• It’s stuff like this that makes Spider-Man my favorite hero.
      4.6K 51
    • Moon knight is pretty dope. He’s basically bruce Wayne but beats people up who deserve it because he’s the Egyptian god of vengeance and it helps him feel better about himself (creators words not mine)
      2.2K 35
    • More importantly, Why is Gamora?
      Renla 5 jan
      1.7K 38
    • Moon knight is the best can we get a movie already thanks
      TuskAct2 5 jan
      1.3K 50
    • That’s how mafia works
      canopener 5 jan
      1.3K 10
    • That’s just how Moonknight is. When he catches a bad guy he’s like “Okay, to the cops with ya!” But when he catches a bad guy for the second time he pulls out a crescent moon shaped branding iron and is like “So....ya didn’t stop after the first time?”
    • "I know you're here Dracula you big fucking nerd. You better have my money."- moon knight
      47 2
    • Local man, that's fucking moon knight. He's the marvel equivalent of punching everyone you meet either in the throat or dick.
      irmino 7 jan
      30 1
    • So uh, moon knight movie anyone?
      Bagmannn 5 jan
      23 2
    • Can we please get a moon knight/Spider-Man team up movie? Please? They are so funny together
      PineDragon 5 jan
      17 4
    • I wonder what would happen if Moon Knight and Deadpool meet each other.
      AshPrime 5 jan
      16 1
    • Jesus Christ, Moon Knight just keeps making me like him more and more and he was already my favorite
    • Moon Knight is the fucking greatest and so under appreciated
      BHow42 5 jan
    • StanIee 5 jan
    • Moonknight is so underrated
      quevim 5 jan
      13 3
    • Moon Knight is just so casually stupid some times.
      coal_ore1 5 jan
      12 1
    • I'll do you one better, why is Gamora?
      12 1
    • I love how there’s so many powerful people who could destroy thanos in a second but they aren’t popular enough to have a movie or help
      nigward117 6 jan
    • I love how moon knight of all people is asking Spider-Man who is possibly one of the least straight forward people in the comics to fill him in
    • Ok ok hear me out deadpool and spidey crossover but why not moonknight and spidey crossover?.....ill have to work on that
      13 6
    • Moon Knight = badass, Spider-Man = awesome. Therefore, their amalgamation, “Arachknight” = an awesome badass
      11 1
    • Moon Knight is too underrated it makes me sad. He needs his own tv show but it has to be rated TV-MA
      11 2
    • I have this comic. It's actually really great. Gamora gets the stones and folds the universe in half. Spiderman and moon knight get mixed together to form the ultimate comedian.
      11 2
    • Alright Dracula, you big fucking nerd, where’s my money? - Moon Night
    • Moon Knight what the fuck is your mental damage
      12 4
    • Moon knight: the most relatable yet bad ass marvel hero
    • If a moon knight movie or series isn’t announced in the next 5 years, I’m slapping a bitch
    • content not available more
      Its_Blake 5 jan
      14 1
    • Moon Knight's mental state is basically Deadpool's on steroids.
    • Heres a bettet question, WHY is Gamora?
      DarthBane 5 jan
    • "Hit whoever I hit" is probably one of the best lines in comics tbh.
      9 1
    • btw this is from a new line of comics from marvel called Infinity Wars with the main villian being Requiem aka Gamora
    • I want a fucking moon knight movie
    • Moon Knight needs his own Netflix series, really great character when used correctly.
      Seifer4 11 jan
    • Isn’t Black Panther getting a movie with Moon Knight? If not, can we get a Moon Knight movie anyway?
      SolarTBA 5 jan
    • Why is Gamora?
    • Found the comic. It’s Issue #3 of Infinity Wars
      ArtMaybe 5 jan
    • I see Ifunny likes MoonKnight.... Good. Good for them.
    • Maybe moon knight will be in endgame since we were told never before seen characters from the comics will appear in the movie?
      8 4
    • Moonknight = laid back batman
    • Moon knight is the fucking best
      Jacboss 5 jan
      8 2
    • Cool, we getting moon knight in the movie?
    • Moon knight is batman but kills people
    • My weeb ass read it right to left at first and was so confused
      Ttrtlee 6 jan
      9 2
    • So was it considered a pun that he said space out?
      jester9475 5 jan
    • Why is gamora
      Lenry1287 5 jan
      7 2
      Ryth 5 jan
    • Just punch who I punch omg this is me
    • I need to look up this Moon Knight guy
      8 1
    • Goddamn we need a moon knight movie
      DIS_DBO 5 jan
    • AL0NZ0 5 jan
    • Apparently James Gunn was trying to pitch a Moon Knight movie to Disney before he got fired. Oof
      6 2
    • y’all read that comic where Moon Knight’s psychiatrist steals his egyptian god so she can assassinate a war general? it’s about as over the top as you’d expect
      Torchic 6 jan
    • Why is Gimora
      lanoo 6 jan
      7 2
    • Moon knight and Deadpool movie would be dope
      smokeSYD 6 jan
    • I would love to see a Moon Knight movie.
      Gumminator 5 jan
    • Spiderman basically told him: "don't worry about it, just have my follow up. "
      KAVaughn98 5 jan
    • Moon knight > batman
    • Show some love for Moon Knight!
      Kacydilla 5 jan
    • Why is Gamora
      6 1
    • what comic is this from
      6 2
    • Just punch who I punch In a minute. Spider man is polite enough to let gamora finish her monologue.
    • Moon Knight and Spider-Man are a good team
    • I love Moon Knight
    • I know my marvel comics fans out there saying "we needa moon knight movie" but honestly tho..... We need a movie for my fuckin homie the mothafuckin golden guardian of good The Sentry.
      mrbigslick 5 jan
      5 2
    • "Just punch whatever I punch" best advice ever
      Cynderboy 5 jan
    • I just want to know what this comic is called
      5 3
    • Moon knight real nigga
      Cod_Piece 5 jan
    • Tom Holland is a millennial. Tom Holland Peter Parker is not.
      7 5
    • Moon knight and spiderman, two opposite people yet Hilarious in many ways
      HunterTank 5 jan
    • Moon night and Spidey + Dead pool need to see my favorite 4th wall breakers together
      5 3
    • Moon knight needs a movie
      McKD1 5 jan
    • That’s moon knight
    • Also if they ever make an MCU moon knight, he better be just as badass
      im__gone 5 jan
    • god if only they made a movie with moonknight
      Quacknut 5 jan
    • Moon knight is straight up the best super hero
      ricoratso 5 jan
      6 2
    • With moon knight on his side he's damn near unstoppable
    • phat_Asses 5 jan
      9 1
    • Who else wants moon knight in the MCU?
      5 3
    • Tell me why Black Widow was one of the first in the MCU and Moon Knight has yet to appear.
    • Why is gamora?
    • Moon Knight is awesome
      foxface13 5 jan
    • Moon Knight is the most underrated hero, change my mind.
      Crujido 5 jan
    • Moon Knight is underrated
    • Wow, im listening to the fucking spider-man ps4 theme as im looking at this meme. My fucking timing....
    • Moon Knight is the fucking best not hero ever. Also one of the few people who can actually beat deadpool. Also scared of fighting Taskmaster. Also called Dracula a huge fucking nerd.
      Stattik 5 jan
    • Spiderman ( current day ) is a Gen Z. Get it right people.
      5 2
    • Moon knight is a good character
    • Thought that was an alternate Deadpool
      iComment 5 jan
    • The only reason I know who Moon Knight is, is bc of Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    • I’ll do you one better, how is Gamora?
      4 3
    • My dumbass thought that was Taskmaster
      4 1
    • I’ll do you one better- why is Gamora
      SCRONCHED 5 jan
    • They never ask how's Gamora
      NateJack22 5 jan
      6 1
    • "Just punch whoever I punch in a second."
    • Moon Knight's awesome
    • 2nd panel guy on left,”This is a load of barnicals”
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