• Jelkin 4d
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    • This one actually got me i cant
    • General mutilation is a horrible crime against morality and basic human decency. Unless you’re a dude, then fuck you.
    • Circumcised are better. Simple.
    • Lol funny meme! Mind if I reshare?
      Binky 4d
    • Clipped > unclipped
    • Circumcision is controversial
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    • This is the first thing I’ve laughed at for a while
    • *Someones dik pokes through their skinny jeans* Gay man: *beats his meat*
    • ((( )))
    • I've been considering getting circumcised since I live in America where it is more aesthetically pleasing to have circumcised dick
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    • Another Shoa when?
    • meat is meat
    • Why do I have to watch ads to save memes now
    • My bf didn’t get one till he was a teenager. First thing his brother did when he got home from the hospital was kick him square in the cock
    • Why do people get so mad about the skin on your dick lmao
      PRO25_ 4d
      3 18
    • My pubes were really long at one point and they would get stuck inside my foreskin and would pull on the pube and it would hurt
    • I loved the smell of foreskin cheese!
      sooek 4d
    • I want my forskin back
      2 1
    • #hooddickgang
      hihi25 4d
    • #circumcisedmasterrace #prettydicksociety #dickcheesefree
    • Thank god i was circumcised, look at all these self conscious men who are fighting tooth and nail to not only end default choice circums(i don’t disagree) but also trying to demean those who had them (psychology of a self conscious bully to a T)
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    • He didn't take mine and im happy. Getting circumcised is stupid, there's no justification for it besides religion.
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    • Don’t get it
    • Js, uncircumcised dicks look nasty asf lmao
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    • You saw this on reddit too? Wow what a small world!
    • Circumcision is genital mutilation. It should be illegal to do to males just like it is to do to females.
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    • Lel circumsion joke
      BEETZ 4d
    • Let’s remove the testicles to prevent testicular cancer and remove her breasts to prevent breast cancer... that cool?
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    • My dick has a sweater for the winter 🤷‍♀️
    • Guys go look up foreskin restoration if you’re angry about being mutilated. Reddit had a good sub for it,
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    • So is it the doctor or the rabbi that does the circumcision? I’ve never understood.
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    • Oh I got featured whoop di doo
    • It’s the APPETIZER!!
    • Pretty sure you’re already nine months old when you’re born.
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    • Crazy I found out that rich people used the skin from circumcised baby dicks for face plastic surgery.
    • The hell is with this ad to save memes shit?
    • It actually happens on day 2 or 3
      Evarx 4d
    • Shlomo needs your foreskin for his facial cream and tomorrow's breakfast
      Groog 4d
    • Where my uncircumcised boys at?
      14 6
    • What's with this watch an ad to save the meme shit?
    • Ridiculousness you’re killing me
    • I find it amusing that this argument has resurfaced. I know a few people who had their penises circumcised either as a teenager or as an adult and never regretted the decision. Granted, not a wide sample size but, hey, that's my experience.
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    • Yo like you only get cock cheese if your don't fucking clean your dick at all like the fuck. It ain't that hard to throw some soap on our lil buddies
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    • the people throwing down things like having foreskin increases std risk and it causes diseases and bully people for being uncircumcised dont have a rigjt to talk because they never got to be uncircumcised. when you ask a male who got circumcised at the age of 18+, its a whole different story
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    • Stop touching my dick
    • Circumcision is how jews mark their slaves.
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    • You gotta wait 8 days
    • Fun fact the doctors actually fucked up my circumcision, I have less than no foreskin
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    • They took my hat 4 years later
    • Having the 4askin increases chance of infection and std growth if you get 1. Its better to snip it then when they wont feel it really.
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    • Who here doesn't care whether or not they're cut?
    • They cut off part of the dick and use no anesthesia whatsoever 70% of the time. Watch a baby’s dick squirt blood while it cries bloody murder for its mother and tell me it’s not mutilation.
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    • You gotta have a very fragile ego, and a whole lot of insecurity about yourself if you seriously care about other guys dicks at all.
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    • I only have one nut
    • Hey that’s my profile pic
    • It’s a disgrace that our Christian nation was fooled into normalizing an ancient, dirty Jew ritual just because one fag didn’t want kids jerking off. Keep trying to pretend your own mutilation was good, they marked you like a slave and you thank them for it.
      9 27
    • The Jews stole some of my penis stimulation. Pass the soy-juice
    • All that matters is ya size boi
    • That’s good shit
    • I have uncut, seriously it's not as bad as people say as long as you actually fucking shower like once a day. It makes masturbation feel better from what I have heard and tbh I dont see any reason to have it cut at this point in my life.
      4 5
    • Nice cropping
    • Circumcision began as a less severe form of emasculating a captured enemy: penectomy or castration would likely have been fatal, while some form of circumcision would permanently mark the defeated yet leave him alive to serve as a slave.
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    • I fucking hate circumcision, it’s such a vile, disgusting thing that happens to minors. Fucking disgrace to the world.
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    • My parents: fuck you
      2 3
    • foreskin gang
      toash 4d
    • Filthy heathens and their love for their foreskin, you can keep it lol no one is going to steal it while your asleep
      Kretos 4d
      2 1
    • No
      Vyzro 4d
    • I may be a whore but I don’t do uncut niggas that shits like a whole ass spaghetti
    • I always wondered if guys preferred it cut or natural...? Not to be weird, I am just curious if you could choose which would you prefer?
    • It’s called male genital mutilation
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    • This is god tier
    • Environ smh they stole my nigga's post 😥
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    • Fuck you, you made me spit soda on my phone
    • Everyone seems fine until they "circumcise" a little girl...
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    • Why is everyone so mad about other guys dicks?
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    • After the circumcision the rabbi sucks your dick
    • If i have a son im letting him make the choice and im going to let him have a choice most men never get
      Remove 4d
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    • .r34 fortnite is so good Mr. Markiplier
    • Honestly the main reason this is still common practice in hospitals is because of how profitable it is
      Eevee 4d
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    • ((They)) took this from you.
    • Being uncircumcised gives more pleasure during sex
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    • 10
    • When iFunny wont let you save a meme without an ad so you just screenshot it
    • Foreskin nibbas are freaks of nature
      Kepy 4d
    • I still have my dick beanie
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