• Me: Wanna go on a date? Girl: Sure Me:
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    • I actually really liked bandersnatch but knowing ifunny everyone on here already has 50 reasons they hate it
      truthfuI 12 jan
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    • That was a very interesting show
      Mythology 11 jan
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    • CommonJish 20 jan
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    • Aell see ya around *jumps off balcony*
      YourBoyJeb 18 jan
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    • Bandersnatch performances were absolutely incredible I loved it an I don't care what you think.
      Positive 18 jan
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    • This is Plankton saying "I didn't think I'd get this far" version two
      realjayleen 18 jan
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    • I can't get further he keeps killing his dad
      Brandon55629 18 jan
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    • Therapist fight scene
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    • Did anyone get the Netflix option for bandersnatch?
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    • Bandersnatch is really cool, I had a lot of fun with it. And at one part you can tell him you're from the future and he's on Netflix, then he karate fights his therapist
      dcpally 17 jan
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    • "So what we doing?"
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    • Just because black mirror is popular doesn't make bandersnatch a bad movie
      McCandless 17 jan
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    • PAC
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    • Bandersnatch was great, Netflix is really upgrading its services. Next, we'll be able to play monopoly on it. XD
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    • Love that concept of the movie, hope it becomes the next best thing at home entertainment
      JebusRice 17 jan
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    • TaterThots a month
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    • Black mirror is the shit
      smile 4
    • Bandersnatch that is the meme reference
      Munchie78 22 jan
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    • Kill your dad and cut up the body for the best result
      smile 4
    • Benedict Bandersnatch
      chazza1414 18 jan
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    • I really liked this movie but fucking hated it when I accidentally messed up at the end and had to restart the movie to get back to where I was
      Asphyxia37 18 jan
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    • The problem with Bandersnatch isn't the acting (which actually *was* good, don't @ me) is that there weren't nearly as many paths as would have been satisfying, which you could argue that it plays into the whole "you only have the illusion of choice" thing, but that's just a fuckin' cop out
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    • Deadass I just got my first girl what do I do fams
      smile 3 19
    • Bandersnatch> Birdbox
      that1apple 17 jan
      smile 3
    • The most difficult choice in my life I ever had to make was Frosties or Sugar Bombs
      smile 2
    • P.A.C
      faceball a month
      smile 2
    • That show was never ending. Make a choice. Go back. Make a different choice. Go back. ITS A FOREVER-LOOPING EPISODE
      BadoncaSauce 21 jan
      smile 2 3
    • I still haven’t seen Bandersnatch because apparently every tv in my house and my laptop aren’t modern enough to run it
      smile 2
    • After playing bandersnatch does anyone remember the lead character’s name after a week because I sure as fuck don’t
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    • Finally, a Bandersnatch meme
      WitchyWusky 18 jan
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    • I know this will get lost in the comments but this thing fucked me up like after watching it I got this weird urge to kill my family
      jewhammer 18 jan
      smile 4
    • I know this is fake no one would ever say yes to me
      RGIrate 18 jan
      smile 2
    • "I didn't expect to get this far"
      JJet 18 jan
      smile 2
    • Colin was my fav
      Arkevius 17 jan
      smile 2
    • This actually fucking happened to me over the Christmas break, when she accepted I didn’t know how to react and ended up messing up
      Billyboi1235 17 jan
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    • Reminds me of "I don't know, I didn't think I'd get this far"
      Satannigga 17 jan
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    • Yes this is what it’s like having Aspergers
      yaboidoubleD 17 jan
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    • I didn’t think I’d get this far
      DaMachoMan 17 jan
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    • Ahhh. What a mind fuck of a movie.
      Vickos 17 jan
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    • Dude I fuckin loved bandersnatch
      Picoco_2019 17 jan
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    • The movie made me really paranoid anyone else relate ? PAC
      autumnmuse 17 jan
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    • Visit my profile for Big Dog Energy
      Faulk 17 jan
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    • He killed his father and dismembered the body
      smile 2 2
    • I wouldn't even know what to do on a date
      Joshfish6 17 jan
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    • Me and my girlfriend recently broke up. She said I didn't do enough for her. Well when you only say "idk" in response to what do you wanna do or eat. I'm gonna assume you're ok with not doing anything.
      THE_NUT 17 jan
      smile 2
    • DerBloody 17 jan
      smile 2
    • Don’t let the thots be tc
      GodSlayer667 17 jan
      smile 2
    • UNILAD 17 jan
      smile 2 2
    • It’s rewind time
      cumming 17 jan
      smile 2
    • Colin really does huh
      Jaxon_21 a month
      smile 1
    • Bandersnatch P.A.C.S Colin rickman is high
      Munchie78 22 jan
      smile 1
    • True
      smile 1
    • What show is this from?
      salmansheikh 19 jan
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    • This may not be a popular opinion but as shows get more interesting to watch I personally believe they have a worse affect on someone’s personality. I mean most good shows on Netflix revolve around depressing or sad topics. 13RY is probably the best example of this and it’s idolization of suicide.
      smile 2
    • My ass got to jail
      smile 1
    • Who the hell asks “wanna go on a date”. You’re suppose to ask if they want to go to a certain place
      thetony444 18 jan
      smile 2
    • Ooo Bandersnatch
      Strandburger 18 jan
      smile 1
    • cant relate no girl has ever said yes to going on a date with me😪
      adorably 18 jan
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    • Bandersnatch was cool
      smile 1
    • Bandersnatch!
      sophie_xeon 18 jan
      smile 1
    • “I wouldnnnnt doooo thaaaat....” “What? We’re exploring.” Anyone get the reference?
      smile 1
    • Bandersnatch is my favorite episode of anything
      T3K_Memes 18 jan
      smile 1
    • Honestly. I was'nt sure I would make it this far.
      wijibo 17 jan
      smile 1
    • Haha yeah kill myself
      smile 1
    • "So where to?" "I dont know, I've never gotten this far before."
      smile 1
    • who else said that in his voice
      miss_keisha 17 jan
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    • I got the ending where you do crystal meth instead of paying for Netflix
      No_Life_King 17 jan
      smile 1
    • Black Mirror!
      smile 1
    • I honestly wouldn't not know how to act if a girl said yes. Probably backflips even tho I'm pretty sure I could never pull one off
      smile 1 1
    • Does it actually have a good ending though?
      smile 1 3
    • Omae wa mou shindeiru
      smile 1 2
    • Good meme
      amir_vargas 17 jan
      smile 1
    • "Yet"
      Monty_VVolf 17 jan
      smile 1
    • Anybody get the ending where you kill the fat boss guy
      SuperFacts 17 jan
      smile 1 2
    • You haven’t unlocked the “sex” route yet
      I_am_Karen 17 jan
      smile 1
    • I love Bandersnatch but now I’m scared of choose your own adventure books
      smile 1
    • You kinda wing it an hope for the best after
      XeroTime 17 jan
      smile 1
    • succacock 17 jan
      smile 1
    • WhAt EnDiNg DiD yOu GeT !?
      smile 1
    • It was an odd movie, especially when I got the dude to fight the lady counselor and she pulled out batons
      WTDpuddles 17 jan
      smile 1
    • Don’t you dare let the thots and beggars be tc
      GodSlayer667 17 jan
      smile 1 1
    • Just use a cheat code
      idiot 17 jan
      smile 1
    • On the date:
      No0bz 17 jan
      smile 1
    • Keeroe 17 jan
      smile 1
    • It's rewind time
      lFunnyPolice 17 jan
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    • Jools 17 jan
      smile 1
    • Virgin squad where u at?
      IlIlllllI 17 jan
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    • Main guy in Bandersnatch reminds me of Syd Barrett
    • snuggleandmemes I bet you already tagged me in this
      dad_again 17 jan
    • Sharena 17 jan
      smile 1
    • That shit was mad boring.
      DavidForever 20 jan
    • Ola mami
    • Bandersnatch kinda sucked
      Greasy_Egg 19 jan
    • He literally just needs to ask her to guess where they are going and the first place she says is where he should take her
    • What movie is this
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