• Me: It's wrong to pirate things College: The textbooks you need for this semester will cost 650$ in total
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    • _Cheesus_Crust_
      Fuck College textbooks and their 75th edition which means they updated the pictures.
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    • Kuroibara
      That’s how you get the big win
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    • MGJP2S
      Ok I'll get the ebook. *$750*
      MGJP2S 10d
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    • PassionFire
      Use library genesis, it's a Russian site with pretty much everything you need
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    • Sosiges
      Well, there’s rightfully supporting the owner of a product by legally paying for it, then there’s recognising when you’re getting ripped off.
      Sosiges 10d
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    • residentcynic
      I buy the international versions. It's the same information with the same setup, but it's a fraction of the price. My bio book was supposed to be 300 dollars. I got the international versions new for 25.
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    • CaptainF_ingAmerica
      College is a scam in most cases
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    • Stamylas
      If anyone wants to find their textbooks online, Google the name and author of it, and at the end type "filetype:pdf" it will only search for PDFs of that book
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    • Frickin_knives
      People need to stop spending so much time leaking celebrity nudes an leak college textbooks
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    • The_TowelMan_Society
      Bought an 80$ book I never used, tried selling it back but they gave me back 11$ because there was a new edition. Funniest part was I used to work there so I'm buddies with the employees and manager and they themselves told me "new edition" just means they changed one word or two.
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    • MorningCoffee
      My Professor: why get a rental when you can buy and keep the Textbook. Me:
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    • revenaunt
      Then they go with mandatory online grading that you must buy, including the ebook so pirating can't even work.
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    • lamelion
      It’s wrong to rip people off when they’re trying to get an education.
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    • premium_pornhub_comments
      The days of patchy the pirate and potty the parrot were amazing.
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    • CertifiedAngusBeef
      $650? Must only be taking 2 classes
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    • dedar
      What’s worse is the $100 access code each student needs to get to submit homework so they make money from that and we have no choices
      dedar 10d
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    • MuscledStar0205
      Dammit the dollar sign goes BEFORE the number!! Why does no one know this??
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    • camcorder17
      And you’ll only use it once or twice because it’s essentially an expensive security blanket
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    • Dittomic
      When looking for a textbook in Google type filetype:pdf after the title and all of the results will be PDFs.
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    • Khajiit
      If we’re already paying thousands of dollars for the class alone, we shouldn’t have to buy the material for said class. Utensils like pencils and paper, I understand.
      Khajiit 11d
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    • TotallyBelongHere
      Me: *pays $500 for texts books* 4/5 teachers: *use textbook once and follow with their own shit*
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    • LoveAnime
      Libgen.io fellas. It's a godly site for books
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    • TheStainSpecialist
      Don’t even rent, I got 4 textbooks that would’ve totaled $800, for just $60 with online PDF downloads. I couldn’t find free ones.
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    • Ale_Arsenal
      It’s $650 not 650$
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    • All_Hail_Grenin
      That's cuz yall are buying them at the college bookstores instead of Amazon Rentals
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    • Landschoot88
      Textbook prices are ridiculous. There is no reason they should be priced so high. It’s even worse when the professor writes the book then makes you buy it for their class. Pearson is an evil company and colleges are out to bankrupt you.
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    • islamicbrothehood
      They overprice stuff because they know retarded kids will go to the most expensive school they can cause they think it matters
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    • Valusha
      I'm sick of buying 200$ books and then not even having to take the fucking plastic wrap off of them
      Valusha 10d
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    • xxRampaige
      You forgot the part where it’s an inbound pack of pages in plastic wrap with an online access code that looses all of its value after it’s been opened. 🙃
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    • TarekChahattou
      My O.chem professor prints fill-in notes and makes the students buy them for $40 in addition to everything else separately. Uhhhh 😅😅
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    • PunchDownKing
      In college and can’t write money correctly wtf guys
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    • NothingToLiveFor
      Colleges get literal children to sign up to go thousands of dollars into debt in exchange for a degree that is worth much less than it was when it cost much less. Then charge you hundreds for every book and everything else along the way.
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    • AmericanDreamer
      Buying textbooks < dating a guy to use his textbooks
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    • bobatronsloshy
      So 1 book?
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    • InfectiousMemes
      Two easy solutions: google search filetype:pdf "textbook name/author/ISBN" OR check out the library copy and scan pages
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    • SpongyMender05
      Thing how crazy the internet is gonna go when the pirate guy dies
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    • OriginalAnimemes
      At this point finding a storage unit full of mint condition current year textbooks would be more valuable than finding a storage unit full of gold
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    • RadicalRhectum
      It's $650, you illiterate fuck.
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    • ftbt_
      I had to pay $75 for a fucking book with the girth of a jehovah witness pamphlet for my freshman comp class
      ftbt_ 11d
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    • Firewolf12937
      My advice: Chegg. You can get textbooks for STUPIDLY low prices.
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    • TheBroseph95
      More like $650 per textbook. Don’t forget you will also need to separately purchase access to the website tools you will need for the course.
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    • CaptainSmee
      I just download all my textbooks illegally. I’ve never bought a single book for school lol
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    • MakesumN0IZ
      It's actually legal to buy a text book, take pictures of the pages and return it.
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    • sanicthaheghog
      Tip : Amazon will let you rent textbooks for around $20 for the whole semester. I paid $120 for textbooks that woulda cost $700
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    • iPhoneyAds
      That ain’t shit compared to having to have a computer capable of using Final Cut Pro.
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    • TheAssociatedPress
      Google library genesis for a website with a ton of free textbooks
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      Yo where can I pirate books from cause i tried looking
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    • Lcdude
      Bitch it's 600 for one book that you use one page of
      Lcdude 10d
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    • Emilyyyyyyy
      Why does a book cost that much? Sorry if I sound like a moron I’m just genuinely curious
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    • Rtownhockey_88
      Or you can rent them for the semester on amazon for like $20
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    • insert_in_my_butt
      PUT THE DOLLAR SIGN ON THE LEFT! For fuck sake.
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    • YaBoiFreddie
      When you see this nigga, you know that’s about to be a banger episode of some spongebob.
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    • WrIsTsLiTtEr666
      libgen.io thank me later
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    • HoverRabbit
      $650 total? So three books?
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    • MattRichards15
      And when you try to sell them back: "Best I can do is $85"
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    • The_Avatar_Korra
      College textbooks are a scam change my mind
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    • christopher11342
      Library genesis, Get the pdfs for free, love it
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    • The_Autistic_Spoon
      Who is this man. He exists only in a vast unexplored region of my mind
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    • Libertarian_Feminist
      Ours totalled 2700 dollars and come in a ringbinder. They send us new pages every once in a while which we have to replace...
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    • GrisselbrandTheGreat
      Chegg look them up. Rent the books for like $30 each.....
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    • thisappisdying_1
      Fuck pearson, semeater is starting soo boys
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    • Gentleman27
      Fuck online access codes too! 120 bucks and it only lasts 1 semester and you need it for grades because all tests and quizzes are on there.
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    • Parzival
      I took an astronomy class and the textbook we used was a free pdf. My professor was the best
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    • FoundAGem
      650 bucks? What are you buying? A single rented textbook?
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    • LavaCookie
      Piracy isn’t wrong, all it’s hurting is large corporations and large corporations are evil by default. There are certain cases where I recommend you throw some money the way of the creator (small indie stuff, like games and music) but as a whole piracy is morally incheck
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    • GameCubeGuy7
      Amazon Prime Student. For $50 a year, you can rent textbooks for like $20 or less.
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    • Industrial_Cow
      I got some of my books last semester, barely needed them in the end, such overpriced bs
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    • GoodCondition
      What is college exactly. I hear that its like this wonderful place where you discover yourself and the future opens, but also the exact opposite
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    • dat_boi_
      College textbooks are a scam
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    • DeathBattle
      Books are so expensive no wonder the youth today don't read as much. It's similar to fresh vegetables and junk food.
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    • Amvndanicole
      The education system and the healthcare system are beyond corrupt.
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    • knobgoblin
      Thats insane. I payed 350 just for one book in a lot of my classes
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    • BeetsByDwight
      It forgot to mention that you will never use the textbook for the class
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    • Mr_No_Pfp
      College is a waste of time and money. Also a place to find lots of liberal snowflakes.
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    • maybe_the_antichrist
      FRIENDS, AbeBooks is an awesome website to get discounted textbooks from.
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    • Ben_the_beast
      Neeeevvvveeerrrr spent a dime on textbooks and I dont feel even a little bad because that shit is only so expensive because they know they can charge whatever the fuck they want because you have no choice so they effectively have a monopoly
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    • freehead
      go to google and type the name of your textbook, then add a space and type "filetype:pdf" and search, it will only show you pdfs for the thing youre searching for, ive found many textbooks this way
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    • DaddiRG
      All my professors told me to pirate the books, some even just scanned their own copies and offered print outs to each student
      DaddiRG 11d
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    • Mr_Wolfla
      My greatest fear: Access Codes
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    • Dodger99
      For the amount of money people pay to go to college, textbooks should be included
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    • CancerWard
      Dude he was the best part of spongebob specials
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    • snorty
      snorty 11d
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    • codyburger6969
      Only $650? I payed $1500
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    • ililliliii
      Kiss my ass if you think I’m spending another $500 for a book for one class that we more than likely won’t even use entirely
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    • JayAllen23
      "im something of a pirate myself you see"
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    • T_Jenga
      “I’m patty the pirate!”
      T_Jenga 10d
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    • ConG36C
      gen.lib.rus.ec -> search by name or ISBN. Use VPN to download.
      ConG36C 10d
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    • 360Fwolf
      And you'll use 3 pages
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    • Melteded
      The secret ingredient is crime
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    • RavynLiam
      What college are you going to that your books are only $650?!
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    • Quarrel
      Martin Shkreli went to jail for raising the price of the EPI pen to a ridiculous point. I have yet to see one college be charged with having ludicrous prices on their books, and we all know that you generally end up buying more than one. Besides the medical vs. academic nature of the items, why not?
      Quarrel 10d
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    • PxrnStar
      Who didn’t know that the Spongebob voice actor is also Patchy the Pirate?
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    • PictureCommentDealer
      Online PDF's are a godsend
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    • PsychoKitty
      $650 is just one book for me
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    • cutedogeboi
      That's just how mafia works
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