• Minecraft still has more players than Fortnite An egg beats Kylie Jenner and become the most liked picture in lnstagram
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    • Depresso_Relaxo
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    • roastedfeelings69
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    • Dokkunt
      Dokkunt a month
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    • pretty_kitties
      Big nose ugly whoville lookin ass...
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    • Psychiatric
      so we went from loving minecraft to shitting on minecraft to loving it again. could there be a more indecisive and conformist community
      Psychiatric 17 jan
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    • super_aids
      Minecraft is a good game it’s just the fan base that is cringy however fortnite game is cringy as well the fan base : Change my mind
      super_aids 16 jan
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    • StarboundDoggo
      And YouTube Rewind 2018 is the most disliked video of all time.
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    • Discernment
      I remember everybody hating on minecraft before fortnite, now everybody loves minecraft. Ya'll just jump on whatever bandwagon comes along. Oh we hate fortnite now? Ok. Fortnite is trash
      Discernment 16 jan
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    • Megaboss320
      Fortnite is a trash ass game for trash ass people Minecraft ain’t great but at least there’s a reason to it
      Megaboss320 18 jan
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    • Fahkeet
      Remember when the older generation would make fun of us for playing minecraft? Now we make fun of the younger generation for playing fortnite. We are officially now the old generation
      Fahkeet 17 jan
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    • SpartanH37
      SpartanH37 17 jan
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    • guns4meaty
      You forgot YouTube Rewind is most disliked video
      guns4meaty 16 jan
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    • that1apple
      Lets not forget pewdiepie is still beating t series
      that1apple 16 jan
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    • ablankpic
      I don’t understand why Minecraft gets so much hate. I love the creativity aspect of it
      ablankpic 16 jan
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    • LunarAntic
      Cause Minecraft is fun
      LunarAntic 16 jan
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    • Floofeh
      Floofeh 17 jan
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    • SPIIdr
      Minecraft is actually good. It's great for kids to be creative and build awesome things out of blocks and redstone, it helps spur curiosity about the world, it lets kids have fun, it lets modders have a lot of fun.... All around a really great game with a simple concept.
      SPIIdr 17 jan
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    • sblan12
      Never understood why iFunny hated fortnite so much it’s a fun game to play with friends
      sblan12 16 jan
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    • Billothy
      The fact that these are the things we have to be proud of, I'm still not proud
      Billothy 16 jan
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    • romyfuc
      Remember when it was cringey to play Minecraft? Imagine a day when fortnite is the “og” game
      romyfuc a month
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    • Sonario7
      Sonario7 17 jan
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    • _Mango
      Can we not make her a meme. She doesn’t deserve it
      _Mango 17 jan
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    • iFearx
      Wait does Minecraft really have more people? Minecraft was badass back in the day though. When Jerome, bajan canadian, skydoesminecraft, Prestonplayz, woofless, antvenom, and pete all played. Nostalgia D:
      iFearx 17 jan
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    • Nehkoin
      Nehkoin 17 jan
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    • UglyPotat0
      am I the only one whos triggered at the egg thing cuz its been happening here on iFunny forever and if i just posted one of them a brand new instagram account I would be famous
      UglyPotat0 17 jan
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    • nothankscomrade
      YouTube Rewind 2018 is still the most hated video on YouTube.
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    • joeebob
      Her nose is fucking huge
      joeebob 17 jan
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    • WhatAreYouReadingThisFor
      Humanity is slowly mending its wounds
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    • WormyTheMonster_
      Blacks are the worst
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    • _that_one_loner
      YouTube posted the egg to change the focus off of their rewind getting the most dislikes
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    • Ameww
      Mario kart 64 has more views that fortnite
      Ameww 16 jan
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    • depresso_with_espresso_v2
      Ifunny community is basically a bunch of antisocial rejects who think their opinions are fact
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    • NewWorldError
      Remember when top comments were actually funny and related to the meme?. . . Good times. Good times
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    • boldsword
      boldsword 16 jan
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    • EdgyMotherfucker
      Don’t put humanity until Forknife dies
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    • BadOpinionGuy
      Kylie really deserved it though
      BadOpinionGuy a month
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    • BingBongTheArcher
      Minecraft doesnt tho... someone just said it and everyone believed it lol. Gotta love the internet
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    • Alex_95B
      Alex_95B a month
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    • thannose
      Is 2019 the redemption arc?
      thannose 18 jan
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    • BoxInAJar
      This hurts a bit to say, but Minecraft is fun when you are messing around with friends. Just try to ignore the stupid ass fanbase
      BoxInAJar 17 jan
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    • orange_spice
      My god she is fucking ugly
      orange_spice 17 jan
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    • KfekteR
      Minecraft is actually fun when you ignore all the weird people, songs and shit on youtube and create your own stuff in the game
      KfekteR 17 jan
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    • bitchcrafter_V1
      The ding sound when features are done is fucking gay. #AntiDingGang
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    • RetardedHankHill
      But why’d you have to ruin it by showing her
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    • Zelink
      Yeah but why she so ugly though
      Zelink 17 jan
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    • CringePolice
      Stfu, all of you talked shit about Minecraft
      CringePolice 17 jan
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    • GlitchedSamurai
      I would like to think Minecraft has more players considering it's been out for nearly a decade
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    • Not_A_Fish
      Oh I get it, he spelled hamburgers wrong
      Not_A_Fish 17 jan
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    • Sweet_Money
      Bruh, anyone else really fucking hate that chick? I used to like her on vibe because I didn't know she was a complete bitch but now Everytime I see her face I just wanna punch it bruh
      Sweet_Money 17 jan
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    • Galaxy_Topaz
      I play both Minecraft and fortnite, and I gotta say that Minecraft still constantly updates and deserves more players, even today. The popularity of fortnite just attracted a lot of players
      Galaxy_Topaz 17 jan
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    • WingedMonkey42
      YouTube rewind is the most disliked video on youtube. More to be proud of
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    • Jorik_Graeim
      Youtubes rewind is the most disliked video in history and pewdiepies is the most liked
      Jorik_Graeim 17 jan
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    • Innuendo
      content not available more
      Innuendo 17 jan
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    • RecSteady
      Fuck that lady haha.
      RecSteady 17 jan
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    • HeyItsMeDaisy
      so what if im the MONstEAAAER thats been here all along 😔😔😔😔
      smile 3
    • mikeyisfunny
      Also YouTube Rewind is the most disliked video...
      mikeyisfunny 17 jan
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    • JadenG00
      JadenG00 17 jan
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    • andrewkerouac
      Why do people hate fortnite so much
      smile 5 reply 3
    • Dickdude45
      Dickdude45 17 jan
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    • NoFksGvn
      Minecraft is infinitely better than fortnite no matter what
      NoFksGvn 16 jan
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    • AmishAntichrist
      You forgot a few pewds still #1 rewind most disliked video etc. etc.
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    • iFappy
      iFappy 16 jan
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    • WhiteGhost08
      I take it she nose a lot about gaming
      WhiteGhost08 16 jan
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    • BigDaddyAlps
      2019 has potential so far, I like how we are progressing as a society
      BigDaddyAlps 16 jan
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    • ThatMusicPerson
      Hating things for being popular or not part of your generation makes you the old fucks you hated growing up that hated on your generation
      smile 4 reply 1
    • shittyvibes
      Y’all used to roast Minecraft smh
      shittyvibes 16 jan
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    • Gnarzy
      QuackityHQ got banned from discord for no fucking reason from furfags. Can we get an unban?
      Gnarzy 16 jan
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    • Sk3tchy
      Minecraft is a good game but why can't I get back into it
      Sk3tchy 16 jan
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    • DefCon2002
      DefCon2002 16 jan
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    • kinkyduck
      I was just in that semi-awake mode right before you fall asleep but you’re fully conscious and i had a montage going and I was playing bohemian rhapsody in my head and after a loud bang somewhere in the there ranger from vikings slams in axe into some wood and there was more...
      kinkyduck 16 jan
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    • RyanSnopp
      Idk why people say that Features are late like fuck are people like “hold on grandma don’t die just yet features are in a minute.” For real I do t pay attention. I miss 9/10 of the features anyway
      RyanSnopp 16 jan
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    • Rikkayyyyyyy
      Rikkayyyyyyy 16 jan
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    • GoogleAutoComplete
      Okay but I’d rather have more players on minecraft than fortnite
      smile 2
    • Richy08123
      I'm doing my part, by playing Minecract everyday.
      Richy08123 17 jan
      smile 2
    • notafakeaccount422
      I don't play forntnite, but I remember when minecraft had almost the same stigma that fortnite did. Which leads me to believe there's a possibility 10 years down the road there will be people like thank god fortnite still has more active players than flagoon
      smile 2 reply 2
    • averyholycrusader
      smile 2 reply 1
    • SwiggitySwag
      Down vote YouTube rewind, down vote Gillette
      SwiggitySwag 17 jan
      smile 2
    • Xebest
      Big nose
      Xebest 17 jan
      smile 2
    • DangerousDoggo
      Maybe im the monstaa!aaaa!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr
      smile 2
    • that1seal
      She has a massive nose
      that1seal 17 jan
      smile 2
    • KingTekron
      Is her nose getting bigger every pic?
      KingTekron 17 jan
      smile 2 reply 1
    • That_one_guss
      They did it...they fucking did it... its fixed ...hope has returned to the land.... now, if only they had a good sence of humor again.
      smile 2
    • i_eat_chicken
      Minecraft is the best game in existence and it always will be, change my mind
      smile 2
    • SpicyChu
      I’m starting to play Minecraft again there’s so much new shit
      SpicyChu 17 jan
      smile 2 reply 2
    • thatguyoverthere1
      God that nose
      smile 2
    • AstaleLee
      Only January and 2019 is already starting to become balanced
      AstaleLee 17 jan
      smile 2
    • DriftQueen
      DriftQueen 17 jan
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Kungfukenny1
      Honestly who pays for premium porn????? Porn is freeeee!!!!
      Kungfukenny1 17 jan
      smile 2
    • veryfewmemes
      Good start to 2019
      veryfewmemes 17 jan
      smile 2
    • Ltrm8
      I made 3 instagram accounts to like that egg
      Ltrm8 17 jan
      smile 2
    • Lopaka36
      She looks like she is loading up a sneeze
      Lopaka36 17 jan
      smile 2
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