• My parents denied me vaccinations as a child. Today, I was finally able to take my health into my own hands!
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    • The_Psychonaut
      Do you want autism? Because this is guaranteed not to give you autism.
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    • randomchip031
      He survived past 3?
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    • MilkNutCheerios
      What?! They can’t survive that long
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    • GrimmTroupe
      Not vaccinating your kids is like swimming across the river because you're afraid the bridge will break
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    • griffboi
      That's one intelligent 3 year old
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    • JesseLeePeterson
      content not available more
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    • Luxemburgist
      People make fun of anti-vaxers but it’s honestly not funny when you consider the kids have absolutely no say. It’s negligence at best and manslaughter at worst.
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    • Syncretist
      “Mom and dad, PLEASE vaccinate me.” “Shut up and drink your oil!”
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    • WubaluBADdubdud
      Im 20 and not vaxed. All these Damn vax memes make me feel like imma die any fucking second when I'm going strong. Cant say that about my 7 other siblings. I was the only one.. Only the strong should survive. Only the strong..only the abled..
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    • faftimua
      People have a greater fear of having autistic children than the fear of their children dying. That’s straight up prejudice, even if you’re not looking at the actual facts.
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    • catalystpooper2
      My parents fuckin yeeted all the vaccines into me as a baby now i get nauseous thinking about them, but damn am i glad i don't have polio
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    • WinterRoseStone
      You must have had one hell of an immune system.
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    • ShaquilleOReal
      At this point I think the vaccinations would harm him. He's a god amongst his kind, and even rivals our own strength, so we give him medicine to curb his raw power. It's not for his well being, it's for ours
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    • ThatClosetnaruto
      I honestly thought anti vaccine families were just a meme cause really, who is stupid enough not to vaccinate their child?? 😅
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    • ponto346
      I am also an antivax child. I am not old enough to chose to get vaccinated. Pray for me
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    • sophie425
      I'm glad for the vaccine memes bc I feel like it spreads awareness for how fucking stupid it is not to get vaccines and helps teens understand their importance
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    • VictorianEraStormtrooper
      I need to do this! I'm 23, I've never been vaccinated, nor had a needle pierce my skin. I don't have health insurance either, so the first job that give me health insurance, I'll get my vaccines.
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    • NerdingItUp
      my mother actually just kicked me out of the house because we hot into an argument about why she didnt vaccinate me. im next on this list !
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    • ginza
      Autism can be detected in a baby while it’s still in the womb, so autism being caused by vaccines is invalid
      ginza 22d
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    • uathachas
      I believe that if you don’t vaccinate your child you should be charged with child neglect and have your children taken from you
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    • MaskedCha0s
      Do people realize you can’t gain autism?
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    • YaNibbaBred
      How the fuck did you live long enough to get your own vaccines
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    • 07STANG
      I’m glad In Texas you arent allowed to go to public school if you arent vaccinated
      07STANG 25d
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    • KinkyPlutia
      Wow you survived all the way to level 18 without actually putting and point into perks nice
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    • JustAnotherCarGuy
      Memes are promoting health and I think that's really great
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    • telamon
      imagine being such a degenerate parent that you wont allow your child to get vaccined even if they want it
      telamon 25d
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    • JesseLeePeterson
      content not available more
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    • Wolfgang448
      Does not vaccinating your kids count as negligence? Because it should
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    • arrested_development
      Don't you like have to get shots to even be allowed to attend school though?
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    • Spare
      When you make it through a hard part in a game and can save
      Spare 25d
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    • billbraski
      On 18th birthday *crawls into the hospital, all pale and sickly* "i'll take the medicine now please"
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    • darfmada
      You're a god, you made it past 6 as an anti vacs kid
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    • Truckie1
      If an adult chooses not to vaccinate them selfs, it’s their choice. A parent choosing to not vaccinate their child is endangering another persons life that cannot make that choice themselves. It’s irresponsible and bad parenting.
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    • qwart
      Even if vaccines did give people autism, would you rather have your kid be autistic or have your kid live sickly for 3 years and die of a disease
      qwart 25d
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    • Rheabyn
      When you manage to reach the checkpoint with only 3HP and a dream
      Rheabyn 25d
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    • SlayMee
      SlayMee 25d
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    • lauren9096
      DUDE SAME . As soon as I moved out I got vaccinated the fuck up , whole panel . Getting vaccinated saved me from getting HPV from an unvaccinated infected person my ex cheated on me with (:
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    • VinylTheAqua
      Unvaccinated kids leaving their parent's house when they can go to the doctor without being stopped:
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      what does an antivaxx person blaim it on if they have an autistic kid and they were never vaccinated?
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    • PlayStore_Gems
      If you don't vaccinate your child, I think that should be considered child abuse and it needs to be just as illegal
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    • toriht
      My boyfriend's mom is a strong antivaxxer. His dad was smart enough to make him and his 3 brothers get vaccines and now I'm very thankful because I don't know if my man would've lived or not without them. His mom is crazy, and has even said shed rather have a dead child than an autistic one...
      toriht 24d
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    • cruelman14
      I'm surprised he lasted that long
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    • GayyFrog
      I dont think i ever want to meet a person dumb enough to believe that vaccines give autism.
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    • married_to_the_muffinman
      My parents didnt vaccinate me and I inherited an autoimmune disease from my dad before I turned 18 so I had to be put on an immunosuppressive medication (you can’t get live vaccines) which I’m still on at 21 years old, so I never got to make the choice and now I’m always at risk 👌👌👌
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    • JuliaTheOne
      We shouldn't discourage non vax people. Cuz sooner or later they're gonna die and leave more room for the rest of us
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    • Valusha
      Had a private school in my town that had one of the highest rate of anti-vax students. Bet you can't guess what happened...thats right 68% of them got chickenpox YEET
      Valusha 25d
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    • PlatinumRoyal
      Hopefully that wasn’t all on the same day, knowing what I learned in college, I don’t know if I’d give more than one vaccine per arm per day. I’d maybe put a week between them.
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    • Gabedotjpg
      Guess he bought the full version
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    • FrannieDavies
      I lived bitch
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    • Brionna
      One of my friends isn’t vaccinated. He also can’t read despite being 15. Impossibly alive, I’m taking him to be vaccinated when he turns 18.
      Brionna 25d
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      So you can’t decide what fuckin gender your kid has to be, but you can decide how long it lives?
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    • thisguyamiright
      Most anti vax kids will grow up to adulthood, but that is only because the rest of the population vaccinated there kids. Herd immunity nibbas
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    • oofdaaad
      The rare occurrence of an anti-vax child living longer than 3 years of age. (2019, colorized)
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    • drxgiun
      Vaccines is more like a shield. You dont need it to survive but its still heavily recommended in highly populated areas
      drxgiun 25d
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    • furnobutters
      He can spell pretty good for a three yr old
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    • GR4MM4R_NAZI
      Luck-10 Endurance-0
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    • fuck_knuckles
      Bro good game you went through the challenge mode and beat the game and now dudes free roaming
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    • MailaW
      How’d he live so long?
      MailaW 24d
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    • TenPercentBagel
      False story. Shouldnt have been alive by then
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    • Butterchu
      How did he survive that long?
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    • BiologicalHazard
      I'm impressed you lasted that long
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    • AntiAntiSinkie
      My mother is smart, she vaccinated me. And only uses essential oils to make the house smell good.
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    • maddog5499
      Something doesn’t add up how did he survive that long?
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    • Nickyp
      Imagine living in fear for over a decade, kids should be able to get vaccinations themselves
      Nickyp 25d
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    • MemeDealerMary
      death was supposed to kill you 13 years ago Karen.
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    • Shadow_Cats
      He is the chosen one, he lived passed 3
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    • Lesbian_Satan
      He didn't make it to 18, he just sued his parents at the age of 4 for autonomy
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    • Capn_Squid
      My mom never let me get any booster shots or flu shots or anything. So yesterday I went and got a flu shot since I’m an adult and I really don’t have to tell her.
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    • MetooThankz
      I have close family friends who their mother never vaccinated them. Every year they get strep throat and flu, always have massive migraines and stunted growth. And they wonder why. 🤔
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    • CrazyRooftops
      How did he post that with all his new autism
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    • EnemaEric
      Anti vaxxers are actually classified as health hazards. They are in WHO's top 10 global health threats
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    • CobaltBox
      Its like changeing difficulty halfway through the game
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    • Nigging
      Can I have my foreskin back now? My parents decided I wouldn’t want that.
      Nigging 25d
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    • TofuChicken
      I dont care if you're pro or anti vax but having that many in one hit smashing your immune system cant be good.
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    • RepublikaSrpska
      I’d rather my kid be autistic than dead anti vax tards.
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    • Jacob_Brown
      You fool! Don't you know that vaccines make the frogs gay?!?!
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    • Ron__Dogg
      Even if vaccines do cause autism, 1 kid with autism is better than 10 with polio
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    • Arodiin
      Anti-vaxxing is child abuse. Change my mind.
      Arodiin 25d
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    • sad_dick_noises
      When you max out your luck
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    • Spoooon
      I couldn’t be vaccinated after age five because I got diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, and my doctor told my parents not to get them for me. But I’m in remission now, so I can get vaccinated if I need to be.
      Spoooon 25d
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    • DJN3utral123rOfficial
      ... regrettably, I come from an anti-vax family. But, I, like this person, don't intend to follow in my parents' footsteps.
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    • Heaventheangle06
      It's clearly a lie they don't live past 3
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    • KingOverdrive
      Nice to know that those genes didn’t get passed down and you actually have a brain.
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    • CutesyNeko
      I have a few shots, but not all of them. It's not that my parents were against it, they just didn't like taking us to the doctor. They hated people in our business. These anti vaccines memes are making me think I'm going to die soon, as someone else said.
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    • FancyPengoo
      This is lies. You shouldn’t have live that long.. unless... oh no. The prophecy is true. We’re all doomed!
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    • Willtpug
      How did he survive past 3?
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    • Wildturtlee
      Ive only gotten the vaccines that i was required to by schools.. other than that, never got any extras
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    • scared_dragonite_GHIF
      This nigga didn't even need vaccinations he lived past 3 and 10. 15 is already an immortal being to anti vax children he was already a deity to anti vax people by the age of 18
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    • MintWine
      How did he survive for so long? Luck!
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    • dogsarekuhl
      Being more adult than the parents
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    • OfficerDiggler
      That was child abuse
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    • BriBriFox18
      Some of you are as bad as the anti vax people just because someone doesn’t get vaccinated doesn’t mean they can just die off I’m not vaccinated and made it to 22 most children in my school didn’t get vaccinated at all honestly where I grew up only a handful of kids actually got vaccinated.
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    • iNotThatFunny24
      I myself should know autism is genetic, I have Asperger’s syndrome, and common sense
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    • LlNK
      My parents gave me Vaccinations till I turned 12, and then i denied myself them, because living isn’t really that fun, unfortunately ive reached 18 and haven’t been sick since 12, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!?
      LlNK 25d
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    • The_DnDude
      My girlfriend did the same when she turned 18, she had like 15 shots in one day and then had to come back for more after her arm healed.
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