• jaider01
      Minecraft is an excellent game for developing minds. The youngest kids can play minecraft, and my littlest cousin (around 6 years old) has just started learning about redstone. It's amazing how much he has learned about circuitry at his age. Minecraft can teach kids to think mechanically in a way.
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    • thedankdaddy
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    • price5051
      Haha saying the same thing in a new format👌
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    • Hurricane_
      Minecraft > Fortnite
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    • Dude_why_u
      Minecraft is actually fun, fortnite teaches kids how to waste money on shitty skins
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    • Mentally_Delirious
      I’m 19 and I still enjoy gettin on and building something from my mind, I think anyone can be creative and expand their mind.
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    • RainingDeer
      minecrafts music is still godly change my mind
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    • g0dbeThelight
      Not gonna lie! I'm like 30 and I still play that shit! I literally just kicked my son off my ps4 so I didn't lose an idea build I had!
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    • General_Gecko
      Like this if you are a OG at Minecraft
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    • Konnerj7
      Minecraft is a game where adults have fun but they just don't want to admit it.
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    • chasesothrash
      Minecraft besting fortnite is the only thing we have left, we must protect it.
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    • Aron
      i picked minecraft up again about a week and a half ago out of nostalgia. me and a couple friends started playing on a survival server together. it is one of the best ways to relax and enjoy my free time. even though we are all around 15,16, and 17, we can still get enjoyment out of this game.
      Aron 13d
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    • MrDaddyRyeBread
      It blows my mind on how that game is still kicking ass after so many years.
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    • DanielRecker
      Love it or hate it, Minecraft is the most successful game ever made
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    • I_am_Karen
      Minecraft Hunger Games will always take over Fortnite
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    • General_Gecko
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    • CSmith0102
      The difference is minecraft updates ad functionality to the game instead of crappy gimmicks and it's more than just "that block game with the shit graphics"
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    • GodsPerfectldiot
      All joking aside Minecraft deserves to be in the video game hall of fame
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    • Balrog99
      Minecraft is a good game, but i have to be in the right mindset to play it, otherwise it’s super boring
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    • IceMemes
      I still play that. Played it last night too.
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    • TheDuckyLord21
      The reason Minecraft is so successful is because it doesn’t have bullshit micro transactions and it’s a full game not some early access freshly planted corn field
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    • SirMemingshire
      This is the new internet battle, Minecraft v Fortnite
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    • hungry_ninja
      I played minecraft for 7 hours straight last night. Beat the ender dragon and got 2 elytras. I then slept until 3 PM. Christmas breaks are good.
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    • BeedasWorkshop
      Difference is that Minecraft is actually good
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    • BigBoiFoot
      Been playing for 5 years, still doing it.
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    • Darrastan
      I started playing Minecraft in 2011, now I'm 19, and still play it from time to time
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    • Saboton
      Some things may be big, but only one thing remains a permanent force, a legendary and old age artifact that will never leave it seems, some say all good things come to an end, I say they've never seen Minecraft
      Saboton 14d
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    • stardaise
      I’m so glad I grew up playing Minecraft and not fortnite
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    • TheMarshFox
      Minecraft is a wonderful game, where you can do anything. Fortnite is a battle royal game, which can't do anything except shoot people.
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    • NotPython
      We better keep this up, if fortnite overtakes us real gamers, then that is when we really lose
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    • Ggerbiluttersnapss
      I'd rather my kid play minecraft than fortnite, because you are actually using your mind to create things
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    • Sneering_Imperialist
      Hey man Minecraft may have originally had a toxic community but now everyone has grown up with it and most kids are now around like 14 to like 18
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    • J_Dak
      J_Dak 15d
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    • shernaturalwho
      The music in minecraft is strangely soothing
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    • NeonBanana_12
      The old smile system is back hooray
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    • alegitduck
      I’m so glad grew up with Minecraft rather than fortnite.
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    • The_Daily_Dank
      Minecraft needs to update their underground portion of the game to get more players back. Imagine cave systems and massive caverns reworked in new Minecraft.
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    • kellogger25
      minecraft has around 91 million monthly players, while fortnite only has about 79 million. i’m so proud of this community
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    • Andazury2
      Literally screw anyone who think minecraft sucks, it’s such a great game
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    • gyratingdeathsquirrel
      To me minecraft Will always be better
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    • Celox
      Minecraft = our generations fortnite
      Celox 15d
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    • Kickslap
      Minecraft won't be dying anytime soon.
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    • Isabelle_Shizue
      Minecraft is still really fun and I'm excited for the Village and Pillage update. You can't change my mind.
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    • AmDuck
      I've been playing the hell out of minecraft the past week and didnt even realize I'm helping a good cause this whole time
      AmDuck 15d
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    • memeneed
      Minecraft is the most OG game for popularity
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    • tacotaxon
      Never thought I’d root for Minecraft but here I am
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    • _XFinite_
      Because it is better
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    • Ib8People
      To be honest minecraft is an amazing game and it gave me 300 days of gameplay. 2012-2017
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    • StriderCruz
      All of a sudden everyone loves minecraft lol
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    • Rexentalery
      Thats actually kind of relieving
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    • sleepyh
      Fortnite is no fun to play because as soon as someone spots you they built a five storie hotel with Wi-Fi
      sleepyh 14d
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    • iPerformSurgery
      Just because little kids took over the fandom, doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.
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    • Epic_Filmmaker
      I'm 20 and in college and still play Minecraft regularly. I'm hosting a private modded server for my friends and I. It's a great game!
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    • BestestMedia
      Ive played it for years and still love to play it when I want to explore creativity
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    • NagisaFurukawa
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    • Minecraf
      Minecraft will always be the most hardcore, intense, sensual game ever made. I get hard just hearing the name.
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    • iAhegao
      iAhegao 15d
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    • gamerlover12
      Honestly minecraft is 100x better than forknut
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    • alienass
      funny how minecraft used to be cringe but then a worse game got popular and now everyone's defending minecraft
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    • BaccaBossMC
      Minecraft was always the better game.
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    • _Komi_
      _Komi_ 15d
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    • StepDancerR0
      Aside from all the memes, Minecraft is such a wholesome game
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    • StSentry
      That's because Minecraft is a good game
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    • gary_the_snail_
      I think fortnite thrives because it has so many players but also a ton of haters that bring more attention to it
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    • Jdawg976
      Because Minecraft is actually a work of art unlike the cancer that is fortnite. Honestly I don't care about Minecraft's trashy fanbase, I still play it all the time. It's my escape from reality.
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    • Szegro
      I've been playing Minecraft for 8 years, I don't care about the memes or the younger kids. It's a good ass game and it's fun as hell with friends
      Szegro 15d
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    • OlToeSucker
      Honestly Minecraft is one of the best games ever
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    • Ya_Boi_Jesus
      Minecraft, unlike fortnite, actually has room for growth and creativity. It's a great game for kids to play.
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    • stupidthotsclub
      Minecraft is a fun game you can play offline and isn’t ridiculously full of micro transactions so yeah ppl obviously like it
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    • Cerastes
      Minecraft > any other game I've ever played
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    • pillcosbymd
      Minecraft is the OG it always will be superior to fortnite cause it teaches to think mechanically with redstone fortnite teaches you to eat doritos and drink mtn dew
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    • SN1FF_MY_BUGL3
      Minecraft: a game that took time and effort and is still getting free content to this day. Fortnite: pay us 10$ a month so you can do dances in a pointless, no content shooter that our game stole from old movies and aren’t paying any royalties for
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    • Sillmonkey133
      Then the internet made it a stigma to play Minecraft
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    • IWontGetTopComment
      Minecraft rules above all...
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      I say we revive Minecraft and make it popular
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    • spokyloser
      Minecraft was the shit
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    • Immaguy12410
      Except Minecraft is good
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    • Captain_Insano
      I love the republic.
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    • SwimPoppy865
      Hasn’t Minecraft been number one for years, only losing the number spot once in a blue moon?
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    • luderude
      That's not democracy, that's capitalism
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      Speak of the goddamn devil I was just playing Minecraft
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    • brainless
      cause minecraft is a CLASSIC
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    • Modavai
      Anyone remember when Minecraft was the cancerous game all the annoying 12 year olds played. Can’t wait for in 5 years there a new game that’s popular and people make a meme like this except with Fortnite being the cool game.
      Modavai 15d
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    • Samel_the_Camel
      Did the comments change again?
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    • worm102502
      This shit is true I fucking love it
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    • GayObsessionAndDepression
      If started opening minecraft just to support this
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    • Empress verified
      Last night I was playing Minecraft with my bf, we were fighting with our newly made diamond swords, and this mf really starts placing wood blocks and yelling “fortnite” 🙄
      Empress 15d
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    • Proud_Lutheran
      Honestly it is still a pretty good game
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    • yeetusdeletusgg
      Mincraft is the last bastion of the gaming industry
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