• l was at chic fil a today and a girl came in crying her eyes out because a big ass spider was on her steering wheel and one of the cashiers walked out there, picked it up with his fingers and sat it in a tree across the street. I swear Idk where tf they findin these employees at

    • Mad_Hatter49
      It's not even the people themselves, I think that people running Chic Fil A unlock something inside them by giving them good work experience, and treating employees with respect. This company needs to be promoted to show off their tactics so other businesses raise their standards
    • EmperorSaladin
      Gods employees
    • WeDidntStartIt
      If they don't provide excellent customer service, they are crucified.
    • BootyCulprit
      Well In my chick fil a we are trained for certain things, such as being nice and going above and beyond with customers
    • Allzure
      Come one guys, we all know it’s because they keep the gays out.
      Allzure 17d
    • iFuck
      Chik Fil A: “Hello you beautiful human being welcome to Chik Fil A we will serve you our food with gods intent.” McDonalds:”Fuck you want?”
      iFuck 17d
    • Scarystorycollection
      I worked at chic fil a and it really is all about how the managers treat all the employees with respect. I havent worked there in over a year and they still invite me to their annual cookouts and treat me like a king when I go
    • Lengo
      And mcdonalds employees dont even know what tf a cheese burger is
      Lengo 18d
    • AndrogynousLoli
      Well when you get paid like 15/hr doing a stupid easy job you'll kind of do anything
    • RandomThingsOk
      Pretty sure Chick-fil-A employees aren’t born they are grown in a test tube under Vatican City
    • RedheadsGiveBestHead
      Y’all remember back when Chik-Fil-A said they don’t support gays so every nut bag called for a boycott? Then they proceeded to earn triple their daily earnings record for the next 6 business day? Good stuff
    • UtterZen
      When you’re at Chik fil a, you’re eating the lord’s waffle fries.
    • JerrywithaG
      Well it’s simply a combination of being treated properly and being respected as an employee and getting rewarded for good work ie not getting paid dirt for ones entire tenure there
    • OfficialKommentor
      Idk but their nuggets taste like the chicken grew up with both parents...
    • Formula591
      Once I was eating at chic fil a and an employee offered me a free milkshake cuz he said he was new and was practicing making them
    • hermit_crab_bax
      Can a chic fil A employee help take the kids back from Karen
    • TomClancy
      meanwhile at McDonald's, I was allowed to cuss out an older lady for calling one of my other coworkers a slutty bitch.
    • Barleyy
      We should aspire to be more like them
      Barleyy 18d
    • Sqorg
      I will be removing porn and shit like that from comments
      Sqorg 18d
    • TheNamesMaddie
      Fun fact: chic fil a’s per store sales are the highest in the nation. Burger King makes 960,000 per store while chic fil a averages 3.1 million.
    • PlateUp
      I swear you can go from working at chick fil a to managing a business with the experience they’re providing
      PlateUp 17d
    • corvette_1776
      It's called keep your employees happy and pay them reasonably
    • dryness
      .. church..
      dryness 18d
    • oilcan
      Chick-fil-a is a christian based corporation. Truet Cathy started started out in 1946 with his brother in a little diner near Atlanta. I used to deliver to the stores when they were all still in malls. Most of there locations remain true to there mission statement
      oilcan 18d
    • Pear_is_a_fruit
      There was this kid at my middle school that was really weird(he never talked or anything)and one day on a field trip this girl had a bee in her hair and this freaking kid stood up, walked over to the girl, and just stuck his finger out. The freaking bee just flew over onto it and the kid walked away
    • otherwiseup
      I love how nobody ever doubts stories about chic fil a, because we all know that their employees are indeed that amazing.
    • OkiRP
      Heaven. Line, chick fil a is literally the Jesus Chicken Place. The employees are angels.
      OkiRP 18d
    • eatmynutz
      Christian values
    • Treble_Babe
      One time they forgot to give me a soup and I backed up not knowing what they wanted and was to far from the window I was gonna pull closer but instead of letting me do.that three employees grabbed another employees legs as he stretched out the window to give me the soup
    • TheSenateDecidesYourFate
      When God’s you’re manager, all things are possible.
    • thechongler
      Good Christian organization
    • unofficialsheldontinydino
      They don’t find them, they make them
    • Crower
      It is only partly about who they hire, and partly that Chick-fil-A does not do minimum staffing (this above all), badly scheduled hours, and pays above minimum-wage... most people are decent people when they are not already stressed out or worried.
      Crower 18d
    • NoHomoSealOfHetero
      mfw no chic fil a employee bf who says "my pleasure" after sucking me off
    • SamuelPoulson
      Church. They find them at church.
    • dashadow13
      You know that saying “heaven on earth”? Well, Chick Fila employees are actual Angels sent from Heaven by God on a mission to serve mankind.
    • notlewdwaifu_
      I went there for the first time the other day and I wasn’t expecting them to be so nice I thought it was all a meme
    • ranchdreasing
      I got fired from Chick-fil-A for eating a single chicken nugget
    • fuccubus
      I order a chicken sandwich and it makes me feel good when the black employees call me baby
    • gbaby5
      For real though I went to the one in milwaukee kinda shitty area and the employees were super fucking nice
      gbaby5 18d
    • Crush3r170
      All the employees are angels sent from God himself
    • RandomFactEveryNowAndThen
      I believe thay could just be flirting too
    • Falafel_Dave
      Your local church...
    • TypeUsernameHere_
      I went to the restroom to take a shit but both of my hands were broken so one of the employees came and wiped my ass idk where they find these employees.
    • rAt_MAn
      I hope to GOD this happened
      rAt_MAn 18d
    • ItsFrenzius
      Chick fil a hires only the nicest people I swear to god
    • _PTxD_
      I was that kid in school who always had to pick up spiders and bugs because the girls were screaming. Where did all that big pp energy go smh.
      _PTxD_ 18d
      It's because they're God's official fast food restaurant
    • Whermysupasuit
      Working there is so much fun and we are all going to seaworld later this month payed for by our operator
    • 1791
      Certainly not from the democrat party
      1791 17d
    • MarkymarkandtheFunkybunch
      We are not made. We are born... Born in a base, more secret than Area 51. It is scary... Please help... I can never leave the Chick-fil-A, I'm stuck here... Please. Send help!
    • Silvnya
      I had a friend that worked at Chic Fil a, and she used to be very depressed and defensive about everything, but a few months after working there and she changed her tune.
      Silvnya 17d
    • cabooseismeme
      They steal them from canada
    • HabbatheJutt
      Turns out strong Christian values tend to make good people. Who knew?
    • pluv3
      Chik fil a employees are synthetic and made in a factory stationed in canada
      pluv3 18d
    • JohnicleBionicle
      My brother works at chick Fil a and yes it unlocks something in them becuase he’s naturally an asshole
    • tattootator
      Cause they don’t hire that ghetto ass hood rat latoya
    • MrMistake69
      Legit i have meet people who work there and they all say that they are required to be that nice along with saying my pleasure
    • Swordbreaker925
      Remember when everyone said they were gonna boycott Chick Fil A because their founders dont support gay marriage? How’s that working out? 🧐
    • Nirelli
      It’s called the Christian community lmao
      Nirelli 18d
    • Zeus986
      Oh its easy, if youre not perfect then the next day youre found in a ditch
      Zeus986 18d
    • AskalTheWolf
      Sometimes, ya gotta wonder how the hell humans made it to the top of the food chain.
    • _XFinite_
      Only the best of earths defenders can work at ChickFilA
    • Zolia
      It's cause they have sundays off
      Zolia 12d
    • wuxi_finger_hold
      At the chick fil a near me there was a fight because this lady came in dressed like a cow and tried to get a free sandwich for all 5 of her kids
    • CupcakeWarden
      It's honestly quite simple: Chick Fil A is Christian owned and operated. Not Westborough Christian mind you, but actually Christian as we are supposed to be. Loving, caring, and a light to the world.
    • Jimothy_Halpert
      I was gonna call bullshit but then again it is chic fil a so this probably did happen
    • Christmastide
      I think good pay and reasonable hours is a good start.( SUNDAYS OFF, you’ll attract all the Christian teens)
    • Sad_Dogg
      Chic fil a is staffed by literal angels
    • lynxoverpower
      Reincarnated puppy bois dems are all good boys
    • Autisisms_Finest
      Clearly they find them at every Sunday preaching to God
    • tarantulagod
      I am in possession of 2 pet tarantulas, i take care of them. I feed them. I clean their enclosures and give them water, and not once in the 3 years that I have been a tarantula keeper, have I ever been bitten. Shit, I even free handled a Black Widow once.
    • dickhead_69
      Chick fil a got a k
    • Diefunny
      They have a hiring process that has standards
    • AnimeProfilePicture69
      It's because chic fil a actually has a hiring process with standards. A crack head who just took 5 lines could walk in butt ass naked and get a job at mcdonalds.
    • CANE4Life20
      And theres always sooo much sexy jailbait working there.
    • SadMemeDoggo
      Cause it's hard af to get a job there. The do a background search on your soul.
    • Funky_fresh
      It was his pleasure
    • Garithin
      Straight outta heaven
    • MrMeep_Meep
      A grown women came in crying into a public place and requested help because a spider was on her steering wheel? Where the hell are thse types of humans coming from, they need to fix the production of humans
    • FireForged
      That's the lord's chicken. They find them in Church.
    • PR0G8MER
      Sunday church
    • MolonLabeSpartan
      Yeah imagine what they do to your food
    • MrNoodleandhisbro
      People think chick fil a is anti gay but it’s only the man at the top. One just opened in my town and all of my gay friends were anxious until I, a Gay, started working there. Now the place is full of homos
    • ilovemyprofilepic
      Chic fil a is a gift from god
    • Dr00p_Sn00t
      So someone not being afraid of a spider is now considered some supreme power? Wow. Everyone IS a pussy...
    • smolpinkflowerchild
      Fun Fact Chick-fil-A only highers 10% of applicants and only 3% of those applicants will remain at the job
    • Sqorg
      Holy shit third feature!
      Sqorg 18d
    • McCreamyDick
      “We shall never deny a guest, even the most ridiculous request”
    • Dill_Da_Pickle
      They find them at church
    • DisneyCrack
      Chick-fil-A>Any other fast food restaurant
    • IronCladRapier
      I used to work at a subway inside of a gas station. One day an old lady with a walker came in and asked if the employee could pump her gas, but he had to decline as he was the only employee in the store. Having been as slow as I was, I happily volunteered to go out and pump the gas for her,
    • Frenchy_poo
      Chick fil a doesn't find them. Jesus does
    • toethekid
      Maybe having a day off a week doesn’t fucking hurt the company instead of being open 24/7
    • moustache_comb
      Working there is like the harvard of customer service
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