• live and a ton of businesses were closed today besides this Thai restaurant run by this little old lady AND LOOK WHAT SHE POSTED ASDKDJFHDDU
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    • MojoTaters
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    • Meme_menu
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    • Strikerisland
      I actually used to live there. It's Marquette Michigan and they honestly have the best food and biggest portions. It's totally amazing
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    • SomeDudeOnline
      i accidentally read ice cream storm... that sounds better
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    • sweetbottledwater
      That’s In Marquette Michigan. She also greets everyone who comes in with “hello girlfriend” or “hello boyfriend” she’s wholesome af
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    • Your_Boy_Undead
      The fact that she named herself Rice Paddy, id be surprised if she didnt have a sense of humor like that haha
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    • IncitedRage
      You are all idiots her name is not rice paddy that's the restaurants name.
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    • Century
      The grind never stops
      Century 10d
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    • drake4343
      Are we seriously over looking the fact that her name is “Rice Paddy” lol
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    • MichaelaSkewis
      Marquette, MI!!! Girlfriend, she has the best food.
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    • camcorder17
      Fuck yeah. There’s a Thai restaurant by my parents’ house and the owner’s daughter works there SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. About that fucking grind. I want to marry her just so she never has to work again.
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    • makoskya
      I live here, its marquette michigan. The lady who runs this is hilarious and the food Is like 7 bucks for a crazy amount of food. Its wonderful
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    • DericDandre
      I don't know why I read ice cream
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    • joe8197
      This lady lives in my hometown. 😂
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    • ChickenNugOnTheRug
      Guys the restaurant name is Rice Paddy I live a few blocks away. Her husband is a news anchor and she is friends with a bunch of Olympic athletes
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    • Matthias859
      Her name is fucking "RICE PADDY"
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    • Gmann94
      These the kinda immigrants we need right here
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    • LewdHaiku
      Thai women are the best, smart, conservative, and horny
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    • alpha_kenny_1
      Is no one going to talk about her name being rice paddy?
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    • GTR4817
      I can hear the Asian accent now. Ahhhh fucka yea we open ,want egg row
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    • SparklyKittyBB
      One time I went there and asked her why she wasn't open the day before and she said "you know I woke up on morning and thought to myself 'i no go work today' rolled over and went to sleep"...I don't think I've ever related with her more
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    • SparklyKittyBB
      I live in the same town as her and she's the sweetest lady you'd ever meet. I just went there today and she always calls me "gurlfriend".
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    • HardTruthGoose
      WAIT is that in Marquette fucking Michigan I ate there she is dope af
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    • FeelsBadMen
      Fuck yeah they open
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    • prettyboygeek
      Her names is Rice Paddy. We must protect this woman
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    • NPC_363417843
      "Rice Paddy" I love her already
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    • JaPapi
      My fatass read that as ice cream storm
      JaPapi 10d
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    • SoonerSpooner
      Not the hero we need but the hero we deserve.
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    • Baxtin
      I dont like when people spam on their keyboard like they're laughing like "AHFHRJSYFN"
      Baxtin 10d
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    • VLCMediaPlayer
      Any place that serves food in foam containers with a “Cash only” sign scrawled on a sheet of notebook paper by the register is gonna make some pretty damn good food
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    • lilcumstains
      That’s some good fucking marketing they’ve got my business that’s for god damn sure.
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    • nigcarnivore
      Who else read that in an Asian lady voice
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    • Lucaslafave
      Where all my Northern Michigan University people at?
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    • Lucaslafave
      That’s Rice Paddy In Marquette where I go to school!!!
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    • Bloodknight54
      That “old” asian lady looks pretty good
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    • LonesomeRhodes
      I read it as ice cream store and was confused for what that had to do with the lady
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    • LHAvenger
      Y'all lying if you didn't read that tweet in an accent
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    • JIGGSAW77
      Marquette, MI- Rice Paddy for anyone who’s interested🤟🏽
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    • statysbhe
      Marketing done right
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    • lornadoones
      We went in there and she told my guy friend “turn around, hahaa you have no ass!!”
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      My dumbass read that as ice cream storm
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    • KaylaLaG
      I fucking love her
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    • tonic12
      The fact that her name is rice paddy is the best part of this whole thing
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    • IncitedRage
      Her name is Aoy and she will call you girlfriend/boyfriend. If you call her girlfriend she will tell you NO, I'm married to Greg trick!
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    • DorritosandMtnDew
      Anyone else read it with an accent?
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    • samael9211
      She does a lot of posts like this. Also she helped donate a LOT of food to schools that needed it in Thailand
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    • NotAPedoDotExe
      Guy in the back looks like jessie pinkman
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    • discododo3
      Marquette lyfe. Love that place
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    • comix4dayZ
      Hey your using data! Oh god they have air pods in! Oh god oh fuck
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    • Winash
      I legit thought you said ice cream not ice storm, and I was very confused
      Winash 10d
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    • Billothy
      Rice paddy
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    • MatteoD
      MatteoD 10d
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      That looks real good
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    • filmer96
      It looks good af
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    • To_The_Point
      Fucking legend
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    • Can3lo
      Damn she can still get it
      Can3lo 10d
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    • NILBOG
      dont fuck with big rice paddy
      NILBOG 10d
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    • Narcan_or_Narcant
      Rice paddy
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    • KEVlN_
      Thai food is god tier
      KEVlN_ 10d
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    • CockPiIIagingAssRammer
      Did she have a stroke or is she just that retarded?
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    • Android_Nazi
      "Rice Paddy" 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂
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    • LunaticBastard
      Chinese people are tougher than white people and I’m white and I gonna be honest
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    • I_Got_What_You_Want
      I finally fucking get it, it’s because internet explorer is slow
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    • iRaditz
      Sweet old lady
      iRaditz 10d
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    • SadExcuse430
      Ohio be like
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    • AWhiteHispanic
      I wanna go there now. Anyone know the city it's in?
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    • DoomGuy21
      LittleOldLady (LOL)
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    • jtackman1
      Nice this business is in my town. Marquette, Michigan
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    • GanjaGuy91
      Who else read it with an accent?
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    • Hoonta21
      I live near there also north a ways
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    • WorldsSmuggestDetective
      It's cause Thai food is spicy enough to warm themselves during the cold
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    • _Maxie_
      Well they probably live there, not like it's that hard to be open.
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    • GeneralPugalug
      Welcome to the rice fields mother fucker
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    • ButNotTooEdgy
      The Rice Paddy has the best eggrolls
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    • prestonifik
      -___- fuck yeah we open...
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    • RandomPhail
      I swear to god I’m gonna assimilate everyone who uses that “AKKUKJKJUMMAMAFMJKJ” shit and make the holocaust look like a goddamn fucking joke.
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    • Peace_Through_Chaos_
      Damn she’s badass I wanna eat there
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    • JollyJuneberry
      I love Thai food! 😊❤🍚🍛🍜🍴
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    • CubaLibreBall
      I went to a town in Southern Georgia and everything was closed since it was Sunday...except for the Chinese resteraunt which hilariously opens for a minute longer on Sundays
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    • ironic_memeing
      Como Estas Bitches
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    • LogicPunch
      That looks good asf
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    • snowcone626
      You cannot stop the thai
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    • politicaltoast
      Why they gotta put the djslvotjwbsmfl
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    • iCortana
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    • DJsylvcast
      "Rice paddy"
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    • Tomnoxy
      Can confirm, we had a hurricane directly hit my hometown and my boss didn’t want to close. The only reason we did was because the hurricane literally ripped apart a building, we were legitimately the last place open for a bit.
      Tomnoxy 10d
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    • conqueror2330
      I can't be the only one mad she said "besides" Instead of "except"
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    • dudeston
      Because she lives there! What's she gonna do chill in an empty restaurant all day not making money?
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    • TheOriginalChickenLord
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    • TOK3N
      She a real one
      TOK3N 10d
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    • CarsonBigelow
      Her name is Rice Paddy. Truly amazing.
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    • Savagewhitemage
      The hero g ma we deserve. Id light her old ass up. Not even talkin napalm this time.
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    • Zegop
      You know that when someone walks in she’ll be glad to say fuck yeah we open
      Zegop 10d
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    • GayRetard43
      I could hear the accent
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    • BackolorYT
      This made no sense till I reread it and realized they said ice storm not ice cream store
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    • beesummoner
      "rice paddy" that's fucking awesome
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