• my english professor walked into Class, saw algebra on the board and yelled “oh what the fuck is this, get me an eraser before I pass out.”
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    • felix3696
      I'm in college. It's actually fairly believable that a professor would say this. They don't give a shit.
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    • gerpybomfiddler
      (1/2)I have this professor named Jody who is one of the few people keeping my spirits up at Uni and shes unintentionally hilarious. Example: She finally convinced one of her son's to let her het him a mobile phone (weird kid). Anyway, he sends her one of his first texts while she's teaching our...
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      "College will never be this lenient y'all better straighten up" *college professor* "oh my fuck lads I forgot my monster just relax for like 10 minutes I'll be back"
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    • MemeDigest
      Algebra is super basic puzzles, rip if you cant do it
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    • ElectricOrange
      I’m in college and I was enrolled in an entire course dedicated to swear words. The study of their physiological and sociological effects and the history of significant curse words. And ohhhh man did we curse in that class.
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    • tsimms62
      As a joke i showed up to my girlfriends College and sat in one of her classes during the middle of the semester. The teacher just looked at me,realized i didnt go there and said “fuck it.” And continued. I went to her cheerleading tryouts and the coach gave no fucks either. College is a no fuckszone
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    • DocterFlopper
      In college my coach said to the team today “When I start talking that should trigger a Pavlovian response in your head to shut the fuck up. Ten more burpees”
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    • polititalks
      Bitch yall lucky my sociology professor (prereq for paramedic) made the whole class watch a 25 minute video on how "queers are oppressed" its names the queen theory timeline and its ass
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    • Est_Mor
      My English professor was talking about hentai in class, it was awesome
      Est_Mor 19d
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    • TheFBl
      Then the desks clapped
      TheFBl 19d
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    • C_B_
      College professors are an interesting breed. My Intro to Engineering professor told us he was a petroleum engineer and said nonchalantly that his job was basically to "shoot 15,000 volts through natural gas and hope he didn't blow up".
      C_B_ 18d
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    • SuddenFoodConsumption
      If yall are saying that you doubt this you've never been in a college class
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    • Midnight
      my history professor dropped the f bomb about 11 times on the first day of class. he’s chill as hell and don’t give one single fuck how you feel.
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    • Omega00F
      But why tho
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    • Butterfly_Babe
      Gatekeeping 100
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    • BroDuke
      This nigga put all his stats into speech.
      BroDuke 19d
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    • ChippedSriracha
      My professor didn’t know what cosmic brownies were, and after we told him he went out and bought some for the whole class to eat
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    • SnarelaxZ
      Sounds like something a math or science teacher would say when they walked into an english classroom with a dissected old english poem on the board
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    • meerkatmatt
      Algebra easy af, now multi dimensional calculus, that’s brutal
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    • SrFluffeh
      One of my professors believes in censoring just the f word while another one will yell fuck as loud as he can and it's great when they're together
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    • iGrumpTheGameGrumps
      First day of human geography. Teacher says "take notes" and plays a video. Here I an thinking "oh yes one of those teachers" then bad girls by M.I.A starts playing. Afterwards hes like "welcome to intermediate hip hop, you should have already taken beginner."
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      College professors are the embodiment of min/maxing on stats
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    • BalisongsDaily
      My professor was going over notes and shit and went "is this boring to yall" and as everyone nodded he went "good me too, fuck this dumb shit who wants to go home early" we left like okay cool
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    • XOfficerDoofyX
      That's why I like college, the professors will say anything
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    • Travistite
      Were some features reused? Not just reupload but actual recycled features? Because I already had smiles on some of them. If so lazy to a whole new level, feature team
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    • TheNigOcean
      Oh I get it, cause its algreBRUH and this guy is an EnGRISH teacher 😂😂😂😂 Smash like for TC
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    • CaptPancake
      Lol oh it’s funny because the professor cussed. lol ohhhh they are human just like us. Lololol
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    • geogod2066
      This sounds like something Brandon Rodgers would write.
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    • MythicZodiac
      I had to bring my little brother to school last week with me and the look on his shocked face when he realized that professors curse on the daily was hilarious
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    • RyanTracy
      English profs were hell on us science and engineering majors
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    • IronicMemeStealer
      My philosophy prof told a kid nobody knew what the fuck he was talking about lol
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    • Testsubject276
      "IN THIS CLASSROOM WE DON'T COUNT. WE SCREAM." *Proceeds to fill board with A's*
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    • JuanTrejo_MHN
      College is where everyone is a student, including the professor
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    • IsThisThingLoss
      Honestly college professors are usually funny and chill. Just don't be an idiot and they'll help you when you need it
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    • nobody42
      my college professor told us his past nickname was "Mr. Fuck You" and called a student daddy later during a RP
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    • Zuurek
      I had a gay, 60 year old flamboyant ass english 2 professor named Karl, and he said fuck at least 10 times by the end of the semester
      Zuurek 18d
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    • TheRanger
      Anyone who says “X” to this must’ve had one boring ass professor
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    • videogamedunkey
      Anyone who doesn’t believe this hasn’t made it to college
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    • Zaffler
      Lmao reg-eds don’t get simple math
      Zaffler 19d
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    • rosie232
      I once wrote "It's trash CAN, not trash CAN'T!" accompanied by an anime trashcan and my professor kept it up for the rest of the semester
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      Crazy how they know our pain but hand is the shit like this ain't punishment
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    • Apera
      It's hard for most people on this app to relate since about half haven't even been in a college
      Apera 19d
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    • Boardgames
      The Spring semester started today and my math prof came in 10 minutes late to a 9 AM with an anime tshirt and flipflops. It's like 30 degrees outside. I love college
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    • timefly
      Yeah most college professor's are whiny bitches too
      timefly 19d
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    • ivuservi
      I have a substitute teacher named Reese and today he greeted the class with "My name is Reese, like the candy bar, I even have chocolate on the outside so you don't get confused." easily one of my favorite substitutes
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    • Nuclear_touch
      I hate I’m forced to take an art class in college. It’s a liberal brainwashing wasteland in there
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    • KaosMC
      My art teacher says rubber cement smells like ass
      KaosMC 19d
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    • 1103707
      Dat me
      1103707 19d
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    • Ironic_Nazi_of_Grammar
      Algebra was always easy for me, now proofs in geometry, thats what I hate.
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    • Linear
      Linear 19d
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    • l_Carly_l
      This is 100% accurate based on my experience. Like I have this one professor whose wife is also a professor in the same major and someone asked him if his final would be as hard as hers, and he laughed and was like oh no I would've gotten an F on her final
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    • GoodSirWoods
      They have ZERO CHILL. The young ones are so funny sometimes. Liberal art sCollege professors be like : “What’s the square root of fuck this weather”
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    • _Clorox_Bleach_
      English professors are chill as hell. My English comp teacher last semester wore jeans, a t-shirt, and baseball hat every day, and we had class discussions about shit like killing babies
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    • LightlnTheDarkness
      Someone should do this with Present Mic
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    • coolcalmcollective
      College actually is so chill. Profs swear and really don’t care
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    • infinitestolenmemes
      That shows who else hates math
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    • Number_one_pimp
      English majors
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    • Sal_Fisher_SF
      Man's a mood
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    • sandman0105
      College do be like that though
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    • Not_the_bes
      My biology professor name dropped and roasted another professor about being married 3 times
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    • Mikemikemikesike
      all yall sayin "algebra easy tho" issa english teacher, issa joke yall
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    • MasterYumi
      Math is one of the reasons I’m a psych. major.
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    • elhartista_
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    • Jagerftw
      Made me laugh out loud for a few seconds i have a teacher like this but if he said that i would die laughing
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    • Not_Human_Trafficking
      But algebra is like the easiest subject in math tho...
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    • specialdoggo
      I’m in high school and I have this terrible art teacher. All she does is complain about the class and she never even teaches. And she doesn’t let us listen to music when we work. I hope college teachers aren’t like her
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    • Keeperofbooks
      Aviation professors are flex masters. I had a professor with a massive moustache (I mean Damn it was beautiful) and throughout the semester he wrote out a shit list of all the students he didn't like. Flat out mocked a single student the entire semester (dont worry it was all chill), and by the end
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    • ironiczaki
      Why did I read this in a black person voice?
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    • LibbyUghhh
      My English professor was late everyday showed up in sweatpants low-key a little out of it and are first 3 assignments where about hip hop and then we watched the movie cocaine cowboys 2 fun class great professor
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    • Not_Kabal
      My professor walked in today, saw his old notes on the board, and said “nobody erased that shit from last week?”
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    • charanaki
      College professors >high school teachers
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    • EmberIncarnate
      So believable. I’m an English major, and if there’s ever math left over on the board we all get scared
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    • Cornelius_hakl
      And that's why they are just an English professor
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    • diggusbickus
      Classic right brain behavior lol
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    • ohno___
      Haha math hard for small brain
      ohno___ 19d
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    • Tone8605
      Question: do you know what an English degree qualifies you for? Answer: teaching English. It is a ponzi scheme.
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    • Metal_and_Marines_MHN
      All the people saying this doesn't seem real have never been to college
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    • xxthenondailypostxx
      Sounds about right
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    • The_Musical_Astronaut
      My physics professor: I can’t spell but I don’t need to know how
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    • SkodakBlack
      And then proceeded to make u read 5 pages and write a 2 page summary
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    • PristineLeanCuisine
      My professor showed up 10 minutes late on the first day
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    • ColeTadlock
      A lot of college professors are pretty funny. But then there’s like that 20% that just suck
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    • MyBad
      MyBad 19d
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      My English professor wants us to write an autobiography in memes. This is definitely something that could have happened.
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    • stressed_penguin
      My English teacher came in on the first and there was math on the board and made us question if we were in the right class by questioning how we know that things are what they are
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    • cosmemi
      My cinema professor legit did this like every day bc the class before us was calculus
      cosmemi 19d
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    • Pissoffutard
      My professors are uptight and neurotic
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    • jknox8
      Omg math is hard s0 relatable 😤
      jknox8 19d
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    • Knighthawk1
      I couldn’t help doing it in an Irish accent
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    • Rabbi_Jimbob
      Liberal Arts. Sigh
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    • TemporaryStuff
      I haven’t had a good English teacher since the 7th grade help
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    • _where_am_i
      Why do i always stay up late looking at memes just to wake up and feel like death every morning
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