• My dad dropping me off at baseball practice so I could sit in the outfield and pick dandelions
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    • GodsSugarDaddy
      That’s uncomfortably true, I didn’t want to be there so I just sat and messed with the grass
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    • Anyways
      T-ball nigga type beat
      Anyways 22 dec
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    • folkfun
      folkfun 22 dec
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    • Wild_Link
      Wild_Link 22 dec
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    • birddad
      "Mayor, this place looks nice and all, but why are there children with guns sitting over there? >_<"
      birddad 22 dec
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    • lifestyles
      Greg Heffley: *Heavily breathing*
      lifestyles 22 dec
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    • folkfun
      folkfun 22 dec
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    • opsman
      Isn't that from diary of a wimpy kid
      opsman 22 dec
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    • StripedAnalBeads
      I hated playing the outfield, I was more of a second baseman
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    • WeedOfficial
      I knew a chubby kid named Brian who did that shit, it was annoying because you wanted them to actually help the team, but they're just looking off into the void
      WeedOfficial 23 dec
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    • fuckthis12
      I feel like he was referencing diary of a wimpy kid
      fuckthis12 23 dec
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    • TheJuic3
      Greg Heffley?
      TheJuic3 23 dec
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    • redmagician
      Isabelle dropping off her apprentice
      redmagician a month
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    • Rachel35
      My mom said when I was really young they took us 3 kids to the Easter egg hunt & when they said go, I would sit in the grass play with the dandelions or chase the butterflies. It turns out I was showing signs of Autism. 32yrs later I was finally diagnosed.
      Rachel35 24 dec
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    • Xyro
      I must have outgrown some mentally challenged stage, but when I was forced into baseball (as a girl, not softball) I'd dance at the bases or sometimes not run after hitting the ball thinkin it was a foul but wasn't. I was 9 yet I think I acted 5... I can even recall the coach calling me "slugger" 😕
      Xyro 23 dec
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    • IGetTCByRepostingFeature
      Whenever my mom would bring me to soccer practice I’d just look for bugs
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    • monkeyboy1303
      Sounds alot like a page from Diary of a wimpy kid
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    • FlRE
      Fuck.... accurate
      FlRE 23 dec
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    • D_Ran
      I tried soccer, but I was too big to run around the field. They laughed back then, but now? Yeah. It sucks, but I'm 30 pounds lighter and own a motorcycle so fuck em
      D_Ran 23 dec
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    • LewdXMood
      Greg Heffley reference
      LewdXMood 22 dec
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    • egrg
      Lol I coach little league and I can’t lie I put the worst players in the outfield and let them pick as much dandelions as their heart pleases.
      egrg 22 dec
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    • LimeCat
      Sounds awfully close to the Diary of a Wimpy Kid plots there mate. Don’t rip off one of the greatest book series of all time.
      LimeCat 22 dec
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    • FierceDeityLink
      Ocelot/Miller over the Codec: "Boss, that dog you have in the passenger seat is capable of grabbing opponents from a considerably far distance. The Diamond Dogs can use this technique for SnR operations. Bring her back to base. DD might even have a new friend."
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    • Hatch419
      I was a damn good outfielder.... but then I got hit in the face with the ball and broke my nose, I’m still afraid of the ball
      Hatch419 22 dec
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    • Lincolnloud
      Wimpy kid reference
      Lincolnloud 22 dec
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    • OfficialMatt
      Ok Greg heffley
      OfficialMatt 22 dec
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    • YaBoiSavageAf
      I wish there was a big boss skin for snake in smash
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    • _Semi_Erect_
      Surprised nobody has picked up the diary of a wimpy kid reference
      _Semi_Erect_ 22 dec
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    • ne_hoy_minoy_hoy
      My dad used to coach all my baseball teams, and I was so bad at it, he used to force me to go to private lessons to try and get better. Nothing like striking out for the 34th time of your childhood and watching your dad refuse to make eye contact with you.
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    • Yeezy360
      Smash is a good game
      Yeezy360 22 dec
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    • TravieC
      TravieC 22 dec
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    • ChadKota
      We’ve all been there
      ChadKota 22 dec
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    • _Lucoa_
      _Lucoa_ 22 dec
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    • TheJalster
      TheJalster 22 dec
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    • Seth9378
      Holy fuck I thought I was the only one to do this
      Seth9378 a month
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    • Cvetterick
      I hated playing outfield when I was a kid. It was pointless no one could even hit the ball that far.
      Cvetterick 23 dec
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    • _Kiwi
      Being a designated hitter I was in the outfield for the longest time until the catcher didn’t want to do it anymore for some reason. I’m left handed so I didn’t have a catchers mitt. That’ll toughen up your hand real good
      _Kiwi 23 dec
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    • RookieTheCookie
      Its funny because its true.
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    • imKhaleesi
      I did this when I played soccer, it was boring as hell. So I switched to field hockey & well I got a few more bruises & concussions & fucked up joints & broken bones but I never sat & picked flowers again 😂
      imKhaleesi 23 dec
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    • lTACHl_UCHlHA
      content not available more
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    • S_P_I_C_Y_B_O_l_
      You knew you were shit at baseball when you played left field unless you were playing in high school
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    • connor6481
      Why did we have the same childhood
      connor6481 22 dec
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    • liquiid
      liquiid 22 dec
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    • _Komi_
      _Komi_ 22 dec
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    • IsThereSomethingInMyTeeth
      Mgsv was awesome
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    • VelocityRaptor_
      THIS GAVE ME FUCKING FLASHBACKS LMAO, I used to do this all the time but I played soccer instead
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    • bar_mor
      implicit diary of a wimpy kid meme
      bar_mor 22 dec
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    • 69deeznutz420
      If you were my son, I’d belt the hell out of you. 😡
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    • Montys_Memes
      Felling personally attacked
      Montys_Memes 22 dec
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    • Thefuckyoumean
      Greg heffley
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    • NuGgieS
      Should’ve been Greg Hefley posting that.
      NuGgieS 22 dec
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    • littleBoiDiddler
      *ahem diary of a wimpy kid ahem*
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    • morsecodenibba
      I got right field. Pretty much nobody hits to right field. I was like 8. The one time they actually did hit a ball in my direction I wasn't paying attention and it just rolled right past me.
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    • Fiddler
      Playing right field, it's easy you know, you can be awkward, you can be slow, that's why I'm here in right field just watching the dandelions grow...
      Fiddler 22 dec
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    • LewdThing
      LewdThing 22 dec
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    • Pattwick
      Pattwick 22 dec
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    • SirMemingshire
      content not available more
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    • diapershit
      amazing how many people could relate to being a faliure and disappointing their own fathers its unbelievable
      diapershit 22 dec
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    • EggsOnT
      Some people are way better at other things (sports aren’t what make the world go round)
      EggsOnT 22 dec
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    • its_lil_old_me_123
      You are a disappointment to your father
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    • arcane_disaster
      I used to sit down and draw in the sand. My dad stopped coming to my games the first time I did that.
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    • reposty
      Did anyone ever try taking tape off a basketball court but then you realize there’s a clear cover over the whole court
      reposty 22 dec
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    • hawl
      Jeeps didnt have running boards.
      hawl 22 dec
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    • DougDimmaDms
      Wow that tc didn’t last long
      DougDimmaDms 22 dec
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    • Creepyguyinthebackground
      When I played little league that's legitimately what I would do, I could also never hit the ball because I didn't know I needed glasses back then and I assumed you were supposed to swing every pitch and hope you hit it, regardless of where the ball was thrown I would swing because I couldn't see it
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    • Nicky
      Nicky 22 dec
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    • Hellstorm
      Hellstorm 22 dec
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    • lovehazyl
      That sounds exactly like soccer
      lovehazyl 22 dec
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    • itrollcrybabieswithbait
      Tc and I’ll actually post nudes
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    • animecum
      animecum 22 dec
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    • LordDeadpool
      This was me but for soccer and I was the goalie
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    • Solace_Romance
      Your dad drives a willy jeep?
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    • GrabAndGrowl
      Always one kid pulling the damn grass lol
      GrabAndGrowl a month
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    • CrankDank
      I just drew in the dirt
      CrankDank 24 dec
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    • ExCUSEMeitsMaam
      The cheetah ran faster dandelion.
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    • Purely_Sinful
      I really was that kid
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    • Gazico
      This was me. I never liked sports lolol
      Gazico 23 dec
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    • flentes
      let the legend come back to life
      flentes 23 dec
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    • Garfiere
      My mom used to leave me at basketball practice and I’d sneak inside to play ping pong when the coach was distracted.
      Garfiere 23 dec
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    • PlanetVaster
      Lmao when I played t-ball I always drew in the dirt because I didn't want to be there.
      PlanetVaster 23 dec
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    • Freedom_ringz
      I don’t know what bitchass league you played in, but in mine, we worked HHHAAAAARRRRD in the outfield
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    • Oliver_J_Queen
      Quit this gay ass Isabelle shit
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    • ChaosZorua
      She and him play exactly alike
      ChaosZorua 23 dec
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    • Lemons_
      i was an amazing catcher but my coach always put me in the outfield bc i was too chubby for him so I didnt qualify for being shortstop or second base. then i just quit cuz it got boring
      Lemons_ 23 dec
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    • Darth_Minority_Hater
      Lmao i literally did this when i played (i was like 5 or som shit)
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    • Taina_Pereira
      Not me I actually played and was good at it till I got a head injury
      smile 1 reply 5
    • OkGray
      It sucked for me because I actually like baseball but I sucked really bad so all that they had me do was sit outfield and do nothing, but my dad would always buy me ice cream after the game so it was cool
      OkGray 23 dec
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    • MCR4
      I loved baseball practice and games cause are coach actually got us into it. Even the kids who sucked enjoyed it. That’s a good coach.
      MCR4 23 dec
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    • HillaryDeletedMyMemes
      Diary of a wimpy kid
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    • Laughing_Foreskin
      that was me im dead the put me in far left outfield and nothing happened and i got bored so i played with bugs
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