For trolls, mut mply a way of life. When a troll regenerates, its flesh can react in unexpected ways, producing new features, so that a transformation that would take another race generations ean oceur in a troll within moments. It exactly this that makes them so adaptable, but it also has a more sinister aspect.
'mutant troll can arise in any population, but they are
'most commonly found as part of tribes of ordinary trolls, as the extreme adaptations required in other breeds means that an unexpected mutation can be a detriment to their survival. Where they do prosper, it is because of some highly obvious advantage, such as
'one or more additional limbs or, in rare cases, two heads.
Blessed by Deformity. In many races, such gross deviancy of form would lead to an individual being shunned, but the opposite is true amongst trolls, who
embrace their degenerate kin as leaders or even revere them as touched by the gods. A mutant troll recei the biggest share of the kill when the tribe hunts,
growing large and strong. Such specimens are sometimes called fell trolls by those who have
'encountered them.
Twisted Legacies. The dominance of a toll mutant over a tribe has another effect: they become favored
'mates, and so pass on their predilection for physical deviancy to their offspring. Unchecked, a troll mutant can, in only a few generations, lead to an entire tribe of
'multi-limbed, multi-headed monstrosities rampaging down from the mountains.
Large giant, chaotic evil
Remor Class 15 (natural armon)
Hit Points 103 (Sd10 54),
'Speed 30
20 (+5) 13 1040)
Skills Perception +2
Senses darkvision Languages 60 ft, passive Perception 12
Languages Giant
Challenge (2,300 XP) oF 7 (2,900 XP) for Type 3
Keen Smell, The troll has advantage on Wisdom
(Perception) checks that rely on smell
Regeneration. the The takes rogains 12 it points this start of ite doesn't the wol function takes aed or fire damage, his trait turn. The troll doesn't function atthe start ofthe trol's turn. The troll
ddies only starts its turn with O hit points and doesn't regenerate.
Mutant Type. The troll has one ofthe following types:
Type 1: An extra arm,
Type An entra hed ype 3: An extra arm and an extra head
Two Heads. troll with an extra checks head and on has advantage on against
Wisdom being (Perception) blinded, checks harmed, and-on deafened saving throws against being inded, harmed, deafened, ightened, stunned, and
Extra Arm. eol with an has extea arm can advantage on carry prapple three objects simultaneously, om and has advantage creatures on grapple checks and attack rolls against creatures grapping.
uleatiack with its bite (Type The its wll makes claws. fur attacks one
with its bite and three wath its claws.
ts bite
2 onky). with The troll makes four attacks: two with its clavs,
The all makes fie tack: wats dws
Bite, Hie Melee Weapon Attack: +8 to hit, reach ft, one target
Hie + 8) piercing damage.
law, Melee Wea, target. Mit 12 (2
Attack: 5) +8 slashing hit, reach f, one
5) slashing damage,
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