• Me: *gets up to stretch during class* My Dick:
    smile 76K

    • EffBeeEye
      EffBeeEye a month
      smile 2.9K reply 15
    • Cakery
      Ahhh it’s rewind time
      Cakery a month
      smile 1.4K reply 26
    • NutbagV3
      I’m ganna say it, SAO is a solid fucking anime. Anyone who’s on the fucking bandwagon of hating it can eat my entire ass.
      NutbagV3 a month
      smile 15 reply 14
    • Vanbulo
      Wow a GGO/SAO reference.
      Vanbulo a month
      smile 13
    • DudeMaster5241
      Is that Deathgun from Sword Art Online 2?
      smile 12 reply 2
    • PureAnise
      Sword art online, Season 2 GGO Finale, like so everyone can see
      PureAnise a month
      smile 12
    • Tehflooosh
      SAO isn’t trash, change my mind
      Tehflooosh a month
      smile 14 reply 8
    • Nrdam
      Nrdam a month
      smile 14
    • kushaladoara
      If you flex your abs with a boner it pulls blood away from your penis, please like to save a life
      kushaladoara a month
      smile 11 reply 2
    • MakaylaQ
      SAO gang
      MakaylaQ a month
      smile 13 reply 5
    • PewDiePie verified
      I fucking love SAO
      PewDiePie a month
      smile 11 reply 6
    • Minatoo
      I too call my Penis Death Gun.
      Minatoo a month
      smile 9 reply 2
    • kittyeong
      Death Gun?
      kittyeong a month
      smile 11
      Oh shit it’s death gun
      GANGSHITNIGGA a month
      smile 9
    • BuckeyeHoss
      Unpopular opinion: I think SAO was a good anime
      BuckeyeHoss a month
      smile 9 reply 7
    • Vyloo
      HECK YEAH A SAO FEATURE (no spammerino)
      Vyloo a month
      smile 8
    • Wolf_girl117
      Heyyy its SAO.... deathgun was a bitch
      Wolf_girl117 a month
      smile 9 reply 1
    • Lucifer_The_Snake
      Lol, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything SAO related
      smile 8 reply 2
    • NinjaMetal
      SAO is a good show. You can’t change my mind
      NinjaMetal a month
      smile 8 reply 2
    • Crayolla
      This new smile system is dumb as shit
      Crayolla a month
      smile 9
    • PoseidonArt
      PoseidonArt a month
      smile 7 reply 2
    • Cumtribute
      Sword art online is my shit
      Cumtribute a month
      smile 7 reply 3
    • TheAce0rca
      First half of season one was good, but they shoved 2 years of time into too few episodes. Would have personally liked to see more of that. The second half was pretty good too. A little weird, but it was definitely designed to make you feel the way that it did and I personally enjoyed the ending.
      TheAce0rca a month
      smile 7 reply 2
    • ReliantSoap2454
      An SAO meme? How does this exist?
      smile 7
    • DigitalDecree
      Lol the guys name is literally “Death Gun” sounds like a 2012 gamer tag
      DigitalDecree a month
      smile 7 reply 2
    • DiscoveryChannel
      What are we Reddit now? Upvotes?
      smile 7
    • sixbones
      lots of parts of sao were bad but deathgun was frickin AWESOME
      sixbones a month
      smile 7 reply 1
    • __Pickled__
      Is that from SAO II?
      __Pickled__ a month
      smile 9 reply 3
    • Torei
      Death gun niggas be like
      Torei a month
      smile 9
    • caseicool
      Death gun is fun
      caseicool a month
      smile 7 reply 1
    • Jake347612
      Laughing Coffin. Death Gun. That elf cunt.
      Jake347612 a month
      smile 7
    • Confused_Satan
      SAO is the shit, unless youve whatched the first one, i dont recommend jumping to the second one
      smile 8 reply 3
    • Brocwadsworth
      Behold the least creatively named villain ever created. DEATH GUN.
      Brocwadsworth a month
      smile 7 reply 1
    • Joeizbest
      Is that Death Gun
      Joeizbest a month
      smile 6
    • Unknown_Patriot
      smile 6
    • Tehflooosh
      SAO isn’t trash, change my mind
      Tehflooosh a month
      smile 6 reply 6
    • Jefftality
      *LE GASP* Sword Art Online!?!?!?
      Jefftality a month
      smile 6
    • Kaiwaii_TubaBoi
      Bitch is that death gun from SAO 2 dont bring him into this stop it please stop
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Captain_Flowers
      Its deathgun from SAO: II :D
      smile 6 reply 2
    • KazumaBestGirl
      SAO is a controversial anime but it sure as hell had a 10/10 for music
      smile 6 reply 2
    • Kade6
      Its Death Gun from SAO
      Kade6 a month
      smile 6
    • DerpFishJr
      Yeet gun Gale online was actually good
      DerpFishJr a month
      smile 7 reply 7
    • ProfessorTree64
      SAO and SAO 2 were both great, idc what anyone says
      smile 8 reply 6
    • Noble_Six
      What the fuck is this new like placement
      Noble_Six a month
      smile 6
    • RealSnapchatStories
      So now we’re copying Reddit, iFunny?
      smile 6
    • willroy
      This voting system sucks.
      willroy a month
      smile 7
    • PyroType
      Well hello deathgun
      PyroType a month
      smile 6
    • SyntheticDragon
      I'm pissed cus sao season 3 is out bet they're only releasing 1 episode ever like 10 days so I can't binge watch it like I did the last two seasons
      smile 5 reply 3
    • haydencadena511
      Yeeeeessssss SAO SEASON 2!!!!
      smile 5
    • DayStarRider
      Gun gale arc is okay, better than the fairy dance
      DayStarRider a month
      smile 5
    • UsernameIsTakenShit
      Fool looks like hes called Deathgun or something silly
      smile 5 reply 2
    • GigaEd
      Sword Art Online Season 2 like so others know where it’s from!
      GigaEd a month
      smile 6 reply 5
    • meheh4mehmum
      as a girl I can relate to this
      meheh4mehmum a month
      smile 5 reply 1
    • Hoemou
      If your dick gets hard when you get up to present, it's because you're an exhibitionist and want to be seen. These are the facts, I don't make them don't @ me
      Hoemou a month
      smile 5
    • finalKO
      the fact that the picture is from SAO makes in 10 time better
      finalKO a month
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Memphy34
      Sao so good
      Memphy34 a month
      smile 5
    • King_Of_Random
      Death Gun.....12/10 NOT edgy name.... definitely
      smile 5
    • Dave_the_Zebra
      This one’s for fighting This one’s for fun This one’s my rifle This one’s my death gun
      smile 5
    • nrf81
      DEATH GUN who was clearly evil
      nrf81 a month
      smile 5
    • Neurobionics
      ayyy an sao reference
      Neurobionics a month
      smile 5
    • Zummo
      Teacher to me: “hey can u pass these papers out?” Me: “uh im feeling kinda sick actually...”
      Zummo a month
      smile 5
    • GlitchTheGinger
      I love sao!!!!
      smile 5
    • TrollYourFace
      Is that death gun?
      TrollYourFace a month
      smile 5 reply 1
    • ChaoticGypsy
      When death gun becomes a meme
      ChaoticGypsy a month
      smile 5
    • Asparaguses
      Use the hands in pockets technique. It works best with faint subtle erections but u can pull on a big one if it’s angled to the side.
      Asparaguses a month
      smile 5
    • joel3346
      joel3346 a month
      smile 7
    • Zeref742
      SAO fans: *heavy breathing*
      Zeref742 a month
      smile 5
    • _Supreme_Bean_
      I fucking love Death Gun
      smile 5 reply 2
    • SpideyMiles
      Aye Sword Art Online
      SpideyMiles a month
      smile 5
    • cantdie23
      Yay, SAO feature!
      cantdie23 a month
      smile 6
    • EffBeeEye
      EffBeeEye a month
      smile 5
    • SHITP0ST
      My blood cells going to the penis
      SHITP0ST a month
      smile 5
    • Chro
      Deathgun should’ve been playable in Fatal Bullet from the start
      Chro a month
      smile 4 reply 3
    • Dragonpower133
      smile 4 reply 3
    • PinkElephants99
      SAO is meh but that opening to the GGO section of the show was fire 🔥
      smile 4
    • Narcoleptic_Squid
      Am I the only one that liked gun gale
      smile 4 reply 6
    • Blub1rd5678
      I can still hear the cries..”asada, asada, asada” fuckin retard
      Blub1rd5678 a month
      smile 4
    • Godzilla4life
      Sao baby
      Godzilla4life a month
      smile 4
    • sazuto
      Deth gun
      sazuto a month
      smile 4
    • AmarisNHLNetwork
      Sterben my man
      smile 4
    • Soulbound1
      SAO!! Love it
      Soulbound1 a month
      smile 4
    • metsfan1776
      who actually stands up to stretch during class
      metsfan1776 a month
      smile 4 reply 1
    • johnwickneedsyohelp
      And teachers asks if you have a question
      smile 4
    • JonSnow422
      This is an actual problem. I used to sleep every morning on the school bus b/c it was like a half hour ride, so when i woke up, 90% of the time I had morning wood. Its a horrible feeling trying to cover your boner with your backpack.
      JonSnow422 a month
      smile 4
    • N2PIFuzion
      I fuckin love SAO bro. GGO is badass as fuck and I wish that shit were real. DeathGun was simply a badass ex Laughing coffin member and needless to say I wanna see more of him
      N2PIFuzion a month
      smile 6 reply 7
    • MrTaxFraudYoshi
      Seniors to Freshmen
      smile 4
    • AdamCarolla
      It’s all good you’re dick so small, you walk around with a stiffy and no one knows
      AdamCarolla a month
      smile 5 reply 1
    • ImTheTrashDud
      Lets see if anyone knows what that image is from...
      ImTheTrashDud a month
      smile 4 reply 4
    • AbsoluteSword
      Sao feature, very nice
      AbsoluteSword a month
      smile 5
    • ThefacesofBHD
      ThefacesofBHD a month
      smile 4
    • Ceelvon
      Is this GGO?
      Ceelvon a month
      smile 4 reply 2
    • Dannythicc
      Dannythicc a month
      smile 4
    • wellshit1
      wellshit1 a month
      smile 5 reply 1
    • SmokeyTheThotDestroyer
      I prefer mr incredible
      smile 4 reply 2
    • TheSin
      TheSin a month
      smile 7
    • biachpuhleaase
      Wow an sao feature
      smile 4
    • drevanicus
      smile 3
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