• Mcdonald’s worker: *forgets one item on the order* me: "Ah it's fine idm"
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    • Desmidaus
      It's not fine though, I paid for something, it better be there
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    • iRubes
      iRubes 5d
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    • League_Of_Hearthstone
      Its possible to be confrontational without being an asshole.
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    • Apples
      That’s what pisses me off. People have the most simple job and still manage to fuck it up. I’m a crane operator and if I fuck up? I could kill someone! And people who work in fast food want 15 an hour to make a burger FUCK you
      Apples 5d
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    • I_just_comment_
      Y’all just scared of confrontation. If I paid for something I want it. Im if it’s like an extra sauce though or something like that
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    • Delirious88
      I work at DQ and minimum wage went up 1$ so the prices went up a bit. People take it personally and yell at me and shit like I’m the one who raised the prices it’s funny and annoying
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    • HahaMemeGod
      We get it guys. It’s not fine because if you pay for it you should get it, but it’s also not fine for people to absolutely explode on what is usually just some kid who accidentally forgot your fry. I usually end up apologizing to THEM like “I’m sorry I know your really busy but you messed up.”
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      I’m really liking this format
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    • PeterQuill
      I'm sorry but if your job is to put a damn burger in a bag and you can't manage that then wtf
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    • NropEcneics
      I usually say something about it, but I try to be super polite and respectful about it. My wife on the other hand will bitch until she gets something free even if I warn her she's probably about to make us eat someone's spit.
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    • Jethrow
      Usually when they "mess up" it's because they can't read the customer's mind when they forgot to say no mayo. I can count on 1 hand the times I didn't get what I ordered.
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    • Khadgar
      When you accept incompetence because you're too lazy, or shy to say something you don't deserve to get what you pay for
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    • KDA__AKALI
      If you go in a politely tell them with proof that you don’t have it they will get it for you right away. Food service is pretty lenient.
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    • SnowMexicanM8
      If I’m missing fries then obviously imma go ask them what’s up but like if that forget to put cheese or forget to take the pickles out of my chicken sandwich then I’m not gonna bother them.
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    • Denbu
      I make sure I get everything I paid for but there’s no reason to be a Karen about it
      Denbu 5d
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    • AnalFeelsLikeRugburn
      Theres a difference between being assertive and getting what you ordered vs yelling and freaking out
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    • HalloweenTown136
      Did u know that if u ask for barbecue sauce at the counter or the voice box they charge u 25 cents each but if u ask for it last minute while they hand u ur food they give it for free?
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    • PyuPyu
      My mom always has issues with food. I’m always praying she doesn’t start a scene
      PyuPyu 5d
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    • unfortunatelyirrelevant
      I fucking love this meme! This template is great.
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    • Mentosis
      This format is holy, 2019 is our year
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    • tinytwink
      If you're gonna do it, do it politely. Don't make a scene. Like "Yeah, uh, you forgot something." No attitude, no issues. Don't be like "HEY, YOU MISSED SOMETHING! I PAID FOR THIS!"
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      I'm starting to love this meme
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    • moonshdw
      No you wait till your fucking grown and life gets hard and you’re tired all the time and all you ask is for your one dollar burger to not be drowning in ketchup, and they can’t even get that right. You’ll be there. Sooner or later, you’ll be there.
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    • The_Original_AFK
      quick story: once they forgot to put an order of 20 nuggets in my bag, so i came back asked nicely and patiently, they made 20 fresh nuggets, gave me a coupon for 20 free nuggets. lady next to me didnt get her burger, came back pissed and barking orders gets old burger bc she was a dick about it
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    • Cnelley
      You think its fine until you work a job and know how easy a minimum wage job is. The only people who mess up orders are fucking smooth brains
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    • EveryMovieVillain
      I once visited a McDonald's and asked for a mcdouble with extra pickles and onions, and I swear to God that sandwich came with 5 fuckin hamburger patties, stoned McDonald's workers deserve 15 an hour
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    • BigFatNuts
      Just be polite about it
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    • TheDarkSeraph95
      I mean I would gripe if they forgot a part of my order. I wouldn't scream unless I got q lazy asshole (looking at you Applebees prick who spent all his time flirting with the bartender) but I would still make them give me the missing part of my order
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    • 0m1n0u5
      Your mom must be Karen
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    • GroundZer0
      Wanting to get what you payed for is one thing, 40yo parents yelling at at a 16yo working their first job is another
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    • DownTheDragonsGate
      Well if they forgot it then go make it it's one thing but if they expect me to just not want it that's another story.
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    • Crossfires
      Good use of the meme lmao
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    • Balrog99
      Actually though fuck that. You’re paying for the food. I’ve worked at BK and I know how it’s like, but still it’s shitty to not get what you paid for
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    • LilMoth
      I'm a manage at McDonalds. I always have to watch over the peaople packing the bags because if they forget an item I get on their ass about it. Customer paid for that shit. You forget to pack it, you best believe I'll make your ass run out the door and chase their car down to give it to them.
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    • Psycho_CatLady
      My mom will square up if you reject her expired coupon
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    • Swebge
      *speaks to the manager*
      Swebge 5d
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    • BigOunce
      No its not fine, you dont gotta throw a fit but only a pussy just leaves
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    • annoyingguide
      You forgot the PICKLES
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    • Crippledmemes174
      It's okay to tell the worker they forgot something, ask for it and they apologize and give it to ya, end of story. Yelling at them and shit means you need to be euthanized
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    • pricem21
      My dad is like that too
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    • idontknowwhattotype
      One time at Taco Bell they forgot two burritos and messed up one burrito and the woman at the counter only got us one and she acted like it was our fault even though they messed it up. I was afraid that we would look like entitled people but they literally had us pay for something we didn’t order
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    • CraftKitty
      Love this meme
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    • GarbageHamster
      Nah bro, your mom is right. You paid for that shit and you better get it.
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    • orangesliced
      Eat at Wendy's like a normal weight human
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      I love that this became a meme format
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    • Rannoch
      Just be nice and show them its wrong they'll fix it, and if they give you attitude because they fucked up THEN you get to be a dick
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    • OfficialMrWilson
      I mean if they get paid to make food and put it in a bag, and then they don't do that, imma be mad, and I'm only 17
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    • FavoriteFMLS
      I love this format
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    • Squar11y
      I’m a manager at a McDonald’s. And if something was forgotten or made wrong, (which happens we are human) just call and keep your receipt and we can replace the whole order or give you your money back. No need to cuss and yell.
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    • Whendriix
      People who dont care if they're missing shit from an order are people who never had to pay for thier own shit
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    • KARNAGE_
      I just say I don't want things on my burger to not be wasteful so I don't have to pick them off and throw them away. I'm not lazy and I'm not gonna complain when they still put the Stuff on. I'd rather them put stuff on and not leave stuff off.
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    • NoWeebsAllowed420
      McDonald’s workers don’t deserve $15 an hour, change my mind
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    • harambesnostrils13
      I actually love this ducking meme format
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    • Flabulo
      My girlfriend loses her shit when people in the service industry fuck up. It's literally the most embarrassing shit in the world.
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    • thatsprettyguud
      If you get mad at the cashier for something the cooks forgot or that the bagger forgot to put in your bag you can go burn in hell
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    • KillerKeeton
      As someone who is lactose intolerant (and also HATES the taste of texture of cheese) I can it isn’t okay when I get cheese on my burgers. I always make a point to ask for no cheese and about 40% of the time I get it. It’s pretty simple I’m asking you to do less work.
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    • theOptimist
      i’d just go back up and say “yo y’all forgot something” but moms (at least mine) will get so damn pissed we can’t go back to the same store. i am not allowed to go to the closest IHOP because she got charged 1/2 of full price (she honest person) and then they gave a refund i think, then she blew up
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    • Ecjay
      my parent got upset over mushrooms. they forgot mushrooms on the pizza we bought. but like it's just mushrooms, I felt it was really damn stupid to yell at the cashier over that.
      Ecjay 4d
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    • TheHoovy
      Wonders what the fuck idm means *googles it* finds out its "it doesn't matter"
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    • EtherXI_
      Literally my mother at any fast food restaurant on God
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    • ManBearThing
      Never understood why people got so angry yeah a mistake was made it's not like it was done intentionally like sicko mode
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    • PuffDaddyShane
      People love to show their dominance over young fast food employees
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    • AlphaMat_
      I noticed that nowadays a lot of people around my age (20ish) don’t make a huge fuss about wrong orders as long as a majority is right lmao
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    • JimmyBongo
      I want this to become a new meme format.
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    • Pop_The_Jerry
      I try to refrain from being a cunt and belittling fast food workers over a simple mistake, but if something’s missing, I try to be polite and wait in line like a normal person and ask for the missing item instead of petty bullshit.
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    • __Lillith__
      I don’t care that much usually when they get my order wrong but the last 5 times I’ve been to McDonald’s I’ve ordered bacon items with bacon clearly in the name (bacon smokehouse, bacon quarter pounder, etc.) and not once have they put fucking bacon on my damn burgers so I’m actually getting pissed
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    • RobloxGirlfriend
      As a former mcdonalds employee, it’s typically the managers who bag the food and hand it to employees to give to the customer. It always ruined my mood to get treated like shit for something that I had no part in.
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    • ddlc_memes_
      I work at McDonald's, and I can't tell you how fucking annoying it is when I get yelled at when I don't make the food or put it together. All I do is take the damn order and I confirm everything. If you wanna get mad at someone go to the people bagging them
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    • Westside_Wendys
      It's actually very aggravating. It's bad enough im shoving that diabetes in my mouth but you make me look 10x as fat if I come back saying you forgot something. If I paid for it put it in the fucking bag you retards. These be the same morons that want 15 an hour yet can't seem to read a ticket.
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    • RaizaGuns
      What do you mean you don’t mind? Tf if you pay for something you are supposed to get it. You don’t say “Idm” you’re either rich or financially irresponsible but more than likely you’re a bitch who can’t speak up and btw you don’t have to be rude about it obviously.
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    • mjh72996
      I'd get my item but i wont be a dick about it
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    • muchdead1
      They forgot to put the burger on the bun one time. They had one job. Honestly one fucking job
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      Just politely say "hey uh I also ordered this"
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    • hackle547
      This meme is soooooo much better than shaggy
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    • Kryptic_LyFtS
      Ngl, my favorite meme template
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    • HanY0L0
      Just because you get paid minimum wage doesn’t mean you can suck at your job lol
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    • WinterOlympic
      Nigga, that's cause she paid for that item they left out
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    • smallsack
      One time, mcdonalds forgot my fries, so i walked up to the counter and let them know. They gave me a free shake
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    • TheGlassHammer
      I love this format
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    • RiasG
      I wouldn’t get mad, but when I order $3 worth of fries you can bet your ass i’m getting $3 worth of fries
      RiasG 5d
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    • Mr_NinjaX
      It was fine when I was still living at home, but since I’ve started college, I’ve become more like my mom
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    • ThelocalMemeDealer
      I never take my family’s side and side with the employee at customer service.
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    • returnedhoneybadger
      If I ask for a plain damn cheeseburger and there is ketchup or some shit on it they getting it back
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    • life_is__a_game
      I’m so glad that an anthropomorphic snow leopard became a meme
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    • Fawlerhac
      This just.. doesn’t work as well as it could’ve.
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