • Or D many "middle class" people are lazy and would rather live off of the social welfare that has been set up and is easy to abuse.
      ZCM95 18d
      6 10
    • Imagine talking about politics on a meme app.
    • Nah it means more people are taking advantage of a system designed for people with low incomes that are independents
    • It means we give out too much welfare
      Kozmo 18d
      8 1
    • It’s annoying Missouri raises min wage to 12 and hour but buisnesses making under 500k per year just go off federal minimum so I make 7.50. Prices have already rose and big business are starting to dominate. There is a growing separation in classes
      MCZAP 18d
      7 4
    • Hes actually got a point, 2 years ago my family was considered "middle class" now we're low income due to inflation and people over-using welfare services
      Gaza 18d
    • Idk, I’ve never taken a dime from welfare since I dropped out of high school and never got a GED. I make above the national median income and lease a new car every three years. If you’re poor your whole life in America it’s your shit decisions and Bc you suck with money. It’s not rich peoples fault.
      6 9
    • “Extreme poverty” man shut the fuck up. No one in USA is in extreme poverty. We are the most privileged country on the planet. Go to an undeveloped nation and SEE extreme poverty. Children living off of salt and tortillas. Living in huts made of actual garbage.
      6 10
    • I would quibble with the phrase “extreme poverty”... Unless you are homeless, in America, you’re better off than +80% of the world. Should so many people be dependent on the government? Absolutely not! But don’t pretend being “poor” in America is “extreme poverty”, you’re privilege is showing...
      7 3
    • For anybody saying people need to get up and work, clearly do not understand how inflation, poor distribution of company wealth, and lack of initial investment money is making it harder than ever to get out of poverty.
      ashiwa 18d
      6 5
    • As a hardcore and highly devoted Democrat, I think its ridiculous how triggered conservatives get when they realize that every political belief they have is false. On top of that they do not learn from their mistakes they only become more devoted to bullshit.
      Fire 18d
      9 10
    • Because the liberal's keep taxing the fuck out of us to fund the freeloaders that voted them in
      7 3
    • THan91 18d
      9 18
    • Also because people take advantage of it and purposely work less to get the food stamps. Where i live minimum wage is 11 an hour and alot of peeps were concerned they wouldn't get the stamps and then they take more time off work then they get mad at the "immigrants" who are willing to work a full
      7 3
    • Who tf on food stamps? I literally know like one person and they actually need it. Stop acting poor cause you're living outside your means peoole. Budget, invest, and work your asses off
      7 12
    • Everyone acting like we should get rid of foodstamps is sickening. If you are rich enough to not need it, congrats. Some people lifes depend on that. My siblings and I would already be dead if it wasnt for food stamps. The only food we ever had was at school and with food stamps.
      7 6
    • The middle class makes between 40k to 60k. I don't think they get federal assistance because they don't even get fafsa. I think CBS confused middle class with working class which is 20k to 30k
      6 1
    • The top 1 percent owns more wealth than the rest of the population combined, let that sink in
      8 21
    • At least as of 2017, World Bank defined extreme poverty as living on $1.90 usd a day. Very little americans are poor in global standards. Not all liberals are libtards, but that guys a libtard
    • Reminder that the standard of living in the US is so high, even the poorest of this country don’t live in extreme poverty
      6 6
    • Is it true the middle class is shrinking, but a good amount of people abuse the system without needing the assistance
      6 1
    • I mean I work at a grocery store and I see a lot of women with like 5 kids sporting Gucci, and channel bags and wearing clothes from the brand pink pay with food stamps
      Morose 18d
      6 4
    • Why is ifunny filled with far right fucking retards. Like meme targeted at the left are fucking great the tc is attacking commie but as soon it attacks the right the left still gets attacked. Fuck you dumb ass kid. Fuck the tc saying shut up commie this is bullshit.
      9 39
    • Cough cough abusing the system cough cough even poor people in this country have fucking 2 cars
      7 1
    • Sounds like communist propaganda to me
      8 2
    • Middle class now is just sustained living. Anyone who can afford a house. Upper class is anyone who can afford two houses. The gap between rich and poor is rising and something will happen once it gets too far
      5 6
    • the government doesnt hand out food stamps like candy. i grew up on foodstamps and welfare and let me tell you, they will take that shit away for any reason. they make it very hard to get especially if you already have it and forget to renew it every year, etc.
      6 1
    • My wife thought we were struggling, until the shutdown happened and we were forced to live within our means. After bills were paid, and groceries were bought it was discovered that we had about $600 a month that was being bled out through stupid impulse purchases.
      5 1
    • People saying its abused have no idea how it works lmaoooo shits regulated tardos go try getting some food stamps i dare you
      Bolby 18d
    • Thats not even true they wont let you have food stamps if you make over a certain amount. These things have regulations?
      jmsco 18d
    • rogen80 18d
    • Lmao my fiance doesn't make near middle class income and she doesn't qualify for food stamps.
    • D) You are a bunch of fucking freeloaders I support my family of 3 on $15 an hour your just a bunch of spoiled shots who want the whole world
      7 2
    • D) The government gives food and wastes money on people who don't need the fucking help. I guarantee you that not even a single American lives in a situation even CLOSE to as bad as an average peasant farmer in China or Africa. You entitled fucking rights.
      6 12
    • take away the benefits. then they will work
      5 3
    • D. The government is giving assistance to people that don't actually need it. Note: that could also read government is just redistricting wealth.
      5 1
    • Or ‘D’, it is way too easy to get food stamps.
      5 1
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