• l was having trouble with my computer so I called my 13 year-old son to help me. He clicked a couple of buttons and fixed it. As he was walking back to his room I asked him what the
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    • fin_e_is
      This kids a legend fuck u mean
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    • jclayolson
      I thought he meant identity
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    • GottaLoveMerica
      This was stolen from a show called good luck Charlie, but good job using it like 8 years later.
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    • chewiethaliz
      My teacher did this to me in high school... along with sending me to a bunch of teachers (who were in on it) to look for a left handed screw driver....
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    • TastyPhan
      lol i would’ve been smacked for being a smartass
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    • MeatBeatYeetRepeat
      this is. an old joke. a really. REALLY. old joke.
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    • CapnDoggo
      My dumb ass would have wrote 'ID ten T'
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    • that_one_guy_you_might_kn
      He probabaly has a huge Pen15
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    • ShadowOftheSilver
      My dad would've beat my ass and grounded me for a month
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    • CartoonNer
      *loads gun* he never was my favorite child anyway
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    • Gamecavenick
      This is probably that fucking snowball kid
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    • HoratioVonDel
      This is something I'd find on a random parent's Facebook Page along with like 15 different Minion Quote Memes
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    • IndianTechSupport
      Then the entire internet clapped and his computer morphed into Obama who then gave him $500,000,000 and they got married
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    • Cosplay____Imiko
      The other good one is say it's a Pebcak error. (Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard)
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    • cwhit23
      This joke so old that kid done been late term aborted
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    • Flaminmallow255
      We call that PEBCAK, which stands for "Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard."
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    • PicklepatRick
      Another one is asking if they have any “B A elevens”
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    • DerogatoryTermGenerator
      It’s called a PEBCAK
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    • sIip
      Is no one going to mention that it’s from good luck Charlie?
      sIip 9d
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    • yoop
      yoop 9d
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    • EXcustodian
      I see a lot of PEBKAC errors (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair)
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    • PunkShy
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    • GalacticDragon5522
      He might not be a favorite but he's definitely the smartest
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    • PrivateChats
      Haven’t heard this one in a few years
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    • H_el
      my companies IT guy calls it a PICNC. Problem In Chair Not Computer
      H_el 9d
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    • jvandercharge
      Or a PEBKAC problem.
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    • tazz250
      Oh my God, this joke is so fresh. I've only heard or read it a thousand times.
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    • TitsandRitz
      You gotta do “good luck Charlie” like that?
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    • yeet_boi_freind_man
      Good luck Charlie called, they want their joke back
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    • Secured
      Yeah but what was the issue with the computer
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    • PCat76
      My other favorite is the "keyboard/chair interface issues". Find those a LOT working in IT. lmao
      PCat76 10d
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    • thats_wat_she_said
      Stole this shit from good luck Charlie in the episode where her mom goes to her school as a sub or something
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    • h3rbie
      I've been in IT for 20 years and this is my go to error when explaining to a user what went wrong.
      h3rbie 6d
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    • bad_animation_goku
      He evolved from the dad jokes
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    • kanep0e
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    • semen_bedV2
      We always ask new guys in our shop to grab the ID10T form
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    • ChiefSauce
      Can you abort kids in their teens?
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    • willow18
      If I ever tried to pull that Idiot test on my mom id get slapped into next week. Boy is she a crazy bitch and doesn't like it when some one corrects her when she's obviously doing something wrong
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    • ABigBeen
      nah it’s a PEBKAC: problem exists between keyboard and chair
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    • HoLeeFuqqq
      Shit that would be my favorite child
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    • GangsterCrab
      Classic programmer joke
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    • YoRay1
      Tell him he was a broken condom issue
      YoRay1 9d
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    • Chance726
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    • Madbugger
      PICNIC - Problem In Chair, Not In Computer
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    • Jellyleg
      Wasn't that from an episode of good luck charlie?
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    • Daviddeltaco
      If I tried that I would’ve been buried in the backyard.
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    • YuusakiRiko
      It was actually a PEBKAC error
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    • usernames_are_stupid
      The mom on Good Luck Charlie did this to some kid at the school
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    • thatboii0481
      We use to do this to our Jr Marines (E3 and below) we would have them go to supply and ask for a ID10T form and oh god the ssgt who was in charge hated us bc we did it every time we got new marines lol
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    • BilINye
      That's actually something they teach in Comp Sci classes. There's another one, PEBCAK. You tell someone they have a PEBCAK problem. "Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard"
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    • mrutherford1106
      ID ten T is the best swear word of our era
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    • What_Depression
      Not to be a downer but who else would get beat into next week for calling their parents an idiot as a kid.
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    • Tehflooosh
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    • demonslayer2011
      This is an ancient IT joke. Still funny as hell though
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    • DN13
      Old ass IT joke.
      DN13 10d
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    • choda24
      Those are usually accompanied with a BA eleven hundred N form
      choda24 10d
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    • Rixxter66
      Seriously ?! If I called either one of my parents anything close to that I'd be whipped twice and then grounded
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    • mahlum06
      He'll make a mighty fine IT Tech one day
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    • mchicken69
      Good luck Charlie joke
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    • DiedrikDude
      I work a sort of customer service IT and a customer hit me with that and it fucking killed me. One of my favorite customers and I hope that guy is doing well.
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    • Lagerino
      We laugh and shit but my dad is super fluent with computers and tech and stuff but he was having trouble with his printer for like a month. I stopped by and fixed it in like 5 minutes. We laugh now but it made me think, someday my kid is gonna make me look like a God damn IDIOT
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    • mr_usernameisalreadytaken
      Oh how the tables have turned...
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    • LumberDiesel
      This is the first thing you learn in bootcamp.
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    • SarcasticCougar
      I don’t have respect for parents who play favorites
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    • haagayee
      He was never your favourite son, AND he is genius indicates he might not be your son.
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    • 74DCBRN
      We say this to people in the army right out of basic. “You need to go ask the supply sergeant for an ‘ID 10 Tango’ form for your gear.” It’s always hilarious.
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    • Kazzander
      I did electronics repair in the military, including the occasional computer. We'd often get a computer in that was screwed up because of something the user downloaded. On the equipment repair log, I would document it as a "PEBKAC error" -- Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.
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    • Runild
      My dad taught me this joke when I was a kid, he used it at the laser tag place to mess with the employees because they wouldn’t let me name myself “stupid”
      Runild 8d
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    • Incognito420
      Any one remember this joke from good luck Charlie
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    • yeetusdefeatus
      Your child is probably smarter than you
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    • BMCnin
      What if you write ten and not 10
      BMCnin 9d
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    • ProPain
      I prefer using the pibkac error
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    • BubblegumGaster
      Could have said it was a PICNIC error. Problem In Chair Not In Computer
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    • KingAwesome
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    • officialLifeHackRatchet
      Sometimes I throw the ole PEBKAC at em since ID10T has gotten popular
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    • Redhood_01SLAMPOLICE
      Must've been a white kid
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    • ImAlpharius
      My dad would've beat my ass
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    • RussianGirlBot
      Gay prank, sounds like your son is a Fortnite playing sperg
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    • Kainpwnsu
      Tonight, on "Things That Didn't Happen*, dad gets hit with a 20-year-old tech support joke.
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    • MrBonesV2
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    • concorde77
      You mean a pebkac?
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    • WhyCantSongsBeGoodAnymore
      My friend has told me this one so many times
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    • SpicyMix
      Thus a god was born
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    • Dakman23
      P.E.B.K.A.C. error, problem exists between keyboard and chair. Pronounced peb-cack
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    • Rachel35
      You have to love a kid who can fix a computer then call you an idiot in computer code.
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    • Changief
      That's a coder joke from like 1988
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    • thisOneOtherGuy
      So essentially it was a PEBCAK error...
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    • Problematiq
      Sounds more like a PBKAC. Problem Between Keyboard And Chair.
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    • LSK_Reaper
      Outstanding move
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    • Gibby421
      PEBKAC - Problem exists between keyboard and chair
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    • theCheezit
      Woulda had my ass beat
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    • FallingShells
      There's another one called PEBKAC. "Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair."
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    • SovietGengar
      This is a fucking email joke from 2008. Who the fuck picks these stupid ass "memes".
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    • AvoVert
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    • error404filenotfound
      Your probably not his father
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