• Native American Jim Thorpe at the 1912 Olympics. Somebody stole his shoes right before he was set to compete. He simply put on two other shoes someone had tossed in a trash can. They were different sizes, so he had to wear extra socks on one foot to even them out. He went on to win two Gold medals
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    • R6S_Caveira_
      Improvise. Adapt. Overcome
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    • artistwithouttalent
      One of the most important athletes in history.
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    • Official_PC_Principal
      Didn’t actually get the medals until decades after his death because he’s Native American. Also had never even tried some of the sports he won medals in until the actually olympics. Was also a hell of a football player. Incredible life, suggest reading more about him
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    • uncooked_toast
      This guy was kicked out of his football team because they didn't want any "pros" to be in the college level. And he was too good at playing ball that he wasn't able to be in any serious sports till years after he graduated. Like so others can see and learn
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    • elRey
      The guy that stole them was the dude that was favored to win then found out about jim and tried to sabotage him but failed. Learned that from drunk history while I was high so I'm surprised I remembered.
      elRey 23d
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    • JimLeMaster
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    • theselfishghost
      His wife didn’t care about his Native American heritage and wouldn’t let his biological children give him a proper Indian burial on his native land and she instead sold his body to a town in Pennsylvania (renamed) Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. His kids are still in court trying to get back his remains.
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    • DerelictExpress
      There's a town named after him in Pennsylvania. He never even visited the town, they just bought his body when he died and built a statue of him so they could rename their shitty town. It's weird shit, I live in the next town over.
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    • SuchAMuckinFess
      Jim Thorpe is from Yale, Oklahoma. And on top of what the post mentioned, he hitchhiked his way to the competition. He lived about 5 miles from my home
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    • kyleben707070
      I legit live in the town where he lived. Make this top comment and I’ll prove it
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    • picsthatmakeyougodhmm
      goddamn power move
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    • chris_dont_dis
      There is a town dedicated to this man in Pennsylvania (Jim Thorpe, Pa) and it is a hidden gem I’ve been many times in all seasons absolutely captivating 10/10 go check this place out.
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    • OFFICE_quotes
      Yeah and now we have old ass lying native Americans who harass catholic kids.......
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    • Gen_antonio_de_santa_ana
      Jim Thorpe was a fucking G. The very first time he went bowling he bowled a 180, which for a first timer is insane
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    • Johnny_chingas
      Now a days he/she would gone into Twitter hashtag the fuk out everything whine about how terrible his/ her life is and demand the gold be given to it
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    • snazzypotatoes
      I'm not a fan of this kind of content. It's not that it's not interesting, it's just that I didn't come to iFunny to learn about unverified trivia, ya know? Props to the dude for running that, I just don't know if I trust ifunny for this kind of thing to be true.
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    • 13246
      “To the man who stole my shoes. Thank you and may my ancestors haunt you and your children’s children”
      13246 24d
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    • The_Realest_Bro_There_Is
      He’s got a whole town named after them in pa
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    • SPTmidnight
      I live right next to Jim Thorpe, big rip
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    • literallyapieceofshit
      Hey how are we gonna get ya know fuckin iron Jim to not compete? Yeah I know, let’s nick his fucking shoes.
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    • lookerking
      We Americans. Simply don’t give a fuck and win that’s our motto
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    • Irregular_crisp
      Fucking Legend
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    • BoBandy
      Huge fucking shoutout to Jim Thorpe and the Carlisle Indians. Look them up, they’re debatably the most important team in football history
      BoBandy 24d
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    • RideWithDanger
      1912 problems require 1912 solutions
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    • ACDCRocker
      That’s some big dick energy right there
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    • CwispyNips
      He kind of looks like john cena
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    • SpaztasticMan
      Imagine being part of a race that's faced so much pain and adversity just to be laughed at by some dumbass white Kentuckians
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    • _lixdy_
      _lixdy_ 24d
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    • GoodVibesfrench
      Jim Thorpe was a beast
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    • IZ_YOU_OK
      Omg he's so sexy! 😍😍😍
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    • Lopaka36
      The legit GOAT. Pro football HOF, world record decathlon after training like 6 months. Pro baseball player, pro basketball player. The mother fuckn GOAT
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    • SoManyEggs
      1912 problems require 1912 solutions
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    • Latrel_Blackerton
      That's a real native American, not that drum banging loser
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    • therefore10
      Jim Thorpe is a legend, and his story should be made into a movie
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    • ShiftyEye
      By that point in time the Indians were used to having all of their shit stolen
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    • BigMike25
      Yooo i go up to Jim Thorpe (the town named after him) like every other weekend its beautiful
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    • Blaenavon
      Louie zamperini was stabbed in the calves by two other runners behind him that had sharpened their cleats specifically to hurt him because he was the best runner in America for his age
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    • SippinonCiroc
      Look up Jim Thorpe. Played in the NFL, Olympics and professional baseball and basketball. Guy was just an unreal athlete for his time
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    • drake4343
      Then they took his medals away because of that wack ass amateurism rule but then this mf reclaimed them in the grave. What a unit.
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    • illegalizehentai
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    • Fluffy_the_Reaper
      and athletes today cry over nonsense
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    • Assimilation
      Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
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    • Dalyjarose
      They did an episode of Drunk History about him with Jason Momoa
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    • Washaja
      When you gotta go help bring in groceries
      Washaja 24d
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    • Giddyfoot
      Dude has one of the strongest jaws I’ve ever seen
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    • lukadoncic77
      They named a town in Pennsylvania after him
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    • its_Bmo_boi
      Imagine training your entire life to compete at the Olympics and you finally get there, to see a dude wearing a pair of shoes from the trash get two gold medals
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    • Zion_Sunohara
      I go to a native college and we have a gym named after him.
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    • theRealWitBissel
      That is why they named a town after this super hero.
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    • AK47man03
      Did they steal his shoes to deter him in the race, or just on accident, also if they stole them on purpose was it because of his race?
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    • rogen80
      Back when men were men. He didn't bitch or whine. He found some shoes and kicked everyone's asses in the race. He's a hero
      rogen80 24d
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    • Panic_in_the_tardis
      Modern problems require modern solutions. Or not so modern in this case I guess.... You know what ignore me I'll be over here if you need me...
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    • GeneralLee_01
      He was a amazing athlete, but it didn't get him much money. He died in poverty.
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    • DirkG
      Drunk history taught me this
      DirkG 24d
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    • Liberalismisretardation
      I live near the town he’s buried that they named after him Jim Thorpe is a local legend in the Lehigh valley
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    • vegetable_loser_Official
      1912 problems require 1912 solutions
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    • At0mic1impact
      Badass native right there. Used to go to the Haskell gym named after him in Lawrence
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    • Theprayingmantis
      Also the 1st runningback ever inducted into the pro football hall of fame (tied with Red Grange) as well and played defensive end on defense. His statue is the 1st thing you see when you enter the pro football hall of fame in Canton.
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    • ajbug
      This man is truly one of the greatest athletes to ever walk the earth.
      ajbug 24d
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    • Rickest_Of_The_Ricks
      Now this is a Native American hero unlike that dip shit who lied about those poor high school kids. #ChiefPantsOnFire
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    • zugzwang123
      Not all hero's own shoes
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    • Mr_Turner________________
      So..... basically he’s a fucking legend
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    • peralta
      Hell yeah Native American represent 💪🏽
      peralta 24d
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    • LiquidWolf88
      Big dick energy
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    • spongeVRo
      “Come get these groceries”
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    • Some_one_else
      Historic problems require historical solutions
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    • Stealth_bear
      Jim Thorpe was insane he’d basically start every day with a 25 mile run
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    • Jarrod2
      Also in the NFL hall of fame
      Jarrod2 21d
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    • monkeysoldier2
      The same feeling when you win a free-for-all in cod against all the other player who pay to win.
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    • mylife59
      He went on to be Tarzan
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    • juju312
      Imagine being the person who threw away those shoes. ...”no ones ever gonna believe me..”
      juju312 22d
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      There is an entire town in northern Pennsylvania named after this man
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    • IconicMem
      This... This is why America is # fucking 1
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    • FurryEskimo
      People are assholes.
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    • TwoEyed
      Ron Swanson is proud of him.
      TwoEyed 23d
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    • MERCwItaMoUtH
      Next he's going to get groceries out the car :D
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    • MiloBats
      There was a drunk history episode about him with Jason Momoa
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    • Kew_Knight
      “Come help me get the groceries!”
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    • SmokinSkatinMountainMan
      This is my mindset for 2019
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    • Crabpeople
      That is badass as fuck
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    • shbruhaha
      Old problems require old solutions
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    • swaggerific69
      He was one of, if not the first football star. Shame I just learned he was Native American
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    • bswift_13
      Getting some publicity for my hometown of Jim Thorpe. Thanks iFunny!
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    • Explosivo
      Why does it matter that he's Native American
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    • Our_Lord_And_Savior_Shrek
      I love how this was stolen right off reddit
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    • justLevi
      Classic problems require classic solutions
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    • DATboiDAT
      When you beat hackers
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    • BlazeItBoi
      That's why the badass has a town named after him. I wemt to jail there. We aren't equal.
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    • ShamefulFuk
      White twinks out here trying to get a little bit of respect from their supremacist dad's be like "other race sucks"
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    • StateOfWar
      Google the 1912 Olympics. If I'm thinking of the right one, it's Cleveland and it was a messsss. Super funny to rad about.
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    • SpideyMiles
      I bet whoever stole his shoes felt pretty dumb.
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    • 10leyyy
      Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania!
      10leyyy 24d
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    • haydenvox09
      You simply cannot stop greatness
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    • lytalk
      handsome guy
      lytalk 24d
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    • Mjcaboose
      What a Mad lad
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    • madchauvinist
      Named the greatest athlete of all time by the king of sweden
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