• Me: She obviously doesn’t like me, I need to get over her. Also me: *Keeps imagining cute scenarios with her and falls deeoer in love*
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    • 9999
      I'm developing an iFunny mod that lets you downvote any post you want and other features. Lmk if you have ideas for the mod.
      9999 19d
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    • Single_as_a_Pringle
      This is to personal. Like if your single as a Pringle
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    • Konpeki
      Konpeki 19d
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    • BrianFarndon
      Too fucking real this hurts.
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    • SpencerLeeper
      Like if this is you, but you also had a perfect chance to change it and you blew it.
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    • GayYiffForEveryone
      And it’s not even sexual scenarios it’s like thinking about cuddling with them and falling asleep in their arms that really make me desperate for love
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    • emogaleem
      Guys do this too???
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    • Professor_Sadness
      Please god kill me. I’m in love with a girl that I know doesn’t love me. I’ve helped her though depression so I guess I can feel good about that. Please God kill me. My life is misery. My birth a mistake. My death a privilege. And god himself had take what he wants a left me. Here I am, alone.
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    • Islamic_Pepsi
      Then she tosses the smallest bone your way and keeps you hooked forever
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    • mani28
      This is the most relatable meme to ever be posted on this app
      mani28 19d
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    • TrashcanTrevor
      Me with literally every girl I see
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    • TrollKing042
      Me: gets dumped because she says she can’t handle the stress. Also me: *treats her amazing and puts my all into the relationship*
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    • hannnah
      Whoa... guys do this too??
      hannnah 19d
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    • Lucinya
      This hurts. Like, really.
      Lucinya 19d
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    • Evan_Joseph64
      Bruh that cut too deep
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    • Vanish
      Y’all ever listen to sad songs while sad to get yourself even more sad
      Vanish 19d
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    • Arsnee2
      If I get 15 likes I will ask my crush out.
      Arsnee2 17d
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    • redwingsfan19
      I just asked out my crush and she said yes so im pretty excited
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    • debleweble
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    • BritBox
      A sad lonely man is behind this meme. Dw dude it’ll get better 💕
      BritBox 19d
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    • Artsytrucker
      Can we report for threat? Cause this is me right now I don't know if she's flirting or not cause I've never had a girl talk to me like she does
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    • BlakeMamba
      My favorite dream scenario is being on the couch with the So resting her head on my chest , either watching a movie or sitting by a fireplace
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    • rickcantdie
      I’ve been in love with a guy for 7~8 years. We are together all the time. So I decided to do the obvious, told Him I liked him and was rejected... softly... I’ve had a horrendous surgery and I don’t know which hurts more.
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    • gueraculera
      Why is this a thing that humans do
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    • ItsYaBoiCleeToris
      Literally me rn. So I go on ifunny to forget about her and wOOOooOooHhh BoY my heart 😢
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    • Midgepo
      See, and that’s the issue most people have. You’re not really in love with them, just the idea of them. Just the version of them you created in your head. Love is dead, just like your will to live.
      Midgepo 19d
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    • dankboxinc
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    • GangstaNugget
      I had a dream where I was fucking my HS crush and then tried to find a pornstar look alike to get off to when i woke up
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    • MadSnailDisease
      Alright I’m going through this rn and it sucks ass. Half of me keeps saying “nah she wants nothing to do with me,” then the other half sees all these signs from her that may or may not be imagined by me, I have no clue. Want to shoot my shot, but don’t want to if she never was interested
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    • _DUMPY_
      _DUMPY_ 19d
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    • pandapixie
      If you’ve been there and you know it clap your hands 👏
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    • pinkfloyds
      You ever imagine cute scenarios for too long and they start turning into like taken 3 shit.
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    • angelmac26
      This was suicidably accurate
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    • LandonHough
      This hurts because it’s happening to me right now but it’s funny
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    • Flame_Emerald
      Shiiiit that's me right now though
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      I had to force her out of my life just so I could think about being with other women
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    • dinosaursrlyfe
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    • DegenerateAntx24
      So there is this girl who’s like a 7/10 at my work and she got fired and now I wanna Kill myself
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    • YouShouldSub
      They talk about hitting too close to home but lets say I lived in a shed, well mother fucker you just dropped a god damn meteor on it
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    • Toon_Link_57
      Me every fucking night
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    • The_white_E36
      My fiance left me on new years
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    • Maniacloth123
      One time a girl grabbed my dick and I didn’t know what to do so I grabbed her dick and ate a potatao
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    • GrenadeClock
      I feel personally attacked from this, damn
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    • Havel_The_Rock_Johnson
      Yeah but didn't those floating hearts turn out to be just bugs?
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    • SkylerNC
      I imagine myself with a guy sometimes and feel lonely.
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    • ImAlreadyDead
      It be like that sometimes.... so to save time... kill yourself!!
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    • benh1123
      Is this a personal attack
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    • Raccoon_Gang
      I want to tell a story, but no one wants to hear it
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    • ImoMyJokesAreHillarious
      I feel this so hard
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    • ScienceFiction97
      Loved The Misadventures of Flapjack
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    • BelleXaneValentine
      This hit too close to home... I bet Amy’s at home... at her house with her cute dog... Amy’s so cute... shit it’s happening again...
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    • Peacies
      Do guys actually do this? Real question right here
      Peacies 19d
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    • Ballinix
      This actually just made me depressed because its so relatable.
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    • wyro
      Well it sucks when she acts like shes not interested one day. And then the next day shes all flirty and interested
      wyro 19d
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    • BcWhyNot
      I honestly don’t think I’ll ever have another gf. It sucks. It took me months and months to get over my ex, and I’m finally ready but Ive been out of the game so long and I was never good at it to begin with. Ive been goin out more, trying to be less shy and everything but I just feel like a dud
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    • zer0theAssassin
      I remember this episode, those heats are parasites and also delicious. Peppermint Larry exploits Flap Jack and sells them
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    • Taddik
      Fuck Hannah why the fuck did I ever have to meet you.
      Taddik 19d
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    • ThemotherfuckingMailman
      Damm that's really me right now
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    • 420username
      I was doing this and only like half looking at the memes... That's just... Ouch
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    • S_H_I_T_M_I_X_E_D_
      Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck this is too real. I asked the girl out and she goes "What the fuck um no" and I'm not even that ugly
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    • 7Symbol7
      This hits waaay too close to home fam
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    • Spicy_Radish
      If psychology has taught me anything it’s that the longer we keep feelings about someone repressed the stronger the feelings become. Don’t wait to tell her. Text her right now. Don’t make my mistakes
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    • Mifune
      H-h-hey there, friend, you're hitting a lil too close to home with that one...
      Mifune 19d
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    • LlamaBite2
      10 likes and I never jerk off again
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    • bitchbeinallbroadway
      Does everyone do that not just me??
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    • Paigeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      We really are a lonely bunch
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    • Breakfast_N_bitches
      Yooo I must be the loneliest man on the planet because I will do this every day
      smile 4
    • Machariuss
      I am literally going through this right now. The feels
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Kintaq
      Bruh those aren't even hearts. Those end up being gnats in the episode
      Kintaq 19d
      smile 4 reply 3
    • BlackCrows
      Dude this my mind every night. But then my subconscious reminds me it's not real and personally insults me. Then it tells me that I should never ask her out cause she can do better than me and deserves better and that I would be a burden
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    • YaBoiLexi
      I asked a guy out and he said no then started dating my cousin
      smile 3 reply 1
    • sired
      My heart hurts
      sired 17d
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    • MacoroniKing
      Just read Lusty Argonian maid and you’ll feel better.
      smile 3
      I came here to have a good time and I honestly feel so attacked right now
      smile 3
    • Cividal
      Damn bro, I feel that shit
      Cividal 18d
      smile 3
    • _Grigsby_
      I didn't come here to be so personally attacked
      smile 3
    • OldScratch
      I work in a movie theater where we serve food in the theaters and I have to put up with seeing people on dates after my gf broke up with me a couple days ago. It’s really depressing, and I’m really tired of being single.
      smile 3
    • Patrox
      Had this feeling several times, got rejected two times (4 year difference between those) from my best female friend that were my crush, I feel like a shit guys but there’s even more stories ;(
      Patrox 18d
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    • EsotericNazism
      Carleigh pls love me
      smile 3
    • AceOfUseless
      smile 3
    • The_Duke_
      Those hearts in this episode of flapjack actually ended up being parasites givin by a girl to flap to drain his blood, pretty messed up
      smile 3 reply 1
    • ShyPyro
      It do be like that
      ShyPyro 18d
      smile 4 reply 1
    • spicy_butter
      Literally me right now 😧
      smile 3
    • Gr8scott22
      What’s up with these features? These ones hurt.
      smile 3
    • Lukinator67
      Bro, the fucking accuracy though...
      smile 3
    • BoostedLifestyle
      Felt fuckin hard homeboy
      smile 3
    • LimeTime
      My problem is a girl could show any amount of kindness and I start to believe I should shoot my shot
      smile 3 reply 5
    • JohnnyGriffen21
      The longer you keep who you like a secret, the more you fall for her.
      smile 3
    • maal38
      maal38 19d
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