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    • I’m only here cuz Ifunny said Dunkey was featured
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    • Funny because that actually makes them rot faster
    • Having worked in produce I know how to turn the misters off. And I always go and turn the ones that are supposed to be on off and the others on
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    • I thought it said missed and that made me sad for some reason
    • Me: :(
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    • Anyone else remember the "lightning and thunder" right before they were misted?
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    • And I choose these vegetables to die
      mcs3 10d
    • When they play the little thunderstorm sound and flash LEDs
    • Whenever I went grocery shopping with my mom, I would watch those sprinklers and figure out the timing for them and then delay my mom so that when we got near them they would scare the shit out of her.
    • How did you make this if you’re a vegetable?
    • It do be like that sometimes
    • : :(
    • Do they still do it now a days?
    • This hit me so hard. The nostalgia is real.
    • Me: :( This feature: 💩 Me: ):
    • The grocery store that used to be near me would play sounds of thunder while the veggies were getting misted
    • This reminds of dwarf fortress, how the dwarfs love waterfall mist.
    • My local cvs actually plays the tune to "singing in the rain" everytime it does it and its amazing
    • People will make a meme out of anything. It's not as good as it was back in 2012, 2013, and 2014
    • It was always such a blessed experience to witness the misting of the vegetables.
    • The most satisfying thing as a kid
      tsbking 11d
    • Stop peeping on them in the shower you freak
    • I stuck my hands in the water one day when I really young. Looked over and saw an employee, who just shook her head at me. I still think about that moment to this day.
    • I thought I was the only one
    • Glad to know hawaii isnt the only place who has thunder/rain sound effects
    • Do they like the music or sound effects?
      IceBane 11d
    • My local store has thunder sound effects as they're misted
    • They frown on showering in those...
    • Love the lightning and sound effects too. Best shit ever
    • I miss that
    • I thought I was the only one who felt that
    • My local grocery has a system set up where the lights above the vegetables flicker and a thunder sound plays when they get misted
    • I can now confirm that spraying veggies with water outside of a grocery store will get you called insensitive and mean
    • At my local Kroger, they have a sound system that makes thunder noises before it starts and during the misting
    • I remember when I discovered that happens, I would always walk extremely slow in the produce so I could see it happen again. My mom would always get really irritated, but I also never told her that I just wanted to see the vegetables take a shower.
    • I went to Target today and this was literally what happened to me
    • Points hose at grandma : )
    • I remember at like king supers they would play thunder before the misting would begin and I kinda miss it
    • Can confirm! Even after working at one for 2 years
    • :)
    • Rainstorm in the Amazon jungle
    • The coolest shit as a kid going to the store
    • There’s a store in my hometown that has speakers on the vegetable mister and it plays “singing in the rain” while they are being misted.
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    • And then the thunder-noise it made with it
    • I loved watching it when I was little
    • I feel called out
    • One store had thunder before the mist and it was lit
    • That’s actually really bad for them.
      kryztl 11d
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    • what the heck is this about? "Misted"?
    • I work in produce and every night I have to pull the vegetables to put in the cooler. Which is fine until the misters come on because my hands are already fuckin freezing
    • vegetables getting misted
    • Holy shit I haven’t seen that happen in years. Is that even a thing anymore?
    • As a kid you guys ever run over to get sprayed?
      Thest 11d
    • That's nice 😊
    • I didn’t know this until I read this and I wanna fucking die
    • Worked in produce and it gets annoying when you're sticking vegetables in the back of the wall and get your whole ass neck wet
    • *thunderstorm sound through small speakers in area*
    • My kroger actually has thuderstorm sound effects before they start spraying. Its neat
    • I like to piss in a spray bottle then go mist the veggies myself
    • Always had the thunder ambiance playing too
    • Everybody is saying they make a thunder noise, but I’ve never heard that? Maybe my store doesn’t have it
      Spira 11d
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    • I feel like I briefly enter into another peaceful vegetable dimension where broccoli and carrots sing lovely harmonies to all the cabbage and tomatoes and such
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    • I have this one grocery store that every time it lists the veggies it makes thundercloud and rain noises and I love it
    • When I was a kid I would always love to touch the most and I still do it to this day as a 16 yr old and I’m not disappointed that I still do it
    • Once the spray came on while I was getting a pepper and it misted my glasses
      PsyFre 11d
    • I saw this happen once in my lifetime and it was great
    • The misters at the store I go to make a thunder sound before they start spraying
      tcolv 11d
    • Anyone else ever try really really hard to put your hand in the mist
    • I used to work in a produce department, and I wouldn’t have to work for the rest of my life if I had a nickel for every time I was stocking, the mist came on, and someone said “oh man lucky you, getting a free shower :)”
    • Today in bio I learned about hypertonic and hypotonic osmosis.
    • You know it too from the weird dissassociated thunder
    • Little things to keep you going! ♥️
      Joeey 11d
    • Do potatoes make anyone else happy? Like just being around potatoes puts me in a good mood.
    • Was it me or did they always turn off as soon as you ran up to them?
    • Why is this true
    • They do it to make them heavier so you pay more
      Jeffed 11d
    • ✋wash wash
    • You 4 eyed freak
    • I mist you
    • One of my local grocery stores does little thunderstorm sounds when they do this. 😍🥰
    • Me walking over to get more sugary snacks and crying about how fat I am
    • That mist spreads so much nasty shit on them veggies tho, watch out bois and grilles
    • You got four eyes?
      crushee 11d
    • :’)
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    • So true!
    • Little jungle
    • Gay
    • Mis-ted
    • I use to work at a health food store and probably my favorite part of every shift was hearing the fake thunder and then it misted the produce
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    • I thought I was the only one!
      CSass 12d
    • Story of my life
    • I love when they takin a shower 😊
    • Lettuce spray 😇🙏🏻
    • Lol fucking relatable for some reason
    • You can mist my vegetable
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