• me: have beaten Doom Skyrim wanting to finish the game) m little cousin:
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    • CH4MPLOO
      You can plant that many crops around one water block???
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    • NewWorldRodent
      Do you... Finish Minecraft? Like is there an ending?
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    • Hulking
      I immediately see: Thaumcraft, Tinkers' Construct, and Magical Crops
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    • ChillDown
      I once created a farm in Minecraft so large going near it would cause the server to lag. It could easily classify as a plantation. It was also in a desert, and I had to import dirt for it.
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    • Milesperhour101
      And that right there is the secret to minecrafts success. Being so good, no one WANTS to beat the game. Want to beat it legit? Look it up. Want to get it over with? Do it in creative mode. We rarely do either of those. Fortnite can kiss Steve’s blocky ass.
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    • Joemane25800
      Finally a minecraft picture that wasnt creative mode. Am i the only one that finds beauty in working for something you create and not just flying around pooping blocks out
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    • lambchopps
      You have not finished DOOM on the hardest difficulty shut the fuck up
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    • barefoot_and_proud
      Remember when you were like the biggest loser in the world if you played minecraft and now it's cool again
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    • EagleBirdman
      It's not much, but its honest work
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    • DrunkardAtDaBar
      So i see magical crops
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    • XxTrashAestheticxX
      I had no idea you could finish minecraft
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    • Frozenred01
      Minecraft is basically an open world game where the final mission is beating the Ender Dragon, but you can go back to exploring afterwards, or get mods, which are basically free dlc
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    • SpaztasticMan
      You did not beat DOOM on Ultra Nightmare, shut your lying ass up
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    • Vanillapowpow
      I remember my bro kept dissing me, saying "you can call yourself a true minecraft player unless you beat the enderdragon," even though I already had full diamond armor and a cool base.
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    • animecum
      It’s not much but it’s an honest work
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    • Buckets23
      Make a 9x9 area with the middle 1x1 filled with water, dig three more blocks down, mine the 2 blocks above the bottom one, carve out so you have a replica of the top, and continue doing so. The water acts as transportation between the farm layers.
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    • Niboidenfjallen
      Hey no cap the farm is pretty fucking dope
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    • PissCereal
      Minecraft on hardcore is fucking intense.
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    • TC_Police
      Who plays Minecraft to finish the game?
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    • Analsinger69
      You haven't beat minecraft until you have nothing to do but jump around and "parkour" random objects around your homestead
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    • DobbyIsAFreeElf
      Real OGs put the water underground. It wastes no space
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    • AngryToucannon
      I was unaware of how large you could make a farm with a single water block. I can increase the efficiency of my farms substantially thanks to your meme. The Sand Diggers owe you many diamonds, friend.
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    • JtheLast
      Despite the Ender dragon posing a final boss and theoretical “end” to the game there is far more within minecraft to do which makes the gameplay infinite no matter what way you play it :)
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    • tinyasiandewd
      The ending of minecraft if getting as close to creative as you possibly can while still in survival
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    • Wish_Gaming_Computer
      You never really "finish" Minecraft
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    • TheAlphaHipster
      Smh, pro tip. Have a base of water underneath the dirt and it will get wettt
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    • DrDongus
      I once made a farm that was about 10x10 chunks large, it took like 20 minuets just to fully harvest and replant
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    • Magnus_Effect
      I beat halo reach on legendary solo and built Bloodborne's first area, Central Yharnam in Minecraft. Am I cool too?
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    • mtgplayr
      Ah yes my favorite game, Doom Skyrim. I also very much enjoyed the sequel, Doom Skyrim 2 Electric Boogaloo
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    • xX_EpicAnCap_Xx
      U can finish the game and keep playing
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    • LooseMoose91
      Highest difficulty....skyrim... just stop
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    • Ratcum
      I seriously cannot play Minecraft without my farm and my stables for my animals. Farming is the point of the game for me.
      Ratcum 5d
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    • CamedyGold
      Why would you do that? You stack farms vertically to save space and for efficiency
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    • ExplodingDick
      I played minecraft for 5 years. Never have i ever actually killed enderdragon in survival without cheating...
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    • baseballbadass1
      CoD and Skyrim are pretty doable, but if you really did beat Doom on ultra nightmare, then you deserve a fucking medal
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    • Hi_Im_Deadpool
      Modded minecraft is like an entirely bew game, especially some of the huge modpacks
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    • Aitak
      You aren’t a true (jk it hurts me to say that) minecrafter until you’ve practically made almost all gathering automatic. Too fuckin lazy to make a perimeter machine.
      Aitak 6d
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    • Dylan93
      One water block provides a 9x9 block of possible farming area
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    • DeBoiBeComing
      I see you with those magical crops mod.. good man
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      Has anyone actually started off in a survival world, and legitimately worked their way up and actually kill the ender dragon?
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    • Ruhiirokujaku
      Beating bo3 on realistic was a bitch and a half
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    • whyteboi21
      You can finish minecraft? Explain. Im drunk, seriously after ender whats up? What do you?
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    • epicLOL19
      Noticed the modded in trees. nice
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    • Skruffyruff
      Who doesnt set up a automated farm? What's wrong with you
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    • MrYoung013
      Nodded is where it's at, magical crops for the infinite diamonds n shit
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    • Merasmus
      He's playing a modpack! I can tell, because there's a silverwood tree there from thaumcraft.
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    • mrbudd
      As far as I know nobody’s beaten doom on the hardest difficulty not even the devs
      mrbudd 7d
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    • Turtlemaster74
      He be using tconstruct and thaumcraft
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    • Hardgem776
      Y’all ever get to that point in Minecraft when you skip iron and gold?
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    • SirBookworm
      Is it bad that I can recognize that's modded Minecraft?
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    • MetaMike
      I've been playing Terraria and I refuse to continue until I know I am 100% ready for hard mode.
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    • GrimmAI
      Honestly Peacful Minecraft and a Podcast is the best and beats most games.
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    • NotJosephStalin
      I made a plantation on Minecraft
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    • ISIS_Goat_S3X
      But that's modded minecraft, theres a difference. That is quite literally limitless
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    • Bobbsby
      It’s not much but it’s honest work
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    • Sigh_____________________
      Yo does anyone else feel like the world used to be happier? Like not too long ago. For example the last two world cups before Russia were very lively and stuff and this last years sucked ass. I don’t know I just feel like the world isn’t as happy anymore. Y’all feel me
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    • Minecraft_overlord
      Yo that's an endgame farm if I've seen one. Even if they are mostly coal and iron, it takes some time to make an essence farm like that.
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    • BigShlongg
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    • MoonMan123
      “It’s a peaceful life”
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    • memetrash99
      It ain’t much, but it’s honest work
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    • StLouis94
      It aint much, but its honest work
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    • meme_critique_
      Thanos: (stares in deadly)
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    • AwfulPostsDaily
      All I do in Minecraft is Farm. It's the most enjoyable thing these days for me
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    • N8rtots
      A block of water can saturate up to 4 blocks in every direction
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    • ItsFrenzius
      You have no idea how hard it is to manage a farm that large by yourself
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    • Targeted
      This is modded though,magical crops and what looks like a slime tree in the bacvk
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    • that_meme_poster
      it smell like MODDED MINECRAFT up in here
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    • FML_Moderator
      I got my farms on an automatic timer but not to brag
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    • AlexanderTheGreatAndShit
      To think I used to make alternating rows of water and crops. I feel like a scrub
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    • squorsh
      Bitch I see the Silverwood and slime trees you ain't fooling anyone that shits modded
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    • The_Boulder
      It ain't much... but its honest work
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    • FoodOverPeople
      This > being vegan
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    • TheOtherChosenOne
      What is Doom Skyrim? 🤔😳
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    • Inusta
      Acting like CoD is a hard game
      Inusta 7d
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    • jeki
      Wow, doom, Skyrim, AND cod? On the HARDEST difficulties? You must be a gaming LEGEND
      jeki 7d
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    • MidnightMustang
      Comon man, step up your game. It's time for AUTOMATION
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    • hyper_onions
      Modded MC is the best
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    • OrsonsHomie
      I always build my farm first, with all the crops, and a nice spacious area for my various animals, starting off with a little shack for myself, which I then turn into a barn and make myself a nicer, bigger house.
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    • TomFlufftail
      It ain't much but its honest work
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    • wagnasty
      Beating Doom on the hardest difficulty should make you eligible for the gamer hall of fame
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    • Naramon
      You can spend 8 years on one save, completely industrialize dozens of chunks and you will still never be done
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    • Kitty_ShaRai
      Like hell you beat doom on the hardest difficulty where you only get one life and get booted back to the start of the game if you die.
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    • EdwardElric
      The end is the ending, jus kill the dragon
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    • Autrumn
      Can I get a Haw- Yee in chat boys for our Ram Ranch bretheren.
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    • KrispyCrab
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    • Spectronimo
      Magical crops
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    • TheDeafListener
      Wheres my pre neter bois at
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    • michielkudova
      Now beat all of halo on mythic
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    • dankeace
      Fatal fields
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