• I play video games to commit war crimes mate.
      YTPG 14d
      6K 153
    • They are the real heroes 👌
      2.4K 242
    • Here's the thing, I don't ACTUALLY want to kill anyone?
    • Murder terrorists, who aren’t people
    • You don't get to kill people you just learn to be a fantastic janitor
    • *winds up a 13b*
    • You will enjoy countless hours mopping in the rain. You've been warned
    • "Become a hero" more like "die for isreal while getting paid shit money"
      4 2
    • You respawn in games though
    • Cant own a pistol but join the military. Neat
      mrd99 10d
    • “Become a hero” *”Wrong side of heaven” starts to play*
    • 4 1
    • It's not murder if they're foreign
    • Pretty sure they never said murder
    • It’s not murder
      1 15
    • Bro theres an army recruiter station by our local gamestop too. Is that a commom thing?
    • Sweeping the concrete outside doesn't make you feel like a hero tho
    • Nigga balls
      Jeebuz 10d
    • You like protecting your country in pretend why not protect it in real life
      1 1
    • The government "video games cause school shootings." Also government "stop playing video games so you can shoot people.
    • Fuck yeah it would.
    • “Look at me I don’t understand the military at all and have never been in so I’m going to call them racist murderers”- yo dumbass
      6 4
    • I cant play hero, get bored and start murdering everyone just because i can in the military
    • Plot twist: the media made this to further their "video games cause violence" bs
    • Kill all muslims
    • This makes fun of the military but they honestly are heroes and deserve better than the creators lazy ass
    • Yup, as a military member can confirm that we are all absolute murders, fuckin idiot
    • Murder people? You mean serve this great country .
      3 1
    • Ok I did but now I’m just getting yelled at
    • Interesting theres a gamestop right next door to a recruitment center in my hometown as well
      1 1
    • My dumbass cousin fell for the army’s bullshit and now he’s out climbing mountains in Afghanistan for some rich old fuck in the pentagon. Fucking fool.
    • My luck will have it when I walk into that door, I’ll just be told that the princess is in another castle...
    • Killing is not murder
      Pilate 11d
      6 1
    • Most of the time in the military if you don’t have a justifiable reason for shooting and killing and you get caught It’s looked at as murder and you get dishonorable discharge and treated as a criminal (To the best of my knowledge)
    • Do i get an extra life?
    • They actually are recruiting gamers to represent the Army in console competitions tho. Tried to talk the hubs into putting his name into the ring lol.
    • Yeah, but you forgot to add the part where you get paid 750$ every 2 weeks after taxes and expenses to get shot at and work like 16 hour days.
      1 4
    • okay but 99% of the military isnt even combat arms. and its not fucking murder. its killing for ur country. nice try
      2 3
    • Dude, I’m not against the army or anything, but all those commercial where they try to make the army look “sick as fuck” and try to appeal to gamers are fucked up.
      6 2
    • Cringe
    • Or become a PMC. Get paid better, don’t have some goblin of a politician using you as a pawn, and don’t have to deal with fucking retards that they let in.
    • Yes, very fun
    • A real hero, I like to live thx
      Kai115 11d
    • Don't do it. Fuckers shoot at you and you rarely get the opportunity to shoot back. Very frustrating
    • Wait why the simpsons lol
    • Is this the recruitment station in Mt Vernon? The one right next to the game stop?
    • Most video games you are or have the chance to be a hero. They’re the exceptions of course
    • People who say the military is just about killing people clearly don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about
      CudiFam 11d
    • Do you feel like a hero yet?
    • Milder huh? Don’t cut yourself on that edge.
    • But I can't play video games if I die in a real battle.
      Ewag715 11d
    • Unpopular opinion: this nation's obsession with the military is unhealthy, and its massive over-funding would be better elsewhere
      4 9
    • Murder is the wrong word
    • Armys for pussies marines and navys for men
      2 5
    • Dope, Sign me up.
      rhenry 11d
    • In the army killing the enemies isn’t murder
    • Don't do it, it's a trap! All you do is mop floors with the same mop you've used the last 8 months
    • Excuse me it's called planting 5.56mm freedom seeds.
    • That’s pretty fucked yo.. Calling communists and terrorists people
    • Why are they always by GameStop?
    • No respawn
    • *joins army* *gets admin job* "well shit"
    • Thats how baby killers get ya 😂
    • But but you cant fight dragons tho
    • Its not as simple as that. You dont join to murder. You join to protect. That is a hero
      6 1
    • It’s not murder if you’re killing terrorists, because they aren’t human.
    • I was just going to buy Mario kart but whatever
    • You know if we didn’t have a military we would prolly be well I don’t even know we’re but it would be a dark place
    • Remember, no russian
    • The army is actually changing its standards because we are a more science focused society in school rather than fitness and sports
    • Wow they want me? A man who randomly kills civilians on a whim, to come join the gun club?
      1 1
    • HOAH!
    • Why does this look like this took 5 min to make in word
      The_MI6 11d
    • Well pretty much that’s the idea
    • Well yes but no
    • It's fucking amazing
    • Not murder, mate
      trailer 11d
    • Bruh, why is it that every dude that contour of the military turn into the same dude? Like crew cut, mirrored sunglasses you know like a little league coach? Why?
      OssO 11d
    • You dont become a hero, you become a fucking janitor.
      2 2
    • It's not murder you fucking nob head
    • I love knocking on doors
    • Killing someone trying to kill you is not murder. Yes sometimes military do murder people but most are only protecting thereselves.
      1 2
    • It's ironic since the army is starting eSports teams in attempt to bring more recruits. They didnt meet thei enlisted goal last year.
    • Don't worry, america looks after it's veterans, healthcare, jobs, oh wait..
    • Well, not like I won’t last a day in boot camp before fucking dying of a seizure
    • Its not murder if its to protect your country.Not trying to start a feud with anyone btw
    • Congrats you signed up to serve and possibly lay your life down for your country heres a broom have fun getting shit on by a bunch of specialists who hate the army and can barely pass a PT test and the sgts dont tell you shit until its time to go home
      4 2
    • Hey, lets give our schools some credit.
    • Go ahead. Join. Become a janitor.
      4 9
    • “Shut up liberal hyuck” find me a single fucking veteran who will agree that video games are what it’s like in the military
      1 3
    • There's a GameStop right by a army recruitment center or whatever the fuck it's called and every time I walk past it there's always some dude just staring at me and shaking his head
      1 2
    • Ok liberal
    • Time to get that fucking camaro 😤
    • Ok you’re right let’s call them all off and see how you like to be blown up by a terrorist. Wouldn’t want to “murder” them after all...
      gator52 12d
    • Exept I don't have to follow the Geneva convention in a game. You could never sell a game where you had to play by the ROE .
    • Don’t call service men and women murderers
      seaweed 12d
    • Are they, are they really??
    • Pretending to be a hero isn't as mentally destructive as being a real hero can be. Videogames dont cause PTSD, but real war does.
      1 1
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