• DailyCacti
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      DailyCacti 15 dec
    • doom_
      Mark Ass Brownlee
      doom_ 15 dec
    • Confucius_Spits_Fire
      You know they just tryna play it off but we all know deep down that they are livid at the fact that their little propaganda video got shat on so horrendously
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      PewDiePie 15 dec
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      PewDiePie 15 dec
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      PewDiePie 15 dec
    • Joe__Gatto
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      Joe__Gatto 14 dec
    • Laiced
      YouTube doesn’t care about likes or dislikes they care about views and everyone going to dislike it gave them a fuckton more views, they make profit off how many ppl watch not how many ppl upvote
      Laiced 19 dec
    • alissaann
      Unpopular opinion but baby wasn’t a bad song for the audience it was directed toward at the time. YouTube rewind deserves every dislike they get I couldnt even get past the fortnite crap to see the rest. But I’m sure rest is just as garbage
      alissaann 16 dec
    • MozillaHostile
      It wasn't a joke it was a cry for help
    • ObviousBaitWasObvious
      Imagine being more hated than Jake Paul on a format that you yourself created
    • Unlimitless
      Laugh all you want they profit off of dislikes regardless
      Unlimitless 16 dec
    • shadow_21
      Lol you guys know that YouTube makes money off the views not the likes and dislikes right... it was a shit video, and I only watched it because I wanted to see what all the memes are about. But so many ppl watched it for that reason giving it a fuckton pf views
      shadow_21 15 dec
    • HisRoyalDudeness
      YouTube is pretending to take it as a joke but is secretly crying on the inside
    • profilename123456
      Yes, they make money based on clicks and not on likes, but public opinion should matter to any publicly traded company in the long run
    • fellatio
      Are they going to act like they made a steaming pile of shit on purpose?
      fellatio 15 dec
    • Solaire_0f_Astora
      I did my part
    • AsianCaillou
      YouTube the type of dude to get his ass beat by a bully and tell his mom he made a new friend.
      AsianCaillou 15 dec
    • JackOfWinterfell
      They are so desperate to try and turn this into a good thing, it's so sad and pathetic
    • Kyokoko
      When you realize YouTube is YouTube. And they make money off the clicks not the likes.
      Kyokoko 15 dec
    • IWantTomHollandsSeed
      I love they are playing it off likes it's nothing, when there was a legit internet wide effort to show them how shitty rewind was.
    • _Lemillion
      YouTube rewind 2018 was terrible
      _Lemillion 15 dec
    • AdmiralMemelord
      Perhaps they laugh back. They have somehing much, much more horrid to come, and they laugh at our efforts now, knowing that we are unprepared . . .
    • Zaydonn
      You think they give a smidge of a fuck? They make bank from ad revenue, every time you load the video to dislike you help them earn money 😂
      Zaydonn 16 dec
    • Predator2454
      It’s because people were finally given a way to voice there opinion about how shitty YouTube has become (with the demonetization etc). Hopefully they will realize where they went wrong, and stop pissing all over their content creators.
      Predator2454 15 dec
    • Katzumi
      So they love that their platform is absolute trash?
      Katzumi 15 dec
    • KermitKrabs
      Rewind was so trash I’m gonna take away my dislike from Baby and transfer it over to the rewind ten-fold
      KermitKrabs 15 dec
    • Razkatohv
      They should have just tweeted "Noted" or "fair point" rather than this shit. Again playing ignorant dumbasses.
      Razkatohv 16 dec
    • WelcomeToTheInternet
      Youtube doesn't give a rats ass about who dislikes their video. They get revenue for anyone who watches it because of ads, and its not like disliking it will do anything because youtube doesn't remove heavily disliked content anyways. Its just free advertisement for them
    • Explosiveboi
      YouTube rewind is now at 11 million dislikes
      Explosiveboi 15 dec
    • MemeGuy73
      Oops, looks like YouTube needs a rewind button
      MemeGuy73 15 dec
    • PointlessReality
      Like you think a button really has an effect on YouTube? They probably made more money than the dislikes cause of all the people GOING to dislike SMDH...
    • ThatGuyYouKnow555
      Youtube out here wishing it could rewind its decision to make that video
    • inotsofunnny
      Keep in mind kids. Every one of you who goes to that video to dislike it is making them about a cent every time you do it
      inotsofunnny 15 dec
    • ShrimpLongGone
      YouTube is like the kid getting roasted in class but he just laughs along with everyone else
    • ODST_Parker
      It ain't a joke, YouTube, but you are
      ODST_Parker 15 dec
    • Galaxface
      I wonder what would happen if absolutely NO ONE watched the next Rewind... I mean, we should at least give it a shot right?
      Galaxface 15 dec
    • The_FSM
      It’s crazy for me to think that 10 million of us came together to break a record
      The_FSM 15 dec
    • Insignificance
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    • Insignificance
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    • MarkGolbridge
    • ThatGuyJim
      Bitch I replied to YouTube on that and my account got locked out... fucking twitter being like roblox chat filters
      ThatGuyJim 15 dec
    • Utility6
      Sub to pewdiepie
      Utility6 15 dec
    • High_Exarch_Turalyon
      I like to imagine this was posted by some employee that hates them just as much as we do
    • Crunkthemonk
      Idk why they don’t take this more seriously. I think that’s been an issue with youtube this whole time. I don’t want to be rude about it, but they’ve taken the you out of YouTube. That’s why I disliked YouTube rewind, and they could do a lot better if they paid us degenerates some respect
      Crunkthemonk 15 dec
    • Grada
      Make YouTube rewind about creators. Dont be afraid to push the boundaries a little. It doesn't have to be super PC, and it didn't have to cater to advertisers/pop culture(fortnite). Actually let creators run the show, not read a script.
      Grada 15 dec
      When YouTube fucks up so much that instead they just be the sore looser and make fun of them self’s instead of listening to people because they don’t give 2 shits since no one else can compete with them (YET)
      TRONCENA 15 dec
    • Red_Luigi
      You know YouTube’s going to keep doing this shit anyway
      Red_Luigi 15 dec
    • BobTheMemeQueen
      Laughing at them but they’re still a billion dollar company, so... yeah.
    • Bandit_Wusky
      Oh so this tweet actually wasn’t someones edit. This was real?
      Bandit_Wusky 15 dec
    • bk_360
      Oh I get it! Because Internet explorer is slow.
      bk_360 15 dec
    • homomo
      They’re all still billionaire is that the end of the day LOL
      homomo 15 dec
    • GreenWeeGee
      11M dislikes but 130M views. It doesnt matter sadly
      GreenWeeGee 15 dec
    • TheF1anatic
      Niggas when they laugh with the bully who roastin em
      TheF1anatic 15 dec
    • Merasmus
      YouTube: let's show everyone how cringy the shit they watched this year was. *makes YouTube rewind 2018* *everyone hates it* YouTube: ladies and gentlemen... we got em.
      Merasmus 15 dec
    • wolfboyf
      They even know it was shit lol.
      wolfboyf 15 dec
    • MrJangles_182
      N word
    • Jaeger_R6S
      Sub to PewDiePie
      Jaeger_R6S 15 dec
    • Jaeger_R6S
      Sub to PewDiePie or else you're gonna be called the N word
      Jaeger_R6S 15 dec
    • theweakbeast
      Wait this is real?
      theweakbeast 15 dec
    • Insignificance
      1. Sub to pewdiepie 2. Unsubscribe from t-series. 3. Dislike YouTube rewind. 4. Un-dislike Baby
    • TohsakaChan
      It's great how baby took years to accumulate that many dislikes but rewind surpassed it in a week
      TohsakaChan 14 dec
    • Idontcareabouturfeelings
      Just realize how much money that video made them. They are laughing at you.
    • DevilDoggo
      The CEO of YouTube NEEDS to be replace by someone who actually knows wtf they're doing someone younger who actually understands how YouTube works someone who literally has the most subscribers on YouTube hint hint
      DevilDoggo 14 dec
    • Montana__med
      content not available more
      Montana__med 14 dec
    • Joes
      my leg daily
      Joes 14 dec
    • Evilness
      Oh I get it the word things is outside the hand
      Evilness 18 dec
    • ewzzie
      thank you, leg
      ewzzie 16 dec
    • BeefyBurger
      I mean Hitler broke a record too but ya know
      BeefyBurger 16 dec
    • Dirty_Jerry
      When a damn leg acct has more followers than you. 😢
      Dirty_Jerry 15 dec
    • Peever
      What if we all took our unlikes off of the Justin bieber video to further our goal?
      Peever 15 dec
    • ChilIOut
      They call it YouTube Rewind because every year the quality goes in reverse.
      ChilIOut 15 dec
    • lagnaf
      YouTube wins in this scenario... everyone is going to the video to dislike it, and they go back to see how high the dislikes have gotten. The views are stacking up and they are just raking in the ad revenue.
      lagnaf 15 dec
    • kded
      It's like when everyone is laughing and the "the person" they are laughing at starts laughing too. The room grows dead silent as they star at the guy who is still fake laughing
      kded 15 dec
    • Obsessed_and_Gay
      I'm glad they can "laugh" at themselves but they are probably depressed as fuck from this
    • MrTaxFraudYoshi
      YouTube sucks ass
    • Notsiiick
      Well you can dislike all you want you’re still giving them a paycheck through views.
      Notsiiick 15 dec
    • Can3lo
      Fuck u utube u know u fucked up don’t try to laugh it off U cucks
      Can3lo 15 dec
    • Gaysokay
      It's not like you guys are leaving YouTube or anything. You're watching the videos, making them money and adding content still. Laugh all you want, they will be too.
      Gaysokay 15 dec
    • Nik_w
      We should have saved the dislikes for 2019 so it would be in the next one
      Nik_w 15 dec
    • ScoobieDoobieDoo
      Wait is that a real tweet from YT?
    • Burton_Guster
      It’s funny because they are still getting so many views and couldn’t care less how many dislikes they gst
    • Otter
      they are trying to cover up the fact that they are destroying their own platform
      Otter 15 dec
    • Masturbane
      What does this accomplish? They’re aren’t going to lose money
      Masturbane 15 dec
    • 8utters
      they need to address their fucking issues. it’s infuriating
      8utters 15 dec
    • Ghchamp
      I don't understand advertisers at times, if I was to see the video of Pewds saying the N-word, but a ad for Sprite came out, I don't think "wow Sprite must think him saying that is okay". I will instead think "fucking ads" and not correlate the two, but whatever, I don't know how that shit works.
      Ghchamp 15 dec
    • Zebulander
      Delete my top comment will you
      Zebulander 15 dec
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