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    • no nigga i gotta keep the cheese for the bread
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    • Guys if you want to somewhat un-mutilate yourself check out foreskin restoration. There’s a great group on reddit.
    • Women produce more smegma than men
      GayFC 5d
    • Somebody call gekyume
    • Still got mine in the jar(dabs)
    • HA HE DIDNT TAKE MINE.. wait
    • I don't like hats
    • No hat > hat
    • Let the battles begin.
    • All the low self-esteem uncircumcised people are just trying to put all the circumcised people down like they had a choice. Just be fine with what dick you ended up with don't make other people feel bad about theirs just because you don't like yours.
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    • Ill cut him, you suck him. Lets do this, rabbi
    • As a lady I prefer uncircumcised 🤷‍♀️
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    • I’ve been thinking about this post for a couple of months now...
    • Oh you mean like a weeny?
    • Incoming pointless debates over amount of penile skin
    • It’s actually “week old dick.” I guess whoever made this isn’t circumcised.
    • Foreskin is just a turtle neck for your bell end
    • The aerodynamics of it are greatly improved, and drag is reduced.
    • Uncircumcised dick is so strange looking. I get that it’s more natural, but it’s so unsettling the way the skin moves around
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    • (((Doctor)))
    • I’m starting to feel like a minority
    • Shit I’m glad I’m circumcised uncircumcised dicks looks like boppit worms
    • As someone who got circumcised later in life, I’d say you get 23% less pleasure. The good side is that my dick doesn’t smell anymore, other than that, do your child a favor and don’t take off his hat
    • Yes dickcheese exists, but like, just fuckin' clean urself properly
      eetoth 6d
    • Fuck you I have the same sticker
    • Circumference gang, where y’all at? Fuck these cheesy stuffed crust ass TRASH people.
      byJSN 6d
      8 3
    • He told my mom it was for health we not even Jews and they snipped me
      3 4
    • I wonder how many people complaining about circumcision support abortion tho?
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    • Lmao
    • Step 1 secure the keys! Step 2 ascend from darkness!
    • I thought circumcising was where your balls were cut off
    • I can hear this image
    • Uncircumcised dicks are disgusting
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    • Circumcision is male gentile mutilation
      12 10
    • Imagine not wanting to be circumcised
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    • At least the doctor is trying to enjoy his job and doesn’t do it for the money
    • Tf2 be like
    • Anyone who says circumcision has no medical benefits clearly didn't pay attention in health class. There's a known decrease in UTI, STDs, poor hygiene, and penile cancer.
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    • I have my hoodie
    • I'm glad the docs took my hat, it makes my pee pee more aerodynamic 🤣
    • I kept my hat
    • There is no religious region to be circumsized if you're not like a Jew is something. There is also no medical reason.
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    • when ur parents mutilate u as a baby
    • Dry dick niggas be like
    • Uncut is where it's at. 12/10 would recommend. Doesn't even matter the size, it makes it so much better. I've had uncut shrimp & an uncut infant's arm holding an apple, both still made me cum vs. That average, chafed, mutilated excuse for a dick
      7 12
    • My doctor never took my hat
    • The only reason circumcision is done now in the US is because the guy who invented corn flakes said it’d stop guys from masturbating. But as long as you clean your dingus, there’s virtually no benefit in circumcision.
    • People need to see that removing a foreskin after birth is not nearly as horrible as slashing someone’s clitoris off
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    • Wtf I literally made this joke the other day
    • Reposted
    • What’s a dick hat?
    • Im glad im circumsized, you dont lose sensitivity unless they fuck it up, and honestly the scar (not visibly noticable) is more sensitive (feels better).
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    • Genital mutilation isn't cool :(
    • Why do people care so much for the reasoning. Uncircumcised penises aren't hard to wash if you take showers it's very little effort unless you're weaker than a 4 year old. Also whether circumcised penises look better or not it's opinionated.
    • I mean, I'd rather not have to deal with washing under the wrapper if you get my drift
    • They don’t steal that shit right after birth righ?? Isn’t it like a party or something called a Brisk? Isn’t that when they cut your cock off
    • No one cares about genital mutilation if it’s on a boy
      7 5
    • I wanna be a birthing doctor just to snip little boy babies penises off
    • I thought this was going to go in an entirely different direction after reading the top line.
    • Low key I kind of want it back
      3 3
    • I will never understand how it’s socially acceptable and recommended to mutilate male genitals at birth, but strictly illegal to do so to female genitals. It’s fucking retarded. There’s no benefits for anyone, it just cuts off nerve endings, making the penis less sensitive.
      11 37
    • Y’all uncut people are acting like all of who are cut whine all day begging for our foreskin back, like jfc who cares
      9 2
    • There is countless information proving that it is healthier to get circumcised, less infection and less chance for erectile dysfunction at older age. Sorry if you’re all uncut, you can cry all you want that it’s unnatural but in the end chicks dig it cleaned up and it’s healthier.
      5 18
    • The only problem I really see worth circumcision is if you got phimosis. The only arguments I hear for it are it’s cleaner and you last longer. It’s not cleaner because you’d still have to clean it just as regularly and I’ve seen cut niggas cum in less than 10 sec it don’t make a difference
      1 2
    • Ya'll are gay for talking about dicks.
      3 4
    • It’s funny how there’s so many arguments in the comments about whether it’s better to be circumcised or uncircumcised, when it’s entirely objective. People who are uncircumcised have no reference on what a circumcised penis, and circumcised folks have none for an uncircumcised one. Other than looks
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    • It's a shame I didn't have a say in the matter
      9 2
    • Actually they wait 3-4 days before cirumcision
    • Took me a second lmfao
    • The doctor had to beat him off 1st and get a baby dick hard just to cut the skin.
      AJV25 8d
    • fucking jews this is why we need a second holocaust
      1 14
    • Guycume
    • Being circumcised does not provide any actual benefits these are all based on myths. The hiv study was done an africa and was never finished.
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    • Out of everything that gets featured on this site, this topic makes dudes the most butt hurt. Don't let it get under your skin.
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    • uncircumcised dicks ugly as fuck
      breep 8d
      10 6
    • I'm glad I got circumcised. I like being able to see my head, without rollin' the skin back lol
      HJH09 8d
    • Uncut is more pleasureful for men and women, although circumcision is healthier for your body. However, if you just clean under your foreskin regularly, it really doesn’t make much of a difference
      8 4
    • I'm uncut and I last longer in the bed
      2 5
    • Except Jews are subhumans and they don't go to doctors.
    • Fucking jews
      2 4
    • Omg
    • I was circumcised last week, better late then never I guess. All my dad had to do was kick my sister in the jaw
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    • Glad I’m circumcised that foreskin look nasty af no I’m not Jewish I’m 100% American
      4 10
    • Circumcised penis look weird to me.
      Butts3 8d
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    • Rabbi: "May I suck your dick, child?"
      iZach 8d
    • I would so fuck Patrick’s thicc cheeks
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