• me realizing that being “gifted" during my childhood and putting in absolutely no work but still excelling in my little 4th grade classes is the reason i have little to no work ethic now and i get discouraged from things if i'm not good at them immediatelv
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    • Disco
      Yep. I feel this.
      Disco 13d
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    • Commodus_the_Lawbringer
      Yeah same here but at least I don't complain about it to random people on the internet
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    • scalloped
      Bro.. and how the ADULTS in your life talk about how smart you are because you can rattle off the pointless factoids they fed you and wonder how you lack critical thinking skills! Bitch! You made me the best parrot in a game of lions!
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    • soggybreadsticcc
      I was in the gifted classes and it made me the biggest fucking procrastinator ever. I never study and do everything the day before it's due or turn it in late.
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    • itsya_lesbian
      Deadass who else was treated like they were gifted and were treated smarter and now you just feel like shit and like you let everyone down?
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    • kcovarr
      PSA: This is actually a pretty good indicator of ADD, just found out I had it after like 13 years of school
      kcovarr 12d
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    • Divine_zero
      At my school back in the day I had a little panic attack when they tested me for our gifted program because they didn’t tell me that’s what it was for they just said I had to talk with the school psychologist and the guidance counselor so I thought they were putting me in the special classes
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    • bIand
      aka why we have to stop pampering children. exactly why sjw’s act the way they do
      bIand 13d
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    • JosefFritz
      Why does this hurt?
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    • brasareoverrated
      Can't relate cuz I was always the stupid one 🙃
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    • dinnersready
      Wow everyone on here is like that’s why I’m a lazy piece of shit! I’m too intelligent to succeed
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    • iiiShadowiii
      content not available more
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    • eugenethewoman
      From a young age I have always had a high levers of emotional intelligence. And it’s still very high but throughout my childhood and early adulthood all this did was cause a rift between my peers and myself. Sometimes being average is an advantage in life, especially when it comes to friends
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    • _PTxD_
      Watch how everyone here is also coincidentally gifted
      _PTxD_ 12d
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    • kakacarmenelektra
      So you’ve identified the problem, now fix it.
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    • Jutus
      I failed elementary and teachers told me I wouldnt amount to anything, i never learned fractions and shit, i dont know my timestables by heart either... but now Im double majoring in Business Administration: Finance and Political Science: Public Policy, at a University of California
      Jutus 13d
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    • JagiestJag
      Truth is it was rigged from the start
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    • aproy
      Same. Just get a job. It takes care of everything, "Ooh money and responsibility. Life's good."
      aproy 13d
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    • shapen360
      Or... you could grow up, learn you’re not special, and actually try to work hard to be something in life.
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    • tsmiff
      Just learned about this in my 101 class. It’s called a “fixed mindset”. Lots of people that were praised for their intelligence at a young age stop trying when work gets harder and lose their confidence
      tsmiff 13d
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    • congobongo_
      Lmao I guess everyone on this app was “gifted”
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    • Alabasterctorrington
      I really wish I would’ve challenged myself more as a young kid, because this exact thing happened to me after I realized how I didn’t really need to try in school.
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    • LaughingGoddess
      Find a different way to encourage people other than labelinf them as "gifted". Gotta struggle to succeed.
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    • innocence
      Kids who were labeled "gifted" as kids grow up to be average adults with a superiortiy complex
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    • SirenVenus773
      Guys,I was at college reading level when I was a kid. It's not the difficulty of the new subject matter,it's the fucking boredom. By the time you get to an actual challenge, you're bored af.You're used to disappointment in a subject and expect it, so when you finally get a challenge,ur like wtf?!
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    • collective_cleanup_
      Don’t flatter yourself. You were never gifted.
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    • Obliteratous
      It’s because the US school system isn’t equipped to educate kids who are smarter then their teachers. I went through all of schooling without any challenges whatsoever and instead of giving me more difficult work, they just praised me as being “gifted” that doesn’t help anyon e
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    • TheStainSpecialist
      Being gifted in elementary school means you show potential. But you rode that and didn’t expand on it.
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    • AdoptedLlama
      I’ve noticed that there are two types of people in honors. The ones who try really-really hard to be there and then the ones who don’t give a damn and are just naturally gifted. I’ve been in honors since 4th grade; I’m in honors at college now.
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    • revov
      Well if you were really that smart you’d know this is a bullshit excuse. No skill/talent with hard work beats lazy natural talent and skill any day
      revov 13d
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    • PassionFire
      Honor student all through high school, top 5% of my class, never studied, first semester of college failed two courses.
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    • Danktology
      Yeah and sensitive parents who want to be sensitive on their kids too and making it worse. They want teachers to give everyone A’s and have coaches make both sides win. Honestly this world is getting far too sensitive
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    • OfficerFKface
      Sad part is, most every kid excelled in 4th grade. None of were actually "gifted" just average and got one too many Pat's on the back
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    • djmar22
      Hahahahaha quit trying to find a "good reason" behind you being a fucking jackass.
      djmar22 13d
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    • cannibalmuffin
      This is literally 100% accurate. And it hurts
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    • swizznasticgymnastics
      Ooh I’m special and gifted it’s just because I don’t try hard that I’m a failure, if I tried I could totally be Tony Stark.... shut the fuck off ur not special
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    • ComedyReviews
      Am I the only mother fucker who inherently struggled with pretty much all grades from 1st grade onward?
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    • TheClassicalAsian
      All the 70 IQ fuckers who flunked 6th grade be like: “ i feel this”
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    • Generalstarwars333
      If you think about it, gifted is just AP special ed.
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    • Rainbowcupcake34
      I find it interesting that everyone is agreeing, are you all suddenly gifted or is it that school just ramps up in terms of difficulty like it was desinged to do
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    • Master_Ass_Blaster_V2
      I look at the comments and they like "same".... maybe i was just a dumbass as i kid i didnt give a fuck what class i was in
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    • 1_Mendoza
      I agree, I recognize this and I will now work to better myself like a normal person and will not complain about it like an entitled brat.
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    • GrizzlyRob
      I was in a program called “Talented and Gifted” and once a week they’d pull us out of normal classes and the idea was we worked on more advanced work to prevent getting bored with the normal school work that was no challenge to us. Ended up doing some worksheets then dicking off with chess and shit.
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    • revenaunt
      I'm similar in having no motivation for most things but being a perfectionist as well so for my classes I wanted no part of doing any work but would easily angrily do 8hr of studying without eating or stopping till I finished my work. Makes me finish what I do despite getting very angry at sucking
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    • Rod_Runner
      Theres a difference between "Gifted" and "Special", ya know....
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    • Mxgul
      Ultimately it’s a matter of your fault and those teachers. You shouldn’t be held as a prodigy because then you start form the habit of “ Well I know this because I was good at it last time “. That’s not how life works. You have to keep practicing and training, regardless of what activity you’re doin
      Mxgul 13d
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    • OfficialStevenUniverse
      i’m not gonna lie. i’m smart and classes would be easy if the pressure of deadlines and depression didn’t pound my head every second of everyday
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    • KingBastard
      This girl at work has the fattest ass and I want it on my face
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    • The1_Black_Cat
      I worked my ass off and still sucked. Middle school came round and everyone else slacked so I rose to the top. Then I got depression and I’m back where I started but with no motivation
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    • OutsideImXdInsideImXc
      Nah I got stuck with “good at tests but never does homework” written on every report card. Even in high school tests are what saved my average and I was blessed if I got a class with little to no homework
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    • Butterchu
      This is concerningly accurate
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    • mackdaddums
      Honesty, this is exactly what is wrong with our school systems if you did a little research.
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    • thisissnottaken
      Everyone thinks they are "gifted" till the shit starts becoming real
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    • BabJanson
      And this is why the american education system is a failure
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    • Leon_muks
      Uhh if you would keep up working hard instead of being happy where you are you would be different, don't blame something else for your bad work ethic
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    • BeakerPD
      The number of people down here claiming to be gifted tells me we may be doing this wrong as a society
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    • DJYondrr
      This is a huge fuckn mood
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    • tender__missile
      And sometimes even when you are good imediately you feel like youre not good enough and give up anyways
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    • unknownintheeyes
      I used to be in the gifted education program in like the 1st-5th grade and now I’m a moderately good but sometimes struggling senior and my mom likes to bring up my past years like it’s hard to be gifted at 1st grade math and that I shouldn’t be struggling now
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    • ShySage
      Downside of intelligence. It's so easy to bullshit something last minute and still get an 'A' easily but then you get to university, discover that you can't do that anymore, start drinking, and fall into an abusive relationship with a communications major named Karen.
      ShySage 13d
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    • Kommenter
      100%. I have zero work ethic and it’s killing me in highschool
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    • Phenol
      I was really good in highschool by learning everything in class and not doing homework and then testing really well naturally. But then I hit college and it’s all read teach yourself and do homework and I’ve failed over half my classes so far
      Phenol 13d
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    • atomicAce
      Straight up this is me. I have an IQ 135 but graduated high school with a D average because I was to good to do the work. Went to community college eventually and now I’m getting a PhD in chemistry. The big change? “Went from I’m too good for this” to “let me show you how it’s done.”
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    • melwild1
      Kids that are praised based on effort, such as "I'm really proud of how hard you've been studying" tend to excel because they feel as though when academics get tough, they can always work harder. How teachers praise kids is really important.
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    • BabyGril
      Finally someone, not only understands this enough to make a meme about it, but it's popular enough to be feature!? This right here is the root of a lot of modern problems.
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    • BaconTacos20
      I got top scholar in 4th grade, now I'm an unmotivated piece of shit
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    • Texan_Libertarian
      That’s why homeschooling is better. I was “gifted” as a kid, so my parents just made me do harder and harder work, and I ended up going into 9th grade at a public school at 12 years old, and winning state in academics a couple times.
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    • AirBigBlackYT
      This is literally my fucking life on the internet
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    • nosaltallpep
      Throw in an overprotective parent or two along with that giftedness and you're really fucked 🙋‍♂️ All younger ones reading this, don't let them shelter you. Take risks and responsibilities always, it will help you more than you'll ever know.
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    • Trail_Mixin
      i worked my ass of in grade school and by the time college came around i had no motivation to continue academics so i dropped out
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    • Woke_Lizard_Titties
      True, i just got worse instead till i was below level, its worse when everyone else was hanging it over your head when you were struggling so it made you just feel stupid and incapable.
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    • RoyalSleep
      Nope, was dumb to begin with and still to this day!
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    • Justadoseofmemes
      Your words cut deep kid,deeper than any blade
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    • Run_MCID
      Nah you're just lazy and entitled. Get up and be worth something.
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    • FreakyAlienGenotyp3
      I feel attacked
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    • Veraciti
      Same. I was doing pre algebra in 5th grade, and was enlisted into a program for gifted students. Now I hate school and barely passing my classes because I don’t put in the work.
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    • Weeb_Trash_Senpai
      Honestly. I never needed to try until highschool and by the time I was in highschool I didn't know how to study or anything
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    • Sweet_Mushroom
      It’s the ‘leave no child behind’ act that held the gifted back and brought the stupid ones up so nearly everyone stays average I believe
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    • TheWashingtonCompost
      Maybe the reason you all don't do well is because you blame your problems on crap that happened to you in the 4th grade instead of taking responsibility.
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    • LawrenceKraft
      Its actually not your falt. If the adults around you at that time had realised you were gifted. Its extremely important for them to continuously challenge you. Otherwise you end up losing it.
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    • Drew_Cole
      I procrastinate an still get good grades at uni
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    • z_Liven
      z_Liven 13d
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    • Hiddlestoner_at_Heart
      And here I am feeling like an idiot when I graduated summa cum laude and things are getting fucking rough in engineering when people complain about life after 4th grade
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    • Navegante
      And you laughed at the kids who struggled. Who's laughing now
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    • titanmaximum2
      Being a decent student is now called “gifted”. It teaches them to arrogant little shits, then they get to 9th grade and their world crumbles
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    • Tohka
      Where's my academically average squad at
      Tohka 13d
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    • YouShouldSub
      Bruh i failed 4th grade my teacher was a bitch but we did read george washingtons socks and that shit was lit
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    • endIessfun
      "Everybody wins"
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    • wishiwascool
      Quit being a pussy and fucking work
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    • Lonely_Fvck
      Nah, I'm just a sack of shit.
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    • PostHuman
      You know im passing my high school classes and im not even listening to my teachers they arent guesses either
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    • JDC2000
      I did shit through elementary/middle school and ended up only excelling if I somewhat enjoyed the subject, in others words I failed math a lot
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    • natethegreat7999
      I feel personally attacked
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    • 0NEYEFL0
      You see how many people relate to this? That means you were never gifted, this is normal.
      smile 2
      Bruh that’s a goddamn fact. I get the highest standardized scores and have some of the lowest grades.
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    • BoiEatLoopsss
      Kids are soft nowadays it’s sad....
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    • grimmle123
      My teachers would always get on to me because if I actually tried I would do good work by I never had motivation so I just gave the most mediocre correct answers.
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