• Otter
      i went to get an oil change recently by myself. and i’m a girl and when they gave me the bill i was like “wait that’s not right, lemme call my dad” and their face expression changed like oops, we got the wrong one. and my dad ended up making the bill like half of what it was supposed to be.
      Otter a month
    • cookieemonster
      This shit works on reverse too. Im a girl who works in a shop and have straight up had customers ask me to get a guy to look at their trucks. Like dude, i trained those fucks. They are idiots, trust me
    • Hitsugo
      content not available more
      Hitsugo a month
    • JayTwoReal
      I hate this. Most shops, the mechanics don’t see the customers. I’ve been a mechanic for years and maybe interacted with 3-5 customers a month. The Service advisors is the one taking advantage of people. We’re just trying to fix cars
      JayTwoReal a month
    • cagemonster08
      Change your own oil you fucking degenerates. It's literally one drain plug and a quick twist of the filter
      cagemonster08 a month
    • sheltonsean7
      That’s...not what happens at all actually. Most women tend to put off maintenance on their cars while most men keep up with maintenance on their vehicles. Only reason why it’s a higher bill for women is more stuff to fix. I’ve been doing car repairs for over 2 decades. Not sexism, just brutal facts.
      sheltonsean7 a month
    • spaghetti1041
      I went to get my oil changed and they told me that one of my bright headlights was out. I refused to pay for a new one. I got home and my dad found out they unplugged the light and were probably going to try and sell me a new one but just plugging it back in.
      spaghetti1041 a month
    • notrudejustthetruth
      I work in a shop and after working there so long, i don't care if you have a dick, a vaginal or 3 asshole. Im going to tell you what's wrong with your car, either fix it or don't, i don't care. But if you don't care let me move on to someone who does care.
    • YaBoiRhombus
      Me and my dad run our own auto shop. Dad's been in the business for over 35 years, and he hates other shops that pull this crap. Pretty much all my dad's customers love him because he won't sell then something they don't need, and he doesn't rip people off.
      YaBoiRhombus a month
    • CoffeeSlave
      I do that shit myself. My father taught all his kids basic car care. If we drive one we gotta learn how it works.
      CoffeeSlave a month
    • DannyDevitoOfficial
      Look I’m a mechanic in training blah blah dumb shit but we all openly resent those people for giving us bad names please do your research on shops we don’t all do this
    • StripedAnalBeads
      Just do it yourselves lmao its easy as fuck
    • Bitches_Love_Mazdas
      I don't let that shit fly at my shop, for $40 you get an oil change, fluids checked and topped off, tire check, brake check, and wash. Any issues or concerns are relayed to the customer and it is up to them when or if they want us to do the work. Honest techs = happy customers 80 years strong
    • meme_officer
      If you don't know how to change your oil or do basic maintenance, check out chrisfix on youtube. He explains every step clearly and he does his tutorials with common handtools
      meme_officer a month
    • mitzuha
      An oil change will cost you like $35-$40 and 20 minutes of your time if you do it yourself. People incompetent to basic car maintenance deserve to be ripped off
      mitzuha a month
    • Im_aquaman
      Oil changes cost about $420 so if it’s more than that they’re ripping you off
      Im_aquaman a month
    • Javii
      As a mechanic these women honestly do have a ton of other issue. Tire rotation, balance, radiator purge and or top off, transmission service. New air filter, new spark plugs because I can hear it run weak, brakes are hissing so the pads are gone and I can go on and on and on jesus Christ.
      Javii a month
    • Larrab3ast
      I’m a mechanic and I’ll tell you right now the people that are changing your oil do not qualify as mechanics...
      Larrab3ast a month
    • Miss_Sin
      My dads a mechanic. Taught me everything id need to know. Ome day, after moving states away, i went for an oil change. Fat ass said I need new tires. All four were bald. Bitch. I just had new tires installed 2 months ago. Fuck off.
      Miss_Sin a month
    • Poboi
      "yeah you're gonna need a couple new transmissions..."
      Poboi a month
    • WillisTheMenis
      I’m a technician that does a lot of oil changes at a dealership. We work on flat rate and we try to sell anything we can. I have never sold a single thing that I couldn’t justify if the customer was to question me
    • marfish
      Mechanics will take advantage of women. If you're a woman, I encourage you to try and learn about cars as much as you can. It'll help you out in the long run
      marfish a month
    • jiggijarjardo
      Hit her with the blinker fluid
      jiggijarjardo a month
    • tbartoe21
      I went to a mechanic to get my brake line fixed (I wasn’t able to drive an hour away to my parents to fix it there) they tried to charge me over $1000 to fix it and I said hell no. Dangerously drove it and hour and fixed that bitch for $100
      tbartoe21 a month
    • StrangerDanger
      As someone who’s always done all work on their vehicle themself. I have a list printed out for my fiancé whenever she goes to a mechanic shop to have in case she ever feels they are trying to screw her. She has gotten so many terrified mechanics when she pulls it out like “TRY ME BITCH”
    • Flabulo
      As a mechanic I wanna be offended by this. But I know that there are a lot of Bastard out there. Especially watch out for dealerships. You are always interacting with a salesman and not the mechanics directly. They both get paid in a type of commition but the salesman has less reason to be honest.
      Flabulo a month
    • KennyOSmegma
      “Your oil filter needed to be recalibrated”
      KennyOSmegma a month
    • coalburnerxoxo
      "That blinker fluid refill will be an extra $500"
    • Chancludo_yadi09
      Season 3 episode 6 14:23. You are welcome
    • Karabiner98K
      Take it to the manufacturer's certified service station, ran by the manufacturer of the vehicle. It's more expensive, but there is almost a guarantee you won't be screwed by terrible work with zero accountability or get charged for unnecessary things. Work is logged and corporate does check in.
      Karabiner98K a month
    • nobslobr
      Except ppl roll in "just needing an oil change" on 4 bald tires with shot suspension and paper thin brake rotors then say "nah, you tryna scam me" okay, fuckhead, have fun dying with your new oil change.
      nobslobr a month
    • potatosalesman
      It's funny because women don't get oil changes
    • Ak_stoner
      See this is fucked up cause my dad used to be a mechanic and would tell people what they actually needed instead of charging them for a bunch of shit they dont need. Why is it people are shitty by default instead of like my pops?
      Ak_stoner a month
    • Dibanez3
      My Nissan dealer tried to charge me 109 for an oil change and a tire rotation, with a coupon. My husband got there and somehow it went from 109 to”it’s covered”
      Dibanez3 a month
    • Keper
      Where’s the leak ma’am
      Keper a month
    • SaltedLightly
      I thought it was a joke about porn and not overpricing
      SaltedLightly a month
    • AkioAsakura
      "Uh, yeah you're gonna need two transmissions"
      AkioAsakura a month
    • l______l
      Theres a shop near me that the owner knows what other shops do to women so he makes his prices lower for women especially if they have kids because he has 3 daughters and know that shops like to fuck over women
      l______l a month
    • Alex_95B
      Y’all are so beyond misinformed. First of all basic work should be done at home to save money. If you NEED to bring it to a mechanic look up fucking reviews and never go to pep boys. Also always remember if they change something that you never said to change they can’t charge you if you if you tell
      Alex_95B a month
    • legate_kusona_negi
      I’m a mechanic with my own shop and I never charge peaple for anything they don’t need and I don’t caus issues for them
    • leter45
      As a mechanic that doesn't skrew people , I get so upset when people come in thinking I'm going to screw them on their bill or lie about a repair. A guy could come in with his engine on fire and say I only say I'm a lier and he only wants an oil change
      leter45 a month
    • Uncle_Joe1953
      Yeah. I went to a mechanic to see what error code I had on the check engine light and found out it was something with the cat converter. $1,500 to fix?! I watched a Scotty Kilmer video and fixed the issue for $15. Some mechanics are just straight up assholes
      Uncle_Joe1953 a month
    • _Raccoonz
      This is why you find a small business mechanic in your town. They are trust worthy and they only call the large ones if they can not fix it
      _Raccoonz a month
    • solico
      I work at a mechanic shop and 99% of women come to us after getting a ridiculous quote that we then have to tell them is completely off and all they needed was a new brake pad
      solico a month
    • EarlDibblesJunior
      As a mechanic, i hate this is a reality, but it’s still pretty funny
    • reblogjunkie
      I change my own oil because the last shitheads to touch my car forgot to drain the old oil from my car and doubled up on it. I got home and checked the dipstick, and it was still dark black and the oil was way past the full line
      reblogjunkie a month
    • epicjo
      It's easy af to do one on your one and far cheaper.
      epicjo a month
    • Luka_Gasai_2
      That's why I change my own oil
      Luka_Gasai_2 a month
    • BrokebackBreakfast
      Or you could just change your own fucking oil it's like a whole bolt you have to take out OMG super hard
    • Subzzero_PVP
      I'm a mechanic and I've been doing oil changes for some years now and never have I ripped someone off. If they need a new wiper blade I will personally show them it still on the car so they now I didn't touch it. Same with air/cabin air filters I'll show them were they are and take them out with the
      Subzzero_PVP a month
    • InspiroBotright
      FYI feminists just in case you're triggered; mechanics aren't the most honest people and will "fix" something else in your car that doesnt even need it to get the money out of ya
    • RSorDie
      Any time I got my oil changed, and they said something needed fixed,I’d decline their offer and bring it to my actual mechanic for their opinion since I trusted them. Places that changed my oil would make me pay hella money when my mechanic would be like meh you owe me little to nothing.
      RSorDie a month
    • ChickyNuggies
      As a former employee from Jiffy Lube, I can confirm this is true
      ChickyNuggies a month
    • Clorox______Bleach
      One time I watched a documentary on YouTube where a girl took her car in for an oil change and they told her she also needed a radiator flush, brake fluid, and some other fluid changed for $200+. She agreed and they went to work unaware of the hidden camera under the hood. All they did was change
    • SouthParkPoliceDept
      I deliver flowers and tbh before every house I walk up to there’s a small (or large) part of me in the back of my head thinking “hopefully there’s just a milf here looking for some nice delivery guy dick”. I get disappointed a lot
    • LanceMcClainBlue
      They start pullin shit out and saying they need replaced. Like the air filter and such. Like dudes, i may be a woman but i aint stupid. I know when my wipers and air filter need replaced and it aint yet
    • teleporttc
      I used to be a service advisor for Ford, most people don’t know shit about cars so we rip off both genders #equality
      teleporttc a month
    • Foxxo
      Do all the stuff yourself. It’s fun and relaxing and a lot of times it can save you hundreds
      Foxxo a month
    • ItsAClusterFk
      Lol. It's not just girls. I had to go get an oil change and I happened to be dressed nicely for some meeting. They figured I was just some suit and tried telling me I needed all kinds of work. Once I started talking, they realized they fucked up
      ItsAClusterFk a month
    • babich
      As a female I have learned how to rotate tires, do an oil change, replace an idler pulley and belt, and I have a basic understanding of how my car works. Youtube videos are great, or ask your mechanic or a family member to teach you some things, it's good stuff to know.
      babich a month
    • BackDatSubieAssUp
      Cost to take my car to a shop: $60. Cost to do the oil change myself: $25
    • JesseE_23
      Want to point out not all mechanics are those kind of sleazy Fucks. O7 I look forward to helping y'all keep your vehicles in working condition, keep in mind, frequent maintenance will keep your rig on the road longer
      JesseE_23 a month
    • mikenikesz
      we hate when woman come in they always argue as if they know what should go in their car or not. We can put the cheap house oil in your brand new v12 mercedes but imma make you sign a piece of paper saying we are not responsible for a rod being shot thru the atmosphere
      mikenikesz a month
    • Get_A_Life_Loser
      never take your car to an oil change place, they give you shit oil (if they change it at all) and a shit filter & overcharge you on both. Change your oil yourself, it's a single bolt at the bottom to drain it, a filter that unscrews and a hole at the top to fill. you will have a better car trust me.
    • TheReeferChiefer
      There’s a YouTube video on this whwre CBS news goes and undercover investigates mechanics and they actually do upcharge women
    • zokusha
      Mechanics are honest, myself included. Usually its the service writer that tries to fuck you over
      zokusha a month
    • spec1alkay
      Literally everyone should be knowing how to change their oil
      spec1alkay a month
    • Xlilmayo7X
      It’s not that hard to change your own oil like damn... I also had the pleasure of having a dad as a mechanic growing up so I don’t have some dumbass try to jip me
      Xlilmayo7X a month
    • BeatsUpCats
      Nazis when a Jew walks into their concentration camp
      BeatsUpCats a month
    • nagem_snreha
      Being a girl and going to get any kind of car service is terrible. Even when I was buying my first car I went with my best friend (who is a guy) and they talked to him the whole time like he was buying the car. No bitch I have the money. Needless to say I didn’t buy from that dealership.
      nagem_snreha a month
    • MangosHaveRights
      I remember always going with my boyfriend to get the oil change for his car. I know what the price for the oil change for that car is. Then one day I take my boyfriend's car to get an oil change and they want to charge me more than double.
    • LetItBeJude
      I went for an oil change and the place I go to always does inspection, they said all this shit was wrong with my car and to fix it it was gonna be $3,700. I took it to a friend of my dad and he fixed EVERYTHING for like $350
      LetItBeJude a month
    • Flamingodick
      That because women are stupid and they can charge more for it
      Flamingodick a month
    • flyboy207
      Trust me, mechanics aren’t trying to take advantage of you. They’re probably pissed that you just got off the freeway expecting them to change your burning hot oil and then you get pissed when they tell you that your brake pads are nonexistent
      flyboy207 a month
    • PepisTheTender
      Oh yeah your car has 2 weeks left to live unless you do the repairs
    • Live2Dance
      One guy tried to argue with me and tell me my car took synthetic oil (which is more expensive) when I know for a fact it takes conventional. Then I double check the price with my mom and my boyfriend
      Live2Dance a month
    • sock_lefter
      As a dealership mechanic, I'm offended
      sock_lefter a month
    • DadShowersWithMe
      My dad was a mechanic and he never did this but the shop next to his did so he ended up stealing a lot of their customers
    • Penguin_Husbando
      Uuuuuuhhhhhh it looks like you need a uuuuuhhhh, headlight fluid flush, horn honk juice, and tire tread replacement
    • JustUhSombraMain
      Imma need to replace your blinker fluid ma'am
    • IkarostheFuckingAngeloid
      Bro I worked at an auto repair shop and I gotta say, old ladies and men take the best care of their cars. Young ladies tend to be pretty bad tho, that why they get jipped at other shops. One lady came in for an oil change after 10k miles. Only a quart of oil came out, she needed a new engine
    • ALBeeeee
      Ladies to protect yourself... Check the dipstick of your oil to make sure that it is almost clear. Should not be brown or dark in any way. Getting part replaced??? Write down the part, ask for the old broken part after fix. Look up the part online. Make sure it matches. Check with more than shop
      ALBeeeee a month
    • seriouslydontgetbuthurt
      This is because you fuck tards don't build a relationship with a local business or Mom & Pop shop. You go to meineke pep boys or nation wide money market scheme shop. Your vehicle should be maintained local.
    • Saggycheeks
      As a mechanic I can confirm, women and elderly will give you the go ahead on just about anything
      Saggycheeks a month
    • Eddiy
      This is why women need a man.
      Eddiy a month
    • whodiwho24
      Sounds like a typical girl thing to do" let me call my dad" instead of getting some mechanical knowledge themselves so they dont need to rely on a man
      whodiwho24 a month
    • DoubleDipper
      < changing your own oil
      DoubleDipper a month
    • DREDGE540
      The mechanic in my home town tried to charge my sister an insane amount for fixing a dent
      DREDGE540 a month
    • shadow28996
      How fucking hard is it to change your own oil? Like seriously people all it takes is a YouTube video. Would you rather pay some guy 100 dollars just for making you wait 3 hours to get your car when 2 hours and 40 minutes of that was just your car waiting for it’s turn and not actual maintenance?
      shadow28996 a month
    • xgrapeapex80
      As a mechanic, i know this shit happens. But also whenever i look over a car if i see a concern ima tell you about it. Because we drive the same roads. I dont want your shitbox to break in front of me and cause me to have an accident. So sometimes your car really needs the shit they tell you.
      xgrapeapex80 a month
    • M240BravoLightMachineGun
      Happens to guys too. Most people don’t know enough about cars and they’ll buy into a lot of bullshit
    • That_brown_Fellow
      So glad I'm a guy and I can just change my own fucking oil
    • tc1973
      LMFAO.....those "oil change" guys are hardly mechanics
      tc1973 a month
    • SherbetBear
      I’ve always wondered why my dad insisted on taking my car in.
      SherbetBear a month
    • Emilyyyyyyy
      Mechanics are fucking scum bags
      Emilyyyyyyy a month
    • Mr_Lobster
      Nah we do that shit for people that act like they know everything, mainly middle aged white men who think they know about cars, just dont be an asshole and you'll be fine
      Mr_Lobster a month
    • AsDarknessDies
      Just get someone you know to do it. Mechanics will fuck you over if gullible is written on the ceiling
    • CodeAlpha
      So many mechanically braindead people in this comment section it’s hilarious
      CodeAlpha a month
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