• Myjob accidentally put 4,000 hours on somebody time clock and his check was $23,000+. He quit the next day and now they can't find him à

    • Paragon7126
      Shit I'd quit too if I was making $5.75 an hour
    • BlazingNudist
      Bank error in your favor, collect 23,000
    • aearly92
      So before tax he'd be making $7.50/hr. 23,000 for a min wage employ is a whole year and a half pay... I'd disappear too.
    • Vestra
      "oh he was only making $5.75 an hour" have none of you ever worked a real job? Taxes taxes taxes
      Vestra 21d
    • _Godless
      Great, now he’s a fugitive with enough money to live very averagely for about a year.
    • tobers_is_a_little_bitch
      23,000 divided by 4,000 is $5.75 an hour. You should probably do the same and find a better job
    • Kitty358
      Poor guy was only paid $5.75 an hour. He deserves it.
    • Datas_Beard
      I made $10.50/h, the company put an extra 3 hours of overtime on my check. Rather than saying nothing and keep the money I told my boss and he removed it telling me that he put it there to see if I was honest. Now I make $12/h
    • DrunkenMishap
      Yeah Alex I’ll take Bullshit for $400.
    • DarthVato
      Samuel L Jackson: (approvingly) Motherfucker!!
    • BleachMeDaddy_
      He isn’t legally required to return the money, his employer must ask him and he has the right to decline.
    • Lookingthrutheprism
      for $5.75/hr, I'd quit too
    • Nacho3001
      $23,000 ÷ 4,000 is only $5.75 an hour. I make €11 an hour at a small shop here in Vaasa, Finland.
    • friendlygamer
      Well he actually doesn't have to give the money back, in an event that this happens all fault lies in the company and its up to the employee to decide on whether or not they want to give it back. Had a fellow employee who this happened to at dominos, funny as shit cause my boss was pissed about it
    • eMpTy_rhetoric
      If he can live off 23k for life, that's impressive.
    • ItsJustAShitpost
      Yeah that’s only 5.75 or so an hour. The actual hell is that
    • OffensiveOverdose
      Y’all pretending like applying for a job doesn’t take a home address, phone number, email, etc.
    • RollitUpG00N
      That's fucking 2 years worth of work for that little as amount? Dude gets paid like 5-6 bucks an hour
    • Jonahqwerty14
      Nigga makes 5.60 an hour wtf
    • EvilKoala40
      By my calculations, the guy was making at least $6.21 before taxes. I’d quit too
    • riceBabies
      Dudes only making $5 an hour, not even counting overtime. Not to mention theres is some garbage software that allowed 4000 hours
    • childhoodstvshows
      I keep accidentally liking or unliking comments cause i scroll on rhe right side
    • Kyl3rRay
      Everyone saying he only made 5.75 an hour clearly had never had a job. Taxes people. Fucking taxes.
    • SuperRadAnthony
      This actually happened to an old coworker of mine. But they withheld his paychecks for like two weeks (paid weekly) so they could fix the problem.
    • STI_Guy617
      That's pretty fucking sad if he only made 23k for 4000 hours
    • MarioOchoa123321
      His salary was 5.75?
    • DipMeInYaMondayMilk
      Except. One phone call to the bank. And that money is pulled, or frozen.
    • Badass_Braviary
      Y’all talking about taxes but that’s still an ass paycheck for 4000 hours even after deductions.
    • Equixz0r
      Why is everyone like “$6 an hour I’d quit too”. The check was POST TAXES. Has no one on this app ever had a job or graduated high school?
    • BreakingVader
      Vader says: Legally, the IRS could come after you...and they're a bigger pain in the ass than the Empire
    • Tier6Luanne
      content not available more
    • pml8
      (Astonished) Motherfucker ...
      pml8 21d
    • AFloatingShoppingList
      Wouldn't get to keep the money
    • the_dildozer76
      Now he’s getting fired and possibly jailed over a non life changing amount of money
    • pakrat271
      Id do the same but realistically they could cancel the check and they can literally get all his bank info lol
    • YaGirlMoira
      Petco accidentally added like ~1000$ of overtime to my paycheck once and never did anything about it lmao
    • Blackjack_Barret
      Pretty sure $5.75 is below minimum wage
    • Bender_325
      That's only 5.75 an hour
    • ExtremeReactions
      Should've been more like 50K+ with a minimum wage job because of the 3,960 hours of overtime
      He did not get paid 5.75 an hour y'all hooligans forget taxes
    • ines
      I'm sure head of finance wouldnt even approve a check like that
      ines 21d
    • islamicbrothehood
      Two people lost thier job that day
    • Pegasus1992
      So you're telling me he was making $5.75 an hour?
    • AkatsukiPublicRelations
      My man secured the bag and left.
    • Marcelicopter_
      So this guy makes $5.75 an hour?
    • XxX_PoUsY_aNiHiLatEr_swAG
      All these retards saying 5.75 has never heard of 1.5x pay because of overtime.
    • Leviathan488
      I haven’t done the math but 23k for 4000 hours of work he must not make shit
    • SoapMan03
      So he gets paid $5.75 an hour.... There’s probably a reason if accounting is making mistakes like that 😂😂😂
    • becauseicann
      Dude made 5.75 per hour? I'd quit too.
    • potatogrowsontrees
      So he was getting paid $5.75 an hour? Yea this is bullshit.
    • JonathanMacDuff
      Hmm, now where's it legal to pay someone $5.75 an hour? 🤔
    • sangills
      Who tf makes 5.75 an hour?
    • GreyEclipse
      Why quit when theres no legal way they can ask for it back if it gets deposited in the bank?
    • Adams_profile
      This dude was making $5.75 an hour
    • scup247
      There was another story a 3 girls at a christmas office party were given a scratch ticket to split and it was a $100,000 winner. 1 girl said hold on im gonna go to the lottery office and cash it for us i'll be right back. She was never seen again lol
      scup247 21d
    • Oregonian
      Why would he quit with 23,000? It sounds a lot, but in actuality, that won’t even last a year.
    • Kwonzle
      My check gets verified by several people before it hits my account. How the hell you fuck up that bad.
      Kwonzle 21d
    • JulianRickyandBubbles
      How do you even fuck up that bad like
    • iEric
      If its direct deposit, they can pull the money back out
      iEric 21d
    • Feculent1
      My gf did that, the guy bailed and closed his bank account, she 100% got fired.
    • Joshfish6
      4,000 + the hours they worked, that is why it is looks so low on the hourly rate
    • ililliliii
      If the check is signed they can’t do shit about it. It’s like the architect who made blueprints for some people and they signed off on it and gave him a shit load of money to build this building and the blueprints said the building was only 80 inches long or something
    • ddjones_22
      Filing taxes next year is gonna be a bitch for him lol
    • Crosx
      Considering a normal person only works 2080 hours in a year....he is essentially only making 11,500.00 a year...
      Crosx 22d
    • ZachTheDude04
      Did this happen? No: 80% No but in yellow: 20%
    • Enlightened_Renegade
      Mhm, because jobs totally don’t take your SSN, ID, and home address... r/quityourbullshit.
    • Jerm57
      The new update is bullshit
      Jerm57 22d
    • DaddyDiggs
      Ya’ll gotta check your math if he got 23,000+ for 4000 hours he’s probably making just under $9. Government takes about 1/3 out of each check before you even see it so. Still a fake story. The accountant would’ve caught that it took out like 12k for the government
    • CKR123
      so he makes $5.75 an hour?
      CKR123 22d
    • CopyPastaa
      This is fake as fuck but the emoji makes it seem like he really believes it 😂😂
    • vernon_douglas__
      Or they can just bounce the check
    • ImOnArOllaGay
      It would be theft if he didn't say anything. Gov. Don't give a shit
    • Ewag715
      Jobs and bank accounts require SSNs. That guy is fucked.
      Ewag715 22d
    • zepzepzep
      If he cashed the check he'll keep the money. If they put a stop payment on it he got nothing. Direct deposits can be recalled and corrected even after a couple of days.
    • Azphatt
      I had $870 randomly deposited into my checking in like january and i was very skeptical and figured they would get it fixed. After 3 months it was still there so i said fuck it
      Azphatt 19d
    • partydeep7
      Any employer knows your social security number so you’re screwed and legally you owe them that money
    • cooliobean007
      I don’t think people realized the more you make the more you get taxed so he probably got taxed up the ass so he’s probably not making 6 bucks or whatever an hour lol
    • Staniel297
      Good for him. Needs to find a place that gives him more than $5.75 an hour anyway.
    • fellatio
      We have company amex cards and this new guy literally got hired bought 3k worth of furniture and never showed up again
    • Golden_Age_Memes
      Alright but $23000/4000 hours is $5.75 an hour, which is below minimum wage
    • Lucskywalk75
      You make $5 an hour?
    • Anime_and_Stuff
      Kinda their fault, pretty much all clock in devices have settings that automatically clock normal and over time hours. They also automatically clock people out after a certain amount of hours unless specified other wise.
    • realtechv2
      Just because of a clerical error doesn’t mean you get to keep said money. More than once has it been found the person has had to give back the money. Just cause you get an extra fry at McDonald’s and drive home and keep it doesnt mean it relates to banks and work and money as well bub
    • geezer69
      Don't worry the IRS will take most of it back.
    • Aura_15
      You know I don't know much about the law or business but I'm pretty sure that's illegal
      Aura_15 21d
    • dillio5008
      He can go to jail if they ask for it back and he doesn't return it. That money is not his, it was done by accident.
    • memeBomber76
      They probably have a mailing address where to send the check. Or a direct deposit account. I doubt this really happened
      no they didn’t, this didn’t happen
    • Dave6910
      IRS wil find em. In Canada thats like 4 months salary. Min wage is 14 in Ontario.
    • NutOnNatsuki
      imagine making 5.75 a hour
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