• Rimedane
      Basically, yeah. "The world should've ended in 2012."
      Rimedane a month
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    • overusedsuicidaljokes
      Is there a problem with that?
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    • memeloversanonymous
      The reason millennials are complete nihilists is because they grew up on the American dream and awesome futures, only to have their hopes crushed into adulthood. Gen Z never knew a bright outlook portrayed in media into the future so they’re nihilists through and through.
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    • RandomShitIPost
      How bold of you to assume something needs to happen for me to want to kill myself.
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    • ArthurMorganTheCowboy
      This meme was made by millennials who are jealous of Gen Z
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    • MemesPost2019
      MemesPost2019 a month
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    • Minecart
      millennials tired of getting shit on all the time so now theyre shitting on gen z lol
      Minecart a month
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    • DankMemeCentral
      Generation Z is the last hope, and over 75% of us are either killing ourselves, drugged up, beating our dicks to anime, dedicating our lives to arbitrary political concepts, smashing and dashing, getting cucked, or doing satanic rituals. God help us all.
      smile 9 reply 3
    • wolfeprocter
      Seriously people. Can we stop talking about how fucked up the world is for like thirty seconds and discuss how to unfuck it down a bit?!
      wolfeprocter a month
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    • Amatthew1234
      I mean I can see why the freshmen wanna kill themselves, they just unlocked the ability to comprehend politics and the world is setting itself on fire.
      Amatthew1234 a month
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      I like how the millennials are angry at gen z now
      AG_PEPPER_II a month
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    • madcat51
      Okay, but no one can argue that 2012 was like the last good year this planet has had
      madcat51 a month
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    • Starkiller
      They wouldnt last 5 min in a mw2 lobby
      Starkiller a month
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    • JustVin
      Literally anything happens — millennials: oh shit nothing is my fault
      JustVin a month
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    • TheFriedShirt
      So the meme of old people making fun of millennials has shifted to old people making fun of Gen Z. And now...now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy
      TheFriedShirt a month
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    • kellops
      I’ve always thought of gen Z as the “meh fuck it shit happens” generation
      kellops a month
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    • _Pastel_Rain_
      Can you blame gen z? Like we see everyone fighting all the time and no one taking responsibility. We get it! One just wants to retire after doing hard work and the others are just crybabies who get drunk all the time and do nothing.
      _Pastel_Rain_ a month
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    • INFAMOUShero99
      Gen Z is actually comprised of a lot of strong, quiet people and a few loud dumbass weaklings. Millennials are the fuckers who cry about everything.
      smile 7 reply 2
    • IRageI
      I like how Gen x and Gen z are both very knowledgeable in what generations are which cause they don’t wanna be mixed in with Baby Boomers and Millennials
      IRageI a month
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    • MarisaGoco
      I’m gen z and I just don’t see the point in killing myself. If there isn’t a point in life, then what’s the point in death?
      MarisaGoco a month
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    • Vashii
      Gen z> millennials.
      Vashii a month
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    • PapiComedy
      We’re rapidly running out of drinkable water, bees are dying at an alarming rate, 50% of the Earth will be uninhabitable within this century, Social Security is failing, student loan debt is on track to create a depression 10x worse than the 2008 “Great Recession”, the list goes on. We can be sad.
      PapiComedy a month
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    • YelaButch74
      content not available more
      YelaButch74 a month
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    • Cute_Bois
      Gen Z > Millennials
      Cute_Bois a month
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    • phuntom
      Was written by a millennial because of the word ”literally” being used incorrectly for the billionth time
      phuntom a month
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    • JustxAxBoat
      2000 to 2004 kids are their own separate group.
      JustxAxBoat a month
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    • Chowder_
      I’m gen z and I’m happy I’m not gay or suicidal but I’m happy with my life
      Chowder_ a month
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    • _Volunteer_
      I’m gen z and I don’t do that shit
      _Volunteer_ a month
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    • MemesfromPurrs
      At least we only want to kill ourselves and not others like people in their twenties do
      smile 6 reply 2
    • broigottatakeanap
      one like and i'll kill myself. or no likes. basically, if u see this, in dead on my kitchen floor.
      smile 6 reply 4
    • LuIu
      LuIu a month
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    • chris417
      chris417 a month
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    • wasteofspaceuwu
      first boomers complaining about millennials and now millennials complaining about gen z the best we can do is just to put up with it, be the better people and not complain about the next generation or the ones before us
      smile 6 reply 3
    • conservativeUSA
      At least we aren’t millennials, we have a sense of humor and we aren’t super liberals.
      smile 6 reply 21
    • Chives
      I use to always think I was a millennial, I was born 1999. Turns out I’m Gen Z and now I’m disappointed in my kind
      Chives 24d
      smile 5 reply 4
    • thesmileofstuipidtown
      Fuck of millennials you gave us radical feminists and fury’s
      smile 5 reply 3
    • shane122395
      So everyone fucks the economy up so bad before us that we are forces to work more than a person should, causing us to be constantly tired and underslept. Witch after while feelinf that way will causes you to become depressed. And once that happens you begin making poor decesions because you just
      shane122395 a month
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    • FleetwoodMac
      If I had a nickel for every time I heard a gen z kid say "I'm going to kill myself" I would have a shit load of nickels.
      FleetwoodMac a month
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    • not_a_drug_lord
      Im so offended im going to kill myself
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    • Comment_man
      *Literally anything happens*. Millennials: "it was the boomers". Boomers: " it was millennials"
      Comment_man a month
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    • dadbod69
      We’re just helping with overpopulation
      dadbod69 a month
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    • HawkeyeG
      Sorry but this is millennials, gen z just makes jokes and memes about it
      HawkeyeG a month
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    • SoulSidekick
      Hey, give some credit to our public schools
      SoulSidekick a month
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    • thedicktater1234
      Millenials do the same thing but we're usually sobbing. At least gen z can do it with straight faces. Fucking legends
      smile 6 reply 4
    • PudinPop
      You cant kill us,we kill us!
      PudinPop a month
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    • Sons_of_Comedy
      The cycle continues anew. And so I must play my part. ITS NIHILISTIC HUMOR
      smile 5
    • SimpIe_Man
      Dude the only reason this meme resonates so well with me is because not only do we have the pressure from boomers to do well at everything, millennials aren't helping and are just complaining all the time so we are just kinda entirely blind going into the real world and death just kinda seems prefer
      SimpIe_Man a month
      smile 5 reply 2
    • YoursTruely1417
      It’s the last letter of the alphabet for a reason
      smile 5
    • Survivalist
      It's more of a "I don't want to live on this planet anymore" type suicide versus a "no one understands me" suicide.
      Survivalist a month
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    • overreactingforeigner
      It’s almost like they’ve grown up in a society desensitized to death and suicide coupled with a dying planet, broken economy, and terrible education system which leaves them no desire to live
      smile 5 reply 3
    • Psyks
      It seems being forced to deal with millenials all the damn time has taught us what the solution to the world’s problems is
      Psyks a month
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    • RepublicanStronghold
      Gen Z can basically be summed up as the generation that grew up on Minecraft
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Ryanside1
      Ryanside1 a month
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    • Cute_Flowers_And_Stuff
      As a Gen Z kid, I can confirm that I'm alive, but only ironically
      smile 5
    • ChillyDre
      Gen Z is the best gen!!!
      ChillyDre a month
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    • dallas
      I'll be watching the comment section and delete any and all hentai. Thanks for another feature btw
      dallas a month
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    • ImNervous
      Our generation should be called Suicide Squad
      ImNervous a month
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    • mrgavin
      Well they ain’t wrong
      mrgavin a month
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    • Marz04
      Marz04 a month
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    • MasterMemeInhaler
      My english teacher is about 40 and she said that as teenagers if any minor inconvenience happens to us they were just ready to give up and kill them selfs just like gen z because we don’t know the value of life yet because we’re so young. Maybe it’s every generation
      smile 4
    • Unpolitically_Correct
      I am rather grateful that Gen Z reactions are basically "guess I'll die" because we don't wine like the SJW bitches on Twitter, and we'll hopefully fix the problems many boomers created and many millenials didn't fix.
      smile 5 reply 3
    • ALPHAWoLFsqUadran
      Mind blowing meme right here
      smile 4
    • deyton
      Too bad baby boomers made the world so problematic in the first place
      deyton a month
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    • shagy
      Can confirm, I wanna die
      shagy a month
      smile 4
    • rikishocker
      Killing our selves because of the economy the boomers fucked up lmao
      rikishocker a month
      smile 4
    • thatguy22002
      Millennials are getting all upset about the superior generation
      thatguy22002 a month
      smile 4
    • Mrnobbington
      As a member of Gen Z, this is in fact true
      Mrnobbington a month
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    • Dick_in_a_8ox
      At least we don’t fortnite dance to cope we just go straight for the solution
      Dick_in_a_8ox a month
      smile 4 reply 2
    • Ifeltapresenceihaventfelt
      Literally anything happens. Millenials: those fucking alt right
      smile 4 reply 1
    • WholeWheatCrust
      My sister hates math, so she calls in sick once every week for me to pick her up and if i tell her no, she says shes gonna kill herself and life is so hard.
      smile 6 reply 10
    • dogfucc
      Oh just wait till they have to pay rent AND utilities after getting fired for being on their phone
      dogfucc a month
      smile 5
      This makes me wanna kill myself
      THE_TABLE a month
      smile 4
    • z9x8y7
      Oh no he made fun of my generation, better kill myself
      z9x8y7 a month
      smile 5 reply 2
    • HybridD
      HybridD a month
      smile 4
    • CombatVid
      I often think about what politics will looks like 25-30 years from now. After our whole generation saying they’re going to kill themselves over any inconvenience. I can’t wait to see our politics in the future.
      CombatVid a month
      smile 4 reply 8
    • ChillchillT
      ChillchillT a month
      smile 4
    • _Dyslxeic_
      And then the people who are actually depressed just get made fun of
      _Dyslxeic_ a month
      smile 4 reply 2
    • JimHalpert_
      JimHalpert_ a month
      smile 4
    • M1A2_Abrams
      It’s because life is fucking pointless and most people have no purpose in life. Most of us are just meaningless side characters or extras to some main character in his/her stupid ass movie. We’re expendable like fucking plastic straws. It’s all good though because the sweet release of death isnt far
      M1A2_Abrams a month
      smile 4 reply 5
    • Borutos_Father
      We of the iGen (gen Z) have accepted that the world’s fucked, and just wanna have fun for a little while before it’s all over.
      smile 5 reply 1
    • PotdeO
      Why is it every generation is only shown as the little fuck heads
      PotdeO a month
      smile 4 reply 2
    • Yeeboiiiiii
      Cuz yall millies used to actually kill yourselves. Us gen z say it out loud, and become part of a larger crowd
      Yeeboiiiiii a month
      smile 4
    • SlickBarton69
      SlickBarton69 a month
      smile 4
    • Prisma
      Looks like the Millennials have finally turned into the Baby Boomers and hate the younger generation
      Prisma a month
      smile 4
    • PJmemes
      I'm not suicidal but honestly fuck everyone else lol. Maybe kids wouldnt be suicidal if we were raised without learning way to much crap and always having to worry about school and how hard it keeps getting and being expected to go to college even tho you dont know what you wanna do
      PJmemes a month
      smile 4 reply 67
    • blurryface141
      We are fixing the overpopulation problem
      blurryface141 a month
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Wiser_Polak
      Our generation summed up in one quote “suicide is badass”
      Wiser_Polak a month
      smile 4
    • Lime09
      ??? People calling gen z pessimistic and crybabies when all gen Z I meet are more like “yo dude the world sucks but imma just roll with it lol”
      Lime09 a month
      smile 4 reply 3
    • papawolf1
      That’s only me if it’s a minor inconvenience. I can handle major shit but if it’s something minor like a fly landing on a hamburger as I just finished making it and putting it on a bun I lose my shit
      papawolf1 a month
      smile 4
    • FakeBlueJay
      You got a fuckin problem with us Gen Z folk? Cause if you do I'll fucking kill myself
      FakeBlueJay a month
      smile 4
    • Icarus4200
      Russian Roulette Revolver Challenge
      Icarus4200 a month
      smile 4
    • Daretti_Reborn
      Screw you, we're decreasing the surplus population.
      smile 4 reply 1
    • UnamusedWilde
      Shut it millennial scum
      smile 3
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