• Vaccine feature Vaccine feature
    • Of course he removes my top comment. Fucking degenerate of a kid you are a fucking nobody stay random
    • just found out my brothers mom is an antivaxxer and now im sad at humanity
    • Im a unvaccinated and ill have an allergic reaction to one if i do but ill just fuck it when im older and catch up
      j3d123 11d
    • Here son, take this sappy white vaccine from my meat flute. Don’t tell mom, so that you live and stuff.
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    • Jim Jefferies
    • Chaotic good
      TheLuap 12d
    • People don't appreciate their dads enough
    • I already had this meme before this was posted
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    • No pun intended but these ativax memes are getting old.
      MrMercy 12d
    • This has been featured 20 plus times easily.
    • *deep sigh* FOR FUCK SAKES
    • Oh I get it, because not vaccinating your kids is bad
      Smegna 13d
      1 1
    • Yay glad to see this for like the 12th time, this is great
    • A girls knee
    • When only one parent cares about their kid
    • I went to the hospital the other day for some medical reasons and I see a dad there with a child, karen doesn't deserve the kids if she's trying to kill them
    • If it get tc i will vaccinate everyone
    • My little sister works at a pediatric clinic. They won’t accept patients that aren’t vaccinated because it would put the infants too young to be vaccinated at risk and I really appreciate those doctors for doing that.
    • My fucking boyfriend is anti vax and told me we won't vax our kids... Bitch please I'm having my kids get their vaccines with or without your consent
      3 4
    • The fathers watch... an unending vigil to protect those who know not what lurks beyond the wall.
    • I have an aunt who is anti-vax, and she blames her drug addictions on being vaccinated as a kid. She also thinks that the only reason my nephew is autistic is because his mom had him vaccinated.
      2 2
    • Out of sight out of mind. We went from parents pleading please vaccinate and save my babies to, wtf is polio, measles mumps and rubella? It causes autism and I dont believe science. Smdh
    • Pro-Vax dads, saving kids since the beginning
      carlik 13d
    • We got our baby girl vaccinated we didnt do every single one theres like a ton and some are bullshit. Flu shots are retarded and dont work.
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    • If i steal and repost this can i get featured too?
    • Omg. Such original. Many unique. Cannot wait to see reposted tomorrow sos I can laugh again
    • That's bad. If the mother convinces people the son was never vaccinated and is still healthy, then whoever she convinces will not vaccinate their children.
    • Jim Jeffries
    • I’m boutta turn 18 and I am not vaccinated (I know crazy I’m alive) but I was wondering how do I even do it, like where do I go and who do I ask
    • "Anti-vax." What is this? 2018? Let's use their proper names and call them pro-disease.
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    • Damnit Pam, your better than this
    • Old af
    • When will anti vax memes fucking die out they're not funny.
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    • Government god damn mandated anti vax meme
    • That kinda just makes it seem like anti-vax isn’t that bad. You know, since the kid’s still alive.
    • Starting to feel like propaganda at this point
    • This dude removed my top comment smh.
    • Fuck you iFunny.
    • I created a meme very similar to this.
    • State mandated unfunny anti bad feature
      Roob 13d
    • My mother had a college biology teacher that said that we really shouldnt inject people with any vaccines that arent big ones like polio and measles because a virus can mutate. Like the swine flu
      3 2
    • I recited an anti-vaxx meme to my dad and he just goes "Theyve done studies that prove theyre harmful" and long story short he stopped responding to me after I brought up the fact that he resigned (which I corrected myself a couple minutes later; he was actually banned.)
      5 9
    • Ok I’ve watched the office a million times and could never find where this is from. What episode is this from?!
      Lanochu 14d
    • Hahahahahshshjahahha Antivaxxers memembdhxbxsbhaabajajajahahahahha
      Meoo 14d
    • I'm tired of this
    • But furthering her belief since she still doesn’t know
    • Im 18 years old and haven't been vaccinated
      magyar 14d
      1 3
    • Even better when you waste your time saying shit like funnier the twelth time, we know now say something funny so we atleast enjoy the comments
      1 2
    • Do you get it? Vaccines lol. Vaccines. Get vaccinated know. Disobey your parents. Ignore logic. Drink tap water.
    • My dad never got me vaccinated, he just got me knuckle sandwiches instead
      AJzPr0 14d
    • content not available more
      5 2
    • 8 2
    • What If ifunny is featuring the same meme again and again so people won’t like vaccine memes, and won’t want to get VACCINATED!!!!!!!
    • Stop
    • Fuck antivaxxsrs
      ifroake 14d
    • I want to clarify, not mad. Pay homage to what pleases you. But the antivaxx propaganda is drowning out the good stuff. I come for funny, not your choice movement banner.
      Frakkit 14d
    • Alright, we get it. Anti-vaxxers are dumb, their kids won’t grow up, blah blah blah. Christ, why can’t we just keep making new jokes instead of beating the shit out of every new one that comes along
      TG1097 14d
      8 2
    • even better the eleventyth time!
    • Men Unite!!!
    • But this is why the moms still think it’s doing good things
    • Yes we fucking get it
    • Mmmmm yummy fluoride
    • HaHa!
      Elmo 14d
    • Government mandated vaccine feature Government mandated vaccine feature
    • Thank you for the feature, elites! Time to drink some tap water
      Jews 14d
    • Don’t vaxx
    • Fun fact: thimerosal is a "preservative" put in 90% of flu vaccines despite once being banned in 1999 and proven to have no safe minimum level and harm child development
      4 10
    • This pleases Israel
    • This joke was never funny. Yeah, I’m antivax. Mad losers?
      Vicomte 14d
      7 7
    • Imagine believing that injecting a disease will make you immune to said disease. Common sense 101! It'll just make you sick.
      3 4
    • The Jim jefferies skit on this is so fucking good
    • Funny thing is.... I didn't get vaxed. Right now I'm suffering from a massive fever, some dry coughs, and nausea. I love my mom
      1 4
    • do you retards really believe that injecting heavy metals to your bloodstream is healthy? literally brainwashed by the government
      ols47 14d
      10 7
    • No fucking joke this actually happened to me.
    • Wow this again?
    • Man people are so funny saying evEn fUnnIeR tHe 8Th tImE
      1 1
    • Jim Jeffries
    • waning 14d
    • Yo. This shit hasn't been featured enough. I need thirty more reposts, STAT
    • These vaccination memes are more annoying than harambe memes and the 8 billion dog memes we used to get shoved down our throats.
    • You sit on a throne of lies, Karen!!
      2 1
    • My moms anti vax but she still vaccinated me so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Tuesday 14d
    • Only gets funnier the 14th time
      Faccc 14d
    • My actually situation
    • Can we stop featuring this
    • Am I the only one who won’t like a meme that was already featured again because it feels like you’re cheating on the first meme?
    • Government mandated vax meme
      Silvnya 14d
    • Hey I seen this once
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