• Little secret about me: my answer to the question ”would you like a receipt” is based on absolutely nothing and changes all the time
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    • Chef_Adrien1
      Pee is stored in the pancreas
      Chef_Adrien1 22 dec
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    • cringedestroyer
      Insert irrelevant picture comment here.
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    • zokusha
      I say yes sometimes then crumple it up and stick it in my pocket and then i find it later when im getting ready for bed and add it to the small pile of crumpled up receipts on my night stand
      zokusha 23 dec
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    • ChristianComedy4u
      This is actually a psychological phenomenon called indiscernable decisiveness and it occurs when neurons in the brain are saturated with certain neurotransmitters and I'm just making all this up but I bet I had you fooled for a second
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    • NewVintage
      Sometimes you're just like Yes please as if you're about to balance your checkbook and save the receipt of a mountain dew and Doritos for your tax records
      NewVintage 24 dec
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    • Slouped
      One time I told the lady at the gas station I didn’t want my receipt then when she printed it out I held my hand out for it and she looked at me so awkwardly and said here you go almost as a question and on my way out I remembered I said I didn’t want it and threw it away right in front of her...
      Slouped 23 dec
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    • pxgv
      My response depends on the expectation i see in the cashier’s eyes. If they look like they want to give it to me i say yes, and the opposite is true as well
      pxgv 23 dec
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    • Hollister_Freak
      Well it depends on whether I wanna carry a receipt in my pocket or not.. maybe I'm feeling like a receipt in my pocket kind of day today
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    • Dickly
      I always keep receipts in case I ever need an alibi.
      Dickly 23 dec
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    • _Komi_
      content not available more
      _Komi_ 22 dec
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    • Matthewratthew
      I always say yes just in case I want to return my- *spins a wheel* 2 liter Pepsi and starbursts
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    • AshtonCootcher
      Yes: because there’s a chance I might return it later No: because it’s either fast food or or something cheap and quick like a drink
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    • TrueNosferatu
      If it's $100+, yes, definitely. If I bought a soda and shitty gas station sandwich? I think I'll be fine.
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    • CoachPop
      I work at target and one time I was at some other store buying something and when the cashier finished ringing me up I accidentally asked HER if she wanted a receipt. Lowest point in my life
      CoachPop a month
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    • Jmcgee1125
      Big purchase or for warranties yes, something like groceries no
      Jmcgee1125 24 dec
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    • youngscrub
      Clerk: want a receipt? Me: thanks you too! *in my head "fuck"*
      youngscrub 23 dec
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    • hayjacker2002
      For me it's just whether my brain thinks yes or no first that decides
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    • DrZonnked
      Depends on anxiety
      DrZonnked 23 dec
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    • ricotico
      I hate it when the guy at target cums on my receipt and then sticks it in my mouth
      ricotico 23 dec
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    • moguliboo6261
      Is it tax deductible=yes
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    • Spinelli91
      Spinelli91 23 dec
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    • yogabbaa
      The really hard one is would u like a bag
      yogabbaa 23 dec
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    • 1inpink2instink
      I do that that too. It’s interesting how people are similar in these things. Almost like we are all the same species
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    • Knife_Review
      Depends how sketchy the place is.
      Knife_Review 22 dec
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    • DBZ_Maniac
      DBZ_Maniac 24 dec
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    • laxativelaughinggas
      I never need a receipt. Never. If I ever do, I don’t.. but do I still take one sometimes? Yes..
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    • FrannieDavies
      I take that shit so I can't be accused of stealing
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    • Aris_Cameron
      The lady at Arby’s gives me a look of contempt every time I say “yes”. Like she knows that I know that they intentionally fuck up my orders and I am giving myself the power to pull around complain. Fuck Karen
      Aris_Cameron 23 dec
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    • RadiantHeroOfLegend2
      I say no when I'm paying with my money and yes when I'm paying with someone elses so they dont bitch about what I used their money on and change
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    • privatetanks
      I always keep my receipts so I can make sure none of my money is “disappearing”
      privatetanks 23 dec
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    • DaddyAllen86
      The realist thing I've heard all year
      DaddyAllen86 23 dec
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    • AstronomyPupper
      Always say yes. Restaurants are ordered to give higher priority to those who demand a receipt. They assume you will have impact on the store, therefore managers and policy order you to do so. When it comes to cosmetics, you are more likely to be told into about the item by the vendor
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    • EarthKKun
      Mine is usually “yes” cause I like keeping track of my spending.
      EarthKKun 23 dec
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    • zepzepzep
      I ask for the receipt once in a while to keep it my right to get one.
      zepzepzep 23 dec
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    • 10Kingbacon01
      The answer exists in a quantum superposition until it is measured by the question.
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    • DecodedLogic
      Why is his twitter av the GreatValue brand version of Drake’s Nothing Was the Same album cover?
      DecodedLogic 23 dec
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    • Marxist_Patrol_XCVIII
      It’s based on if I’ve stood there too long wondering if there’s another step in this transaction that I forgot other than just the reciept
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    • DrJohnAZoidberg
      "I will take this now and throw it away later"
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    • Labradoor
      I see people ask for a receipt and then immediately throw it away. Waste of paper
      Labradoor 22 dec
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    • Danyol
      I say no unless it’s something I could see myself returning like electronics just in case they don’t work properly
      Danyol 22 dec
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    • Texano
      Why’d I think that was drake at first?
      Texano 22 dec
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    • theannman
      His picture looks like drakes old album
      theannman a month
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    • jss_14
      I thought this was posted by drake cuz I glanced at his profile pic
      jss_14 a month
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    • Wehim
      Wehim 25 dec
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    • Tryhardfail_3
      Things that cannot be returned- no, everything else- yes
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    • Stamylas
      I take a receipt if I don't trust the place I just bought from
      Stamylas 23 dec
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    • VTheMighty
      Ask for 2 of em and watch the panic ensue.
      VTheMighty 23 dec
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    • Concussion_Man
      Smokes for my dad, yes. Smokes for myself no. A suprise for my fenacee, no. Everything else yes. What do I do with the receipts you may ask. Nothing.
      smile 3 reply 1
    • rory4mcc
      As someone who works in retail and checks out probably 200 people a day. I can tell you that 85% of people want the receipt. Don’t know what you’re going to do with that information but at least you know it
      rory4mcc 23 dec
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    • td1231
      Oh my God me and my boyfriend went to McDonalds and went through the drive through and paid and then drove off. Halfway home my boyfriend asked why I left
      td1231 23 dec
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    • CupsTooCloseToTheEdge
      Depends on the cost and if I might return it
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    • Emmetquinn
      Damn his pfp reminds me of drake
      Emmetquinn 23 dec
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    • NNUUQQ
      I dont even ask anymore. They are getting that reciept.
      NNUUQQ 23 dec
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    • abbyalsted
      I work in retail and it’s genuinely surprising how many people want them. Granted I work in a hardware store and I have a tendency to see the same people come in several time a day because they get the wrong things for their problems/projects
      abbyalsted 23 dec
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    • jmartinez18448
      I thought this bitch was drake for a second
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    • Bangkok_Danger
      smile 3
    • cameronfitzy
      Same. I just randomly pick between yes or no based on the cashiers expression
      cameronfitzy 23 dec
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    • Idontgetthej0ke
      I get paranoid and get receipts randomly 🤷‍♂️
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    • ZacCain
      A little secret about myself I'm 14 and already know I'm gonna be alone forever because I'm straight and girls fucking hate me.
      ZacCain 23 dec
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    • xadeth1997
      Receipts are an invention of the man to make it seem like you have freedom while all the important decisions are made by the shadow government of lizard people
      xadeth1997 23 dec
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    • jchase069
      When I buy smokes and they don't card me I say "no receipt" to prove I'm not an undercover narc
      jchase069 23 dec
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    • h0usemd
      Wow I’m not the only one
      h0usemd 23 dec
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    • Trapghandi
      I thought this was drake without even looking at the name and just the poctur
      Trapghandi 23 dec
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    • thegmoney374
      Why do guys never want to let girls kiss them after they just got a bj? Is it that they dont want to be gay and "suck their own dick?" I've seen many memes about blocking girls from kissing them after and I just don't understand at all. Is it strange that I actually enjoy it more afterward?
      thegmoney374 22 dec
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    • MixedUnitTactics
      I always say “no thanks, I’m trying to quit”. Reactions are great
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      I thought this was drake lmao
      PEPSISALSA 24 dec
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    • Drag0on_fuckedup
      I say yes so I can someday make a master plan to murder my step dad with a made up, but seamless alibi
      smile 2
    • DrBigRigg
      Me too
      DrBigRigg 23 dec
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    • US_Politics
      US_Politics 23 dec
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    • Sright_
      Touching receipts is really bad for you
      Sright_ 23 dec
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    • RickySanchezz
      I too like worthless pieces of paper that get handed to me that I have to worry about throwing out even though I can pretty much always return items without a receipt
      smile 2
    • TheCriv
      I no longer call it a “receipt,” only an “alibi”
      TheCriv 23 dec
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    • FritzDieEule
      Food no, anything else yes.
      FritzDieEule 23 dec
      smile 2
    • princesshair
      I read that as recipe and I was like “wow, this man breaking a lot of grandma and moms hearts for no reason”
      princesshair 23 dec
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    • Bantelope
      I only take the receipt if the cashier is hot
      Bantelope 23 dec
      smile 2
    • SaltedLightly
      Fast food > no, retail > yes
      smile 2
    • david
      i always say yes in case they forget my order at a restaurant or if im leaving a store and the security machine glitches
      david 23 dec
      smile 2
    • magicdinosaur
      Blood is stored in the stomach
      smile 2
    • Carmen_xD
      Nah....if it's cash, I don't need it.
      Carmen_xD 23 dec
      smile 2
    • MaryJayJay
      I never knew how true this was until just now. Lmao!
      MaryJayJay 23 dec
      smile 2
    • Razmig0304
      Mine is based on whether I have any reason to return the item or not.
      Razmig0304 23 dec
      smile 2
    • felix3696
      Some people need a receipt for business purposes if they are using a company card. I always need one after I fill up the company truck with gas.
      felix3696 23 dec
      smile 2
    • TheSkyFlier
      I only get it at the gas station so I can get my MPG.
      TheSkyFlier 23 dec
      smile 2
    • BlackChopsticks
      I work at 7/11 and i hate the people who are indecisive about wanting the receipt
      smile 3
    • Cowhawk
      He ate my fucking waffle
      Cowhawk 23 dec
      smile 3
    • MrSirCuumsAlot
      The cashier asked me if I wanted a receit, I said yes, and she said "what are you even gonna do with that receit?" I was like "Im gonna look at it for a second, then throw it away"
      smile 5 reply 2
    • TheSaltyC
      That's an entire mood right there
      TheSaltyC 23 dec
      smile 2
    • IcyMcSpicy
      If they’ve already printed it out I’ll take it. But if they haven’t I say no
      IcyMcSpicy 23 dec
      smile 2
    • TheInFamousMyth
      Same.. Sometime i say yes but i always throw them away eventually
      smile 2
    • chiggins883
      If I use cash I say no but if I use a card I say yes.
      chiggins883 23 dec
      smile 2 reply 3
    • omnissiah
      I say yes but I throw it out right away anyway
      omnissiah 23 dec
      smile 2
    • nazidogg_bestdogg
      If i use my debit card then i dont ask for a receipt cuz i have the app, if i use cash then i get the receipt
      smile 2
    • Vortx4
      Is based on how paranoid I’m feeling at that moment.
      Vortx4 23 dec
      smile 2
    • Hanare
      Hanare 23 dec
      smile 2
    • timd756
      Looks like drakes album cover
      timd756 23 dec
      smile 2
    • randomperson028
      I’m 420th comment
      smile 2
    • ImThatGuyBen
      Why do they call this app iFunny???
      ImThatGuyBen 23 dec
      smile 2 reply 2
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