• Lil Wayne: 80 Ima pick the world up... 12 year old me: AND IMA DROP IT ON YO FUCKIN HEAAAD
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    • lovehazyl
      That's fuckin bibble oh my god it's him
      lovehazyl 24 dec
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    • InternetFBI
      I still be listening to that song
      InternetFBI 23 dec
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      content not available more
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    • _harry_potter_is_life_
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    • ImCarpet
      if i die now rebirth mother fucker, hop up in my spaceship and leave earth mother fucker I'm gone.. mother fucker I'm gone
      ImCarpet 24 dec
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    • LightEnergy782
      Anyone notice fucking SLIM SHADY HIMSELF posted this?!
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    • Durdey
      So happy that I’m not alone on this....20 year old gang
      Durdey 24 dec
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    • EatThoseBeez2z2z2
      smile 7
    • Han240
      I just love the little blue guy, i dont care about the rest of the meme
      Han240 25 dec
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    • The_Overnut
      And I could die now rebirth mothafucka, hop into mah spayship and leave earth mothafucka I'm gone...... Mothafucka I'm gone....
      The_Overnut 24 dec
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    • Wimbot101
      Wimbot101 a month
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    • Talk_Dirty_To_Me
      This Barbie movie was lit tbh
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    • riCK_11024
      The one time he said “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna”
      riCK_11024 24 dec
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    • Names_Nut____Buster_Nut
      And I could die now, rebirth muthafucka, hop up in my spaceship an leave earth muthafucka I’m gone...
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    • CptSlyVin
      On life tho. That and when lollipop dropped we all about shit ourselves. 😂
      CptSlyVin 24 dec
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    • alarmed_
      alarmed_ 24 dec
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    • goto_church777
      Tc and I’ll wipe out all libtards
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    • Maxie0210
      Maxie0210 24 dec
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    • annoyingtwat
      Eminem’s verse on there was the best part of the song, change my mind
      annoyingtwat 24 dec
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    • littlegalaxy1
      It took me so long to remember who the little blue creature is. I searched the darkest parts of my Memory and I finally have it. He was in a stupid Barbie movie.
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    • Ihatemys
      Hey that's me
      Ihatemys 24 dec
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    • theworsthuman
      Do not disrespect the great Bibble, he’ll send Barbie after you
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    • deadrappers
      If i could die now rebirth mother fucka . hop up in this spaceship and leave earth motha fucka
      deadrappers 24 dec
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    • Teddybearjay
      We thought we was hard shits when we were young. Young money had me convinced I was Blood Gang material.
      Teddybearjay 24 dec
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    • Xman3256
      Xman3256 24 dec
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    • porkycloset
      yo Eminem snapped on that song highkey
      porkycloset 24 dec
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    • idiot
      idiot 24 dec
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    • 1Dantheman
      *waits for Eminem’s verse*
      1Dantheman 24 dec
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    • pusha
      The best part of rap based features is seeing all the the retards try and find a way to call rap lame and not look stupid
      pusha 24 dec
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    • Moan
      Moan 24 dec
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    • Jorgan
      Guess you fucking queers like thot top comments
      Jorgan 24 dec
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    • FloppyDildo
      More like modern day me
      FloppyDildo 24 dec
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    • DatNiggaButters
      Lil Wayne is the greatest rapper of all time. Name another artist who has remained relevant longer than wayne and has more hits than wayne. You can't
      smile 4 reply 2
    • giggles027
      Why on earth is bibble from BARBIE FAIRYTOPIA here.
      giggles027 24 dec
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    • ClockWorKoncoxion
      Fuck lil Wayne he’s responsible for all the mumble rap in the world
      smile 7 reply 3
    • SuperThiccLongBoi
      I like Eminem's part better tho
      smile 6
    • Hudzpud101
      Bibble is a character from Barbie mermaid back in like the early 2000s
      Hudzpud101 24 dec
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    • doodlyboop
      Came up from behind and pretty much snuck up and butt fucked this game up
      doodlyboop 24 dec
      smile 4
    • Waffle_Assassin
      Damn I can relate to this on so many levels
      smile 3
    • idiot
      content not available more
      idiot 24 dec
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    • Purely_Sinful
      And I could die now, rebirth motherfucka. Hop up in my spaceship and leave motherfucka I’m gone. Motherfucka I’m gone. I know what they don’t wanna tell you. Just hope you’re heaven sent, and you’re hell proof. I woke up in the world and cut the lights off and confidence is a stain they can’t wipe-
      smile 3
    • Fruit_Ioops
      It hurts but I never show. This pain you'll never know. If only you could see just how lonely and how cold and frostbit I've become. My back's against the wall. When push comes to shove I just stand up and say fuck em all.
      Fruit_Ioops 24 dec
      smile 4
    • hentai_fun
      hentai_fun 24 dec
      smile 4 reply 1
    • cvillekilla07
      I'm gone, muthafucka I'm gone
      smile 3
    • AdamCarolla
      His new album is pure trash
      AdamCarolla 24 dec
      smile 4 reply 3
    • AlexTrebekOfficial
      I have to say... being drunk as fuck makes the features and comments like 12x funnier
      smile 3 reply 5
    • monello
      monello 24 dec
      smile 3
    • canyoueventakeit
      Interesting 12 year old
      smile 3
    • Drew_Cole
      As a child of a wigga family, born in 2000, I can relate
      Drew_Cole 24 dec
      smile 3 reply 2
    • LadyOfGondor
      Bibble. From the Barbie movie. Wow.
      LadyOfGondor 24 dec
      smile 3 reply 1
    • CurrentlyObsessed
      Oh my god it’s Bibble.
      smile 3
    • AquaSnipe
      Ok I don’t listen to rap but lil wanye is a very high iq name
      AquaSnipe 24 dec
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    • Protoco
      And I could die now rebirth motherfucker
      Protoco 24 dec
      smile 4 reply 1
    • OnlyInBattlefield
      You just brought back my fucking past
      smile 3
    • mittenzthecat
      That song is like an Oreo cause the white part is the best part
      smile 3
    • Narcoleptic_Squid
      Don't ask why a 20 year old man knows what bibble is. But why did bibble get featured
      smile 3
    • FumpledinkBendersnatch
      Remember when he (very crappily) played 3 shitty notes in a song and thought he was a rockstar?
      smile 3
    • Rohji
      bibble!!! its my boy bibble!!! love that little dude
      Rohji 24 dec
      smile 3
    • jaytee7
      I was 19...can’t relate
      jaytee7 24 dec
      smile 3
    • AncientPower
      Lmaoo glad to see this dumb little weird barbie creature meme is still alive
      AncientPower 24 dec
      smile 3
    • bwavy
      This song came out when i was 18; am i too old for this app 😣?
      bwavy 24 dec
      smile 3 reply 1
    • parvismagna
      parvismagna 24 dec
      smile 3
    • lookinforshaggy
      Man yall allowed to swear ill say s*** once and be threatened
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Corynthius
      Em fucking stole that song
      Corynthius a month
      smile 3
    • Eyeflower42
      Eyeflower42 a month
      smile 3
    • cortney1
      Bibble rules I love bibble
      cortney1 a month
      smile 2
    • Mrrusty
      Yo I remember watching the music vid on repeat
      Mrrusty a month
      smile 3
    • SizedFlame
      Em: It hurts but I never show, this pain you’ll never know. Me: if ONLY YOU CAN SEE JUST HOW LONELY AND HOW COLD
      SizedFlame 24 dec
      smile 3
    • jaceman06
      jaceman06 24 dec
      smile 2
    • idkwhoiam
      I fucking love that song. Any song with lil wayne and Eminem is my jam. Check out no love by them, its legit
      idkwhoiam 24 dec
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Aceinyourhole27
      I can die now, rebirth mothafucka
      smile 2
    • BenGlenn
      About a year ago, I was at a park here in little old Salina Kansas, there was a old man running around screaming this at us, at first I thought nothing of it, but later that day, he showed up at my home, again screaming those horrible lyrics. Eventually I fell asleep, and when I woke, he was in me
      BenGlenn 24 dec
      smile 2
    • llamalord03
      Bibble=mini sully
      llamalord03 24 dec
      smile 2
    • shmoobshoob
      I completely forgot about Bibble
      shmoobshoob 24 dec
      smile 2
    • Be_gone_thot
      I can die now rebirth MOTHERFUCKER wake up in my space ship leave earth MOTHERFUCKER
      Be_gone_thot 24 dec
      smile 4 reply 3
    • thekingMidas
      Eminem made that song better.
      thekingMidas 24 dec
      smile 4
    • SamAcarious
      SamAcarious 24 dec
      smile 2
    • WilliamLindley
      The great bibble has returned
      smile 2
    • cats_maimed_my_face
      It’s bibble omfg
      smile 2
    • killdabeast18_IC
      I dont know who the little blue guy is, but i was 15 when this song released
      smile 2 reply 1
    • MrsAlbedo
      MrsAlbedo 24 dec
      smile 2 reply 2
    • Diddy_Trump
      This meme sucks
      Diddy_Trump 24 dec
      smile 3
    • ZerraOmega
      When I first heard the song I thought it said drop it on your fucking leg
      ZerraOmega 24 dec
      smile 2
    • MisterMiserum
      Damn I really thought I was the only one that even knew about that album lmao
      smile 2 reply 1
    • OG_Excalibur
      And I threw it on the ground
      OG_Excalibur 24 dec
      smile 3
    • wessmith12
      Im gone, mother fucker im gone
      wessmith12 24 dec
      smile 2
    • metcalf27
      12 years old? Fuck I'm old...
      metcalf27 24 dec
      smile 2 reply 2
    • DarkDescent1313
      Children don’t like apple trees that scream
      smile 2
    • SubwayHentai
      content not available more
      SubwayHentai 24 dec
      smile 4 reply 2
    • hentai_fun
      hentai_fun 24 dec
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Meme_lord164
      I could die now and rebirth, go in my spaceship and leave earth
      Meme_lord164 24 dec
      smile 2
    • Jackamalio626
      smile 2
    • vcatandrews
      OMG I haven't listen to that song in ages
      vcatandrews 24 dec
      smile 2
    • Steezus97
      Holy shit i would listen to this on the bus ride home from school like every day from like 5th grade till 7th
      Steezus97 24 dec
      smile 2
    • Thenceforth
      Didn't that song just come out a couple years ago?
      Thenceforth 24 dec
      smile 2 reply 2
    • Snoop
      6 foot 7 foot is still hard af tho.
      Snoop 24 dec
      smile 4 reply 3
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